BS – Security screening of individuals employed in a security Download from Guidance on the implementation of BS the British Standard Code of Practice Where BS is specifically itemised on existing NSI Certificates of. The following changes should be noted: 1. Staff already screened to previous versions of the standard are not required to undergo screening to the new.

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Sterling's Standard BS service meets the mandatory requirements for those working within the security industry and includes Download the PDF. These can be downloaded from BS sets out recommendations for the security screening of individuals to be 5 www. Download and read online Bs And Bs file PDF Book easily for July 18th, - Read and Download Bs And Bs Free Ebooks in PDF.

For any members of staff moving into a role of higher responsibility, or a position where they will be accessing sensitive information, screening is critical. Damage control is costly, so the best form of reputation management is prevention. There are lots of security protocols you can put into place, and screening employees should be the very first step.

Another way that unscreened employees can impact reputation is poor, insufficient or inappropriate representation of your brand.

This is why periodic background checks of both new and existing staff members are so important. As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure that everyone who is associated with your business is protected from threats.

This includes your staff and any contractors.

Top 5 Reasons for Screening Your Employees

Extremism in any form should be flagged, and thorough checks can help you detect problems before they occur. Due diligence screening will also safeguard your workforce from problems of bullying, discrimination, acts of violence or sexual harassment.

Having zero tolerance against bad behaviour will improve morale, resulting in a much happier workforce and better staff retention. Legal Compliance One of the biggest problems to manage in any business is non-compliance. For businesses in the process of scaling, it can be particularly difficult to supervise everyone.

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An SC security clearance must be formally reviewed after ten years seven years for non-List X contractors or at any time up to that point at the discretion of the vetting authority. It is also required for individuals who: While not in such posts, will be in a position to directly or indirectly bring about the same degree of damage.

Require frequent and uncontrolled access to Category I nuclear material. A full review of personal finances. A detailed interview conducted by a vetting officer.

Further enquiries, including interviews with referees conducted by a vetting officer. A DV security clearance must be reviewed every seven years or at any time up to those points at the discretion of the vetting authority. Law enforcement, with a hierarchy of Police Personnel Vetting PPV and Non-Police Personnel Vetting NPPV levels, which are broadly aligned with national security clearance levels,[ citation needed ] but differ in focusing predominantly on susceptibility to criminality.

Change of personal circumstances[ edit ] A change of personal circumstances CPC questionnaire has to be submitted when an SC, DV or CTC clearance holder is "marrying, remarrying, entering into a civil partnership, setting up a stable unmarried relationship which includes living with someone as a couple". In addition, the organization may consider asking: i the reason for the individual leaving; ii whether anything is known about the individual that would reflect adversely upon their suitability for the proposed employment; and iii whether former employers would re-employ the individual.

Security vetting in the United Kingdom

If a government department states that records are unavailable, the period for which the record is not available should be treated as an unverified period [see 4. The period should be independently confirmed by a character referee. The character referee should be asked to confirm that they have personal knowledge of the individual being security screened during the gap period in question. NOTE 2 In exceptional cases, the method described in item 4.

A Statutory Declaration should only be used to cover: 1 one incomplete period of no more than six months in the most recent five years of the security screening period, or 2 incomplete period s not exceeding a total of six months in any five year period in the preceding years where screening is undertaken for a period longer than five years. This procedure should only be used with the prior approval of: i a partner in the organization; or ii the sole owner of the organization; or iii a director of the organization; or iv a senior executive of the organization duly authorized in writing by i , ii or iii.

NOTE 6 Where an individual is employed in a position that is likely to bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults, e. It might be necessary for individuals to provide information about themselves in order to complete the verification procedures. NOTE 7 Effective security screening is dependent upon those having knowledge of the individual being security screened supplying information and references.

It is hoped that individuals and organizations will cooperate in supplying information and references when requested, unless there are good and substantial reasons for not doing so. An organization should not make an offer of confirmed employment unless full security screening has been completed satisfactorily. Records relating to an individual being security screened should clearly show the dates on which employment commenced and is to cease.

A verification progress sheet or other equally effective means should be used to record the action taken. The organization should have in place procedures which ensure that individuals who have not been security screened are restricted from having access to sensitive information, assets or equipment. If it cannot be established from records that security screening in accordance with this British Standard has already taken place for any member of staff in relevant employment, then security screening should be undertaken within the screening period, commencing on the date of acquisition or transfer of the business or undertaking.

Any previously unscreened employee who, as a result of the acquisition or transfer, is employed in a position requiring security screening should also be screened in accordance with this standard. NOTE Where retrospective security screening discloses transferred employees who are unable to meet the recommendations of this British Standard, attention is drawn to the Data Protection Act [4] and the Employment Rights Act [5].


The recommendations given in this British Standard should be applied to all subcontractors who, through contractual arrangements, are engaged in relevant employment see 2. Before an organization can allow individuals from a subcontractor to be engaged in relevant employment, the organization should either: a ensure that the subcontractor provides evidence that it operates in accordance with the recommendations given in this standard and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the organization s insurance policy; or NOTE 2 Evidence can include: 1 current proof of certification by a UKAS accredited certification body which includes BS in the scope or an SIA approved contractor.

In both cases a written statement that the individual s being supplied have been screened in accordance with BS is required; or 2 a fully completed BS screening file relevant to their current contract. An individual should not self-screen.

Where the tasks of interviewing, security screening, and deciding whether to employ and whether to terminate employment are carried out within a separate department, the departmental personnel should be adequately supervised at all times and attention given to the division of functions and authority within the department for internal control purposes.

RecruitSafe | Pre-Employment Screening Services

The screening controller s and screening officer s should also be mindful of the difference between personal opinion and fact when recording information about individuals.

Training should fully cover the recommendations given in this British Standard, the essential elements of the Data Protection Act [4] and awareness of the SIA s licensing requirements, and include an explanation of security requirements and their ongoing nature. Training records should be maintained.

NOTE The organization may consider sending the screening controller involved in such activities on appropriate external courses organized for this purpose.

These forms may be modified in any convenient style, but should still record all this information. Employee applicant Surname: Forename s : 2. Previous employer Name of company Telephone number: Name of contact individual: Dates employed Signed: Screening officer Date:. Signed: Date:. Applicant Surname:.

Forename s Referee Name of company Telephone number: Reference required and period e. Address: We refer to our conversation with you on.. In connection with the application made to us by the above-named for employment as Details of the information which you supplied to us orally are enclosed and we would be obliged if you would kindly confirm that these details fairly reflect the information you supplied.

Due to the nature of our business, it is vitally important that we employ only individuals of integrity who are likely to be able to resist the opportunities for improper personal gain which such employment might offer and who are responsible and conscientious.

The appropriate British Standard requires us to obtain written confirmation of all references we receive in connection with applicants for employment. A copy of a Form of Authority signed by the applicant is enclosed and also a stamped addressed envelope for the favour of your reply.

Yours faithfully, First Name Current address: Post code Please state ALL previous addresses where you have lived for the past six years, continue on a separate sheet if necessary Post code Position applied forIt may also include an interview.

For SIA licensing and details of acceptable identity documents, refer to NOTE 8 Attention is drawn to the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act [7], Accession immigration and worker registration Regulations [8], Sections 15 to 26 of The Immigration restrictions on employment Order [9] and The Immigration employment of adults subject to immigration control maximum penalty Order [10].

The security screening form s should state that the individual s providing character references will be asked to confirm the nature of their relationship with the individual being security screened, and that they have known the individual for a minimum of two years immediately prior to the start of security screening.

Data Security With the introduction of GDPR, as well as the growth of mobile usage and connected devices through IoT Internet of Things , the way we capture and store data is more important than ever.

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Records relating to an individual being security screened should clearly show the dates on which employment commenced and is to cease.

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