App Inventor lets you develop applications for Android phones using a web browser The MIT App Inventor servers store your work and help you keep track. Munich Paris Montréal Toronto Delhi Mexico City São Paulo Sydney. Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo. Starting Out with. App Inventor for Android. First. When Hal Abelson first spoke to me about the idea that became App Inventor, we Tech Lead and Manager of the App Inventor for Android project, Google.

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Android Apps with App inventor: the fast and easy way to build android apps .. When we created App Inventor at Google, we were motivated by the vision that. Your app appears on the phone step-by-step as you add pieces to it, so you can test your work as you build. • When you're done, you can package your app. Joseph Murphy. D.R.S. thinking and imagery mold, fashion, and create your destiny;.. grow rich—Serve yourself with App Inventor for Android.

It's great for users because open source software is usually available gratis and often safer to use. But what compels developers to contribute code for free?

Read More. And Does It Even Matter? Is Android Really Open Source? Here we explore whether or not Android is really open source.

After all, it is based on Linux! Read More or at least no Android as we know it.

So consider giving back! It could be for school or your own curiosity. And hey, if you can make a couple bucks off it in the end, all the better. Business Insider reported in March that Android revenues are expected to overtake iOS for the first time in A tablet or, in some cases, a smartphone provides a better way to access console features. Whatever your reason, app development will challenge your design, technical, and logical skills. And the result of this exercise a working and useful application for Android is a great accomplishment that can serve as a portfolio piece.

There are many avenues to creating your app, including different toolkits, programming languages The Best Languages for Mobile App Development in The Best Languages for Mobile App Development in The world of mobile app development is still going as strong as ever. If you want to get started, it's not too late! Here are the languages you should think about learning.

Read More , and publishing outlets Google Play vs. site Appstore: Which Is Better? Google Play vs. The Google Play Store isn't your only option when it comes to downloading apps -- should you give the site Appstore a try? At a high level, these break down into the following two categories. You can select controls such as buttons or text boxes, drop them onto a screen as shown in the image below , and provide some parameters on how they should behave.

All without writing any code. These types of applications have the advantage of a shallow learning curve. You can typically jump right in and at least begin laying out your screen.

In addition, a lot of these tools are targeted at large companies and can be expensive.

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After signing in with a Google account, you can click together an app in a couple minutes, and preview it either on your phone or via an Android emulator. Write from Scratch The other option is to write your application from scratch. While real-life hacking is hard, movie hacking often involves just pounding away on a keyboard like your fingers are going out of style.

We've already covered a few reasons why you might want to do this -- now is the time to try it yourself! Read More into an executable application. He has published many articles in journals and papers in conferences. Each and every interaction with computers is governed by a code. The above statistics worry, along with predictions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA that until , computing will be one of the fastest growing job markets Grover and Pea, This fundamental knowledge is demanded to educate pupils for the 21st century, irrespective of their ultimate field of work or occupation Code.

Despite the fact that the role and significance of computing has increased in society and the economy Wilson et al.

Nowadays, it is a challenge for instructors to find new methodologies to attract students based on their interest in computer-related fields and industry needs Shih et al. In the UK, the government designated as the Year of Code, and in September, the new syllabus makes computing education mandatory for all students. Therefore, all students need to be motivated in order to learn the basic CS principles. Student participation is often successful when the setting is directly related with current themes that are of direct interest to students.

App Inventor Pdf Extension (Unreleased)

Much of what we teach in introductory computing would be right at home in the s PC world, where computer learning was taking place on a computer display screen, excluded from everyday life.

The experience of computing today is fundamentally different Gray et al. In an attempt to increase interest in CS, much effort has been made developing tools, activities and preliminary learning materials, both for younger children and for high schools and universities Meerbaum-Salant et al.

Program learning is viewed as a hard project Malan and Leitner, Significant evidence shows that many novice programmers experience difficulties with learning the programming concepts and applying those concepts in code writing. In addition, they face problems with the basic algorithmic structures like looping, conditions, etc. Despite the popularity of those languages, there has been much debate about the suitability of these languages in education, especially in introductory courses Pears et al.

The targets of an introductory programming language should be problem solving and algorithm development Pears at al. Looking the Java initial program, it is hard to be understood by students. In addition, students have little or no interest in learning how to program with common and outdated assignments such as calculating or creating a grade book Rizvi et al.

There is a long, rich history of attempts and strategies to ease the process of learning to program and make programming engaging and accessible to a broader population Kelleher and Pausch, Some of these strategies include: As a result, many visualised programming tools have been developed and especially blocks languages, in which programs are constructed by connecting blocks that resemble puzzle pieces.

These tools have become quite popular in recent years Chadha, and are increasingly used to introduce novices to programming Turbak et al. Using Scratch and App Inventor for teaching introductory programming Although Logo Blocks was the first block language that was developed in , block programming really took off in when Scratch was appeared Vasek, They eliminate the need for typing complete programming statements.

Blocks are selected from drawers — menus of related blocks e. Additionally, in many blocks languages, blocks belonging to different collections are often distinguished by different colours so users can easily recognise them.

Block shapes guarantee that blocks can be connected only in syntactically meaningful ways Papadakis at al. This is the most important dimension for blocks languages, whose primary purpose is to reduce syntactic errors in text-based programming.

The blocks also contain other useful visual information that is not necessarily readily available in textual programming languages Chadha, With these programming environments, novices can focus on learning the concepts, thinking, and problem-solving skills associated with CS principles rather than being hindered by the frustrations of syntax errors that differ in each language Papadakis et al.

Although blocks eliminate many syntactic errors, runtime errors are still possible, such as type errors and index-out-of-bounds errors Okerlund, Visual programming environments are often followed by exposure to high-level programming languages such as Python and Java Grover and Pea, Scratch builds on the constructionist ideas of Logo and Etoys Maloney et al.

Scratch as stated on its website is designed to help young people ages 8 and up develop 21st century learning skills Rizvi et al. Moreover, young people working with Scratch have the opportunity to face significant mathematical and computational issues, like conditions, parallelism, variables and other Resnick, While Scratch inherits many key ideas from Logo, it is also different in several ways.

First, in addition to a low floor and a high ceiling, Scratch has wide walls, allowing users to create many different types of projects from interactive greeting cards to physics simulations.

Picking files from the SD Card with App Inventor

Sharing is a fundamental part of the Scratch experience and the website provides a place where young creators share their creations with one another on the eeb. The Scratch Online Community was beta released on March 4, and started with only 20 participants who were involved in a Scratch workshop Monroy-Hernandez and Resnick, Now there is a vibrant online community, where, since December 9.

There is also a separate online community, called ScratchEd http: Scratch is available free of charge and has been translated into more than 50 languages Resnick, Scratch is a blocks language for programming animations, games, and stories. The blocks control the actions of sprites on a canvas. In Scratch, users write programs to manipulate sprites; the default sprite is the Scratch cat. These blocks all have notches, which control flow through statements. Each type of value is represented through a different shape.

Scratch has three different types of variables Boolean, number and text Vasek, Concepts that are often difficult for novices are easier to understand in Scratch because less is hidden. For example, variables can be made visible, helping the user to understand immediately the effect of operations such as clearing or incrementing that variable Wolz et al.

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Scratch supports parallelism across objects Brennan and Resnick, and completely hides the compilation process from the user. Scratch 1. The Scratch language is designed in order to prevent the generation of runtime errors altogether.

Single step mode is a feature of Scratch which can be used from users in order to step through their code and check for behavioural and logical errors. Tracking various blocks when they are called is also possible by choosing to have the code outlined Okerlund, Scratch has weaknesses as a programming language. These restrictions are a calculated part of the Scratch design, which bears a primary goal that every facet of the language should be intuitive even to new children. Most notably, it lacks procedures, which convey the impressive phenomenon of recursion, one of the central ideas of CS.

Its support for data structures is also weak. Until version 1. Deep structures lists of lists are ruled out Gray et al. Scratch sprites are objects that own state and behaviour, but they can only be copied. Scratch has no classes or inheritance. These weaknesses reflect differing goals: Scratch makes no effort to teach object-oriented programming OOP.

In addition, Scratch has no relation at all with Java Papadakis and Orfanakis, This means that Scratch is generally not desirable for a CS1 course, although it is sometimes applied as a warm-up in CS1 before moving on to C, Python, or Java Utting et al. BYOB, recently renamed to Snap! Users can create any type of block expression or statement blocks and place this block in any category Vasek, A new generation of Scratch, called Scratch 2.

This new version enables Scratchers to: With Scratch 2. There is also a downloadable version of Scratch 2 so anyone can create and view projects offline. ScratchJr, a mobile version of Scratch, aimed at five to seven year olds was released to the public on July 30, This app allows children to snap together graphical blocks to make the characters move, jump, dance and sing Barshay, It sets a low floor for allowing creative app building while still engaging with complex computational concepts, including procedural and data abstraction, conditional and logical thinking, and debugging Grover and Pea, ; Spertus et al.

In the rhetoric question why one wants to use AIA, as a complementary environment to the other NPEs, Roy answers that the main reason is because of the increasing usage of smart mobile devices among teens, females and minorities and their potential use as a key for introducing computing.

It was firstly announced in July as an experimental teaching and learning tool for a select circle of American Institutes of Higher Education Kloss, Almost exactly one year later, AIA was announced to the public and Google made it available to interested developers as a closed beta version.

The AIA development environment is supported for the three known operating systems, and the resulting apps can be installed on any smart mobile device running Android version 1.

The advantages of using the AIA are primarily its use as an easy introduction to programming, because no extra coding knowledge is needed as well as quickly and easily demonstrable results Papadakis et al.

AIA comes bundled with a based Android smartphone emulator for live testing. The emulator is quite capable and is a good option if the budget is limited Papadakis et al. This is important for education and settings in which not every pupil has access to a phone Wolber, especially at the K level Okerlund and Turbak, I'm using the Accelerometer Sensor for the example, because this sensor offers acceleration in the Z-dimension.

Thank you freesfx. How to create a nested listpicker It has been asked in the forum : I need a main listpicker with different sublists of items below them depending which main list item is selected.

For the solution presented here, I'm using 2 listpicker, the second listpicker for the sublists is hidden and will be opened with the listpicker. How does this work: Using the first listpicker you select the main category, in the example "Fruit" or "Vegetables". Using the same selection index and the select list item block you select the corresponding sublist of listDetail, in the example these are Apple Banana Mango and Orange to display them in the second listpicker.Programming your App's Memory.

You can use some JavaScript to set the zoom factor , just modify the html file page.

In Scratch, the execution of the code is visible as the executing code blocks have a white outline to denote that they are active. The emulator is quite capable and is a good option if the budget is limited Papadakis et al. Payment options. If yes, then you might consider to donate a small amount!

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