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XQuery. Priscilla Walmsley. Managing Director, Datypic wfhm.info [email protected] XQuery, a book by P. Walmsley (O'Reilly ). XQuery is a declarative language for querying and updating XML data sources. Interfacing .. O'Reilly & Associates, [10] Z. Janmohamed http:// wfhm.info [21] Mark Logic. (Prentice-Hall PTR) and Erik Ray's Learning XML (O'Reilly .. leverage yourself into practical use of XSLT, XPointer, and XQuery. XPath syntax.

XQuery has no equivalent to this coding pattern, though in future versions it will be possible to tackle such problems using the update facilities in the language that are under development. The absence of this capability starts to become noticeable when writing large applications, or when writing code that is designed to be reusable in different environments. The absence of these facilities from XQuery 1. This also makes it easier to detect errors in XQuery code at compile time.

XQuery, 2nd Edition

The fact that XSLT 2. However, many large applications take advantage of this capability by using XSLT to read, write, or modify stylesheets dynamically as part of a processing pipeline. Work on XQuery 3. Elbekai Vassil T.

We present an algorithms for these types of generation, these algorithms shows how we can generate these component automatically. Introduction XML [1,13] is fast emerging as dominant standard for representing and exchanging information over the Internet.

If data is stored and represented as XML documents, then it should be possible to query the contents of these documents in order to extract, synthesize and analyze their contents. On the other side, XML have sort of lack in the side of efficient storage, indexes security, transactions and data integrity, multi-user access, triggers, queries across multiple documents, and so on [11].

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Also, over recent years, XML has achieved a remarkable success in handling structured data access in the web, and has increasingly recommended and supported by major software vendors.

In fact, XML by it self is intended for presentation to an end user. Originally, XML was created to meet the challenges of data exchange on the Web applications or between applications and users, not data presentation purposes.

To deal with presentation issues, XML need to be use in conjunction with stylesheets to be easily viewed on the web. For this reason, eXtensible Stylesheet Language was created.

It is evolved from the CSS language to provide even richer stylistic control, and to ensure consistency of implementations.

It also has document manipulation capabilities beyond styling.

Consequently, the power of having a cross-platform and XML independent language would be lost. Precisely, isolating content from formatting need to be considered, especially when dealing with Web based documents. In other words we introduce XSL stylesheets as interpreters for solving different problems, we mentioned.

These interfaces are defined by the W3C who provide application-programming interfaces APIs for every major programming language using the Interface Definition Language.

W3C XML Query (XQuery)

To be precise, the DOM is not designed specifically for Java, but to represent the content and model of documents across all programming languages and tools. DOM has been specifically designed by the W3C to model XML documents in a tree structure, beginning with a root element and comprising of any number of child and sibling nodes.

When an XML document is parsed by DOM, the entire content of the document is read into memory and providing it is a well-formed document, is then represented in the tree structure. The elements can then be accessed and traversed from the root node using the tree relationships. Element represents elements of the XML document. Text used to represent the text content of an element i.

The DOM tree is composed of nodes, each which represents a parsed document. This algorithm is the technology solution to the problem of generating SQL schema.

If argument exists 4. The algorithm is invoked with the root node of the XMLSchema collection in our example. Perform XSL stylesheet in Figure 2.

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Every transformation template receives the next node as template. If a node is generated by current template then the next template will receive and generated the other. The XQuery where clause can consist of nested expressions of arbitrary complexity that can even include function calls.

XQuery doesn't impose limitations on record-selection expressions. Using functions and recursion While XPath doesn't support functions, XQuery provides a substantial collection of built-in functions and operators and also allows users to define functions of their own. XQuery functions are strongly typed, support recursion, and can be declared as internal or external. An internal function is a standard function where the function body follows the function declaration.

An external function is a type of function declaration that opens the door for implementations to allow the user to define the body of the function in a different programming language. While recursion might not be the best approach for the tasks that many of developers undertake day to day, it often comes in handy when you work with XML, which can contain arbitrarily nested nodes.

Consider the transform-names function defined in Listing 8. Listing 8. Solomon St. Recursion in this case makes it trivial for the function to traverse the structure of the document.

As a result, the function is succinct 3 lines! Even if the function seems a little difficult to grasp completely at first—especially for programmers that don't often resort to recursion—one might quickly guess how to modify the function to delete underscores instead of replacing them with dashes.


The code in Listing 9 describes how joins work in XQuery. Listing 9.

Some of the nodes in books relate to nodes in authors, such that a book node has an ISBN that is among the ones listed for an author node. Part 3 of the listing contains an XQuery join expression that assembles a new XML document, books-complete-info look ahead in Listing 10 , that contains book nodes that include the author's name.

Note a few remarkable things about the code in Part 3 of Listing 9. The two for expressions near the beginning of that code hint to XQuery that this will be a join expression. The where clause is similar conceptually to what one might write in SQL to achieve the join.

This compares more to a sub-select within an SQL where clause, but the XQuery syntax seems more intuitive and natural.

And certainly the XQuery expression is more concise. Listing But, XPath was not designed to handle many kinds of problems. As you saw in this article, XQuery extends XPath vastly, emerging as the tool of choice when you have complex data selection requirements or you need to return results that are sorted, specially formatted, or otherwise transformed.

What is XQuery Per Bothner.Balisage Series on Markup Technologies, vol. The algorithm is invoked with the start point of the algorithm start and then imports related classes. The primary issue was filling in the necessary background knowledge.

This is not to say that we should be lax or inconsistent in our implementation of MVC, only that we should select an MVC methodology based on practical considerations.

XQuery processors. Even those who did not actively incorporate XQuery into their daily work gained a new appreciation for its role in our digital library.

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