DTR84RL4aB-ZG6oHX-axvw UPDATE: The link now has both PDF and ePUB Will these be translated "officially" to english anytime soon? but the Light Novel industry is still stuck in the past with antiquated businesses. The subreddit for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, or *The Irregular at Magic High School*. This is a story about: A defective elder brother low achiever. A perfect, flawless younger sister high achiever. After both siblings entered a Magic High School.

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For Volume 15 the rough english translation is done, it just needs to go through the . 2) Even though Macho44 posted a link to the Overlord Light Novels Pdf's on the initial. Re: [Light Novel][English] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Status: http://www. On you can find hundreds of english translated light novel, web novel, korean novel and chinese novel Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei.

These light novels currently up arent my work at. Mahouka koukou no Rettousei.. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is one of rare Japanese light novels where the Author managed to.

Mahouka is my favorite Japanese.. All submissions must relate to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. Mahouka spoiler. Read the light novels! Volumes ; Watch the.. Due to Yen Press' imminent release of volume one and two of the light novel on April..

Topics light novels, english translated.

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol. 16 Yotsuba Succession

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 01 - Enrollment I. Mahouka koukou no rettousei light novel english Mahouka koukou no rettousei light novel english While wondering just what kind of exhibition this was going to be.. Hi and thanks for the question..

Does anyone know where i can get available Epub or Pdf version of this volume? If I was, for whatever reason, unable to follow your instructions, I shall let you know,. Forgive me, I am aware that such a question is prohibited, but I was wondering if there is any PDF version of volume 16 somewhere?

Or if the person who originally posted the download links on this website could upload them in PDF as well? If this is unachievable, I will, of course, back off.

If it can be done, I would greatly appreciate it. Volume 16 has not been made into a pdf yet because the translation group is still working on it.

When the project is complete they will release a pdf. Volume 15 and 16 is not official release yet. What you download at the top is current progress on what they working right now and basically it not finish yet.

I think the reason they release preview at the top to make you people stop asking about Vol 15 and Why translate multiple volumes at the same time? Why not focus all energy and time on a single volume?

Wouldn't it be finished quicker that way? You are probably right, if you are looking at things only from the point of view of a selfish consumer. But let's turn this around, and look at it from the translator's side. If you want to release quality work, and why wouldn't you want that unless you are an attention whoring bastard with the only goal of being first, and possibly the only one , you need the best possible understanding of the novel you are translating.

Things that may have multiple valid translations based only on early volumes may come down to only one real meaning in later parts of the work. You see, nobody would like to have a 1. It would be quite an irritating thing that you have to read again and again the whole series guessing what was changed, or reading errata and guessing how the corrections affect the story. Obviously, the best would be translating a whole work. But who could wait that long, be it either translator or reader?

BTW, why are there two copies inside the zip file? I don't see any difference beteween the two only their file size.


There are 2 files because one is pdf high quality and other one is pdf normal quality. It just mediafire site, not a virus. Just proceed to the site, ignore the safety. Hi, what is the difference between the low and high quality? I can't see any difference aside from the file size.. Some of my group members are very picky on the formating of our releases.

Its part of their personal views that even if something is fan translated, it shouldn't have anything put into it that wasn't present in the original material.

For that purpose we kept the credits separate from the pdf.

Please respect this wish of ours. It is fine if you wish to resize, convert and redistribute the released volume, but I must insist that the credits text file and the contents of the volume remain unchanged. Anyone who is caught violating what they desire will be given a warning and then if repeated, they will be banned from this wiki.

None of us want the translation group to refuse releasing any further work they finish. I don't know when or where they are going to post V17, but its still being worked on and by the looks of it a long ways from being completed.


Also, it's silly to ask something like this when they are still working on trying to release a completed V Eventually when they finish V17 they'll release it and someone will post a link somewhere. Is there a reason to remove all the link of MKnR when Yen realese vol 1. Shouldn't you just need to remove vol 1 or maybe 2? Is there even a remote possibility that volume 17 will be finished and uploaded here before Yen Press begins?

Vol 16 is going to release soon, i think they will release Vol 17 before Vol 18 release. Hopefully we will get Vol 17 word document sooner Certainly, it'd be strange if volume 17 was released after volume 18, but that wasn't my question.

My question was if volume 17, translated, would be put here in PDF before Yen Press releases the first volume. The reason I'm asking this, is due to the promise of removing all volumes from here when Yen Press releases Volume 1. This is just a guess but I think they have a enough time to do both volumes 17 and 18 Depends on how fast they work and their real life situation. Yen Press release is still on 19th of April So let's say they will release vol.

Don't know about the TL's rules, but are they still gonna be translating the rest of the volumes after YP releases their vol. I think its stupid that you removed it for being Off topic.

There was no need. You could discuss it since, it was on the initial post. If you so desire to discuss them, please do so by creating a discussion in the "Fun and Games" section of the Forum. Updated progress docs for V ETA some time before 18 hits stores.

V17 has been on hold throughout September and late August, so I won't update it. Also progress on 17 will be slower due to the fact that the TLers are in school at the moment. But on the flip side, at least we're faster than Yen Press! Here is his email. He will only respond to questions about becoming a translator and the whole process involved.

He will not respond to any personal requests or underhanded questions that you all might have. Yes, I think they will continue. Who know japan can help them translate so them can release fast the translation. Does that mean that they will continue working for vol. It working nicely for me. Maybe u can't enter mediafire site from your country. Last file on that google drive.

I already upload it there. Volumes 1 - Volumes 1 There is a line Vol 15 for pdf but it on zip. You need to download and unzip it. Oh my god. I love you guys. I fell in desperation, as I heard, that they are going to be licensed, but you saved me: Tatsuyama no problem. They only need translator, other position are full,. Volume Hey thank you for the chapters. But can you convert volume 15 and 16 to Word?

I am having a HARD time accessing both volumes. In what way? If it's because they're housed in rar files i'll re-upload as straight pdf when I can figure out how to use mediafire.

I only request that you leave the zip archive as is and do not remove the credits page. The epub link for Volume 16 is broken. It is available from the batch on google drive though. Thanks a lot! The plan was once the translation of chapter 5 is finished that the translator would tranlslate chapter 4 but there was no update of this translation in a few weeks. I know someone already try help me, but media fired is too much trouble. Cant wait any longer to read volume I am gonna die due to heart attack bcoz of excitement..

I have not been very successful in recruiting translators and soon autumn break will end. This means that our current translators will be going back to school and work and they won't have much time left, so progress will slow down to a grinding halt again. Truth be told I was expecting volume 18 to come out either at the end of the year, or early next year and so I thought that we had plenty of time to work, but with 18 coming in roughly 3 weeks it appears that we will fall behind by almost two whole volumes.

I will continue looking for help and sending emails, applications are open only for translators at the moment. It doesn't matter what language you translate from as long as it's accurate, we have capable TLCs and editors who are capable of fixing errors that may appear.

Unless I can get more translators to join, then we're on an indefinite break. So don't bother asking for updates, there's no point. V17 and onwards are dead until further notice. Here is his email again if you didn't look for it at the top of the page. These are really sad news. I hope they can find a few people with japanese language skills who are willing to join to group. If they go inactive and no further volumes are getting translated I can sadly see the english speaking fan community dying out.

I want to ask if the translation wil be continue after yen press release volume 1? Hope the translation will be continue. It will continue, however that won't be here. Also I do need more translators.

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol

If there are any translators reading this then don't hesitate to apply! Oh no. I really wish to help if I can. I can only read, write and TL basic Japanese. Can't even read those complicated kanjis. Sadly I can't read any assian language beside that I'm no good translator even in the 2 language I know. So I can't help you with this project.

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Nice knowing that the series will still continue to be translated. Despite knowing 4 languages, sadly I can't help you translate as I'm not confident enough in my Chinese and English. Though I can understand Chinese and English quite fluently, my problem lies in my grammar? I do however am willing to help in any way I can. That is not a demerit for us, by all means do apply. We've had Ch to Eng translators before and although it may need some extra attention when TLCing I am confident that we can make it work.

My only concern is that we cannot provide a separate doc for you since all work is done on one document. However since vol 17 is translated from ch to jp in clear text I don't think that is going to affect your efficiency. Act quickly and you may even get the coveted 'A' member letter. Can we continue this over mail?

We can iron out all the fine details and I can answer all your questions. Contact me here mknrec gmail. Thank you for your offer, but before i do, I'll first try out Chinese volumes and try to compare it with the english ones published by bakatsuki.

If i think I'm able to do it then I'll contact you. Being a college student and doing thesis to boot, I do expect my free time to be less and less as time passes. The Chinese volumes i have found are simplified Chinese. Though similar to traditional Chinese, i do have harder time reading it, though i will still try regardless. BTW Rek, I do know a little japanese, maybe not enough to be a TLC or translator but I am fluent in english and got A average in highschool so if you want I can do some editing for the TLC'rs when done as some sections in the recent pdf's can be confusing to read.

You should email him for translation position and don't worry about your grammar, they got TLC and editor. Tatsuyama same with you, email him if u know japanese or chineses. TLC and editor is already full. I do know japanese but can really only properly read hirigana. I still have my japanese textbooks and they may have some kanji in the but am not sure.

I could translate but it wouldn't be very fast and i'd probably end up translating it through something like google translate or whatever and make piece the sentence together.

Again though, if you can find a hirigana version I could probably translate at a somewhat average speed. If I can read Umineko I should be able to read this, but I can't find it, only links me back to threads about english releases.

I think he can provide you the links to volume 17 raw chapters.

Had you asked me that about a year ago I probably would've said yes, had a lot of free time back then, translated a lot of character guides for Fighting Games like UNIEL and Dengeki Bunko as well as a few VN parts and Drakengard 3 walkthroughs but nowadays, I really don't have the time nor the motivation.

Now cant wait to read v17 but: Who not ask the price il will take to translate the v17 by a professionnel translator and them we fans wil contribute to pay this price. Why not ask the price il will take to translate the v17 by a professionnel translator and them we fans wil contribute to pay this price. Because you can't afford it and it's illegal. Don't fool yourselves. Pro translators can charge 5 usd per page, or 36 usd per hour.

I am sorry, but that won't help us and is likely cost us extra work instead. If you at least had a decent grasp on japanese vocabulary it would be a start for us..

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei Vol 17

Thank you for showing interest however. Would you be interested in joining us? We have the full volumes full OCRed with romaji text aid for editors. Also we won't ask you to translate at a given pace. You set the pace yourself. Translate what you can when you have time.

I found a link to the raws yesterday in fact, it's doable with my current level I think, might have to search for common terms used before for consistency with the older volumes but other than that should be no problem, especially since it looks like it's the same as raw mangas with helping furiganas and all, even for simple kanjis. In fact I thought about giving it a try yesterday, Only problem is that they're in traditional japanese lecture from top to bottom and it's really disturbing for someone like me who's used to VNs' left to right text.

Tried to search for raw in pdf format or something like that but again, couldn't find anything, it's nothing insurmountable of course but you know, habbits. Fair enough, it's just that I'm used to do everything by myself and I've never worked with anyone else before so I don't know how all of this really works, but if there's someone to double check after me, it's reassuring.

Can I also try, I'm good in english and know a little japanese? If I'm able to not be a liability and help you guys, then you can further decide I just want to help. Here's how the recruitment process will go. Applicants will pick out a part they wish to translate from here bit. Japanese translators can send me a mail and then I will give them the portion they wish to work on.

Then when they're done they can mail me their work. If your work is usable I will reply and offer you a spot in our group, we can then schedule a little interview of sorts. I will show you the ropes, how we work together in the group and answer all your questions. It's a bit more complicated for chinese translators since I don't have any chinese translation they can work from ready.

The one chinese translator who sent me his translations ended up translating the first part of the first chapter and this part was already complete, so I could easily compare the two and make a decision. He's in, I'm just waiting for him to reply to my mail. If chinese translators can find the chinese translations on their own that's great, if not I'll ask another member in my group who usually browses baibu forums, but this might take a while. If I haven't replied to your post then make sure to send me a mail.

It's difficult keeping track of all these hopefuls. We're not down for the count just yet! Sent you an e-mail already. Waiting for the response and hopefully I can get to work as soon as I'm done with some work that accumulated, should be done in 2 days like I said.

As you can see the link of raw pics got might be in picture format. It might be easier to read that way. Any way thanks very much for joining. Forgot to login. Just try to translate one of the english volume to german in your spare time then you understand how much work this is for them.

We're doing better now. We have two new translators for now, but no considerable progress has been made yet. I just want to say thank you. Thank you very very much, you have done such a great work that i cant even If you are going to continue does it mean the group will get into trouble in the future for that?

Don't get me wrong, i really want them to continue translating the LN. I would really love to know the date for the release of v I am desperate looking forward to it being translated. A defective elder brother and low achiever. A perfect, flawless younger sister and high achiever.

After both siblings entered a Magic High School, The stage of daily turbulence was unveiled —. Alternative Names. Ongoing Empress Running Away with the Ball!

Anyone know where i can find this online instead of downloading them? Berserk of Gluttony LN. My Cold and Beautiful Wife. Abuse of Magic. Young Miss, Please Don't Run.

Celestial Dragon King, Harem Emperor. Crazy Leveling System. One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love.The result was just as she had predicted. Kouichi and his daughters, changed out of their kimonos into normal clothes, and he finished dinner before settling himself in his study. There wasnt even a tinge of a troubled expression either. After all he is doing all the work Everyone's gazes were concentrated on Erika and Mikihiko.

Masaki and Gouki stared into each others eyes for a while. Does anyone have any idea as to teh intervals between releases from Yen Press when they begin in April ? In contrast, his body did not appear to age as much, his muscles were firm, albeit not voluminous, but toned and edgy. Or if the person who originally posted the download links on this website could upload them in PDF as well?

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