30 Days of Twist and Pin v - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. 30 Days of Twist and Pin v With over 30 days of hairstyle inspiration, you'll learn easy everyday The 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles is an eBook that you can download as a PDF file. Learn how to style your own hair with Hair Romance's simple Twist & Pin techniques. With over 30 days of hairstyle inspiration, you'll learn easy everyday .

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Hair Romance presents their first ebook - 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days - sharing the special Hair Romance Twist & Pin technique. With over 75 pages of hairspiration . The 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles is an eBook that you can download as a PDF file and read on your computer, phone, iPad or tablet. Each of the 30 days'. Checkout my review of Christina Butcher's 30 Days of Curly Hairstyles; By the end you'll be bursting with ideas and love for your twisted locks! If at all it's a great incentive to bring out the elastic bands and bobby pins and just practice.

Start on the right side, above your ear. Take a section of hair, split into three and braid crossing the sections underneath each other. Continue across to your left ear, adding in hair only from the bottom as you go. Once you reach your left ear, twist the ends around and pin just behind your ear. Variations If you have shorter hair, you can do two braids, one from each side, and pin them where they meet in the middle.

If you have long hair, you can continue this braid all around your head in a halo. Ah, I wish my hair was longer! If adding a headband, put this in place frst. I like to hide the ends of the headband so leave some hair in front that will be pulled back to cover the band. Take a small section of hair from each side, from just above your ears, then twist together and pin in place at the back see page 8. Gather all your hair into a side ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Wrap a piece of hair around the elastic to hide it and give it a perfect fnish. Variations If your hair is too short for a ponytail, you can pin your hair into a mini- chignon. If your hair is long, you can either leave it in a long side pony or you could braid it. Part your hair on the right, or wherever your natural part falls.

Take a small section from your part at the front and braid it. Pin the braid across the back of your head horizontally. Secure the end with a pin. Take a second section beneath the frst and braid it. Pin the braid across horizontally. Take a third section below that and braid it. Gather the top third of your hair from the left. Twist together and pin into a mini-bun over the frst braid. Repeat with the second and third braids so you have three buns in a line.

Variations You could make this more detailed by adding more braids and buns. For a differnt look, you could also add braids from both sides to the mini buns at the back.

Gently brush or pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Fold small sections of hair and pin them in place.

Long hair variation Twist more, it will create tighter sections that will stay in place more easily. I start by twisting and pinning a small section from the top left on the side behind my ear.

Next twist and pin a small section from the right, and make a twisted bun next to the frst section. Keep taking small sections, twist tight around your index fnger, then twist around your other index fnger and pin in place.

It looks great when you overlap sections. Weave your bobby pins through more than one twist to create a hairstyle that will hold. Variations This style is infnitely varied, and if your hair is long, twist more and create double buns.

For shorter hair, you can twist and fold your hair into a messy chignon. You can pin hair that is only two inches long. Twist your hair back from your hairline on the left side, and keep adding in to the twist. Use bobby pins or fringe pins to hold in place. Holding the twist in your left hand at your neck, use your right hand to sweep all your hair over. Whilst holding all your hair in your left hand, take the ends with your right hand and wind your hair around your left index fnger to form a roll.

Gently remove your left hand, hold the roll in place with your right and start to pin in place. Use a combination of bobby pins and fringe pins, crossing the bobby pins for added strength.

Take a small section from the right hand side and smooth it over the roll to give a sweeping fnish.

30 Days of Twist & Pin eBook

Mist with hairspray for added hold. Variations If your hair is shorter or fne, try a foam insert to give the roll added shape. This style best suits medium length hair. For very long or thick hair, it will be more diffcult to hold your hair in this style but it can look amazing. Start at the top and start twisting sections, twist around your fnger and pin in place.

Continue down until all your hair is twisted in place. Weave your bobby pins through more than one twist for added hold.

12 Simple Everyday Hairstyles

Variations There are infnite variations. Start twisting and see what you come up with! This is a great style for wet hair as you end up with great curls and waves once your hair is dry.

Long hair variation See the frst picture - If your hair is thick or long, try putting half your hair back into a high ponytail, then pull the rest of your hair back into a mid-height ponytail.

This way, the weight of your hair is supported by the two ponytails, which gives you more freedom to twist and pin.

Start with a voluminous blow dry, ficking out the ends, or use a curling wand. Gently backcomb your hair at the crown for added height. Clip up the top half of your hair. Leaving two sections loose on each side, pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail on the left side. Fold the ponytail up and pin it above the hair elastic, about halfway on the ponytail. Let the ends of your ponytail hang loose. Take the side sections and pin them around the half ponytail. Unclip the top section, and pin the top layers loosely around the chignon.

Use a mirror to check it from different angles until you are happy with the look. Mist with a medium weight hairspray to fnish. Variations As this is a freeform style, you can easily change this to suit your hair length and texture. Just keep a mirror to hand to check the shape and customise to your hair length. Extra Day 31 Hairstyle: This crazy hairstyle is just to remind you to have fun with your hair!

Take the top section of hair, backcomb and spray with hairspray until it almost stands up on its own. Shape the section over and up into a giant twist! Use lots of pins and more hairspray to keep the quiff in place. Take a small section of hair from each side, at the front above your ears, and pull around to the back. What styles can you come up with? Email me if you would like to have them featured on Hair Romance — thehair hairromance.

Part your hair on the side. Take a small section of hair at the left behind your ear and twist and pin on your neckline. Do the same twist and pin behind your right ear and pin on your neckline. Then separate the rest of your hair into equal sections and repeat, twisting into little buns and pinning on the nape of your neck. I like a little bit of height but not too much of a bump. Taking a section from each side of your hairline and bring together into a twist at the back of your head.


Twist the section around your fnger and pin into a small bun. Tease your hair at the crown of your head by gently back-combing. Leaving some hair loose around your hairline, take a small section from each side and pin at the back to keep some volume in your hair.

I did this twice, twisting the sections together and hiding the pin underneath. Take your headscarf and tie in place between two sections of your hair.

Leave some hair loose underneath. I used a square scarf folded on the diagonal but almost any size scarf will do as long at it fts around your head. Part your hair — I did mine on the side but this style is also cute with a centre part.

Take a section at the front and split into three. Plait together in a French braid, bringing the sections in from underneath. Braid in sections from the top only, leaving the rest of your hair to hang down under the braid.

Finish the frst side in a plait and secure with an elastic. Repeat steps on the other side. Tie the two sides together with an elastic.

Hide the elastic by wrapping a section of hair around it and pinning it underneath with a bobby pin. The answer is all the time! Not only are extensions for added length, they are mainly used for adding volume.


If there is a particular style you want to recreate but your hair is too fne or short, consider clip-in extensions. Synthetic clip-in extensions are not expensive and can really make an updo. Human hair extensions are more expensive but are more versatile. They can be coloured to match your hair exactly and can be heat styled to match your hair texture.

If you are creating a special updo for a prom, wedding or special occasion, you should consider extensions to add that something extra. Tips for a perfect French roll: Did you know that to achieve that perfect French roll you can download foam rolls to wrap inside your hair? You can also download donut shaped fllers to make that perfect top knot or side chignon. They are available in a few shades, pick one to suit your hair colour.

How to smooth fyaways: Spray hairspray onto your brush and then gently brush your hair. You can use an old blush brush in the same way to catch tiny fyaways. I hope it inspires you to have fun with your hair and try something new. If you have any feedback or any questions about the hairstyles please contact me via email thehair hairromance. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, without prior written consent from the publisher, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.

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I really like styling hair and never thought it would help others. Hello, I found your site via babesinhairland. My hair is almost to my waist and your site has inspired me to have it cut tomorrow. I will be downloading your ebook and practicing your gorgeous hairstyles. I have been sporting ponytails for way to long. I hope I can pull them off. I wish I could do..

My hair is naturally curly not everything, just part of it. I should get your ebook..! Thank you for sharing: Go for it Robin! No point having long hair if it's always in ponytail. Let me know how you style your new hair! I just got your e-book!

It's fantastic, I have already tried one look the twist and pin type and looked lovely! Thank you for putting together so many lovely styles and easy instructions! Thanks LC, I'm so excited to hear your kind feedback and that you've already tried some of the styles! I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I've been letting my hair grow longer and it seems that I have resorted to 3 styles; curled, ponytail, and straight.

I can't wait to try some of these styles. The ebook will be of great help! Hi Christina, I really love all your styles, you're so amazing! I wish I could do some of them, but my hair is too thin… xx, Anna. Hi Anna, it's one of my most asked questions so my next project will be hairstyles for fine hair.

Stay tuned! I am trying to figure out how to download the ebook for this but it keeps sending me to an error message. Is the ebook still available?? You can find my ebook here — https: Your email address will not be published.

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Its sometimes called an inside out braid or reverse braid. Instead of bringing the pieces over into the middle, you bring them under and into the middle. Doing this lets it sit proud on top so you can see the exact shape of the braid, instead of keeping the shape of the braid hidden under all the hair you bring in from the sides. You start by splitting a section at the top into three and then you take the left under the middle and the right under the left.

Bring the middle section again left under and add in some hair. You continue again on the right hand side, bringing in and adding in hair underneath. This one just takes practice but youll actually find it will usually stay in easier and longer than a French braid because the layers of your hair dont need to reach over the top.

By going in under, they are held in a little bit firmer. This braid works best when you stretch it out because you can really see the shape and it really gives you a thicker braid.

Put your hair in a ponytail. Once youre more practiced, you can skip this step, but its a must to keep this braid in place, especially if you have layers cut in your hair. Split your ponytail in two. Hold one side in each hand and keep these separate as you braid. Cross a small section from the left to the right. Take a small piece of hair from the left side of the left ponytail and put it in the right ponytail.. Repeat on the right. Take a small piece of hair from the right side of the right ponytail and put it in the left ponytail..

Repeat this process all the way down the ponytails. Each time, cross a small piece of hair from one ponytail to the other side.

As you move down the ponytail they cross over, forming the fishtail braid.

26 Incredible Hairstyles You Can Learn In 10 Steps Or Less

Tie the end and stretch it out. Secure the end of your fishtail braid with a small, clear elastic. Gently pull at the sides of the braid to stretch it out. This makes your hair look thicker and fuller, and emphasizes the shape of the braid. Tip: Fishtail braids look harder than normal braids, but if you think of them as two ponytails its really simple to do. Ways to wear the fishtail: French fishtail braid uses exactly the same technique but you add in small sections of hair from each side as you braid.

The fishtail braid features in Day 4, Day 9, Day 14 and Day Brush all your hair back, away from your face. If you have a fringe or bangs, you can leave them out. To start, take a inch section of hair on the left side and split into three.

Braid together, cross 1 over 2, then 3 over 1, then 2 over 3. Add in hair from the top of your head into section 2. Instead of using section 1 to cross over 2, you drop 1 out and pick up a new piece of hair behind it. This crosses over 2 and continues the braid. Add in hair only from the top and drop out the bottom piece and pick up a new piece just behind it.

When you reach the right side, stop adding in hair and finish the waterfall with a regular braid and secure with a clear elastic. Gently pull at the braid to loosen it and arrange it so that it sits straight. Tip: So that you can keep the braid going around your head, its important to reach your right arm over your head as you start. Ways to wear the waterfall: The waterfall braid features in Day 2, Day 11, and Day Theres also a twist on this braid in Day Twist two sections together, and weave a bobby pin through underneath.

Tip: Used repeately it forms a kind of twisted braid. Hair Romance - 30 Braids in 30 Days Take sections of your hair and twist it.

Then loop it over your other finger and use a bobby pin to pin in place. Tip: Put bobby pins through more than one twist to ensure they stay in place. Braid your hair with a Dutch braid, starting with a small section at the top of your head. See Braid basics - The Dutch braid for more details. Add in hair from both sides as you braid. Braid as tightly as you can, as it will be stretched out later. Secure the end of your braid with a clear elastic. Stretch out just the left side of your braid.

Gently pull at the left side to loosen the hair and create height. Tip: You can tease the left side of your braid for more height, and use bobby pins to hold any shorter layers in place. Roll and tuck the end of the braid under and pin in place. Finish with hairspray to keep your braid-hawk in place.

Variation: You can use clip in extensions to create a more voluminous look for this style. If your hair is very long, you can leave your braid loose, or even change it to a messy ponytail at the base of your braid-hawk. The Waterfall is also shown on page Curl the ends of your hair with a curling wand and gently pull at the braid to loosen it.

Variations: You can start from the left or right, depending on which side you prefer to part your hair.

See Day 11 for how you can work this braid into a second look and Day 21 is another upstyle using this type of braid. For a twist on this look see Day 16 - The Waterfall Twist. Make a deep side part in your hair on the right side. Take a one inch section of hair from your part to your ear and split into three. French braid your hair, adding in hair from both sides as you braid. Tip: Brush your hair before you start. Knots make it harder to add in clean sections as you braid.

To create the angled braid, keep the hair tight in your right hand and bring it down to follow your hairline as you braid across to your left ear. Stop braiding when you reach your left ear.

You dont need to have added all your hair into the braid. You can see I still have loose hair on the left side. Tie all your hair into a ponytail and secure with a clear elastic. Ive also added a metallic cuff to hide the hair band.

Gently pull at the braid to loosen it, starting at the ponytail and working up.

Variations: You can use a curling iron to add some curls or waves to your ponytail. If you dont have a hair cuff, take a small piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your ponytail to cover your hair band.

Use a bobby pin to pin the hair to your hair band underneath your ponytail. Take a one inch section of hair upwards from your part and angle it toward your left ear. Split the section into two and start to fishtail braid. Full tutorial for fishtail braids is on page To French braid a fishtail braid, simply add in small sections of hair from each side as you go.

Tip: You may find it easier to section off all the hair you want to braid at the front. Use a clip to keep the rest of your hair out of the way. Once you reach just above your left ear, stop adding in hair and continue to fishtail braid your hair.

Finish the braid with a tiny clear elastic. Gently pull at the sides of the fishtail braid to loosen it. Tip: Fishtail braids dont need to be perfect.

Dont worry about being too neat as they look better when they are loose and messy. Variations: You can use a curling iron to add some curls or waves to your hair. Turn this into a side ponytail hairstyle: 1. Gather all your loose hair into a ponytail below your left ear. Wrap the fishtail braid over and around your ponytail. Pin in place with bobby pins underneath to secure it. Part your hair on the right, or where ever you like to part your hair.

Take a one inch section of hair next to your part and do a basic braid. Secure the end with an elastic and stretch your braid out to make your hair look thicker by gently pulling at the sides of the braid. Repeat with a one inch section below the first braid.

Make a third braid below the second. You should now have three braids at the front of your hair. Tip: You may want to clip the rest of your hair back so it doesnt get in the way. Twist the first braid around the second braid to form a loop. Pin the end of the first braid underneath.

Repeat with the second braid, looping it around the third braid and pin in place underneath. Twist and pin the third braid in place under the other braids. Tip: Push your bobby pins through the hair elastics then secure them to the hair underneath. This will give you a stronger hold. Variations: This hairstyle looks complicated, but it is just 3 basic braids twisted together. If you want to try something more difficult, you could do three fishtail braids and twist them together.

Or try this with four or five braids and see what design you can create. If you have long hair, stick to three braids but twist them around more. You could create flower shapes with long hair pinned up like rosettes. Divide your hair into two sections, from your part diagonally across to behind your left ear. Clip up the top section.

Begin a Dutch braid behind your right ear. Keep the braid tight along your hairline on the nape of your neck. When you reach the left side of your neck, finish the braid and secure the end with an elastic. Unclip the top section.

Start the second Dutch braid on the top of your head near your partline. Follow the line of your front hairline and add in the rest of your hair as you braid. Finish the section in a braid and secure the end with an elastic.

Gently stretch out the sides of both braids. Twist the top braid around and pin it flat to your head in a circle. Repeat with the second braid, twisting it up and pinning it in the same shape as the top braid.

Tip: Tuck the ends of your braids underneath so you cant see where they finish. Add in bobby pins to secure the braid if you think any sections are too loose. Variations: For very long hair, you can loop your braids around again into fuller circles, or pin your braids in a figure-8 pattern. Brush your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Split your ponytail in two and make two basic braids.

Secure the ends with clear elastics. Tip: Dont forget to stretch out your braids to make them look thicker. Twist the braids around your ponytail in oppposite directions. Tuck the ends underneath the other braid and pin in place. A spritz of hairspray will keep this looking smooth all day. Variations: For very long hair, or for a super big braided bun, just add in a little padding.

Put a hair donut around your ponytail and do either a single braid or two braids.

Wrap them around the padding and pin in place. Stretch out your braid to tuck over the padding so no-one can see your little hair secret. Loosely split your hair in two equal bunches. Take a inch section near your part and start a Dutch braid along your hairline.

Continue down past your ear, adding in hair to from both sides as you braid. Then youll do a regular braid to finish the pigtail. Tip: Make the Dutch braid one section, and split the rest of your hair in two to make the other parts of the braid. This will make the Dutch braid look like its combined with the regular braid.

Use a clear elastic to secure the end of the braid. Repeat on the other side. Variations: Pigtails not your thing? I dont blame you, I found them hard to wear without feeling like a school girl. This pigtail hairstyle, however, is perfect for under hats. Its one of my new favourite holiday hairstyles. You can easily convert this daytime hairstyle into a more sophisticated look by pinning up the pigtails.

Fold and cross the pigtails up and pin them at the nape of your neck for an elegant upstyle. Curl the end of your hair with a curling wand.

Ive blowdried my hair with a round brush to smoth my hair and to curl the ends. Take a inch section near your temple. Split the section in two and start to fishtail braid. Fishtail braid tutorial is here. Once you have braided to the middle of your head, weave a bobby pin through the fishtail and pin to the hair underneath.

Repeat the fishtail braid on the opposite side. To join the braids, twist the end of the right braid over and behind the left. Tuck the ends of the hair down and pin in place. Tip: Arrange the hair around the crown to disguise the ends of the braids. Variations: If you are having trouble pinning the braids, you can tie them together with a clear hair elastic. Then tuck the ends under your hair to finish of the braid.

If youre still practicing the fishtail, you can also do this style with a regular braid. Make a deep side part on the right side of your hair. Section off a inch section along your hairline.

Clip the rest of your hair back out of the way. Split the section in three and start to French braid. The full French braid tutorial is here.

Instead of adding hair in on both sides of the braid, just add in from the front. This creates the braid shape and height so the rest of your hair sits next to it. Continue to French braid down to your ear, then finish in a regular braid.

Simple techniques for creating unique hairstyles

Angle the braid back behind your ear and pin in place with bobby pins. Arrange your hair over the top of the braid. Tip: If you have fine hair, you can lightly tease the top of your hair so that the end of the braid is hidden in your hair.I absolutely in love with your blog … Love your ideas..

However, this fiber is sensitive to heat and cannot be styled with flat irons or curling irons. My sister and her best friend were both hairdressers and ran their own salon and my best friend is a hairdresser. Great idea with the e-book, this saves me asking you lots of questions!!

I've shared with my readers about your site because I have so many mom's wanting ideas for their hair, although lots of what you do would work for my girls as well. Finish the braid with a clear elastic. Brush your hair and if using a headband, place this in front.

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