Ancient Aliens and Indian Scriptures Version All the ancient literature books are written by poets and not by technical writer, so lot of. 46 The Ancient Alien Question. Were We Alone? by Philip Coppens. 52 The Network of the Gods by Erich von Dainiken. FEATURES. 11 In Memoriam - Budd . Hey! you can watch these videos about Aliens in Hindi. /watch?v=V1i6-HtEbio

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PDF generated using the open source mwlib toolkit. Such visitors are called ancient astronauts or ancient aliens. 15th Century), and Ramacharitamanas by Tulasidas in Awadhi which is an eastern form of Hindi (c. As far as the Editor of the book, "Alien Interview" is concerned, and for all practical was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland where Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, , on the History Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

In the meantime, though, I thoroughly recommend anything that may have you encountering another language.

However, I had no idea he actually had a version with the actual words in Mangal font. As soon as I found this out, after issue 11 was published, I immediately requested he send me the original version, with the idea that I would reedit the edited version in issue 11 and put the Sanskrit words in where they belong.

He kindly obliged and I set to work on Tuesday night. If you ever want to publish something that contains more than one language, and get it to work on multiple systems, a myriad of conversion programs and eventually on Kindle, please read this.

It is not for the faint of heart. They remained blank in Word for Windows 64 bit.

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I highlighted the Sanskrit word area and went through hundreds of the fonts. Only one showed boxes. The rest were blank.


Shashi kindly sent me a pdf with the Sanskrit words embedded. I was able to read that in Adobe, but opening it in Word meant the font was still blank.

And converting a docx to a doc meant the blank spaces completely disappeared! I then read through a number of forums. Many who had upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 had had the same problem as me.

I then found Windows 10 had separate font packs that operated in a different way to the fonts within Microsoft Office. So, I spent an hour downloading a few I needed. After editing and creating a glossary for the story, I then spent some time replacing the transliterated words with the original Sanskrit words, and testing that it saved correctly.

Different fonts and languages meant the book design reset, so that had to be corrected. Of course, converting to pdf X-1a format for printing via Createspace meant that Adobe replaced the original Word font with its own Mangal version. Still, it looked okay. I have submitted it to Createspace and am awaiting their approval for the update.

Alien invasion

Kindle requires web page unfiltered html format. Guess what happens when I choose that?! The Sanskrit font disappears!

So, another search online and I found that, for Hindi fonts, KDP requests a doc or docx file to be able to retain the language. Recreating Issue 11 for the 11th time, images move with every format change I was able to reedit and get the fonts working in KDP site. I was able to remove a few of the Hindi space letters but not all of them.

Eight years into his reign, Ashoka conquered the eastern city-state of Kalinga which resulted in a death toll numbering over , Shocked at the destruction and death, Ashoka embraced the teachings of the Buddha and embarked on a systematic programme advocating Buddhist thought and principles. He established many monasteries and gave lavishly to Buddhist communities.

His ardent support of Buddhist values eventually caused a strain on the government both financially and politically as even his grandson, Sampadi, heir to the throne, opposed his policies. The country splintered into many small kingdoms and empires such as the Kushan Empire in what has come to be called the Middle Period.

This era saw the increase of trade with Rome which had begun c. This was a time of individual and cultural development in the various kingdoms which finally flourished in what is considered the Golden Age of India under the reign of the Gupta Empire CE. As Sri Gupta is thought to have been of the Vaishya merchant class, his rise to power in defiance of the caste system is unprecedented. He laid the foundation for the government which would so stabilize India that virtually every aspect of culture reached its height under the reign of the Guptas.

Philosophy , literature , science , mathematics, architecture , astronomy, technology, art, engineering, religion, and astronomy, among other fields, all flourished during this period, resulting in some of the greatest of human achievements.

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The Puranas of Vyasa were compiled during this period and the famous caves of Ajanta and Ellora, with their elaborate carvings and vaulted rooms, were also begun. Kalidasa the poet and playwright wrote his masterpiece Shakuntala and the Kamasutra was also written, or compiled from earlier works, by Vatsyayana.

Varahamihira explored astronomy at the same time as Aryabhatta, the mathematician, made his own discoveries in the field and also recognized the importance of the concept of zero, which he is credited with inventing. As the founder of the Gupta Empire defied orthodox Hindu thought, it is not surprising that the Gupta rulers advocated and propagated Buddhism as the national belief and this is the reason for the plentitude of Buddhist works of art, as opposed to Hindu, at sites such as Ajanta and Ellora.

The Decline of Empire and the Coming of Islam The empire declined slowly under a succession of weak rulers until it collapsed around CE.

The Gupta Empire was then replaced by the rule of Harshavardhan who ruled the region for 42 years. A literary man of considerable accomplishments he authored three plays in addition to other works Harshavardhan was a patron of the arts and a devout Buddhist who forbade the killing of animals in his kingdom but recognized the necessity to sometimes kill humans in battle.

Does God Exist? Scientific proof that God exists

He was a highly skilled military tactician who was only defeated in the field once in his life. Under his reign, the north of India flourished but his kingdom collapsed following his death.

The invasion of the Huns had been repeatedly repelled by the Guptas and then by Harshavardhan but, with the fall of his kingdom, India fell into chaos and fragmented into small kingdoms lacking the unity necessary to fight off invading forces. The Muslim invasion saw an end to the indigenous empires of India and, from then on, independent city states or communities under the control of a city would be the standard model of government.

The Islamic Sultanates rose in the region of modern-day Pakistan and spread north-west. India would then remain subject to various foreign influences and powers among them the Portuguese, the French, and the British until finally winning its independence in CE.


Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. Learn More.Ancient astronaut theorists discuss the Trimurti , Trinity and the common occurrence of the number three in ancient texts. This page was last edited on 13 April , at Views Read Edit View history. The episode speculates that Area 51's notoriety is a cover up for top-secret extraterrestrial experiments. Archived from the original on March 13, No, science does not believe in coincidence though science explains the occurrence of any incident on the basis of scientific evidence.

While it is widely accepted that the Aryans brought the horse to India, there is some debate as to whether they introduced new deities to the region or simply influenced the existing belief structure.

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