Trendy wall stencil patterns that give your room a complete new fabulous look that suits your personality. Use designer wall paint stencils that give a stylish. Can't decide on one stencil? Opt for our stencil kits which allows you to create beautiful wall art using multiple stencils. Image. Stencil Kit 3. Image. Stencil Kit 2. Our painting guides & colour books helps you pick the right colour schemes for your home interiors & exteriors and get different room decor ideas. Order them.

Asian Paints Wall Fashion Book

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Ethnic designs possess distinctive appeal because of the warmth and character they bring to the table. Add the same to the decor at home with our range of. Give your walls at home an awesome theme, one that you best relate to. Choose from a wide selection of stencils that include themes for music lovers, travellers. Asian Paints Royale Play Wall Fashion Bliss Stencil/Wall Sticker for Home And Kayra Decor Reusable-Wall "Birds on The Tree" Stencil for Wall Decor/DIY.

Asian Paints has come up with a variety of textured paint colours and shades to choose from.

Asian Paints is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of paints as well as paint suppliers for decorative and industrial uses. Know your house The first and foremost thing is to know your house before you select any colour.

The colour of the walls forms an essential part of your home decor or your interiors. Therefore, selecting the right colour is necessary. While choosing a colour for the walls of your bedroom always opt for the light hued ones such as grey, camellia pink, white, iced cube silver, light blue and so on.

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These colours are soothing and will make you feel at peace in the bedroom. While choosing a colour for your drawing room, you can do the exact opposite. Opt for slightly darker shades.

You may choose the colours in contrast with your bedroom colour. I agree to terms and conditions.

We'll make sure you're updated on the latest and best from Asian Paints and the world of inspiring decor. Asian Paints Ezycolour Home Solutions.

Professional and hassle free painting experience. On Time Completion assurance. Find an Asian Paints dealer near you for your home makeover project.

Inspiring Ideas for You to Take Home. Download Guides Choosing colours for your home should be fun and enjoyable, not complicated. Colour Inspiration Books Painting Guides.

Login Please enter your mobile number to login. Login Resend Register Resend This field is required Please enter text only.Softer tones of cream form a neutral base.


The shades displayed on this site are indicative and are not precise representations of actual paint colours due to variance in monitor calibrations and resolution as well as screen settings. Both ornate and clean contemporary furniture looks good with this colour.

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Go through this comparison table to decide which of these paints will find a home on your walls. Peaches Where to use: Light tones of peach colour could be used for almost any room.

It could also be used with hints of lighter red.

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