Email English. Paul E m m e r s o n email English Includes phrase bank of u s e f u l \ - r • • MACMILLAN Paul Emmerson Eng. If your students want more help with grammar, we recommend Business Grammar Builder (Macmillan) by Paul Emmerson. Why Email English? Writing gets a. Page 1. Paul Emmerson email. English. Includes phrase bank of useful expressions. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page

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Paul Emmerson has also written our Business English Grammar and Email English - Full; Email English - Unit 4A - Opening and Email English by Paul - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. PauL. Emmerson. email. English. PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor. PauL.

I don't understand this w. Can you explain in a little more with him? I may be but I think she's now involved from the Latin America end. Verb forms Match a form in the left-hand column with a meaning grammar 1 Sales increase every year. Sales have increased by 3 — present simple c Actions or situations in progress from the past up to the present.

Sales have been increasing 4 in the middle column and a word in the right-hand column. These include verbs of thinking doubt, know, understand , the senses see, appear , feelings like, want, hope , possession belong to, contain, have and other verbs like cost, depend on, mean, need.

Write the time phrases from the box below in the column where they are used most often. Some of the phrases can be used in more than one column. Complete the email by putting the verb in brackets into either the present simple I do , present continuous I'm doing or present perfect I've done.

T h e time phrases will help you. U s e contractions where appropriate. This o mean that we will have to reduce our staffing costs, although I o hope it will only be temporary.

They need more brochures as they 3 entire stock over the last few months. Can you get a quotation from the printers?

Hi Isabel! Guess what! Anyway, she said that she go out for a drink next Friday and she invited us. Do you want to come? Complete the email by putting the verb in brackets into the present perfect I've done the present perfect continuous I've been doing.

Are you there? I w phone all week and there's no answer! I couldn't email you wait to get my computer fixed. What's your news? Anyway, get in touch when you have a chance. Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives 1 fast faster the fastjSSi.

Underline the correct words or phrases in the email. Hi Yuko! I'm writing from an Internet cafe in the village of Dingle on the west coast of Ireland.

I got a week's holiday from work so I came over here for a short break. I'm having a great time. There's live music in the pubs at night, and the later it gets the Complete the email by writing one word in each gap. Thank you for your email inquiring about our products. We have three optical pen scanners in our range, the C, C and C. A pen scanner is ci like a hand-held scanner, you scan in text from a page and download it into your PC or PDA later.

The C is our selling model, and has widest range of functions, including a translating dictionary. The C is similar w the C, but has 15' memory - it can only store 1, pages of text, to 2, pages for the C. The C is j cheaper i" the other two models, and doesn't have as w memory or functionality. It's a more basic model, but its ability to scan text is just the B You will find full I product and price details in the attached document.

Clearly, the bigger your order, the j I10'. Our normal minimum order is units, but for a first-time customer we would accept an order small as units. We're confident that these pens will sell very well in your market, and customer feedback on the C is amongst the best we have i13' had. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Instead we use vague language. Complete the table with the phrases from the box.

Sentence structure Read the information about sentence structure. Each part can be a phrase rather than a single word: This report will analise last year's budget. Sub Vb Obj There can be an adverb phrase as well, and it often comes at the end.

Adverbs say how quickly , where at our offices or when next week something happens. Look at these examples: N o w rewrite the sentences 1 - 4 below with the correct word order. Start sentences with a capital letter. I need I am going, for a long time consider exchanged. Read the information on making complex sentences. You can make complex sentences by combining simple ones: The phrase I can't The phrase I have N o w rewrite sentences 1 - 5 with the correct word order.

I will contact you again when I can travel the exact dates as soon as I know. P u t the lines in the emails below into the correct order. Email 1 Email 2 I am writing to thank you Thank you for taking the time to attend The meetings were very productive, and A As we mentioned in the interview, we had. The next time that you are in Munich. While we were impressed with your interview,. Please give my regards We appreciate your interest in 1.

I really appreciated the time you took an interview with us last week. I am sure that they lay the basis for we did not feel to show me Notre Dame, and working with us, to your colleagues in the Paris office, that you have the necessary skills the wonderful meal that we had afterwards.

Common mistakes C o r r e c t the mistake in each sentence. E a c h phrase below has one word missing. Add the missing word. Anyway, that's enough, I think I stop writing now. E a c h paragraph in the emails below has three mistakes. Email 1 It was a pleasure to meet you in Budapest last week and I would like to thank you for your interest in our to office products.

We would be very pleased to showing you round our new factory and modern production facilities. As you would being our guest, we would of course arrange for you to stay in a good hotel and take you out to dinner. Please to let me know when you have finalised your travel plans. I look forward to see you in Turkey in the near future. Email 2 You will all be aware that we been interviewing candidates for the position of Marketing Director.

I am now pleased to inform that we have appointed an excellent candidate, Simone Verhart. Simone has worked in marketing for over fifteen years and I am sure that she will be a valuable member of team. I would like to invite you a short lunchtime reception in Conference Room 2 next Tuesday 5 Feb where you will have chance to meet Simone on an informal basis. Refreshments will be available. Please let me know if you can come so that I can to estimate numbers.

Email 3 I am write re our order for 1, pieces of footwear, reference VK The money was transfer to your account on 23 January and we yet haven't received the goods. You promised in your email of 15 Dec that you would ship within 7 days of a firm order. I called your office this morning but the secretary told that you were away until tomorrow Thursday. Please call me at the morning and let me know what is happening. We have customers waiting for these pieces and the delay is causing us for to lose business.

Email 4 It has been brought to my attention that security in the building is not so good as it could be. As you may be aware, one of our secretaries had her bag stolen yesterday. In the light of this, I would like to remember you to take care of your personal possessions, particular at those times of the day when the building is not busy. I am going to prepare a report on how security could be improved, and I could be grateful for any suggestions that you have. Please email me with your ideas by the end of next week at the later.

I also have a word with our security staff in reception to see if there are any procedures we can improve there. Punctuation and spelling Review the rules for full stops, commas and capital letters. T h e n rewrite the email, putting in a capital letters b four full stops and c two commas.

A full stop. A comma , is used: Capital letters also called 'upper case' letters are used: T h e n rewrite the email, putting in a capital letters, b apostrophes and c four commas. An apostrophe ' is used: Review the rules for colons and semi-colons. T h e n rewrite the email, putting in a capital letters, b apostrophes, c two commas, d one colon and e two semi-colons. A colon: A semi-colon ; is used to separate long items in a list, particularly if there are commas inside some items.

It is also used to join two sentences with a related meaning this is rare. Angela - have you read johns report yet? H o w good is your spelling? If you have a spell-checker that works with email then it is not really a problem, but many people don't.

Underline the spelling mistakes in the email and write the correction below. T h e r e are 3 0 incorrect words. Hi Tim! Thanks for your email wjch I recieved some time ago. Sorry I havn't replyed before now, but I've been realy busy. Actualy, it's good news - I've got a job! I went for loads of interviews and finaly I was sucessful - I'm working for a small indipendent record company. The job is very intresting - 1 help to j ; 1 J [ organise tours for the groups, make arangements for there accomodation in the cityes where they play, things like that.

I've been doing it since the begining of Februry, and its grate - completly difrent to my old job working in a restarant! It's a good oportunity for me. Hopefuly, if the peopel in the company like me, I'll get more responsabilities and more mony. Then I coud even think about visitting you in Ingland!

Anyway, keep in touch, and I look foward to seeing you soon. P u t them into the correct order. Section B will help you. We supply and maintain large, ornamental plants for hotel lobbies and company reception areas. We have been in business for more than ten years and have some of the city's biggest hotels among our clients. Please see the attached document for more details of our products and prices. If you need any more information, please let me know.

I am interested in your Plant Solutions service for hotel lobbies. Please send more details. I am attaching our order as a Word file. Please acknowledge receipt of ; this email and give us a delivery date. On an order for twelve plants we could not give any discount.

We believe our prices are very competitive and offer excellent value for money. Our terms of payment are one month's charges in advance. Yes, it would be useful to come to the site. Is next Tuesday morning at 10am convenient for you? I can use the opportunity to clarify any other questions that you might have.

He left a lot of water on the carpets where he had watered the plants. This was not the high standard of service that we have come to expect from you in the past.

I am interested in obtaining four large plants for our lobby variety 'Grandifolia' and a further eight for the restaurant area variety 'Graciosa'.

Would you give a discount on an order of this size? Also, can you state your terms of payment as I could not find these on the document you attached? One final thing - do you need to come to the site to see if there is sufficient light? Our address is below. Unfortunately, a lot of our regular maintenance staff have been ill recently and we had to employ temporary workers.

We appreciate the time you have taken to bring this matter to our attention, and as we value our good customer relations, we are willing to give you one week's free maintenance. I apologise again for any inconvenience caused.

We attach an invoice for next month's charges. Please pay this asap. Thank you. Email order: T h e n write the correct paragraph reference next to each sentence a - j. Inquiry Reply 1 How you got che contact. We are interested in P u t paragraphs a - e in the emails below in the correct order.

I e We would be grateful for some information about the legal services that your firm offers. Paragraph order: May I suggest that I call you at your convenience to discuss the matter further?

Please let me know when would be a convenient time. Naturally, our experience in this field includes resolving contractual disputes. C h e c k the meaning of any unknown words in a dictionary.

Please ship at the first available opportunity. You can shipping details on our website. Please your records Discussing and agreeing terms Match the words 1 - 8 with the definitions a - h.

C h e c k any unknown words in a dictionary.

Macmillan Business English Skills Series

We are interested in of product ref TG67 and 2, of product ref K Our normal of payment are 60 days after delivery, and we can of course supply a bank 19 g. We need these items by the end of October at the! We are a w for over twenty years. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Pavel Witkiewicz -k.

TG67 and K However, I am sure we can find an acceptable com In view of your reputation in the market, our credit " 7 co. We can supply the items you require directly from st. Please also note that we have recently improved the functionality of our website, and it is now possible to p an order on-line.

Alternatively, you can print out the attached order form. Just f it in and return it to us by mail. Thank you for your interest in our products. Sylvia Newman Underline the correct prepositions in each sentence.

B Read the emails below. Unless we receive payment within seven days we shall have no alternative but to take legal action to recover the money. In the meantime, your existing credit facilities have been suspended. We are very concerned that the matter has not yet received your attention. Clearly, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, and we must urge you to take immediate action to settle your account.

We trust that our service was to your satisfaction, and we would appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as soon as possible. May we please remind you that this amount is still outstanding. We would be grateful to receive a bank transfer in full settlement without further delay. If you have already dealt with this matter, then please disregard this email.

Complete the emails with the phrases from the box. Please send a bank transfer or an explanation of why the balance is still outstanding. If you have already dealt with this matter, please disregard this email. I am sure you are aware that late payments create problems for us. We would appreciate payment of without If you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I attach copies of both emails. This sum is o. Describing business trends Review the language of trends.

Complete these irregular verb forms. Underline the correct words in the email. The trend is also good for the rest of this year. However, there is a downside. Market share is not growing as fast as sales. I look forward to hearing your comments. Regards, Mark Review the language of forecasts what is likely to happen in the f u t u r e. B e careful: Sales definitely 2 increase. I'm certain that sales won't increase.

Probable 3 that sales will increase. Sales 5 Possible Sales 7 Sales Sales 4. Sales 8 , increase. Sales 10 increase. N o w match the verb groups 1 1 - 1 3 with the ends of the sentences a - c. B e careful! However, if there is strong evidence in the present situation then going to is more common. I am looking at some figures right now Underline the correct words or phrases in the email.

Petra - thanks for your comments on the second quarter results. You asked me for my thoughts about the longer term, so here they are: I think that profits — S Cause, effect, contrast Review the language of cause and effect. Complete the sentences with a word from the box.

So, I I create a big increase in sales.

Missing words and abbreviations

We saw a big increase in sales last month of I to our new marketing campaign. Our campaign was so successful that we Our campaign was such a success that we It was such a successful campaign that we Here are our thoughts on the recent trends in sales: I'll suggest it to him.

Hope this is helpful, Mark. The first two have a strong sense of surprise; the last two simply compare two facts and emphasise the difference between them. Read the email.

T h e n choose the best word to fill each gap from A , B , C or D below. Hiroshi - here's the summary of the market report for East Asia that I promised you. This will i1'. This growth will we will face increasing competition from US and other companies.

I receive the goods by the end of this week, I will have no choice but to my order. Some letters have been given to help you. Linking words and phrases are used in complaints to explain your case clearly and carefully. Adding another point like and: Making a contrast like although: Giving the consequence like so: Saying what the real situation is: Introducing the final paragraph: Our order dated 16 September clearly stated that we wanted 1, t-shirts.

To make matters worse, your staff were very unhelpful when I called. Complete the emails by choosing the correct alternatives below. T h e phrases are in the same order as they appear in the emails. Promotional Products in relation to your recent complaint. I was very concerned to learn about the problems you experienced and the i! I will is send replacement items immediately, at our expense, and I will personally make sure that the order is correct.

I have already spoken to the sales staff involved m and we are making sure that in the future all customer complaints are dealt with in a polite and helpful manner. Once again, I hope you will accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. I very much hope you will continue to use our services in the future.

Email 2: By now you have probably heard from your neighbours about the of my teenage son Harry and his friends when they came back from the pub late on Saturday night. I will do everything possible to contact your neighbours directly and offer to pay for any damage. I've already spoken to and he promises it won't happen again. Once again, I am really sorry. Match the beginnings of the sentences 1 - 1 0 with the endings a—j. If you have any further queries, do not j with our software.

Cross out the one word or phrase in italics in each sentence that is not natural. Rewrite the sentences below with the correct word order. Report structure and key phrases Match the different sections of a report 1 - 5 with their definitions a - e.

Match the beginnings of the sentences 1 - 1 2 with the endings a Write the sentence numbers after these section headings: Closing comments: Complete the email with the phrases from the box. Cost-cutting measures As requested at the Board meeting of 18 April, here is my report. The full report is attached as a Word document, but I have written a brief summary below.

Introduction The I1'. It is I2' is to suggest ways to reduce costs across the company. I have. This has pi where cost-cutting measures are necessary. Findings There are three main areas where cost reductions are possible: As mentioned o sales are going down, but we are still spending large sums on magazine advertising and street posters.

This is not justified. We must find a way to bring these down. Recommendations In conclusion, the company should be able to cut costs significantly by the end of the year. Please have a look at the full report and your comments by 2 June at the latest. These will then be circulated to all departmental managers in time for the meeting on 16 June.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Linking words and relative clauses First, read the information about linking words and phrases.

Email English by Paul Emmerson.pdf

Linking words and phrases join one idea to another. They help the reader to understand the structure of your argument. There are two types: However, Therefore, In relation to etc.

These are often followed by a comma. Arrangements for sales conference - - Marcia - many thanks for sending the details of the participants coming to our sales conference in November. Here is my report on the arrangements that will be necessary. In general, we have always had good feedback from delegates on the Belmont.

However, it is quite far from the conference centre, and in addition they have increased their prices recently. As a result, I am going to get an alternative quote from the York Hotel this year. Nevertheless, if we get a lot of late bookings we may need a bigger hall.

I will monitor the situation closely. Obviously, if people I I book after the deadline we may have to write back and say we are full.

On another point, we need to make sure that the amplification system is working properly, as last year several delegates complained that the sound was too low at the back of the hall. In particular, the well-known author Sandra Brett has agreed to give a talk on 'Motivation', and I'm sure it will be very well received. Firstly, we had a lot of complaints about the food.

Secondly, there was some confusion among delegates about whether they should stay in the conference centre for lunch or go outside. In fact, if delegates do want to go outside and get some fresh air it is not a problem.

So this year I am going to get quotes from catering companies for two options, that is to say one for coffee breaks and snacks only, and the other for lunch as well. Alternatively, we could just use the cafe in the conference centre and not employ an outside firm, but I don't think that will create a good impression. I think that's all.

Let me know if there's anything else, especially if you suddenly get a lot of late bookings. Bruno X Complete the table with the words from the boxes.

Alternatively e. Firstly i Ssacmdly Talking generally: In general 3 4 Making a contrast: However 5 6 Adding another point: In addition 7 8 Giving an example: For example 9 10 Giving an alternative: Therefore In particular With reference to Saying what the real situation is: In fact 13 14 Saying something is obvious: Clearly 15 16 Giving the most important point: Especially 17 18 Rephrasing in a different way: A s a result 21 22 Introducing a new topic: In relation to 23 24 N u i c: Begin as shown, and make any necessary changes.

It describes options for our long-term strategy, that The mpon Jh. It describes options for our long-term strategy, which The Board They were all very good, who We interviewed 4 We interviewed three candidates. They were all very good, that T h e three 5 Marketing want to postpone the product launch. These workers are listed below, who The workers 7 One team's results were particularly good.

This team should be given a bonus, whose The team 28 Being direct and brief A Look at the differences in style between these two emails.

Notice how version 2 uses the key words underlined from version 1. T h e form of the words may be different. Version 1 I Subject: My ideas following last Friday's meeting In the attached Word document you'll find my thoughts about the marketing plan that we discussed in last I Friday's meeting, and in particular my response to Jenny's points about needing a new tvoe of packaging to appeal to a younger age group.

I think she raised some important issues, and so I'm circulating these ideas to everyone who was present at the meeting. Please insert your comments in the attached document and email it back to me as soon as possible.

Ideas for packaging We need a new type of packaging - as we all agreed in the last meeting. Comments please asap. T h e maximum length is 5 0 w o r d s , including the subject line. Some key words have been underlined to help you, but you may need to change their form.

Confirmation of our meeting as discussed by phone I'm writing regarding our ohone call earlier this morning.

It was a very useful discussion and I am much clearer now about your objectives. At the end of the call you suggested a time and place for our next meeting, the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel in Barcelona at 2.

I believe you will be staying at the hotel at that time. I said that I would email you to confirm the meeting. Well, for me the! I look forward to seeing vou there at that time and I hope that in the evening you can be mv ouest for dinner at a good restaurant in Barcelona. Cross out 2 0 words which are not necessary in this email. Many thanks for your email which I received yesterday.

Tuesday at Can you send me the latest sales figures before the meeting? I am writing to all my colleagues to let you know that I will be away from my office from November on a visit to Hungary.

Please direct all questions that you have to Helga in my absence. Underline the key words then rewrite the email. T h e maximum length is 6 0 w o r d s , including the subject line. Your info re market developments in the Baltic States Many thanks for getting in touch last week and sending me all the information about market changes in the Baltic States.

It was really useful, particularly the graphs about expected demand for consumer products over the next five years.

I've forwarded your email to our representative in Estonia, Krista Kilvet. She has just taken over from Doris Kareva, who I think you met in Stuttgart.

Would you be interested in giving a presentation at our Head Office on the whole political and economic background in the region? I'm sure the Board would be interested as we may be making some large investments there in the near future. Thank you for your help at the conference in London Thank you so much for ail your help during the conference on the future of the airline industry that I attended in London last week.

Your help was really appreciated as I had never been to the UK before and everything was very new to me! The conference was really interesting. Of course, while I was there I also had the great pleasure to meet your UK sales team.

They are a wonderful group of people and I would like you to give my best regards to all of them. As you know, there are plans to bring some of the UK staff over here to Dubai at the end of the year to see how we run the Dubai office. I look forward to seeing you then. Complete the words in each sentence with the missing letters. There will be a delay. That will be very expensive. Rewrite each sentence with the words in brackets to make them more polite and diplomatic.

T h e n complete the words in each reply with the missing letters. Somebody sends you an email: I've just had a great idea! We could have a team meeting every Monday morning at 8am to plan the week's work. You want to disagree: Look back at sentences 1 - 6 and find: Use techniques from sections A - C.

What do you think? The prices you suggest j! Complete the table with the words or phrases from the box below. It seems that 1. Something is true, but surprising: ActuaRy 2. Something is obvious or already known: Unfortunately 4 Saying what you really think: To be honest 5. Going back to a topic: Changing the topic: Summarising with the most important point: Of course!

Complete the email with words or phrases from section A. T h e r e is one solution that uses each line in the table above just once. Hi, I'm just back from India - 1 had a fantastic time. Did you get the email I sent from Delhi? I didn't have much time to write because it was late and the owner of the Internet cafe wanted to close up for the night. His name is Walter. She's only known him for a month.

Sara says she met him at a party last week but he didn't seem very friendly. Don't you think she's a bit young to get married? I" it's her decision at the end of the day. That's all for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Try reading it without these words - it still makes sense, but it is too direct.

They show the structure of the text, how the writer is going to continue. This is like pausing in speech. Read the email below twice. T h e second time you read it, miss out all the words underlined. W h a t is the difference? Hi Patti! Thanks for your email. Your new job sounds really great - 1 know that you've wanted to work as a graphic designer for ages and ages, and now it's finally happened!

I'm sure you'll do really well in the job. Well, what about my news? I arrived in Prague about a month ago. It was quite difficult at first. Of course I couldn't speak the language, and finding a place to live wasn't easy. Then my friend Belen and I found a lovely little flat in the old part of town. It's quite small, but it's full of character and we love it. I'm working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.

It's okay - 1 don't suppose I'll do it for long, but it's a way to earn some money. I hope you're well, and give my regards to your family - especially your mother. She was so kind to me when I came and staved at vour house.

All the best, Florencia. Rewrite the email with the words and phrases from the box to make it more friendly. Some of the words and phrases like really, to be honest and First can go in several places. You may also need to change the punctuation in places. I'm sorry, but I've already arranged to go to Paris. I'm staying with Bernard in his flat, and I really need a break. I've broken up with Rosanna. We've been having a lot of arguments recently, and she's going to move to Hamburg.

It's a pity. Then, my job. I have a lot of responsibilities in the office and it's quite stressful. We have customers who call and I never get a break. I'm sorcy if I sound depressed. Hope to see you soon. All the best, Wilhelm. Hi Toby Hope you're well. You know I'm doing that secretarial course. Well, it's really boring and I hate it I've already paid for the course and it runs till the end of June.

You could concentrate on increasing your typing speed - that's always useful. Sandra H Well, Wwhat about going to a careers advice centre then? Or doing something really different, like travelling abroad for a year. Toby Great idea, Toby! I'm off to the travel agent's right now. Sandra a I would really appreciate it if you could write back or telephone me to discuss this matter further, at your convenience.

In general, do you think phrases a - j are more formal or more informal than those in the emails? E a c h phrase below has two words the wrong way round. C o r r e c t the mistakes tfusjltkel Asking for advice Opening: Asking for advice: Giving advice Opening: Giving advice: Match the beginnings of the sentences 1 - with the endings a - k.

Making a suggestion 1 I think we should a go to an Italian restaurant for your birthday. Complete the sentences by writing one word in each gap. I'd really finish the course. It's going to a careers centre as well?

It we meet up for lunch one day next week to talk I'm not sure your idea will but it's definitely it. Job application Put the parts below into the correct order to make a complete email for someone applying for a job. I am available for interview in Naples any weekday afternoon, and you can email b as a Word document. You will notice that I have supervised children on a range of sports and cultural! I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and am also responsible and reliable.

I would be grateful if you would consider my application. You will see ;jj f the travel industry. During the last few summer holidays I have jj g for the post of tour leader for Italian school students. I am 26 years old and am currently studying I 11 h me or telephone me on the number below. Yours faithfully I j i for a diploma in Tourism at Naples University.

After that I hope to follow a career in I j k to do something more varied and challenging, and for this reason I am interested I with transport arrangements and tickets. You will also notice that my English is good and I have in the job of tour leader, taking students to London.

I feel that I would be well-suited for this job m from my attached CV that two people can be contacted as references, one is a university professor and the other is from j 1 10 n worked as a youth leader in Italy, and I enjoyed the work very much. English

Next summer I would like a 2 3 11 4 12 5 13 6 14 7 8 9 j T h e email in section A on the previous page is one long paragraph. T h e structure below will help you.

I studied it the moment. Telekom for one year. R e a s o n for writing Giving information Attachments Asking for information Requests Promising action Offering help Final comments I a m writing in c o n n e c t i o n w i t h. Please find a t t a c h e d my report. I've attached. I'm sending you. Please send m e. I will.

I'll investigate t h e matter. I will c o n t a c t you again shortly. If you wish, I would b e happy t o. Shall I. I a m looking forward t o. I a m willing t o. Checking understanding Technical problems Did you get my last message s e n t o n. C a n you send it again? C o u l d you clarify?

Sorry, forget my last e m a i l. You're right. Thursday morning. Changing arrangements t o m e e t. S e e you in Brussels. Invitations Inviting Prepare W e would b e very pleased if you c o u i d c o m e to. Accepting It would b e helpful if you c o u l d bring. Please bring to t h e meeting. T h e date's fine for m e.

I a m sure it will be very useful. Then complete the 'Basics' section. You will practice and learn common phrases for most typical short emails. After that you can work through the book in sequence, or you might prefer to do the units in another order, for example according to what type of emails you most frequently write. Use the phrase bank as a reference when you write your own emails.

The phrases in each section are presented in the most likely order that you will need them, so you get help with the structure of the email as well as the language. By Email English you will he much more confident at writing emails.

Your emails will he right for the context: friendly and informal, or simple and direct, or polite and indirect, depending on what is best for the situation. And in general you will he able to express yourself more clearly, you will create a good image, and your writing will be easier to understand.

Other people will want to know you better, as a friend or colleague or business partner. Get feedback on the emails that you write in real life: if you know a friend whose English is better than yours, or a native speaker, then ask them to make comments on your writing.

Also, study the English in the emails you receive, If you receive a well-written email, remember to look carefully at the language. Build your own phrase book: start your own bank of phrases from ones you have received in an email or ones you have written yourself.

If you want more help with grammar, we recommend Business Grammar Budder Macmillan by Paul Emmerson, the same author as this book. General tips Here are some general tips as a reminder for writing good emails: Use a 'subject line' that summarises briefly and clearly the content of the message. Your email may be one of hundreds on the recipient's computer, and you want them to read it when it arrives and then find it again easily in their files.

Use short, simple sentences. Long sentences are often difficult to read and understand. The most common mistake for learners of English is ro translate directly from their own language. Usually the result is a complicated, confusing sentence. One subject per email is best.

The other person can reply to an email about one thing, delete it, and leave another email in their 'lnbox' that needs more time. Be very careful with jokes, irony, personal comments etc. Humour rarely translates well from one culture to another. And if you are angry, wait for 24 hours before you write.

Once you press 'Send' you cannot get your email back.N o w match the verb groups 1 1 - 1 3 with the ends of the sentences a - c. Cross out 2 0 words which are not necessary in this email. Anyway, that's enough, I think I stop writing now. At I don't want to open it in case it's got a virus. Your email may be one of hundreds on the recipient's computer, and you want them to read it when it arrives and then find it again easily in their files.

The equipment I ordered has still nor been delivered, despite my phone call to you last week to say that ir is needed urgently. Specific situations, such as negotiating, asking for payment and dealing with a supplier or customer. Is it clear what action you want the recipient to take?

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