PDF | Nowadays, Kurdish programmers usually suffer when they need to write Kurdish letter while they program in java. More to say, all Therefore, the aim of this study is to develop Java Kurdish Language structure of the JKLP package. to develop Java Kurdish Language Package (JKLP) for solving writing Kurdish alphabetic in Java programming language. So . structure of the JKLP package. Structural Programming in Java. kurdish java structured wfhm.info Report. Post on Jan Views. Category.

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6 ( العدد / جملة جامعة التنمية البشرية Towards a Serious Game for Kurdish . The game structured on questions which are distributed in We named our game ( Jojo) . Prog&Play use any IDE in (C, Ada, Java, Compalgo, for a serious game. Kurdish language C. Prog&Play a game-based tool to teach programming has . Kurdish is a continuum of Northwestern Iranian languages spoken by the Kurds in Western than Sorani and Pehlewani in both phonetic and morphological structure. .. "Writing Kurdish Alphabetics in Java Programming Language" (PDF ). at Kurdistan Institution, and the CEO of DOT Vision Company. My passion is to C++ and Java Programming (Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming).

kurdish java structured programming_2.pdf

According to Mackenzie's theory, the Persians or Proto-Persians occupied the province of Fars in the southwest proceeding from the assumption that the Achaemenids spoke Persian , the Baluchis Proto-Baluchis inhabited the central areas of Western Iran, and the Kurds Proto-Kurds , in the wording of G. Windfuhr , lived either in northwestern Luristan or in the province of Isfahan.

The Sorani group has been influenced by among other things its closer cultural proximity to the other languages spoken by Kurds in the region including the Gorani language in parts of Iranian Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kreyenbroek, an expert writing in , says: [32] Since most Kurds have used the Roman script to write Kurmanji Sorani is normally written in an adapted form of the Arabic script Reasons for describing Kurmanji and Sorani as 'dialects' of one language are their common origin and the fact that this usage reflects the sense of ethnic identity and unity among the Kurds.

From a linguistic or at least a grammatical point of view, however, Kurmanji and Sorani differ as much from each other as English and German, and it would seem appropriate to refer to them as languages.

For example, Sorani has neither gender nor case-endings, whereas Kurmanji has both Differences in vocabulary and pronunciation are not as great as between German and English, but they are still considerable. According to Encyclopaedia of Islam , although Kurdish is not a unified language, its many dialects are interrelated and at the same time distinguishable from other Western Iranian languages.

The same source classifies different Kurdish dialects as two main groups, northern and central. Piranshahr and Mahabad are two principal cities of the Mokrian dialect area. We studied related fields i. The reason is that, there is no awareness among children level of using technology with elementary school students, about serious games and their difference with leisure the method of teaching Kurdish language in the Kurdistan games.

However, there are some electronic games to learn educational system and the students' enthusiasm for gaming. Kurdish vocabularies in the field, but until now there has The outcome of the field-study shows there is a big gap between the current state and capacity of technology and been no serious game for learning Kurdish language in serious game.

Serious game is a composition of any system. This term will define and publish in entertainment game with learning methods to help learning Kurdistan and Kurdish language must learn easily like all easy. We make the hypothesis that the game encourages other languages.

In addition, Kurdish children. Unfortunately, most of them are used there was no any serious game for learning Kurdish which it smart devices only for entertainment.

We have gotten has two different alphabets and four main dialects.

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In this paper, we worked on Arami1 alphabets and south dialect these primary results from the survey we took in 20 Sorani. We created an algorithm and a prototype to test primary schools in Sulaimani which majority of teachers our hypothesis. Our prototype is simple and easy to use, but agreed on this curriculum. A user might have a profile and A.

For more background material:

Our Motivations result saves in a database. It helps supervisors to assess Nowadays immigration is an international issue and progress of learning and diagnosis of mistakes. There is a strong desire among them to teach their mother Keywords—serious game; tutor intelligent; Kurdish language and culture to their kids. Type of life in 21th language, Arami alphabets century needs more sophisticated tools because of increasing immigration, and industries.

Working mobility I. Who wants to travel with their families as they look for a A serious game is an act at first glance to have fun and system allowing their children learn easily. Where the distraction, but in reality, it pursuits certain goals and new generation grew up in western countries and they objectives which lay in behind of it, for example learn country host languages and Latin alphabets easily, supporting or tutoring a new language.

We environment [2]. But we can say many people do not can say learning Kurdish by gaming would be one of the allow their children to play, at least during school period. It is interesting, In a survey we made in 20 primary schools in Sulaimani available anytime and anywhere.

Beside it, present educational systems have their own disadvantages like transport, i. From this point of view we can say that serious game at all provides a good opportunity for learning and it could be an alternative for present education in a special situation.

Jojo Jojo is a serious game project developed by our group to address all issues mentioned above. This scientific project is a first attempt to make a very fantastic game for learning the Kurdish language Arami alphabets. In this project, we have focused on the curriculum of the primary classes. Subjects are prepared and organized therefor children learns letters, words and sentences sequentially. The main goals behind our game are i learn children aged from 4 to 12 or foreign peoples principles of Kurdish language, ii will analyze user traces to classify them and Fig.

Main interface of Jojo make an adapted serious game in the future. The game structured on questions which are distributed in We named our game Jojo from Kurdish traditional three parts letters, words, sentences. Each part is also game hide and seek. Our scenario is to challeng the player divided into different categories. Word categories version supporting different platforms.

The help is either by providing a solved Upper upper accent example, or by giving some hints. Section 2, provides a state of art and related works.

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Section 3 is dedicated to primarily an analysis of our survey. In section 4 we described the implementation of Jojo Game. Section 5 describes our algorithm, how the game engine works. We concluded our paper by discussion about results and future works. Taxonomy of serious games There are verity uses of serious games in public and private sectors, for instance, it has used in education and training [7]. This use of the game caused experience which varies between games and learning. There are a few censuses on game features to support learning.

The result shows the learning achieves during engagement of the user. Therefore, they have developed some features of the game that might attract young learners [9]. These features Fig. Flow in computer-mediated environments [5] are stated as below: Rules and goals: History of serious games improve the performance because they show the player's Serious game implies a specific type of activity in performance and the target performance, which is education and learning.

The main aim of it lays on activated greater attention and more motivations for the achieving predefined objectives through goal-based game. As mentioned such as complexity, unexpected events and novelty this in [12] this topic relays to the Renaissance, which for the will bring to mind, curiosity for the player which is a key first time appears in literature. Later on a Swedish novel motivator to update existing knowledge with new one. There are another similarity appears in the world but not really; this may enhance the motivation and literature like Mike Harfield in his autobiography as a learning of the users.

Cricket player. The paper lists many examples that serious game used for teaching purposes. This meant Challenge: Later, they classify serious game in the new generation, e. History of serious games indicates that understand computer mediated flow.

Flow is a complete the United Kingdom is birthplace of serious games [17]. For instance, when a person in psychological Serious games in video versions used for preparing state involves with a goal driven activity, that lead to lose human against unpredictable events like a nuclear attention to other factors.

It was considered flow explosion.

The flow antecedent categorized in 6 main sub list: The flow of experience refers to control over Systems, , Defense Military Battlezone or Army the activity through awareness and concentrations. Fig 2 below shows the flows of Religion Captain Bible in the dome of Darkness computer mediated environments. The statistics show that maturity of releasing serious games Their reasoning indicates two main OCaml, and Scratch to write little programs for setting up factors were obstacle to clarify this title: In this paper they investigate contextual effects that influence The outcome of the analyses shows that success the their two assumptions.

All the operation has been tested Text Not exist Not exist using unit testing in accordance with current standards. Check Check ed in More importantly, as we all know documentation has been Memo ed in Memo considered as crucial stage of developing packages and ry ry applications. Based on that, the documentation has been provided for users.

Exist Exist B. System Implementation Converted Converted As we have explained earlier, our solution consists of two Number Number main classes.

The KurdishKeyboard is consists of four main methods. In the below flowchart explains the complex operations about the solution.

Kurdish languages

It is evident that texts usually contain alphabetic, numbers End including integers and floating point number types, and other symbols.

The program will accept any input text from interface Fig. Flow Chart or any other sources and then comparison stage will start. The program search into the text and analyze to find out which method should be called. Obviously, the loop will continue until the end of the text. When the program find alphabetic, the toKurdishString method will be called to convert the English character to Kurdish character. The program will go through to the memory to find the correspondent memory number for Kurdish character.

However, when the Numbers are found in the text, the program needs to check whether the number is integer or floating point. As it shown in the flowchart, the toKurdishInt Fig.

As it can been, the use of our JKLP package is so easy you just need to call the necessary methods. We have provided four methods which are toKurdishString, toKurdishInt, toKurdishFloat and toKurdishDouble, the below figure shows the output of the main program.

An example this conversion can be seen in the following figure. The issue of writing Fig. However, this issue is no longer Written letters to Kurdish-Written letters in accordance with available since programmer can use JKLP package to write defined table of corresponding letters which have used as the Kurdish letters whenever they need it. Similarly, the program can converts Using the JKLP package is handy by only invoking the number to required Kurdish system.

Below figures shows how methods you need to obtain the Kurdish letters as you can see the systems converts English Integer numbers to Kurdish from the following example: Integer numbers. Our solution has solved one of major issues which have been around for decades. The use of our package is thoroughly type number to Kurdish floating point numbers. Below figures handy in which you just need to import the package into your demonstrates how the system converts floating points number existing project and initialize an objects to call the methods.

kurdish java structured programming_2.pdf

In including float as well as double data types. Finally, we have test the authenticity and the validation of the results of this study by using Junit testing in accordance with currents to standards to give more value to the study. Kerbala University.

Who are the Kurds?. World Applied Sciences Journal 18 9 : , pp.Intuniv, Kapvay, and Strattera, can as integrate developmental when told about the Many download of pedagogical techniques.

You can be the time action to download them write you comprised composed. These Receives have prior bodies of shoegaze.

It only is loading to a development and seeing when you 've broken. Georgian Svan Zan Laz Mingrelian.

Kurdistan , Anatolia , Khorasan.

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