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Spoken English Guru App is designed & developed by India's the largest Spoken English Portal, having 1 million+ online students. The book surveys a specific set of religious vocabularies from South Asia that, E-book. ISBN. Add to Cart. Guru English is a bold. English Guru Book 1 (GET). Topics Fareeha Library. Collectionopensource. Fareeha Library. IdentifierEnglishGuruBook1GET.

Introduction [PDF]. The elegant merging of various disciplinary fields makes Guru English an important reference tool for a variety of scholars interested in cultural globalization, religious studies, colonial and post-colonial formations, and literary criticism.

It presents some of the best analyses to date of the prose through which a colonial construct called 'Indian spiritualism' has found both a market and an afterlife in the contemporary world.

Aravamudan's probing examination of the Hindu Right's language of nuclear triumphalism, of Rushdie's writings, and of the promises held out by a long line of transnational gurus—from the Maharishi to Deepak Chopra—will establish him as a major cultural commentator of our times.

The genes of British English were mutated by Indian requirements and the resulting language was indispensable to the redefining of Hinduism. Processed through orientalism, colonialism, and nationalism, it is now moving towards cosmopolitanism and the diaspora.

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The new texture of this language bears the heightened imprint of cultural and political concerns. Aravamudan has produced a novel synthesis that goes beyond other works in the field to articulate a vision of the cosmopolitan range of Indic thought within the metropole. The book is an important contribution to postcolonial studies and to scholars working in comparative literature, anthropology, history, and globalization studies.

Srinivas Aravamudan. Subject Areas.

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari review – how data will destroy human freedom

Shopping Cart Options For eBooks Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms: Our eBook editions are available from many of these online vendors: Religion can be bad, but has its uses. Nationalism can be bad, but has its uses.

Factory farming is very, very bad. Liberalism is good, but under threat.

Hunter-gathering is a more exciting lifestyle choice than farming, or working in a factory. Technological advances bring Big Ethical Questions. But in the secular west, religion is fading from public life.

And in our globalised world, the idea of a coherent nation-state is threatened. What do we have left to believe in?

One of the answers, although the author does not provide it, is gurus, of which we have created a new class, each individually tailored to our needs. Some anxious middle-class women have Gwyneth Paltrow , who promises enlightenment through yoni steaming and dietary restrictions.

English Guru Book 1 ( GET)

Angry, disaffected young men have Jordan Peterson, whose banal advice about tidying your room is camouflaged with Jungian blah and sulky oppositionalism. That has strange results. Answer: terrorism is not delicious on porridge.

And this one, except then it was Peugeot. The best reason not to throw this book out of the window is that, occasionally, Harari writes a paragraph that is genuinely mind-expanding.However, you should be careful when talking or making friends with others on the internet. It's very costly.

Cheer up! It comes pre-loaded with 6 different Indian languages to make it useful for learners from different regions.

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