Revenue Standing Orders in IV Volumes (TAMIL) - RSO 1 to / வருவாய் நிலை ஆணைகள் - 4 தொகுதிகளில் - 1 முதல் ISBN No.: (TC- ). Book Name: Business Law, Tamil Nadu. Book sub-title: Sixth Revised Edn. Author/s name/s: Kapoor N.D. Company Law (நிறுவனச் சட்டம்) by wfhm.infojan, M.L., P.G.D.A.D.R. Books. Company Law (நிறுவனச் சட்டம்) (Paperback, Tamil.

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Business Law In Tamil Book In Kathiresan - Reno book sales. Indian Tamils of Sri Lanka are Tamil people of Indian origin in Sri are also known. Tamil books of law or the more correct, Classical Tamil phrase are didactic Tamil works aimed to promote discipline (ஒழுக்கம்) among people. They were. Legislative authority of the East India Company under the Charters of , . Books Recommended: The Law of Contracts – Singh Sale of Goods Act .

The problem of heterogeneity of the poor and poverty line conceptions. Crossing of poverty line. Small Former Development Programme. Project for Marginal Formers and Agricultural Labourers. Identification of Beneficiaries. Administrative and structural weaknesses. Right to access to information. Legal accountability. Judicial remedies for maladministration.

Upendra Baxi ed. Law and Poverty , Tripathi, Mumbai 2. Murphy, et. Law and Poverty , Tripathi, Mumbai 3. Law and Social Change , Rawat, Jaipur 4. Government of India, Planning Documents relating to Poverty allegation programmes at different times. General Principles of Transfer: Concept of Property — different types of owndership — equitable principles of transfer of property — other general principles relating to transfer of property. Specific Transfers: Sale of immovable property — mortgage — lease — charge — gift — exchange and auctionable claims.

Easements and Law of Trusts Books Prescribed: Sanjiva Row: Commentaries on Easements and Licence 2. Vepa P. Law of Transfer of Property Act 3. Principles of Transfer Books for Reference: Friedmann - Law in a changing society 2. Mulla - Transfer of Property 3. Mitra B. Goyle - Transfer of Property 5. Gupta - Law of Transfer of Property 6. Corporation — E. Funds and payment of contributions — E. Benefits, Adjudication of disputes — E.

Court, Jurisdiction, penalties. Object and application — Eligibility and maternity benefits — Notice of claim —Prohibition against dismissal, wage deduction —Powers and duties of Inspectors. Scope, coverage and application of the Act — Definition, Authorities — their powers and functions, contribution — Provident Fund Schemes. Bonus Commission — Definitions; Kinds of Bonus — Coverage, available surplus, allocable surplus; set on; set off; forfeiture of Bonus, prior charges — Eligibility and extent of Bonus — Machinery.

Background, object and definitions — Eligibility for payment of gratuity — Forfeiture, exemption, determination, Controlling Authority. Background and definitions — Formalities to start a factory — Health, Safety and Welfare measures — Working Hours — Employment of young persons — Annual leave with wages — Special provisions. Applicability — Persons covered by this Act, opening and closing hours, employment of young persons — Working hours, public holiday, safety, cleanliness — Leave — Annual Leave with wages.

Books Prescribed: Madhavan Pillai - Labour and Industrial Law 2. Mishra — Labour and Industrial Law 3. Goswami — Labour Law Statutory Materials: The Maternity Benefits Act, The payment of Bonus Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Factories Act, Required Reading: Sarma — Modern Law of Insurance.

Avtar Singh — Law Of Insurance. Additional Reading: Eric M. Holmes, William F. Young — Insurance: Cases and Materials. Raoul Colinvaux — Law of Insurance. Edwin W. John Brids — Modern Insurance Law. Banker and Customer: Banker as Borrower. Different types of accounts — Duties and Rights of the Banker and different types of instruments. Banker — Paying Banker and Collecting Banker.

Laws relating to loans, advances and investments by Banks: Subsidiary business operations of bankers with special reference to Safety Deposit Lockers — Liability of Banker in case of bank robberies and fraud by bank employees — Vicarious liability of the bank — Recovery of loans and advances — Recovery of debts due to banks, Financial Institutions Act, Debt Recovery Tribunal.

Various kinds of crossing — effect of crossing of Cheque — Rights of Holder and holder in due course against Banker. Negotiable Instruments: Recommended Books for study: Sir John Paget — Law of Banking 2. Evidence VIII semester 2. Human Rights Law 3. Intellectual Property Rights 4. Environmental Law 5. Alternate Dispute Resoln. UNIT — XI Witnesses — Categories of witnesses — Communications — Accomplice — Examination of witnesses — Questions to be and not to be asked — Hostile witness — Impeaching credit of witness — Refreshing memory — Judges question Appeal against improper admission and rejection of evidence.

Retanlal — Law of Evidence 2. Avtar Singh — Law of Evidence 3. Vepa Sarathi — Law of Evidence 4. Krishnamachari — Law of Evidence 5. Sarkar — Law of Evidence 2 volumes 2. Indian Evidence Act, Human Rights — Origin and development: General — Origin and development — The Middle Ages — The Magna Carta — Bill of right — Petition of right — The social contract theory — American Revolution — The French Revolution — Opposition to the concept of natural rights — Universalization of human rights — The Atlantic Charter — Nature, meaning and concept of human rights — Philosophical approach — Pragmatic approach — Classification of human rights — The right to self determination — The right to development — The right to peace — Interdependence of three categories of human rights.

The United Nations and human rights: United Nations Charter based institutions — Centre for Human Rights — United Nations specialized agencies — Origin and preparation of international bill of human rights — Adoption of the International covenants on human rights and protocols thereto — Universal declaration of human rights — International covenant on economic, social and cultural rights — International covenant on civil and political rights — Instrumentality of enforcement of the covenants.

The right to life, liberty and security of person — Provision of the United Nations Instruments — Right to life does not include right to die — Meaning and content of personal liberty in Article 21 — Second optional protocol to the International covenant on civil and political rights — Problems of extra — legal execution — Provisions of human rights instruments — Constitution and power of designated court — Procedure and power of the designated court — Power to grant bail — Maintainability of writ petition in High Court — The Nuclear Arms Race and right to life and liberty.

Abolition of slavery and slavery-like practice — Abolition of certain types — forced or compulsory — Provisions of the United Nations instruments — ILO Forced Labour Convention and — Exploitation of Children: Article 24 of the Constitution. Protection against torture and other forms of cruelty Inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment — Constitution of the committee against torture — Protection of prisoners in India. Freedom of thought, Conscience and Religion or Belief-Provisions of the United Nations instruments — Conscientious objection to military service — Conscientious objection to military of police service which were used to enforce apartheid — Elimination of intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief — Freedom to manage religious affairs.

Freedom of association including trade union rights — Provisions of the United Nations Human Rights Instruments — The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights — The Convention on the right of the child — Provisions of ILO instruments — Scope of right to form association — Freedom to form association vis-a-vis armed forces and police-reasonable restrictions. Human rights in the administration of justice — United Nations standards and norms-Strategies for effective implementations — Guidelines on the role of prosecutions — Declaration of basis principles of justice for victims of crime and abuse of power — Equality before the law and equal protection of laws — Prohibition of discrimination on certain grounds — Prohibition of discrimination in the matter of public employment — Gender equality in the matter of public appointment — Equal pay for equal work — Exceptions to the rule of equal opportunity in the matter of public employment — Enabling provisions for weaker section of the society — Special provisions, for women and children — Special provisions for advancement of socially and educationally backward classes and Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes.

The right of every one to leave any country including his own and to return to his country — Externment orders and freedom of movement — Deportation of Indian citizens — police surveillance — The inalienable right of all displaced inhabitants to return to their homes. Social, economic and cultural rights — International instruments: Right to work — Provisions on ILO instruments — International covenants — The declaration of elimination of discrimination against women.

Mahouka koukou no rettousei light novel volume 19

Proposed international guidelines for biomedical research involving human subjects — Council of Europe: Recommendation No. R 90 3 concerning medical research on human beings.

Right to family — Fractured societies. Human rights and vulnerable groups: Rights of women — Objective equality — UN development fund of women — World conferences on women — Nairobi strategy. Rights of the disabled persons — Mentally retarded persons — Aged persons etc. Rights of minorities — National, ethnic, religious, linguistic etc. Enforcement of human rights — Adjudication and enforcement: How any by whom are human rights violations identified — By whom and how are human rights cases judged 1 Global level, 2 Regional level UN: Africa and 3 Country level.

By whom and how are decisions and judgements about human rights enforced — National sovereignty: The ultimate issue. Inter State complaint — mechanism and individual complaint mechanism. European court of human rights — Jurisdiction — Procedure etc.

International Humanitarian Law: Origin and development of international humanitarian law — Geneva conventions — Defenseless person, wounded, sick, medical personnel etc. Refuge Law: Cransten — Human Rights today 2. Galius Esejoifer — Protection of human rights under the law 3.

John Locke — Civil Government 4. Richte — Natural rights 5. Raphael D. Dworkin — Taking rights seriously 7. Books prescribed: Wadehra — Law relating to patents, trademarks, copyright, design and geographical indications Universal Law Publishing Co.

Environmental problems and policies a. Introduction to Ecology and Environmental Law. Environmental Problems — Factors responsible for Environmental degradation. Environmental problems — Social and economic effects. Environmental policies of the Government for abatement of pollution and conservation of resources. Evolution of laws to handle environmental problems and right to healthy environment a.

History of environment protection in India. Environmental protection — Constitutional obligation c. Fundamental right to live in a healthy environment — Judicial activism in India. Pollution prevention laws of India a. Water Prevention and control of pollution Act, b. Air Prevention and control of pollution Act, c.

The Environment Protection Act, d. Rules relating to management and handling of hazardous, bio-medical, municipal solid wastes and batteries made under the Environment Act, e Rules for regulation and control of noise pollution, ozone depleting substances, recycled plastics and various other rules made under the Environment Act, e.

Eco-labelling, environmental impact assessment, public hearing, coastal regulation zone and other notifications made under the Environment Protection Act, Natural resource conservation laws of India a. The Indian Forest Act, b. The Forest Conservation Act, c. The Biological Diversity Act, d. Energy Act, e. Animal welfare laws of India a. The Wildlife Protection Act, b. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 6. Legal remedies for environmental problems a. Public Liability Insurance Act, The National Environment Tribunal Act, Civil Societies and Environment Management 8.

International Environmental Law a. Multilateral Environmental Agreements — Objects and obligations. Stockholm Declaration of the U. Conference on Human Environment and Nairobi Declaration Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, Fundamental Principles of Environmental Law. Environmental problems in India b. Environmental problems in Tamil Nadu Books prescribed: Paras Diwan, Environmental Protection: Reference Books: Case study in arbitration centre: Penology and Criminology X semester 2.


Legislative Drafting 3. IPR Litigation 4. Crime and Criminology: The meaning and significance of crime — historical retrospection — Criminology — Criminological reminiscence: Schools of criminology: Criminal behaviour — Schools of criminology — Pre-classical school — the classical school — Neo-classical school — the positive school — the psychiatric school — the cartographic school — sociological school — the scocialist school — clinical school — the eclectic phase - the marburg school.

Crime causation: Juvenile delinquency: Moral education — Counteracting delinquent propensities — community programmes — juvenile justice legislations — case law.

White-collar crimes: White-collar crime and blue-collar crime — Theories: Unit VI: Crime and women: Crime against women — how to prevent crime against women? Unit VII: Super crimes: Definition — terrorism — nature of terrorism — causative factors — ingredients of terrorism — funds for terrorism — kidnapping — ransom insurance — narco — terrorism — kinds of terrorism — terroristic spectrum — punishments and measures for coping with TADA-POTA — criticism — anti-terrorist measures — communal violence — causes and cures.

Unit VIII: Marginal crimes and ictimless crimes: Unit IX: Modern crimes and international crimes: Computer crime — categories of computer crimes — definiton of computer crime — prevention of computer crimes — human organ crimes — hijacking — female foeticide — nuclear theft — international crime — environmental crimes — Information Technology Act, Unit X: Unit XI: Criminal Justice System: Unit XII: Probation and parole: Origin — the report of the probation officer — advantages of probation — distinction between probation and suspended sentence — salient features of Probation of Offenders Act, — an over-view of the judicial trend on probation — cas law — parole — origin — aims selection and supervision of offenders paroled — the halfway house — parole regulations — parole recommendations — criticism — case law.

Unit XIII: Reaction to crime — punishment: Theories of punishment — kinds of punishment — indeterminate sentence — suspension of sentence — capital punishment — life imprisonment — corporate punishment — restitution and fine — forfeiture of properties — position of India — case law. Unit XIV: Introductory survey — Pennsylvania and Aubrun systems — penitentiary system in India — prison panels — prison and grizzle — problems of prisoners — organised setup — Indian prisons classification of prisons — prison discipline — prison labour — prison education — open prison — the prison community — prison reform in India — Dr.

Wreckless committee report — problems. Unit XV: Prevention of crime and delinquency Police role — Honorary special police officers — neighbourhood watch scheme — police public co-operation — self defence course for girls and women — crime prevention and crime control — police science — crimeless society — myth or reality?

Unit XVI: Prediction of criminal behaviour — recidivism — measure of recidivism — graphic depiction of recidivists — various forms of recidivists — recidivism amongst — persons arrested under IPC crimes — provisions of Law — method to mitigate recidivism. Sutherland — Criminology 2. Taft and England — Criminology 3. Ahamed Siddique — Criminology problems and perspectives 4. Ponnian — Criminology and Penologyh 5.

Rajendra K. Sharma — Criminology and Penology 6. Sirohi — Criminology 7. Siegel — Criminology 8. Paranjape — Criminology 9. He is also a co-architect of policies. For how policies get written into law decides the career and fate of the policy: With a minimum grounding in theory, students should be assigned drafting of whole statute.

The following drafting exercises ought to be assigned: Units Syllabus Unit — 1: Forms of Legislative Instrument 1. Ideals of Drafting 2. General Rules of Drafting 3. Legislative Process 4.

Conceptual Process 4. Consultative process 4. Different Parts of a Statute 5. Sarathi, Interpretation of Statutes Seconded. UNIT — II Litigation relating to trademarks and geographical indications Infringement of trade mark — right to sue — Facts to be established by the plaintiff — test to determine deceptive similarity — difference between passing off action and infringement of trade mark — Defences — Remedies — Passing off action — reverse passing off action — IPAB — offences and penalties — Infringement of registered geographical indications — acts amount to an infringement — remedies.

UNIT — III Litigation relating to copyright and industrial design Copyright infringement — right to sue — acts constituting infringement — Defences — Remedies — Appeal Procedures — infringement of copyright on design — piracy of design what amounts to piracy — factors to be established — Remedies. Patent Act Trade Mark Act Copyright Act Design Act Elizabeth Varkey — Law of Patents 7. Global IP Litigation and Manuals. Rajiv Jain and Rakhee Biswas: Law of Patent Practice and Procedure Intellectual Property Laws.

General principles of drafting and relevant substantive rules shall be taught b Pleadings: Plaint, written statement, interlocutory application, original petition, affidavit, execution petition, memorandum of appeal and revision, petition under Articles and 32 of the Constitution of India. Complaint, criminal miscellaneous petition, bail application, memorandum of appeal and revision.

Sale deed, mortgage deed, lease deed, gift deed, promissory note, power of attorney, will, trust deed. Apart from teaching the relevant provisions of law, the course may included not less than 15 practical exercises in drafting carrying a total of 45 marks 3 marks for each and 15 exercises in conveyanceing carrying another 45 marks 3 marks for each exercise remaining 10 marks will be given for viva voce.

Constitutional Law - I 3. Property Law 4. Family Law - II 5. Human Rights Law. Regulatory Laws H. Art — Citizenship at the commencement of the Constitution — Deprivation and the renunciation of the Citizenship — Parliament power to regulate — Citizenship Act. Definition and meaning, Article 12, New Judicial trends on concept of State.

Definition and Meaning of Law: Articles 14 - 18 Right to Freedom: Articles 19 - 22 Rights against Exploitation: Article 23 — 24 Freedom of Religion: Articles 25 - 28 Cultural and Educational Rights: Articles 29 - 30 Right to Constitutional Remedies: Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles - inter-relationship - judicial balancing. Constitutional amendments - to strengthen Directive Principles. The need and status in constitutional set up, Interrelationship with fundamental rights and directive principles, Enforcement of Fundamental Duties.

Recommended Book: Basu, Shorter Constitution of India M. Sivaramayya, Inequalities and the Law Eastern, Lucknow.

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Tope — Constitutional Law S. I and II. Sale, Exchange, Gift, Actionable claims. Intestate succession General principles of succession under Hindu Law, Muslim Law and Christian Law — Statutory conditions of disinheritance and disentitlement — Dwelling house.

Right of pre-emption Meaning, nature, classification, constitutionality, formalities and legal effects of pre-emption.

Legal devices of evading right of pre-emption — When is the right lost. India and International Human Rights Law. Cransten — Human Rights Today 2. Goodwin-Gill 2. Salient Documents on International Law — R. Anand 3. Joshi 5. Verma, S. Srivastava 7. Genocide in International Law - William A.

Schabas 8. Company Law IV semester 2. Labour Law — II 3. Law of Evidence 4. Law of Insurance O. Maritime Laws H. UNIT - V: Avatar Singh: Company Law Books for reference: Unit — II Social Security: Corporation - E.

Funds, payment of Contributions - E. Benefits - Adjudication of disputes — E. Court — Penalties. Factories Act, Background and definitions - Formalities to start a factory - Health, Safety and Welfare measures - Working Hours - Employment of young persons - Annual leave with wages - Special provisions. Occasion, cause and effect etc. Admission and confession.

Relevance of Judgements of Courts. Relevance of opinion of third persons — Export Cases. Relevance of character in civil and criminal cases. Burden of proof — Rules relating to burden of proof and Doctrine of Estoppel. Antique watch has a very high collection value, but To download from the regular sales channels. Relatives and friends as gifts to watch, should be ready to accept and care. Login Register. About Us. Book Titles. SCS Events.

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Click to read books online. Business Law, Tamil Nadu. Book ID. ISBN No. Book Name. Book sub-title. Sixth Revised Edn. Kapoor N. Publisher Name. Publishing Year. Book Price Printed. INR Book Price Our Price. Book Size. Book Page. Book Weight. Post Review. Book Summary. The objective is promotion of a legal framework of responsible self-regulation in the corporate sector. The urgent need for preventing serious irregularities in auditing job which came to light in the country in the recent past is reflected in the elaboration of the functions of statutory Auditors in the new Companies Act.

Further there is thffeat of punishment with imprisonment of one year and hefty fine in case an Auditor has contravened any of. The Rules provide that it is mandatory for every company having paid-up share capital of ten crores of rupees or more to have whole-time key managerial personnel, which only goes to give statutory backing to the position generally prevalent in the corporate sector.

Under the new Companies Act the composition of the Board of certain class or classes of companies shallat least include one woman Director. This provision will be applicable to all listed companies and also to certain big public companies. The Companies Act has now made it compulsory to have one-third of the Board as Independent Directors for listed companies as well as certain big public companies.

Such companies are required to spend at least two percent of their profits in every financial year. There is the need for big companies to extend some help to the community in which they function and prosper. A New category of company introduced by the Companies Act namely One Person Company limited will be private limited in nature.This engagingly written, anecdotally told history captures the immense power of a business behemoth as well as the romance of train travel; tracing the growth of the railways from the s when the first plans were made to Independence, Bibek Debroy and his co-authors recount how the railway network was built in India and how it grew to become a lifeline that still weaves the nation together.

Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles - inter-relationship - judicial balancing. Book Page.

Judicial remedies for maladministration. Specific Transfers: Crime and women: Multilateral Environmental Agreements — Objects and obligations. UNIT — II Litigation relating to trademarks and geographical indications Infringement of trade mark — right to sue — Facts to be established by the plaintiff — test to determine deceptive similarity — difference between passing off action and infringement of trade mark — Defences — Remedies — Passing off action — reverse passing off action — IPAB — offences and penalties — Infringement of registered geographical indications — acts amount to an infringement — remedies.

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