The final volume in Robin Hobb's popular Rain Wilds fantasy series, Blood of Dragons completes the story of the dragons, their keepers, and their qu. Chronicles 4 Robin Hobb Ebook Download, Free Blood Of Dragons Rain Wild. Chronicles 4 Robin Hobb Download Pdf, Free Pdf Blood Of Dragons Rain Wild. wild chronicles book 4 or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format. Blood Of Dragons Rain Wild Chronicles 4 Robin Hobb.

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name: blood of dragons the rain wild chronicles book 4 file format: epub, pdf, audiobook blood of dragons rain wild chronicles 4 robin hobb pdf - The final volume in Robin Hobb's popular Rain Wilds fantasy series, Blood of Dragons completes the story of the dragons, their keepers, and their quest to find . Download Blood Of Dragons Rain Wild Chronicles 4 Robin Hobb free pdf, Download Blood. Of Dragons Rain Wild Chronicles 4 Robin Hobb Pdf, Read Online.

Tats — keeper of the dragon Fente, childhood friend of Thymara and a former slave. Sylve — keeper of the dragon Mercor. Rapskal — keeper of the dragon Heeby. Minor Characters Carson Lupskip — a hunter and an old friend of Leftrin's. Davvie — a hunter bowman and nephew to Carson. Ranculos — a scarlet, male dragon. Sestican — an azure, male dragon, kept by Warken. Mercor — a golden dragon, tended by Sylve.

Implied to have previously been the sea serpent Maulkin. Heeby — a small red dragon queen, tended by Rapskal. Greft — eldest of the keepers, keeper to Kalo. Jerd — keeper of the dragon Veras. Fente — a green dragon queen with a nasty temperament, tended by Tats. Veras — a dragon, tended by Jerd.

Arbuc — Alum's dragon. Kalo — a blue-black male dragon, the largest of their clan, tended by Greft. Spit — an unclaimed, stunted silver dragon with a wounded tail. Relpda — a sickly copper dragon queen, tended by Sedric. Kase — a dragon keeper, cousin to Boxter. I would NOT recommend starting with this series as it will spoil a LOT of Hobb's other books, but if you've read her previous series Farseer, Liveships and Tawny Man [in that order] then definitely dive into this if you're ready for some depressing stuff!

View all 5 comments. Apr 14, Brandon Zarzyczny rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book while I was reading it, but once it was done I just found it to be a bit underwhelming, which is something I'd never say about any of Robin Hobb's other trilogy endings.

The writing is classic Hobb, where it is incredibly enjoyable to read and all of the characters are completely unique and entertaining. There's also a bit of character torture going on here, but it's really only one character, as all of the other good main characters have it pretty easy in Blood of Dra I really enjoyed this book while I was reading it, but once it was done I just found it to be a bit underwhelming, which is something I'd never say about any of Robin Hobb's other trilogy endings.

There's also a bit of character torture going on here, but it's really only one character, as all of the other good main characters have it pretty easy in Blood of Dragons which is surprising considering Hobb's track record.

The one thing I didn't love about the character development everything else was great was that Hobb had a strong tendency in this book to pair up all of the human and dragon characters together like a matchmaker. I'm sure that it's bound to happen when a group of young people and dragons go on an adventure and start a new settlement, but it felt a little forced at times. That's basically it beyond all of the different character interactions and development.

I expected a bigger climax from the confrontation with Chalced, but because of the chosen viewpoints and the style of storytelling for this section, which mostly occurs with a character recollecting what happened at a later date, it was just a bit of a letdown.

Still, the events in this book have really changed the world, and the future books by Robin Hobb could be very interesting. If you've read the previous books in The Rain Wilds Series, you should definitely read The Blood of Dragons, as it does pretty nicely tie all of the different plotlines in a knot. View 2 comments. Apart from the dragons and some recurring characters who shall remain nameless for fear of spoilers, I was a tiny bit disappointed in some of them.

BUT Hobb will never not write excellent villains! So many characters I just loved to hate in this one, but especially Hest and the Duke - two truly vile human beings! Overall though it was an action-packed finale with an ending that I was fairly happy with - onwards to the final trilogy! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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Let me begin this review with a few sentiments approximating the noises in my head upon finishing this: Thoughts in no particular order: Anyway, this is about Blood of Dragons! So much nail-biting! So much bouncing glee! The dragons! It makes your heart swell. To see them finally flying and in charge of their own destiny — yeah, not gonna lie, there were sniffles involved. All those relationships were so well developed, even the more perfunctory arrangements like Carson and Spit.

Good to know that bastard Kim finally got exposed for the traitorous little shit he was. And and and the letters from the Vestrits, Wintrow in particular, were such a wonderful addition!

It was like hearing from old friends. Tintaglia broke my heart into tiny tiny pieces. It feels funny now to remember her when she was still in her cocoon and glamouring Reyn — she seemed like such a sinister influence back then and at first I was so annoyed with her snooty dismissive ways, but now?

But she definitely was described as dark-haired all through the Liveship Trader books. His parts were the hardest to read: For the record, if no Vestrit family member ever gets raped again, that… would be good. And his shared prison time with Chassim and the conversations they had were just devastating.

I hope the Duke got acid-eaten sloooooowly. He goes through some shit in this book, of course, and I was actually prepared to feel sorry for him at various points, but then he just goes and keeps on blaming everybody else and being horrid to people and yeah, there goes the sympathy. And aaaaargh, then he goes and puts his rapey hands on Davvie! Well, again, I flinched a bit and was ready to almost feel sorry for the bloody arse again, because okay, that is a nasty way to die.

But then his last thought — his LAST thought! No, dude, you will be dead and everyone will forget you and your shitty boyfriend-abusing delusional little tiny insignificant life. Now I just hope Kalo puked out his memories somewhere, because Hest does not deserve to continue in any shape or form. It was a fitting touch for no one to figure out what had happened to him, and no one caring. Again, it was neat to see the teens in question proving him wrong, with Davvie noticeably coming into his own, and Tats and Thymara working things out.

Again, the development was masterful.

What else — oh, Alise! You go, girl. I want to read all her scrolls. Hot baths? Shiny clothes? Beds that mould to your shape? Rooms that always stay warm? An entire magical city to explore and bring back to life?

I whooped out loud when Paragon was handing out breeding advice to Alise and Leftrin. Tactless ship is tactless! The ending was perfect — Tintaglia picking a mate who suits her better than IceFyre, everyone being pretty much agreed that the future will need to bring changes, fucking Chalced finally put in its place go Chassim!

There were tears. The good kind. I want to go straight back to the Farseer trilogy now and reread them all chronologically ahahahahah, that would almost be the same number of books as the entirety of Wheel of Time! Robin Hobb is still magic.

View all 7 comments. Apr 29, Shelly K rated it really liked it Shelves: There was a lot of build up in this series and this book ended it a bit too quick for me. Still a great read and an amazing series. In Hobb's writing, it is usually the characters that make the stories but the strengths of this series were the themes and the relationship building. The characters were well developed and I was invested in them on a whole but I didn't feel a particular affinity for anyone.

I didn't fall in love with anyone.

The Rain Wild Chronicles

There was no Althea or Paragon or Fitz in this series for m There was a lot of build up in this series and this book ended it a bit too quick for me. There was no Althea or Paragon or Fitz in this series for me.

As usual, Hobb's command of the English language is mind boggling. These books are shorter than her others and if you are not interested in ever reading the Farseer Trilogy or the Tawny Man it would be possible and still very enjoyable to read only LiveShips and then Rain Wilds. Of course, if you change your mind you will do yourself a disservice.

The Farseer books are greatly strengthened by the Rainwild ones. I recommend reading all of her books and in the order of publication but that's a hell of a lot of reading for some people. If you want to experience Hobb without a massive commitment I'd go for LiveShips awesome on it's own and then Rain Wilds If you get hooked Jan 19, Sad Sunday If I say it's bad, it's bad rated it liked it. It's over! I still feel that the tension you could slice with a sword in 2 was something that would helped 4 if it existed.

If felt like an additional book when Frodo already destroyed the ring, Mermaid got married or home life chronicles of Jane Eyre and Mr. It's still interesting, but there is no "hook" when the main goal is already achieved. Somehow I lost character It's over! Somehow I lost characters - they were changing into somebody else too fast and some turned to be so flat. Example - Malta. She was supposed to be this awesome queen but all I saw was a vain girl who cared only about her hair and clothes.

Poor Rapskal was unrecognisable. What happened to him? Thymara went from being a heroine to being a bush in the background. Her choices and actions left me puzzled.

And all that left my wondering why. And that often means I didn't get enough meaning and substantiation. I would have also loved to "meet" the dragons - to know more about them, about their characters, behaviour and etc. Many authors had their takes on dragons, and I think R. Hobb written them in a quite unique way that wavered towards the end.

But I also think that many things were left unfinished, "hanging" in the air. I heard that some of the stories continue in other books of R. Hobb, but I still left unsatisfied. I would have loved that some evil dudes would have got a more evil end, and some of the awesome good guys would have got more rewarding and more well written end.

All in all, it's a good series and I sooo rarely read them. View all 12 comments. Things can be broken, or lost. All a man can keep for certain are the things in his mind and heart. Apasionante final de serie.

Tiene partes que me parecieron insustanciales, algunas que son bastante aburridas, no obstante, hay otras que son muy buenas. View all 4 comments. A really nice finish to the Rain Wild Chronicles. I particularly like that the dragons see a lot of action this book as the Chalcadeans step up their efforts to try and get dragon blood and parts for consumption. I liked the climax at the end of the book. A lot of the time Hobb does the climax early and then spends a lot of time winding down the story - and we do sort of get that as well with a lot of A really nice finish to the Rain Wild Chronicles.

A lot of the time Hobb does the climax early and then spends a lot of time winding down the story - and we do sort of get that as well with a lot of mini climaxes to close off a lot of the story arcs - but we also get a nice finisher at the end. Fantastic stuff. I've really enjoyed reading the series as whole as part of a book club read. There's a lot of meat to the book and in typical Hobb style, most of the dramatic tension lies in the complexities of the relationships of the characters.

All Hobb's books are very much character driven which is good if you connect with the characters. If you don't connect with the characters you probably won't enjoy these as much. But I have found most of Hobb's characters to be multi dimensional and she really takes the time to make sure the reader gets to delve into the very depths of the character's inner motivations. When her characters suffer, she makes sure we experience that suffering with them - leading to the common charge that Hobb is really cruel to her protagonists.

But really, she's torturing us readers more than anything. On the other end of the scale, when her characters triumph I for one want to stand up and cheer. Likewise when the bad guy gets what's coming to him. One thing I do like is that Hobb spends a lot of time making sure that her ending aren't trite happily ever afters.

The bad guy doesn't always get what he totally deserves - and the good guys still tend to walk with a limp if they make it out the other end.

She writes good endings is what I'm trying to say. I can highly recommend this series to lovers of character driven fantasy though I would also highly recommend first reading Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy at the very least - and even better, why not get the full experience of this world and start with her Farseer Trilogy. But this book and series get's a very solid Executive Summary: A good but not perfect ending, to a good but not perfect series.

Full Review I was only introduced to Robin Hobb in summer of , but she's quickly become one of my favorite authors. While I think this is probably the weakest of her Elderling series books, I still greatly enjoyed it. Hobb once again has a way with writing characters that feel real, especially in the way they can frustrate your and make you down right furious.

She has a way of making me just enjoy following Executive Summary: She has a way of making me just enjoy following her characters around as they go about their lives. I feel like not as much happened in these four books as have in her previous trilogies. Yet I don't mind. I don't need her to have epic battles, with spell slinging mages or dragons engaged in combat.

This book has no mages, and the dragons do very little fighting. What it does have is complex characters dealing with the complexity that is life: Somehow that's enough for me. It may not be enough for everyone. There are some complaints I could make, but not many and I won't really dwell on them. I would have liked to see some more time spent with characters from Liveship. Their cameos throughout the series, and in this book in particular were excellent though.

The series ends by tying up many but not all of the loose ends I'd have liked. It leaves me wanting more, yet not upset as though the book just stopped.

I would be happy to read more about these characters, especially a few years down the road to see how they made out.

I think the best example of this might be the bird keepers. We only know a little of them from their correspondence in a few paragraphs between each chapter. Yet they feel just as real to me as the main characters of the book. They feel like friends. People I know and care about. Or they feel like rivals. People I would never want to meet. That's hard in writing, and Ms. Hobb always seems to do an excellent job of that for me.

It's finally done!

Any of you that have been following my updates for this series will know that I struggled to read these four books. It took me a long time to readjust to the third person perspective story telling. It took a long time for me to become interested in the story.

It took a long time for me to warm up to the characters. Do you see the reoccurring theme here? By the end, the Hobb worked her magic when it came to the characters.

I really came to care for some of the new characters th It's finally done! I really came to care for some of the new characters that were introduced. Sedric, Carson, Alise and Leftrin to name them. I think Sedric changed the most and in the best ways. His plans at the beginning of the story harvesting dragon parts for money were brutal. I didn't think he would do it, I thought he'd have a change of heart. But he was made to feel an outcast, he didn't understand the dragons or the keepers, he was just a boy from Bingtown.

When he harvested the blood and scales, I hated him. But boy, did he redeem himself. That night changed him and although what he did was horrific, it put him on the right course in the end.

He became a man. When he realises that Hest didn't love him, that he'd been abused for all those years, been a victim both to Hest and his own ideals of what love is. My heart could have broke. Same for Alise. Abusive relationships take many forms, but they will always be wrong. I think Hobb did a terrific job in showing two seemly weak characters, get out of their abusive relationship.

Also when Hest came to Kelsingra, both Alise and Sedric both stood up to him. Power to the people! I hated what happened to Selden. We got quite a few chapters from him in this book and all of them were difficult to read. He went through so much. In terms of story, I can see why this series is necessary. We needed to see the baby dragons grow and change. We needed to see the return of the Elderlings.

Learn about them, how they are made and maintained. The Skill or as it is known in these books as Silver. Is a vital part of dragons. It's in their blood, it keeps them strong it keeps them alive. It keeps the Elderlings alive and able to build and provide for the Dragons. All very important stuff.

Also I totally called it, I figured out the connection between Silver and Skill about pages or so before it actually came to light. Go me. I loved the connections to the Farseer books, subtle hints and references. It satisfies my inner geek. This final book was a lot of fun. Why then, Phee are you giving it 3 stars? As I have said before 3 stars is in no way a bad rating. I read and enjoyed this book. But it did let me down, the conclusion was for me, anticlimactic. After all the dragons learning to fly, growing, becoming 'proper' dragons, saving Tintaglia.

They went to get revenge on the Duke of Chalced. But we didn't even get to see the battle. We saw it start and Selden and Chassim got saved. Then we time hop to after all was finished. You cannot make me read a 4 book series about dragons and not let me see the epic fight at the end.

Not happy at all at that. Sure the end was nice and things are wrapped up. But the climax was completely ruined and to be honest nonexistent. I am so very glad to be done with this series. I definitely didn't think it was on the same level as her other trilogies. The writing and characters were. But the storytelling was off the mark in my opinion.

It's my least favourite part of her Realm of the Elderlings series. I'd give the Rain Wild Chronicles a 3 star rating overall. Onwards now back to Fitz and the Fool. I started reading this series over 2 years ago. I read the first trilogy and really enjoyed it. Then life happened and after I got through a rough time in my life I started to read this series again and fell utterly in love with it. Best decision I ever made. Now it all comes to a close, I'm excited and terrified but I'm ready for one last adventure with my two favourite characters.

Mar 27, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: I believe that the publisher's decision to split this series up into 4 different books wasn't the best decision. I could tell from reading this series that some sections were almost a "oh btw, this is what is happening here," section. In the previous Hobb books we really didn't get a whole lot of these moments of reminding the reader about other characters and I feel tha With Blood of Dragons completed, I am finished with the Rain Wild Chronicles, and I have mixed feelings on this 4 book series.

In the previous Hobb books we really didn't get a whole lot of these moments of reminding the reader about other characters and I feel that because the books were split into 4 books instead of the 2, that this is much more prevalent. I much preferred the long, drawn out scenes, dealing with just a few characters, than chapters being split between multiple points of view. I also think that while The Rain Wild Chronicles started off focusing on the characters that it became more about the world building near the end of the series.

Download Blood of Dragons ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

Thymara had the possibility to become that type of character for me but once she got to Kelsingra, she kind of fell away, and got too involved with love drama. I love that this 4 part tetralogy answered a lot of the big questions I've been having throughout this entire large series.

Because of this, I think that the Rain Wild Chronicles is definitely required reading for the entire series. The answers really fill in the entire past of this world but if you aren't that interested in the origins of Elderings, Dragons, and more, and only want more Fitz, maybe you can skip this. I was disappointed in how this story ended. The ending seemed abrupt and a bit anti-climatic. I did not like Seldan's storyline and I wasn't the biggest fan of Malta and Reyne's more passive role in these books.

Thymara and Tats were great characters and what happened with Rapskal was interesting, albeit underutilized. Hest was a great evil character that I absolutely hated but I was looking for a big moral or thematic problem to be the central problem in this tetralogy. Overall, I thought this 4 book interlude was good but probably my least favorite stories from The Realm of the Elderlings.

I must admit that I am more excited about finishing this series to get back to Fitz and the Fool than I am excited that this series was amazing. I really like that I learned a ton about Elderlings in these books but the mystery was probably the best part of this series.

I'm hoping there will be more amazing mysteries and reveals in the next series that made me as excited as I was when I first read the Farseer Trilogy. This was a great conclusion to a grand series about dragons and humans. Especially in this book, I became closely attached to the characters, and I felt like I knew them very well. The book was entertaining like the other books in the series, but most of all I think this series is more about the characters including the dragons than it is about the plot.

The plot is interesting, but it's Alise, Sedric, Hest etc. While I've rated all of this series 3 stars th This was a great conclusion to a grand series about dragons and humans. While I've rated all of this series 3 stars throughout, I'm still very interested to pick up some of the other series by Robin Hobb. I hear they are phenomenal, and I long to read more of Robin Hobb's excellent story telling.

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Finally finished. Thank god. There is no other story that I could be less interested. I was biting my nails at the last 10 pages for it to finish already. The main character of the book, Thymara, has nothing to do with the story.

Almost the whole series she was in between two boys. She was almost exactly the same character from anothet shitty book Twilight. When Thymara's chapters were coming I was losing even the little interest that I had. Mating dragons and mating teenagers are the whole purp Finally finished.

Mating dragons and mating teenagers are the whole purpose of this book. I regret every second of my time. After the 3rd book I was expecting a good ebd story but failed to receive one. I think i am becoming too old to show tolerance to teenager stupidy. I read these series just for the sake of the wholeness of the entire universe of 16 books.

Anyway now that it is over I can relax a bit. This is the 4th book of and I still haven't read a great story yet. This book doesn't seem to have a limit in creating unsympathetic characters or artifically created problems and their solutions.

Even stupid and arrogant Malta from the previous The Liveship Trilogy is regarded as an Elderling Queen in these books because "she is very much" changed.

I gave two points to this book because of the fact that I felt the peaceful atmosphere of the Elderling city Kelsingra. Now that all those moronic characters have settled there, no wonder that soon enough the city will lose its magical atmosphere. The idea of the book was to create a safe haven for socially unaccepted teenager and broken dragons but the process of the story fails so bad that it actually makes perfect sense to me that those characters are unaccepted.

It is a huge talent to gather so many annoying and stupid characters together in a book. No more, no more, no more.. In three words: It's been such a treat to go on this journey with them, and Hobb mostly ends this series in a satisfying way. As with all Hobb books I've read, her characters are what kept me reading.

Whether i In three words:I'm sure that it's bound to happen when a group of young people and dragons go on an adventure and start a new settlement, but it felt a little forced at times.

Oh God it pains me -- deeply -- to be awarding a 1 star rating to a book written by my favourite author, but I have to be honest, I just couldn't be getting along with this book at all. I still am a little disconcerted by the dragons as characters though. The otherworldliness of the dragons and their strange way of thinking was amusing and interesting to me, and Kalo's scene with Hest was possibly the most satisfying thing I have read in some time.

Tarman — A liveship river barge made from wizardwood. Welcome back. So it's difficult for me to sympathize with characters that worship self-centered, egocentric beings that c I am now fully caught up on the world of the Elderlings and am fully prepared for the release of the final Fitz and the Fool book.

We saw it start and Selden and Chassim got saved.

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