Aardschok - International Rock en Metal magazine. AARDSCHOK MAGAZINE PDF - Metal Hammer Aardschok Magazine April Holland Dutch WASP Vixen Black Sabbath Deep Purple Motley Crue MSG Gary . was voted Holland's best new metal band in Aardschok magazine, has toured with several international acts and appeared on Sky Channel's Monsters Of Rock .

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[MAGAZINE ISSUE AND DATE OF PUBLICATION]: Aardschok #, AVAILABLE FOR TRADING IN PDF FORMAT. (Click for contact). Metal Forces #01 Autumnpdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for Forces, a magazine produced by H.M. fans For H.M. PDF | On Jan 1, , Pauwke Berkers and others published From Thrash to Cash: Forging and hard rock and metal-magazine Aardschok.

I felt I was being undermined at every turn, and I backed up and rebelled. Alicia was gone and he was tapped to do the issue. I was missing Maniacs terribly, so I went in to see what was up. Mike was thrilled about that and got the OK to do it. After the whirlwind of getting the issue finished, Mike Greenblatt said he could take it from there.

He and Alice put a few issues out before Jeff Wagner was brought in, whipped the magazine back into shape, and took it in a new direction. Greenblatt: I asked Katherine to come back and she turned me down. That meant that I had to have a really good assistant [editor]. It was then that I found Jeff Wagner. He became my savior. Liz Ciavarella did a great job as well, and she tried to keep the magazine up with the times by focusing more on the new bands that younger fans are into.

Jeff Wagner: I heard about the opening in late I was working for Relapse at the time, in Pennsylvania, and took a train to New York.

Sear Bliss

I sat and talked with Mike for 15 minutes and got the job on the spot. Cecolini: During the s, the music industry was much different. Labels, both indie and major, flourished. Publicists and musicians were eager to promote their records and tours.

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I had to open a post office box to receive all of the advance recordings and swag. The best part was the mutual inspiration between Jeff and the rest of the staff. We put a lot of work into our album reviews and diligently interviewed our favorite bands, maxing out the word count limit every time.

Today, I view it all with mixed feelings, not only what I wrote, but the way I acted toward certain people along the way. Marty Rytkonen: I was a longtime follower of Maniacs, as it was often easy to obtain in northern Michigan. The day Jeff called me up to ask if I would be interested in writing for him, I thought he was joking.

Once the shock subsided, I cannot tell you how honored I was to have been given the opportunity. Air Raid Siren , nor a great approach for an interviewer to take.

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He was very cool about it and actually agreed with some of the things I said in the review—if you recall, he left the band right after that album came out.

Wagner: To the mainstream, or people outside the metal stream, [metal] seemed dead. Other than Pantera or Slayer, you had very few big leaders keeping it real. Greenblatt: [Jeff] was perfect. He was the greatest.

He was so filled with not only knowledge, but a curiosity. He had no ego. He would sit at my desk and watch me edit his stories line by line.

He knew why I was changing things and why I was moving certain things around. It was fabulous. I became very close to him, so I was upset when he left. Rytkonen: I look back on the whole experience with a lot of fond memories and nostalgic desire for something like that to rise again.

During the Wagner era, we all bonded over this labor of metal love, and many of us became friends. Some of which I still keep close contact with to this day. It was my first time ever on an airplane and to NYC; a first step into a larger world. The air guitar competition. The laughs. The endless hours listening to records and debating them.

I have never been in a working environment so fun or creatively charged, and I will always remember that feeling. I recall Allen rollerblading into his office in shorts and a tank top.

For the next several months, I assisted Barbara in collecting ads from the labels, sending out media kits to potential new clients, and fielding the calls she received a day. Greenblatt: I asked Katherine to come back and she said no again.

Ultimately, what happened with Katherine is that she had changed her mind. Even to this day. But she wanted to come back.

She felt I had screwed her, but I had already found Liz Ciavarella. And she was the answer to all my dreams. She came to the job interview and maybe I treated her out to lunch, but the point is she gave me a gift. She had told me she loved the magazine, was a big fan, and had given me a book about the Holocaust.

A book about the Holocaust. She was right. Liz Ciavarella-Brenner: Mike called me the very day Nuclear Blast announced their relocation to the west coast, saying that it was still unannounced, but Jeff was leaving the magazine in March, so if I could hang on for two months—I was basically finishing out the year with Nuclear Blast—he would have a job for me as associate editor. To me, it was the closest thing there was to a metal bible. She assembled such a knowledgeable crew, let them do their thing, and then fought to squeeze as much content as possible into each issue, even successively shrinking the font size seemingly on a yearly basis.

From one end of the metal spectrum to the other, and every point in between, the mag covered it all, and with intelligence and passion. Cecolini: Although I loved contributing to every part of the magazine, I loved reading the features, which were very underground or European in style.

They were often detailed and atypical: [not] the same generic questions followed by the same generic answers.

Many of the other American magazines I contributed to were like that: stagnant. Ciavarella-Brenner: We tried to cover a lot more ground subgenre-wise—death metal, black metal, grind, thrash, doom, power metal, hardcore, stoner rock, etc.

The underground was exploding in so many ways and I wanted to cover it all. We lowered the point size to cater to more stories.

We were often criticized by the publishers—never the readers—for being too text-heavy, and maybe we were, but I always felt that was the point: keep people reading.

This was a sign of what were in many ways better times. Shorter features meant more bands, and the layout improved dramatically. The sheer quantity of stuff in those later issues was amazing. Cecolini: I did have one particularly difficult interview.

The band played on Brutal Assault festival again and did a club tour in Europe accompanied by Skyforger. Sear Bliss toured in Benelux as a headliner for the first time in March On February 22, , Sear Bliss celebrated their 10th anniversary in Budapest where former members joined the band on stage for a one-off show.

A video was shot of the event and appeared on the Decade of Perdition DVD along with a documentary of the 10 years of Sear Bliss story. Sear Bliss shot the first promo video in their career for the song "Two Worlds Collide" from their critically acclaimed fifth full-length.

However, the greatest news of the year was that Sear Bliss signed to Candlelight Records , the home of bands such as Emperor and Additionally, certain parts of The Haunting album were re-recorded. Supervised by producer Viktor Scheer the band, for the first time as a Candlelight artist, had been working on the sixth full-length since March After four months of studio work, the longest session ever in their career, the latest Sear Bliss album was released on September 24, At the end of August Andras Nagy left alone in the band.

The other four members had decided that they would form a new band called I Divine. Nagy recruited a new line-up from former Sear Bliss musicians. Recordings of the seventh Sear Bliss album began on July 21, After two months the works on the new album has completed. The drum was standing in the middle of the stage and Jan was kicking it with a lot of power.

Don and Ed were standing next to each other while Chriz was standing on the other side of the huge stage, giving all they got. Wow, amazing. I have never seen a band after a long break that was so energetic and powerful like Sleeze Beez this evening. The Beez were struck by something and struck us for sure with their sleezy, nasty, dirty, loud rock and roll. Keep an eye on their new website.

Be prepared to get these dirty motherfuckers in your town, lock up your daughters and wives!She was kind and fair to me, but it was also a bit chaotic and I just saw the writing on the wall, and that was when I decided to basically stop [writing] as well, which was not long before Jeff [Wagner] took things over.

But she wanted to come back.


Under her reign, Maniacs offered kids in Nebraska a guidebook to living life under their own terms. There was no magazine that covered thrash, death metal, black metal.

Also that time becomes more and more valuable.

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