Cambridge English for Việt Nguyễn. CAVTnRIDGE f, I Describingtechnical functionsand applications Wordsstemmingfrom use allow, enable. Cambridge English for Engineering Student's Book with Audio CDs (2). Home · Cambridge English for Views 51MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF. an engineering manager; Student B, you are a new employee. Use the language from this . You are Otis engineers back in the l85Os, when elevators were new. ln pairs, prepare a short British English compressor

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Cambridge English for Engineering develops the communication skills and English language knowledge of engineering professionals, enabling them to. Cambridge English for Download Did you upload the CDs of The Cambridge English for Engineering? Or do you know where I can find them. Cambridge home page Notes for each unit of Cambridge English for Engineering with hyperlinks to selected websites. Teacher's Book units 1–10 ( PDF).

Is it thin? Is it shallow? Mei has done a revised drawing for the floor slab. Read the extract from her email about the new design and complete the message using the correct form of the words in Exercise 7b. On curved sections,a recommendations. This additional 4 added to the overallslab 5 , which remainsmm.

The reinforcingbars also remain - many of which need in I2mm diameter. As a result,the levelsof wall-mountedprocess installations precise 6 above finishedfloor level are unaffected. What aspects of a circle do they describe? W The manufacturing plant in Exercise 7 will be built from a steel frame. The vertical elements of the frame will be Universal Columns UCs. Look at the section of a UC. The messageswere circulatedby an engineerto membersof the design team, and to a specialistcontractor.

Read the emailsand, in pairs,answerthe followingquestions. Note that the emails are not in the correct order. I Whatare all the emailsabout? We now have a fullset of workingdrawingsfor the main ski lift attached. These incorporate some amendmentsrequestedby the client, which have now been approved. At this point,these are initialideas based on the client'ssuggestionsand the approximate dimensionsspecifiedin the design brief.

Read the audioscripton page 87 and check your answers. I Often,exotic-sounding technically. O Listen to the followingphrasesfrom the conversationand undertinethe stressed syllable. Practise saying the phrases. I not patjeularlysuitable 4 tremendously marketable 2 exceptionally resistant 5 relativelycomplex 3 notat all suitable 6 notall thatgood d Completethe followingtable usingthe words in the box.

Give examplesof the propertiesthat make each material good or bad for watch-making,from a quality perspective. Materials steel glass atuminiumtitanium gotd ptastic copper rubber Properties water-resistant abrasion-resistant corrosion-resistant shock-resistant touqh brittLe etastic durable heavy Lightweight thermaltystable 16 ln small groups,choose a well-knownconsumerproduct or applianceand discuss it from a quality perspective. How suitable are the materials used? How good is the product,comparedwith others sold by competitors?

Listen to the briefingand summarisethe aim of the project. U Erin, an engineerwith the same company,is describingdifferent electricalplug and socket formats during the briefing. Listen and matchthe descriptions l -6 to the pictures a-fl. Which picture a-0 in Exercise 2c does Erin describe? It'sobviouslg a btind V,ole , i7 doesn't go right through. Listen to the conversation and make notes of the advantages and disadvantages of the following features.

Advantages Disadvantages 2 Covers protect live and neutral slots: Advantages Disadvantages b ln pairs, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the plug and socket formats in Exercise 2c. Use the following phrases from the conversation. S Suan, a sales engineer with a metal fabrication company, is showing Mr Barrett, a new customer, around their plant.

Listen to the conversation and mark the statements Ti'ue T or False F. I The company specialisesin sheet metal working. Complete the following training material for graduate engineers using the words in the box.

Select cuttingoptionsbelow for a detailedanalysisof techniques. Gunil8oPiloilS 1 -: C Complete the following definitions using the words in the box. As a resultof the FlowMasterruPC controlsystem and intuitiveoperation,waterjetsareextremelyeasyto use. Typically, operatorscan be trainedin hoursand areproducinghigh-quality partsin hours.

Additionally,waterjets cancut virtually any material,leaving a satin- smoothedge. Listen to the conversation and match the phrases in the box to the extracts Use the phrases in the box. A pearo, a downloading manager with a kitchen appliance manufacturer, is talking to Alicia, a sales manager from one of their main suppliers. Listen to the conversation and answer the following questions.

Wil the. What externalfactors might affectthe joint? Water or heat can weaken adhesivejoints. How quality-sensitive is the jointingtechnique?

Componentsare rarelyjoined 5 - each other in idealconditions. How could such imperfectionsaffectthe jointnegatively? I What are the main advantageand disadvantageof mechanicalfixings? Discuss any potential problems. To say that summer sun, it progressively Evenrually, after managing he was out to get some air generated more lift.

Too shocked which was still suspended fi lled weather balloons. In iust located alongside the landing the bumper of his car, which a few minutes, l-arry rWalters site in someone's garden. He then planned Beach Airport. The occupants sport, is steadily starting to to use an airgun to shoot of passing Delta Airlines and gain in popularity. Check your answers against the text in Exercise t 3b. Listen to the conversation and summarise what they say about the following issues.

I a s s e m b l yt i m e the advantageof tying 2 how olastic cable ties are used e a c h i n d i v i d u abl a l l o o n 3 a tree structure the problem of using a net 4 how water bags are used to containthe balloons In pairs, discuss ways of overcoming the problems mentioned in the conversation. How could cluster ballooning be made more accessible to a mass market? Workingwith dnwings. I Workingwith drawings ln pairs, discuss the different types of design information needed on a complex engineering project, such as the construction of a large cruise ship.

How many different drawings do you think might be produced for such a project? How would they be organised and categorised? He is asking about some information which he can't find on any of the drawings. I What area of the ship are they discussing? Complete the following definitions using the types of drawing in the box. Which two types of drawing in Exercise 2b are examples of general arrangement drawings, and which two are examples of detail drawings?

Listen to the conversation and answer the followingquestions. I What pieceof informationis not shownon the drawing?

Complete the following extracts from the conversation and explain what is meant by each one. Make a list of some of the drawingsthat will be needed,notingwhat each one willshow.

Read the technical advice web page and answer the following questions. Bycontrast,superflat concrete floors to meetextremely arefinished closetolerances, '1mm beingaccuratetowithin acrosstheirupper surface. Where are superffatfloors used? I The frame'stoo big for the opening. The opening'sthe right size,so the frame mustbe 2 The total t o l e r a n c ei s I m m.

I What has the client requestedwith regard to the floor slab? Complete the following table using the words in the text in Exercise 6b and audioscript 4. Nameof dimension Largedimension Smat[dimension 1 Whafsthe-? Is it -? Is it short? Is it nanow? Is 11high 7 Is it [ow?

Is it thin? Mei has done a revised drawing for the floor slab. Read the extract from her email about the new design and complete the message using the correct form of the words in Exercise 7b. Lewis Rosas Subiect: On curved sections,a standard8. This additional 4 - has not, however,been added to the overallslab 5 , which remainsmm. The reinforcingbars also remain in I2mm diameter. As a result,the levelsof wall-mountedprocess installations- many of which need to be fixedat a precise 6 - - above finishedfloor level are unaffected.

Which two words in the email relate to circles? What aspects of a circle do they describe? W 8 The manufacturing plant in Exercise 7 will be built from a steel frame. The vertical elements of the frame will be Universal Columns UCs.

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Look at the section of a UC. The messageswere circulatedby an engineerto membersof the design team, and to a specialistcontractor. Read the emailsand, in pairs,answerthe followingquestions. Note that the emails are not in the correct order. I Whatare all the emailsabout?

We now have a fullset of workingdrawingsfor It I attacha summaryof our meetingwith the the main ski lift attached. These incorporate I clientlast Tuesday.

We' be contractors'premises,for fabrication. BevisionB will out the overalllayoutof the ski complex. At be circulatednext week. Untilthe amended this point,these are initialideas based on drawingis issued,pleasetreatdwg 18A as the client'ssuggestionsand the approximate superseded. II b Put the emails in the correct sequence. In this case,amended versionsare issued to supercedethe previousones.

The detail we'vespecified doesn'twork. The changesare going to affectthree different contractors. How shall we kick off the design work? Ll a Leo is the ski complex proiect manager. With design Australian Ski complex - Design work about to begin, he is meeting senior engineers Coordination Meeting Agendj from the design teams to discuss design coordination.

What has been decided regarding the following Points? They show correspondence between the design team and construction team. Read through the texts quickly and answer the following questions.

I What is the general subjectof the correspondence? Suggestwhy these have been followedup in writing. Pleoseclorifywhich dimensionis correct. Pleoseodviseon on olternotive coble route. Thiscontrodicts the ore proposing.

We proposeusing HSFG fixingsot thislocotion. Our intentionis to use o single boltspec to focilitoteossembly. Read the correspondence in detail. Write the query numbers in Exercise 1 3a next to the descriptions l You will need to refer to some queries more than once. The components-. Please more information.

Can - a solution? Please the supplier. You must - any conflictingdetails. Examine how the rectangular plate is bolted to the T profile below it. Can you find the discrepancy between the details, and the clash preventing the connection from being assembled? Complete the conversation using the words in the box.

On the plan of this plate, it shows eight bolts. But on section A, here, there are no bolts shown in the middle,Sotherewouldonlybesix,whichobviousla 3 -the plan. But as Aou can see, this plate's going to be bolted to a T profile. So we couldn't put a row of bolts down the middle, because theA'd 4 - with the flange running along the middle of the T. So I'd 5 - just going for two rows of bolts.

The 6 would be to redesign the T section, which would obviouslg be a bigger job. Let's go for two rows of bolts, 7 - the sections. OK fine. Will gou send an email to 8 - that? How does the explanation compare with your description of the problem?

Write an email from Ron to Chen, confirming the revision agreed in the discussion above. Complete the following list. I Some liquid was lost from a pipe. I b Complete the following extracts from the talk using the worCs in the box. C Complete more extracts from the talk using the correct form of a verb in box 1 and a word in box 2. Complete the following sentences using the correct form of words in Exercises 3b and 3c.

I There'ssmoke and flames pouring out of the engine. Something's 3 This cylinderhead bolt won't loosen. The bolts have -. They'renear y-. In another lap, we'll Read the technical facts about the ltalian motor racing circuit, Monza, and summarise how the track is different from most others.

Parabolica ln pairs, discuss the technical problems that racing cars could have at Monza as a result of the factors described in the text. Chicane Rettifilio Thechicanes arelinedbyruggedkerbs. Ridingoverthesehardis crucialforfastlaps. Themainhigh-speed Lesmol, Lesmo corners 2 andfurabolica areall rightturns. Describe the fault, and how you tried to solve the problem. Read the training notes for telephone helpline staff working for a manufacturer of mining plant.

I What does the warning messagesay? Match the words in the box to their synonyms in the sentences l Match the faults l -3 to the possiblecauses a-c. I Siartormotoraometimos vrorKs, somo'times doesn'i. Runsfqr 2o mina,ihcniemp. I doubtifs it can,tbe it couldbe it mightbe it: Underline the words in the box that describe it.

The problemhas become progressivelyworseoverseveralweeks. Apart fromthe powerloss,the engineis performing consistently, withno misfiringand no overheating. The degreeof powerloss remainsconstantthroughouta givenperiodof use, from startingthe engineto turningit off. No increasein fuelconsumption has beennoted. Read the notesand assessthe possible causes of the problem in Exercise7a using? I checklists 3 back-upinstallations 2 standard procedures 4 p l a n n e dm a i n t e n a n c e 9 a Read the articleon the right and "We have a problem" answer the followingquestions.

Thetruestoryof AirTnnsat Ftight I Howdid the problemstart? An incorrect consequences? The 3 Whatwerethe subsequent component was oversized, leaving inadequate clearance conseouences? Subsequently, the two pipes rubbed together, causing the fuel line to wear progressively. The problem went undetected, until the night of August 24,, at 35, feet above the Atlantic.

At this below the planned quantity. The pilot anomalywas insufficientto then performeda seriesof cause warning lightsto come The aircraft touched down on the runway ilS: But the plane thought to be an instrument malfunction. But furtheranalysis was gliding. Secondslatet the right engine flamedout was deployedautomaticallyto generateback-up due to insufficientfuel.

Howevel with the main hydraulics noticeda disproportionate amount of oil had shut down. Oil pressureand plane beforeand afterlanding were inoperable. The crew decided to takeaction to correctthe anomaly,opening a cross-feedvalve to transfer fuel from the lefttank to the riqht tank. Sometimes more than one word is possible.

That'swhyitwasgiving- readings. We don't understandwhy it's 4 The bolt's. Noneofthemaintenancetechnicianshadnoticed it. Listen to the conversationand mark the statementsTrue O or False F. I Thetyrepressures on the blockbeingdiscussedare OK. Complete the following sentences using words in Exercise 9c to make true sentences about the conversation.

I Thetyrepressures on the blockbeingdiscussedare-. The wearrate is - acrossall the tvres. I Discussingrepairsand maintenance tta In pairs, discuss the difference between repairs and maintenance and declde whether the following words relate to repairs, maintenance or both. Which aspects are quite similar and which are very different? Contents I Openingand dismantlingaccesspanels nrl LEJ a Switchingoff the power supply 2 Toppingup, drainingand replacing b Making sure certain parts haven'tworked coolantsand lubricants!

What does he say about each point on the maintenance checklist? S tisten again. Do you think the technicians are working on an aircraft or on an industrial machine? As a member of the global service team your role is to travel abroad dealing with serious technical problems at your clients' plants. Read the following email from a plant in Helsinki and summarise the problem. He has advised me that the mechanismsfor adjustingthe precisealignmentof the cuttingblades have been damaged.

Listen to the conversation and note the three main areas Claudia asks about. Complete the following phrases from the conversation using the words in the box. And os - the graphics Write questions using the following prompts and the phrases in Exercise 2b. I dimensions: Z Claudia goes on to ask about the physical effects the simulator needs to produce.

Listen to the conversation and make notes on the following points. I Possiblevariationin simulatormovement 2 Extent of physical effects required 3 Best way to assess physical effects O. Z tisten again and exptain what is meant by the words and phrases in bold. Following the meeting, Claudia writes an email to update Rod, an engineering colleague. Read the extract and choose a word or phrase from Exercise 3b that means the same as the words in bold.

Sometimes more than one answer is possible. Rod Nelson Subiect: Thatis, 4 how severely the module 3 generatesjolting,due to supposedatmospheric turbulence. The module, which will carry scientific equipment, is intended to detach from a space ship orbiting Mars and land on the planet. At this stage, this is all you know about the project.


In pairs, prepare a list of the main questions you will need to ask at the needs analysis meeting using the following ideas. I How is the statue being made,and what is it being made from? Rick Gilliam, the engineer overseeing the logistics, admitted that he and his colleagues had fried their brains trying to figure out how the tonne monster could be lowered onto the stone plinth that will support it. We couldn't think on a lowJoader wouldn't be a problem.

How do you prevent engineers, but from the stonemasons, who the crane's slings from getting trapped had affectionately been nicknamed the 'cavemen'.

Before you listen, explain what is meant by the following terms and try to guess what the three possible solutions are. How do their ideas compare with yours? Why is each suggestion rejected? Alternatively Anotheroptionwouldbe We could Read their idea on page 99 and compare it with your solution. What external factors could cause some problems with their idea?

How could these be solved? They are discussingthe gantry crane due to be installed at the plant. Listen to the conversationand answerthe following questions. I Whyare holesneededin the concretewalls? Exercise 9a? S Viftor and Rajesh are assessing the most suitable method of forming the holes in the walls.

Listen to the conversation and compare their answers with yours. I What are the advantages of using preformed holes in terms of cost and timescale? Label ttrem Q or according to the key in Exercise 9e. Why don't we dip them in paint? Couldn'tit be cut by hand, using a hacksaw? Why don't we use it for wiring, instead of copper? I'd suggest stripping the whole thing down and cleaningit by hand. Couldn'tthey checkeverysingleproduct?

Discuss technical issues, cost and timescale, and rank the solutions in order of feasibility. I ls a diamond drill really needed to go through reinforcedconcrete? Surely you can drill into concretewith an ordinarv hammer-actiondrill? Wouldn'tthat reducethe cost? Then, once the bolts are fixed, the space around them could be filled with cement.

Then they could be positionedto suit the locationof the preformed holes in the wall. That way,it wouldn'tmatter if the holes in the walls were slightlyout of position. The beams could then be supportedon these,and no holes would be requiredthroughthe concrete. Are there other points that could be added to the list? O ft4". Listen to the start of the meeting. Which two areas on the slide in Exercise l2a are discussed? O tisten again and answer the following questions.

I Should the layoutand componentsof the new printer differ much from the existingdesign? Why not? Look at the following verbs from the discussion and find three examples where re- means again. Match the other three verbs to the definitions in the box. O Complete the following expressions from the discussion using the words in the box. Listen and check your answers. Use the language from this section and the words in the box.

Present your ideas in Exercise I 3b to another pair. In pairs, discussthe hazardsin the followingsituationsand the precautions that should be taken. I Workinginsidea containerwithlimitedair circulation 2 Cleaningmetalusingacidthatcan burnthe skinand whichgivesofffumes 3 Usinga grinderto cut througha steelplate 4 Applyingpaintthat cancausepainfulrasheson the hands 3a Stephanie,Dorian's senior safety officer,is attendinga meetingon standard procedurefor some engineeringwork that will be carried out at severalof Dorian's plants around the world.

Before the meetingshe made notes. Read her notes and answerthe followingquestions. Stephanieis discussingsome of the hazardswith Ben, one of Dorian's engineering managers. Listen to the conversation and note the hazards that they mention. I Access hazards: C lf Listen again and answerthe followingquestions.

I What safetyprecautionsare discussed? In pairs, discuss suitable health and safety precautionsand PPE for the following operations on an existing steel petrol storage tank at a processingplant.

StudentA, you are a safety officer;Student B, you are an engineeringmanager. The tank mustthen be repainted. Read the followingextract from the contents page of the company'snew safety documentationand answerthe following questions. What is meant by the followingphrases? I restrictedareas 2 a permitto work 3 the electricalsupervisor 4 the lock-outprocedure l. Listen to the conversation again and check your answers.

Which of the followingphrasesgive more emphasisthan rt3 important,and whichgive less? Before starting: During work: To finish: What procedure does the article describe?

A helicopterhoversbetweenthe toweringpylonsof an extra-high-voltage power line. In a cradle,suspendedseveralmetresbelowthe aircraft,standtwo line men,shroudedin hooded,stainless-steel threadedhot suits.

Justa few feetaway is a live electriccable,fizzingwith ,volts. One of the men,holdinga shortmetalwand,reachesout towardsthe cable. Pockersizedlightningbolts arc throughthe air. Theret no discernibleelectricshock,,iusta slighttingling sensation. A lead is thenclippedto the live cable to maintainan electrical connectionwith the cradleand helicopter. The line men are now on, and maintenance work on the live powerline can begin.

In pairs, discuss the main precautions you think should be taken during live line maintenance work by helicopter with regard to the following hazards. What precautions does he describe for each of the three types of hazard in Exercise 6c? Student A, you are a safety officer; explain the precautions to a new employee.

Student B, you are a new employee.

Cambridge English for Engineering Student's Book with Audio CDs (2)

Give some examples of organisationsand departmentsin your countryand lnternationalbodies that produce these kinds of rules. Listen to the introductionto her talk and answer the followingquestlons. I Whatkindsof regulation willthe coursedealwith? Completethe followingextract from lsobel's talk by underliningthe correct words. Thatmeons we'llbe focusingon specificsafetg regulations. It'sas simple as thot. Ih sure Aou'reall aware of that, but it is an important point to emphasise.

It tr Completethe followinggroups of synonymsusingthe words in bold in Exercise9c. Complete the text using the words you wrote in Exercise 9d. The helicopterflightsthat ferrypersonnelto and fromthe platformare subjectto specific safety r legislartiorr. The proceduresand standardsthat are z - by this regulationsrelate,principally,to the followingareas: In pairs, answer the questions l No other parts of contains electrical circuits, and can therefore the frame are load-bearing and must not, cause electrocution.

Only a carbon dioxide therefore, be used as anchor points. I Why is it unsafeto put water on the machine? What is the purpose of the items marked 2 What type of fire extinguisheris recommended? Care should be taken when cleaning below the guillotine blade as there is a danger that the blade may descend. Before cleaning, the control lever should always be set in the Blade Locked position. Protective gloves should be Why is it important o lockthe guillotine worn during cleaning as the sump below the blade?

O Petrus,an engineerfrom a machinemanufacturer,is giving instructionsabout the machinesin Exercise l4a to a client. As you listen, follow the written texts a-c and identifyas many differencesas you can betweenthe spoken instructionsand the written instructions.

Use the followingideas. Rephrasethem as written instructions,makingchanges based on the differences between spoken and written language style you identifiedin Exercise l4b. Foreignbodiesenteringthe ductcan causeseriousharm,becausethe unit containsprecision-engineeredpartsrevolvingat speed,so it'shighlysusceptibleto damage.

Thenwhenyou closethem,turnthe handleand allowit to returnundertheforceof the spring. Don'tpushthe handle,becausethatcan strainthe springmechanism,and result in damage. Think of some safety or operatingprecautionsyou are familiar with for a machineor processyou know. Write one or two paragraphsof instructions, explainingthe main precautionsthat should be taken. Suggestsome operationsthat can be monitoredand controlled automaticallyby the BMS in large buildingssuch as offices.

Listen to the conversationand answerthe followingquestions. I Whatis a keycharacteristicof the clientcompany? Listen to the next part of the conversationand tick the points he mentions. I controlling the electriclightinginsidethe building! Match the words in the box to the synonyms l In pairs, describe the followingautomatedsystemsusingthe words in Exercise2d.

I What assumptionis the idea based on? Read the email and, in pairs, discuss what the engineer wants you to do.

LaurenHarvey Subject: Presencedetectors Could you look intothe practicalitiesof using presencedetectorsfor controllingthe ightsin differentpafts of the building? The questionis, which Wpe of controldo we want to have in each location? Complete his notes using the correct form of the verbs in Exercise Ge. But technique only at research stage. But would only allow vehicle to 6 slowly. Not necessarily a problem, as car could be controlled remotely, allowing it to 7 8 Unit 1 Technology in use payloads unmanned.

C What kinds of word are missing from the notes? In pairs, compare the audioscript on page 86 with the notes in Exercise 7a. In pairs, discuss how such a system might work using words in Exercise Ge.

What advantages might an offshore base have compared with a land base? Listen to the talk and answer the following questions. How would an offshore base station be supported?

In pairs, analyse the notes below, which were made during a briefing given by your manager. Imagine you are giving a presentation.

Begin by reading out the abbreviated notes in full. What irnpliGation5 for anc. Dr more.And they which was alwaysa problem before. Cood question. For instance,a waterbrake,likethe one used in the Sonic Wind tests,is clearlyout of the question.

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So that'san importantconsideration. Give examplesof the propertiesthat make each material good or bad for watch-making,from a quality perspective. C ln pairs, discuss any urban legends you have heard relating to engineering and technology.

What externalfactors might affectthe joint?

Written by experienced teachers, it offers a wide range of carefully developed features to help students to develop and apply their knowledge. To introduce Cambridge English for Engineering, invite students to look through the contents list and the book.

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