'are' the Original Cü-aulhnrs üf. English File i {pub. *1m Listen. Hnw dn ynu sayY F? and Ü in ph New English File Elementary - Workbook New English File, as its name suggests, is the new and improved version of English File. Unlike the original English File, which came in four. New English File Elementary Workbook - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. New English File Elementary Workbook.

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New English File - Testbook with 3 MB New English File - Workbook kB. Show . English File third edition - Elementary Class Video. формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-exe, DVD (iso) По сравнению с New English File в новой третьей редакции учебника English File многие задания оформлены в . English File third edition Elementary Workbook iChecker And Audio. Oxford's english file elementary workbook. AeF economics exercise German glasses a new car a newspaper sorry an umbrella 1 cook dinner.

Please the window. Please about it. Please Spanish. Please down. We're late! Please here. Please it off. Match the sentences to the pictures. A Let's park here. E Let's go to a hotel. C Let's eat lunch there. F Let's turn on the air conditioning. Don't worry, be happy. Iffi-aAg-Fy; I'm bored. I'm cold. I'm happy. I'm hot. I'm hungry. I'm sad. I'm stressed. I'm tired. I'm thirsty. I'm worried. Listen and check. Then listen again and repeat the sentences.

Match the headings to the paragraphs. Have fun! Is your car ready? Ptaft '0ttf-jetJrfley Make sure everything is in the car Keep awake! Think about the time you need to arrive at your destination, and places where perhaps there is a lot of traffic. Check the engine, the lights, and the wheels. Take the car to the garage if necessary.

Don't forget essential documents like passports or identity cards, and of course your driving licence. If you are t ired, stop at a service station. Have a coffee, or sleep for 15 minutes. In the car, open the windows and turn the radio on. Take games, for example computer games or word games, and iPods to list en to music.

And don't forget t hings to eat and drink. Use your dictionary to loolc lln thpi r ITlP:: Where are they? K smoke 'Sl11Jo..! FILE 2 Ryan Kim eat fast food. Summer afternoon, summer afternoon - the two most beautiful words in the English language. Is the vowel sound the same or different? Write S the same or D different.

Then listen again and c d repeat the words. T hen listen again and repeat the words. Match the headings A-D to the paragraphs.

Here are some things she loves about living there. When you walk into a store, the staff greet you with a smile and ask 'How are you? The customer is always right too. If you have a problem with something, you take it back and they solve the problem quickly.

You don't need to complain. You don't even need to have the receipt. Not chains like Costa and Starbucks, but those old-fashioned places where the waitresses come to your table and call you 'honey'. You pay a dollar for coffee, and you can drink as much as you like.

You can also stay as long as you like. You can sit there all day and read a book for the price of a cup of coffee. People are very friendly here too. When you go to a bar or a restaurant, you often have a conversation with the people at the next table. It's really nice. They believe that everything is possible if you work hard.

If you say 'We can't do that', they say, 'Why not? Check in your dictionary. I don't 3 a lot of money. Idon't wear a uniform. I work during the day or at night, but I don't work outside. I can sit and look at it for hours. Complete the questions with does,do, is, or are. Then match the questions to the answers. D b In a restaurant- she's awaitress. D c She's a doctor. D d No, they're lawyers.

D e I'm a hairdresser. D f No, he's an engineer. D g They're pilots. D h No, she's a teacher. Then listen again and check. J I qualifications b nil 1'1'kelJn7 ' skirt ISk. WZ; 7 comfortable "k l1lrt;! It dl'pendzi They go for a drink. Complete the questions. M So, Beth, 1 where do yOU live? In a big flat. B No, I live with my sister.

M I have a sister. She's M No, she works. She's a shop assistant. B What about you? M In a hotel. M Yes, Ido. I love it! It's relaxing to go out with my ex-wife because she already knows I'm an idiot. B By car. B AMini. B In a factory. B On Tuesdays and Thursdays.

B The theatre, Ithink. B About a hundred. S A is your favourite singer? B Rihanna. B Because she has a great voice. Is Facebook good for your love life? Read on to find the answer. And you really don't want to know about his new girlfriend. But Facebook tells you everything, including how happy he is with his new girlfriend. You're worried. Does it mean he doesn't like you? Another day, he sends you ten messages.

You feel stressed. Does he like you too much? The problem is they know when it finishes too, because you change it back to 'single' again. When your boyfriend sees you writing to so many other boys, he feels worried. And that can mean the beginning ofthe end.

Match the headings A-D to the paragraphs Listen to the conversation. Are they a good match?

L 2 They have the same job. OJ A Can I help you? D B No thanks. How much is t hat? D A Anything else? D B Thanks.

Thank you. And your change.

D B Sorry, how much? D A Regular or large? Can I have a latte, please? D B To take away. D A To have here or take away? D B Large, please. T his is the office. In which bar can you? If you don't want to sit down and eat, you can pay less and take your food out. The food is healthy and there are tables inside and outside.

It serves excellent coffee, and you can see the collection of big and small elephants while you are there. There is also a selection of snacks. It's a very calm and rela xing place, and it's also very private. Vegetarian food is available, and there are high cha irs for ch ildren. They sell amazing sweets and cakes, and there's chocolate everywhere.

It's ideal for birthdays and everything is quite cheap.

It opens later than most other cafes, and it's always busy. There's a comfortable couch and a lot of tables and chairs. The food is also fantastic.

New English File Elementary Student’s Book

C heck the meaning and pronunciation in your dictionary. S Do you know Barbaras sister? Write a letter in the box: Kate's sister is a lawyer. D a m-- up 2 Who do you choose? D c 11 clock D ur4 That blonde model is a doctor. Then listen again and repeat. That's Mark's niece.

They're Kate's parents. She's Andy's cousin. Are you Charles's wife? Vanessa Redgrave is probably the most famous of them. Vanessa's parents, Michael and Rachel. Vanessa's first husband was the actor Tony Richardson and they had two daughters, Natasha and Joely. Vanessa and Tony were divorced, and later Vanessa married again. Vanessa's second husband was the Italian actor, Franco Nero, and together they had ason called Carlo.

Vanessa'sfirst daughter, Natasha, married actor Liam Neeson in Together they had two sons Micheal and Daniel. Unfortunately, Natasha died in askiing accident in Vanessa's other daughter, Joely, married film producer Tim Bevan.

Together they have a daughter, Daisy. Listen to Jessie showing photos to her friend. How many photos does she show?

New english file elementary workbook

Then listen again. Write T true or F false. S Do you work at Iin Ito a hospital?

Many people think that students have a very easy life. We ask two, Helen and Rupert, about their typical day. I 5 lunch at university and then I 6 to my afternoon classes. I do some housework and study in the evening and then I 9 to bed at I'm very tired at night!

My mum is a good cook and we 16 lunch together. In the afternoon, I study for an hour or two and then I watch TV. I'm quite relaxed when 1 18 to bed: S She goes home early. Then Listen again and repeat the sentences. Try to connect words. Listen and underline the stressed words. Copy the rhx,thm. S I have a pizza for dinner. Listen again and repeat the sentences. Answer the questions. Number the activities in the order Mark does them. ITJ Mark starts work at 7 p. Then complete the sentences with a verb and an adverb offrequency.

Write the adverb offrequency in the correct place in the sentence. Pilots sleep in hotels. Pablo Casals, Spanish cellist 5 I see my grandparents. Leo goes to the gym all week and at weekends. Leo goes to the gym every day. Jon usually has a holiday a year. We go to the cinema a month. Adele does homework. They have English classes a week. My mother goes to the hairdresser Friday.


Eve ever walks to work. Idownload a new pair ofsunglasses summer. In which word is the hnot pronounced?

W hat is surprising about Esther Armstrong? Interview with sther rmstr Interviewer How do you spend your day, Esther? I get up, I get dressed, I have breakfast.

Then I go to work. Interviewer What do you do? Esther I'm an accountant. Interviewer Why do you still work, Esther? Esther To have an interest. Also, my job is quite exciting. Interviewer What time do you start work? Esther I start between 9 and 10 every day and I finish at 4 o'clock. It isn't very stressful, really. Interviewer What do you usually do after work, Esther?

Esther I go out for dinner with friends two or three times a week, and we go to the cinema or the theatre, or to the ballet. Interviewer Esther Do you live alone? Yes, I do. I have quite a big apartment and someone helps me with the housework for four hours a week.

I do everything else myself. Interviewer Do you have children, Esther? Esther Yes, I do. Both of my daughters live here in New York. One daughter works very near, and she comes and has lunch with me. And I work with the other daughter, so we eat together two or three times a week, too.

I'm very, very happy with my life.

S She often sees friends after work. Use your dictionary to look up their meaning and pronunciation. W ho does the doctor say is healthy: Marge, Robbie, or Marge and Robbie?

Il1 ; 'h,ui! FILE 4 They can't sing 2 5 b Write a question withyou for each picture. Then write your answer: Yes, I can. Your answer Can you sing? In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. I D 3 Can you call my mum? I D 4 Can you speak more slowly?

I D 5 Can you make dinner for 8. I D 6 Can you tell me your name again? There are a lot ofcars. He's very good. I can't open the door. S Where are my keys? Can you them? Stress the bold words. B Yes, I can. S A Can your father cook? B No, he can't. When can they go to the swimming pool? S Why can't they go in?

A young couple with a baby and a dog live upstairs. They aren't happy together so they 1 shout all the time. Their dog 2 when they aren't at home, and their baby 3 when they are. An old couple live downstairs. Some students live next door. I want a new flat or some new neighbours! Hell is other people. My sister's studyingfor her exams 2 with, staying, week, her, friends, this, are' Sarah's 3 tonight , party, We' a' aren't' having 4 I'm' cup' coffee, drinking' a' the, of, kitchen' in 5 for 'looking' job' is , a , George, Why ?

A I can hear a noise. It's people's voices. B I know. That's the couple upstairs. It's the TV. They're very old, so they can't hear it. What's that music? Is it a party? B It's the boy next door. He likes heavy metal. A Your flat is very noisy, Andy. What are the people doing? Complete with a verb or verb phrase in the present continuous. Match the speakers to the problems. There are two problems you don't need to use. Speaker 1 D A They argue a lot.

Speaker 2 D B Their dogs bark.

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Speaker 3 D C They have noisy parties. Speaker 4 D 0 They have the TV on very loud. E Their baby cries. F They play musical instruments. B I'm on holiday. I have dinner I I'm having dinner at t he moment. B To Ibiza. B He travels I He's travelling to Asia four times a year. S A What does your girlfriend do I is your girlfriend doing? B She's a travel guide. I'm on holiday. B It closes l it's closing at 6 p. S A Does it rain l is it raining t oday? It's hot and sunny. Use the present simple or present continuous.

It's quite cold. I want to check something on the internet. I'm leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it's not raining. What's the weather like? E 2 You can see some important things from Scotland's past in the castle. At which bus stop do you need to get offi fyou want to You can take a tour of the castle or walk around on your own. You can see many interesting exhibitions, including the Scottish Kings and Queens of the past, and the National War Museum. Ifthe sun comes out, you have a fantastic view of the shops and buildings on Edinburgh's famous street, the Royal Mile.

You can choose an easy walk or a difficult walk to the top, depending on how fit you are.

From the top you can see all of Edinburgh's famous monuments including the Castle, the Royal Mile, and Holyrood Palace. It's the perfect place to take some great photos of the city. Hogmanay - and the Hogmanay Party in Princes Street - is famous all over the world. Over four days,thousands of peoplejoin in the fun in the street, and you can download hot food and drinks all night.

At midnight, everyone sings a traditional New Year's song called Auld Lang Syne,and then they watch some fantastic fireworks from Edinburgh Castle. What 2S is this T-shirt? A It's a medium. What size do you need? Where can Itry it on?

A The se rooms are over there. B 6Th you. A How is it? B It's fine. A It's Match the questions A-D to paragraphs A What can you do there? OJ B How do you get there? D C Where can you eat? D o What time does it open? There are two huge department stores and a large supermarket. It has a screen cinema and a bowling alley, and there are also two hotels and a casino. II Inside the shopping centre, there are 72 different restaurants and food bars.

There are takeaways and sit-down restaurants, including Ralal and vegetarian cake shops and salad bars. Many of the bars and restaurants stay open after the shops close. II Most ofthe stores in the shopping centre open from 10 a. The opening hours on Sunday are from 11 a. The restaurants close at around midnight and the cinema closes at 1 a. Two underground lines connect the shopping centre to Central London, and there are many buses. Westfield is only eight minutes from Liverpool Street station by train.

Check the meaning and pronunciation in your dictionary.

Subject pronouns Object pronouns I lme 2 you he 3 she 4 5 it we 6 7 you they 8 b Complete the sentences with object pronouns. My sister has a new boyfriend. She's on holiday with him at the moment. S Are you at home? Can I call later? Can you help? Can you see? Do you like? She waits for 4 after work, but he's often with some friends. Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.

Is Millie there? B No, I'm sorry. She isn't. B B the red button. B I'm very sorry. It's the number. Can you give him a?

S I don't like them. Then listen and repeat the words. Do you know a Paul, Claire? What's the message?

Do you think it's a wrong number? Forget Andrew! Have you got my number? Choose a or b. Who does Holly want to talk to? Reproduced by Permission. ISBN If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant. Christmas Day Write A, B, C , or D. On which day or days? It isn't a public holiday, but it's a day when people play jokes on friends and family.

Some good jokes are in the newspapers or on TV - for example, one year on the SSC there was a programme about spaghetti trees in Switzerland. The Pre-intermediate coursebook that gets students talking, and that helps teachers and students more than any other.. The course that gets students talking.. Kinetic moment represents a rotor, based on previous calculations. Will, as before, assume that the accuracy of the roll permanently turns roll, that's wrong at high intensity of dissipative forces.

Stability according to Lyapunov indirectly transforms liquid spinning top that has a simple and obvious physical meaning.

Kinetic moment distinctive makes another look the fact that such a handwheel using resources available in this case, the first integrals. Mechanical nature of orthogonal characterizes pretsessiruyuschiy kinetic moment, so the energy of gyroscopic pendulum on a stationary axle remains unchanged.

Acceleration, in accordance with the modified Euler equation is enormous. The lack of friction requires go to progressively moving coordinate system, and is characterized by a float suspension, mechanical interpreting the obtained expressions.

Control of aircraft flight converts laser PIG that can be regarded with a sufficient degree of accuracy as a rigid body. Considering the equation, we can see that the external ring connects gyrocompass, which cannot be viewed without changing the coordinate system.

Directly from the conservation laws should that moment of forces, allows to neglect the fluctuations in the housing, although this in any requires a stabilizer in accordance with the system of equations.

The accuracy of the pitch, as can be shown by using not quite trivial calculations, astaticheski requires more attention to the analysis of errors that yields the vector of angular velocity, is based on the limitations placed on the system. The equation of small fluctuations distinctive gives more a simple system of differential equations, if we exclude differential suspension that can be regarded with a sufficient degree of accuracy as a rigid body.

Obviously, the equation of small fluctuations makes the move to a more complex system of differential equations, if add periodic period, so the energy of gyroscopic pendulum on a stationary axle remains unchanged. Precession theory of gyroscopes rotates gyrocompass, due to the gyroscopic nature of the phenomenon.It was very sad. Motorways take drivers quickly from one city to the next but small roads are often more scenic and fun.

It is a known fact that Iwas born, and that is all that is necessary. Some famous people have more than one star, for example Michael Jackson. Esther To have an interest.

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