Installation Guide. Installing Drupal with the Command Line Drupal provides an installation script that automatically populates database tables and configures . This quick installation guide contains brief instructions for installing Drupal 7 on a The instruction include commands that can be run from the command line. Steps to install Views PDF. Installation instructions: if you are using a version less than FPDI ; Set up a view with a PDF display. Use it.

Drupal Installation Guide Pdf

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Install the module by following the instructions on Installing modules This module requires the installation of one of several external PDF. Chapter 3 of the Drupal 8 User Guide covers server requirements, additional tools, preparing for installation, and running the installation script. Chapter 4 covers. How to install Drupal 7. See what's happening at #DrupalContributions This guide covers preparing for installation, running the installation script, and the.

After that, at the bottom, save the post and make sure that the box before Published is ticked. So far so good. Here, under Default front page, input the same slug that you just defined for your new page. Once you have done that and saved the configuration, your content should show up on the front page of your Drupal site.

The first few steps are the same as before. Create a basic page, populate it with content if you want to know how to create a killer about page, read this post and set a slug e. However, this time, before publishing, make sure to click on Menu settings and tick the box that says Provide a menu link. Make it something instantly recognizable. In this case About Me is a good choice.

Description — An optional description that will appear when someone hovers their mouse over the menu link.

It can say something like Find out more about what I have to offer. Parent item — If you have other menu items already, this setting allows you to create sub-items.

Weight — With this setting, you can determine the order of your menu items. The higher the number the further in front they will appear. Once you are satisfied with your settings, save the page with Published active.

Drupal should automatically take you back to your front end where you will see both your new page and the new menu item. But wait, what if the menu is in the wrong order?

No problem, simply hover over it and then click the pen icon that appears. This should give you the option to choose Edit menu. When you do, you get to the screen below. Here, you can simply drag and drop the menu items into the order that you want via the icon on the left.

Save when you are done to translate the changes to your site. Activate and Deactivate Default Modules Alright, by now you should have a basic understanding of how to get around Drupal. If you have ever worked with a content management system or website builder before, it should be pretty familiar.

However, the system can do a lot more and be extended for any type of purpose. For that, you will most likely use modules. As mentioned, these are little programs that can add all sorts of features and functionality to your Drupal site. The core software comes with a bunch of them that you can find under Extend.

Not all of the modules will be installed and active by default. To change that, simply tick the box in front and then scroll down and hit Install.

How to Build a Website with Drupal

The CMS will then take care of the rest. Conversely, any modules you no longer need, you can get rid of under the Uninstall tab. It basically works the same way as installing them, only in reverse. Uncheck any undesired extensions, then scroll down to hit Uninstall. Add Contributed Modules Besides the default modules, there are also a lot of others available from other developers. Adding them to your site very much works like installing themes. First, you need to find modules you like in the official directory.

Once you have settled on one, either download it or copy its location. To speed things up, this module gives you cool drop-down menus for the entire admin area.

Simply turn off the existing toolbar, then activate the Administration Menu module. Token — Tokens are little sections of text placed via a placeholder system.

By now, much of the functionality of the Token module has been written into Drupal core, but some modules still require it, like the Pathauto module. Chaos Tools Suite — AKA Ctools, allows you to create your own modules as well as forms, dialogue boxes, pluggable content types and more.


This is annoying to do manually for every post and Pathauto relieves you of that drudgery. You can assign custom replacement patterns and user account page paths so the URLs match your SEO and usability standards.

Remember: Pathauto requires the Token and Ctools module. Quick Tabs —Have you ever seen those cool tabbed boxes on big websites that list recent and popular content?

Quick Tabs can do a lot of this easily without writing custom JavaScript. For more useful Drupal modules, check this article. Get Familiar with Blocks Once you have the key contributed modules in place, you may want to add a sidebar with different features.

Install and Configure Drupal 8

Content like that comes in the form of blocks, which we already explained further up. You can place these in different areas as well as adjust their appearance, shape, size, position and which website pages they appear on.

Depending on your theme, modules and other components on your site, you will have access to different kinds of blocks. Blocks are saved by theme, so at the top you find a list of the themes that are installed on your site. Below that is a list of all the places you can add blocks to, called regions. If you are not sure where all of them are, click the Demonstrate block regions at the top.

You will then see a view of your site with highlights and labels for where each block region is. To add a one somewhere, simply scroll to the desired region and click Place block. This will give you a list of available options. When you click Place block next to the one you want on your site, you then get to the configuration options. These will be slightly different depending on what you are placing. In this case, you are able to add a title and determine whether to show it and configure the visibility of the block.

For example, you can restrict it to show up only for certain content types, on particular pages or depending on the role of the active user. At the bottom, you are also able to change the region where you want it to appear in case you picked the wrong one.

Once satisfied, Save block will add it to your site. Manage Existing Blocks Of course, you can also change anything you want about blocks that already show up on your site.

Use the drop-down menu under Region to move them to another location. On the right, a click on Configure lets you access the block settings from before in order to change them. If you click on the arrow icon instead, you get the option to disable or completely remove blocks. By the way, you can also edit particular blocks from the front end of your site. Hover over any of them so that the pen icon appears, click it and then do a second click on Configure block.

This gets you to the same menu as before. Here, you are able to change any settings, assign them to a new region and also remove blocks.

Create Custom Blocks By the way, you can also create your own custom blocks. This can make sense if, for example, you have information that you want to display in different areas of your site. This could be the opening hours of your business or a particular piece of news you want visitors to see.

Here, hit Add custom block to get to this screen: Enter a block description so that you and other administrators know what it is about.

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Install and Configure Drupal 8

Printing guide archeage. Guide restaurant samatan. Guide space pirates and zombies. Salary guide telecommunications. Oxford union guide to public speaking.However, this member wanted visitors to read the PDF directly on the site. These settings may differ at your environment, so please make changes as appropriate. The core software comes with a bunch of them that you can find under Extend. Guide d'téléchargement casque micro. Prescription eyeglasses size guide.

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