game trough small-sided team games, and teaching basic football technique, exercise and fair play. For more information visit CURRENT HIGHLIGHTS: This year we are producing , Football Sunday Magazines that will be the focal point of a 25,person outreach team in the. Interview: Wolfgang Niersbach, President of the German Football Association. Overview: Examples of GIZ's work. Facts and figures: Sport as an.

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PAGES MAGAZINE ∙ VOLUME 25 ∙ NO 2 ∙ AUGUst CC-BY. MINI SECTION: PAGEs' YOUNG scIENtIsts MEEtING The PAGES Football Cup. Updated February 1: The official Football Sunday videos are available for download in the "Football Sunday Videos" section of this page. Below, you'll find the. Download World Soccer - Football magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link.

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Football October-novembre. Guida Series A Data di pubblicazione 25 agosto October-November football. Guide series at Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hot this week. Football magazine With Free Gifts. Got one to sell? You may also like.

Make an offer. Football crazy team knits. FHM magazine. Holly Valance. Rachel Hunter. Number October Shop by category. More Less. Publication Decade see all. Subject see all. Language see all. Publication Month see all. Issue Type see all. Publication Name see all. Football Filter Applied.

Condition see all. Not specified. Please provide a valid price range. downloading format see all. All listings. Best Offer. download it now. Classified Ads. Item location see all. I do have them though from if that helps. Blurb from another site: You have no idea? The price is given at site, currently at around 38 USD.

If you have an site account, I believe you can add it to your wishlist or something and you will be notified each time the price changes. I see they have a promotion now and access costs 1 euro in the first month, then 12 euro in each subsequent month. If one month is enough for you and you have a virtual credit card, in theory you could set the balance to zero to avoid being charged, but this will certainly result in a ban and possibly legal action.

Read their terms of service before you subscribe. I bless you!!!! Ciao Francesco sono italiano come te Per il campionato polacco vedi wikiliga per le altre vedo….

There are considerable gaps in the early years for many if not all NTs not from Europa or South America. It contains all lineups from up to now. I am looking for Swiss Cup game lineups and scoring for various teams through the years… do any of your sources have lineups for domestic cup games?

Hi Steve, Yes, I might have a few of your missing lineups. But they are still unsorted. Now I just need to find the round 1 and 2 St Gallen games from 2. The other dates were 6. Gallen games And I should be able to get you also the dates for the other St. Gallen game. Do you have an email adress? Hi Chris, were you ever able to find the lineup for the Grasshoppers My email is pinchyqat at yahoo. Hi Chris….

For me it will be great to have the material in pdf version or in paper version…. Let me know. Have you installed the software? Hi,thanks but I have no time to do this due to work…. Complete Swiss league lineups also the second division since the war are available in the Das Fussball Studio database at http: Thanks for all these! They played 5 games. Bah, you meant the cup. Fortunately a list is already available at http: Chris, i downloaded the Das Fussball Studio and have been having a look through different leagues etc.

I take it i have to create the players and then insert the players names into the relevant games? This is indeed the case, but your best bet would be to contact the author he knows English reasonably well and convince him to add the details. Republic of Ireland goalscorers has been added as well as Football League lineups for My plan for is the following: Then back to England and , then back to Austria and And so on.

I will scan the original source for that season and send it to you. No more Belgium? It is really helpful for me to collect East German league lineup records that I am very interested in. Thank you! Although the magazine itself begin to provide the Chilean league lineups from , this site still provide many Chilean league football records between and Although the site does not have every Placar magazines, it still provide large number of them which have many Brazilian Football league records.

Although it does not have every magazines, you still can find number of complete season records for DDR first and second division lineups as well as cup for , , , , , , , and I begin to find the lineup information from s when great Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskas played for Honved.

Hi Paul, thanks for the links! If you still have the subscription to Nemzeti Sport, I wonder if you would mind finding me two game lineups for Videoton in the Magyar Kupa?

Those are the only 2 Hungarian games that I am still searching for! OCR seems to be quite good. The only problem is the language barrier. For East Germany, I have almost? Yes, silvermane, you are right indeeed. I have a difficulty in figuring out which one is league and cup when I check the Hungarian Football results.


Thanks for your indication. Thanks, silvermane. It would be great if I can add East Germany second division to my collection. Hello, Steve, I am glad you can find the 2nd Videoton game information through the website. Until early s, Hungarian newspaper did not include the minute of every goalscorers. For your information, please find it as below. Videoton half time Varpalotai Banyasz Place: Varpalotai Spectators: V refree?

Bay Videoton: Szabo 2 , Novath 2 , Gomori, Majer, Csuhay. Sure, Steve, that is no problem. Fortunately, I have downloaded some of the 80s when I have a membership to Nemzeti. How can I send them to you? Could you please tell me how? I see you have data from Chile — do you happen to have lineups for Universidad Catolica for the league season?

That would help me cross another country off my list! I saw that you are looking for news on the Chilean teams! Dear Igor, Sure I can help. Please tell me how I can send the pdfs to you.

When I re-check the information, there are 16 pdfs 2, 2, 3, 1, 2, 4 available during the years of for Chilean league.

However, they miss to provide from July to December. And for the season, the league ends on January 15th, Miercoles 11 de enero de Estadio Nacional Publico: Rafael Hormazabal U. De Chile 5: Neff; Eyzaguirre, Quintano y Villanueva; J. Alamos U. Catolica 3: Hi Paul Lee ,wow! I judgments discordant! Great work! Does anyone know about a good source for Brazilian and Romanian championships statistics appearances from the 70s?

Brazil — see above Romania — join our FB group see above , there are many Romanians there who might help you. There was a site called Futpedia that used to have some basic stats, but strangely they removed them.


Are you in need of any specific player or club appearances data on any given season? Maybe I can find that for you. Do you mean the number of matches played?

Or the list of them? If you need some help, just let me know. It should open up a new row of menus. Hope that helps!

Beckett Football – April

Hi Chris, are you able to send the lineup and scorers for the Grasshoppers Cheers, Steve. Can you also help me to upload more Dutch leagues? Many thanks! Hi Paul, regarding Belgium and Italy: Right now I will concentrate on England and what comes after that I have not made up my mind yet perhaps Austria. I would like to help you upload more Dutch leagues, sure.

What do I have to do? Based on the current Dutch league in this website, you have uploaded season only. Can you help me to upload more Dutch league lineups? I am mostly interested in the s and s.

And if you are going to do some works on Austria in the future, can you do the works on the seasons between and ? Many thanks for your help! Problem with Eredivisie is the lack of easy-available source material. I did by going through online newspaper archives which was a laborious and time-consuming effort. I figured I need a single source if I wanted to cover Eredivisie in the future. Hence I do not plan to work on the Eredivisie at the moment.


However I have learned recently that weltfussball is now covering Erevidisie going back to the s on their website thus I consider taking the information for lineups from that source, although usually my policy is not to take online information from other websites for my own.

My question: Sorry for late reply of your message, Wolfgang on the issue of Eredivisie! So far I have collected complete lineups for Dutch Football, mostly covers early s.

For the Dutch, I am more interested in the years from s to s which is the golden age of Dutch football. If you have a plan to work on Dutch football in the near future, I am asking you for the 70s and 80s. Thanks anyway! Hello Wolfgang, you can find eredivisie material here: This guy seems to be at least a few years ago offering lineups from various leagues at rather exorbitant prices. But for the Dutch league, there is no reason to pay him, everything can be found in newspaper archives online.

Hi Have anyone lineups of these Balkan Clubs Cup matches? The only problem is you need to download their published annals which covers from to They certainly provided full lineups from s, but I am not sure whether they provided any records before s.

For the spanish championship look at this: Yes, I also downloadd their annals through Western Union. Although it is not convenient in some ways, but it works. Can someone tell me whether I can downloaded any pdf type Dutch or Portuguese Football magazines or newspapers on the website? If there is any digital newspapers which covers full lineups for the fitst division at least for both countries, can you share the information with me?

That would be the perfect place to pose such a question. To answer your question, neither magazine is available on the web in any substantial numbers, just a few issues here and there. Thanks for your information, silvermane.

Yes, you are right indeed. My goal for collecting the lineups has a type of pdfs or already published newspapers and magazines. Actually, I have downloadd several yearbooks for those countries before, but now I want to collect them in magazine or yearbook types in pdf.

Besides of blogmarcao, there is another website you guys should focus on Brazilian Football. This website called http: But one useful thing for this site is they also covers many historical lineups, such as Brazilian championship full lineups based on the state. HI Paul Lee, If by chance you find newspapers or sites with presences and goals of the penarol montevideo from , let me know!

Their surnames are: The three of them only played 1 game each, and I would like to know something more about them. Thanks in advance! Who are you on Facebook? Just curious? I have updated Amateur football Germany recently and Oberliga Berlin. First of all, congratulations: Just let me know. Hi Emmanuel! Do you know about the facebook group called Football Lineups and Results Research, which was started by Silvermane and contains Wolfgang and a lot of the commenters on this site?

It would be great to have a researcher from Brazil as a member! To give one example of some of the projects there, a few of us have been trying to reconstruct player records for Uruguay. If you have a facebook account, let us know how to look you up on there and one of us can invite you to join the group! Excellent resource for Europe and teams from South America and elsewhere with lots of historical goal times http: If anyone finds a good Leeds United resource for substitute and goal times pre August as too many sites see to think football started in August And Liverpool http: Stephanie, the Stoke link you posted is a standard Wikipedia article, no need to use copycat sites like ipfs.

Personally I never cared much for feedback. This website is just an added bonus to something I would do anyway even without the website. My main reason to work on this is my interest in historical domestic football competitions. Since I compile this information for myself anyway, I might just also publish it. But publication is not the reason I do it in the first place.

Hence I am not discouraged if feedback is low and also I do not intend to make money with this of course I lose money with this but that happens with any hobby out there, rarely do regular people make money with their hobbies. If you have links to post I thank you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Welcome to Historical Football Lineups!

Recent updates: So far, the following seasons are available: Adriano March 7, at Wolfgang March 8, at Rodolfo Stella May 26, at Wolfgang May 28, at Gianluca Besana July 18, at Wolfgang July 18, at Gianluca Besana July 19, at Jean-christophe March 2, at Jean-Christophe August 16, at Carlo January 21, at Wolfgang January 26, at Henry Lacanne January 31, at Wolfgang February 2, at Nicolas July 10, at Nicolas August 20, at Jean-Christophe August 23, at Wolfgang April 24, at Davide Rota June 7, at Wolfgang August 24, at Mors February 27, at Wolfgang June 8, at Wolfgang August 25, at Wolfgang October 19, at Ronaldo February 22, at Wolfgang February 23, at Mors February 25, at Wolfgang February 26, at Mors February 26, at Not yet … maybe some day!

I have to ask just one thing: Condition see all. This allowed Soccer Attic to go full steam ahead with their aim of providing people with the chance to read these magazines once again or even for the very first time.

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