Is there any way to raise the invoice as a pdf or email it? interested in getting info on these questions and more for invoicing in A2Billing Post-pay customers pay the operator on receipt of an invoice, after the call has been made. However, to limit the liability and debt risk, a credit limit can be set-up . You should copy them to your template folder. If no errors, and you can see the new invoice in A2billing, go to WHMCS admin: Addons > A2PostPaid > Run.

A2billing Invoice Pdf

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The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform Documentation by Arezqui Belaid report to PDF & CSV - Generate Invoices to PDF format. •. * * Powerful rate-. A2BILLING INVOICE PDF - A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea - a post-paid customer has an overdraft limit, while a. To install A2Billing, refer to the wiki at Installation but in brief you will .. of each individual invoice, that can be exported as HTML or as a PDF.

Previous topic Next topic. A set up fee or an ATA for example. It is quite a big coding job, as every single item ivoice changes the balance recurring a2biloing, DID, Subscription, charge, refill, payment, CDR, plus a few I may have forgotten has to write a record to a transaction table, and from that, the invoices can be generated, which is another big coding job. If the invoice day correspond to the current date the following process will be applied: Then the whole process starts again.

Invoice PDF Templates

Pre-pay billing is where A2Billing is aimed, but what about post-pay billing, which is also an option? Hopefully you will get it this time as I can tell from your proposed concept that you are heading in a2bikling right direction. Option a2billinf expects an invoice to be created, and then paid in full. It can automatically accept Pending Orders; send an email or open a ticket with client; and cancel the order if no payment is made still.

I expect no one to pay an invoice that they have questions and a ticket will come if there are any.


One disadvantage is that different types of service attract different levels of VAT, this will not be easy to include in the current version of A2Billing, as it is an accounts based system, but I am sure there are a2billnig arounds which can carry is through to the next version of A2Billing, where we can write this requirement in from the ground up.

Receipt is just a complementary of information for the customer. We will reference 2 sections of A2Billing at each stage: Corrections can be made by adding a line credit or debit onto the invoice during the billing period, which is either negative or positive. Generate Customers The Generate customers section allows the administrator to create multiple cards with the same properties, which can then be printed on physical cards and sold via retail outlets. More information on individual fields can be gleaned from the list or create customer screens.

Thus, customers using a SIP client can authenticate directly to the platform using the SIP protocol, without the need to enter a card number each time a call is made. Additionally the ingress cost for a SIP call is regarded as 0. The cost is a fixed cost based on the cost of broadband, rather than a per minute cost using DISA Direct Inwards System Access , typically a toll free number.

The SIP client needs to be given the address of the platform, the username is the card number, and the password is the password found in list customers.

Individual SIP parameters can be edited here. The purpose of each parameter is described in the book, Asterisk, The Future of Telephony, as well as in the www.

user manual

When a SIP friend is created, it is necessary to reload the settings on Asterisk. This action does not drop any calls already in progress.

When a customer calls in to the A2Billing platform, the CLI calling line identifier is delivered to the platform. If the CLI is recognised, then the customer will be authenticated via the CLI without the need to enter a card number.

Thus it is important to note that the CallerID must be unique throughout the system. List Speed Dial Speed dials are listed here.

The customer can set up their own speed dials via their web interface, or they can be set up in the administrator screens. Create Speed Dial Speed dials for customers are created in this screen. The number of speed dials that a customer can create is set in the a2billing. Billing Introduction The Billing screens are where payments and general accounting takes place.

Normally, when doing company accounts, figure from the calling card platform is entered as one figure in the nominal ledger, while the calling card platform is seen as the cash book. A2Billing features a full set of accounting tools to be able to track payments from a variety of sources, as well as being able to administer debt for individual customers. A2Billing has a payment gateway integrated with PayPal.

The settings for the payment gateway are configured within a2billing. Cards can be topped up via the customer web interface by pre-defined amounts, in virtually any currency In order to use PayPal, a business account has to be created in PayPal, who will then give you the appropriate settings to put into the system.

View Money Situation The view money situation shows a list of total payments, refills and the outstanding balance for each customer.

Clicking on payment shows all payments for that customer, while clicking on refill shows all refills for the customer. Cards can be refilled from the refill icon at the top of the page in List Customers.

This will apply credit to a card; however, a payment is expected to balance off the refill. At the bottom of the page are total payments and credits.

View Payment Viewing payments give a list of all payments received, and which card the payments were set against. Once the payment has been entered, there is no way to delete the payment, or to correct it, without editing the back end database.

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Therefore if a mistake has been made, a balancing payment must be made to correct the mistake. Add New Payment As the title suggests, this screen gives the ability to add a new payment against a customer. The payments must be entered in the chosen base currency. The base currency is set up in a2billing. List Voucher Vouchers are a mechanism whereby customers can top up their cards by downloading a voucher from a retail outlet.

Vouchers are created with unique randomly generated numbers on them.

The customer enters the voucher number into the customer graphical user interface, and the card is topped up by the value of the voucher. There is a link on the screen to export vouchers to a CSV file, which could be sent to a commercial printer to create scratch-off top-up vouchers. Additionally, A2Billing can be configured to present an IVR menu, through which the customer can top up their card.

Create Voucher Create voucher gives the administrator the ability to create one single voucher. This may be for the purposes of providing a refund to someone. The voucher can be created in any currency. Vouchers can be given an expiry date. Generate Voucher Generate vouchers is to bulk create a number of vouchers, which may be printed and sold to customers. Cards sold in currencies other than the base currency will use this table to make the conversion.

The table should show the conversion from the base currency rate.

Magnificent Documentation

A button has been added to update the currency list, and a cron job can be created to automatically update the currencies as often as you wish. List Charge This screen lists charges made against customers. Charges can be one off charges, such as for equipment or sign-up fees, alternatively, they can be monthly charges, such as for the rental of a DDI.

Add Charge Charges are added against a customer in this screen. Charges should be made in the base currency. Alternatively, credits can be applied to the account by entering a negative figure. There are two types of charge available, a one off charge, and a recurring charge which is applied every month.

RateCard Introduction The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs. It is imperative that an accurate set of dialling codes is obtained, so that calls can be rated correctly.

If the dialled digits do not match an entry in the rate card attached to the customer, then the call cannot be terminated. Create a pdf invoice with the following included, beyond the customer information etc. Allow for fexibility in naming and applying taxes.

VAT is fine for European users, but in North America, taxes are given different names and sometimes, must be broken down into different taxes ie.

Allow for automatic e-mailing of invoice notification as well as attachment of invoice to e-mail. These are the main things to address at this point. There are probably some others which I have not included.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not a programmer, and therefore, cannot directly contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of A2Billing.Note that the fields need to be separated by either a semi-colon or a colon, as comma and full-stop are used for decimal format. A Tariff group is a collection of rate-cards that will be applied to a service.

Broadband In order to take full advantage of all the features offered by A2Billing, a broadband connection will be required, preferably with a fixed IP address. Stop and start dates, days and times will allow different rates to be applied at different times of the day or week.

This action does not drop any calls already in progress. Note that only certain service providers allow the CID to be manipulated by Asterisk, and in any case, you should be authorised to send CID delivered. Introduction The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs.

A group can contain many rate-cards.

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