The Godfather is a crime novel written by American author Mario Puzo. Originally published in by G. P. Putnam's Sons, the novel details the story of a. What is sequel and prequel to mario puzo's Godfather novels? Currently now I am reading the 'Godfather'. Want to know which book I should pick after I am. When Mario Puzo's blockbuster saga, The Godfather, was first published in , critics hailed it as one of the greatest novels of our time, and "big, turbulent.

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The Godfather is a crime novel written by Mario Puzo, originally published in by G. P. Putnam's Sons. It details the story of a fictitious Sicilian Mafia family . Sign me up to get more news about Mystery & Suspense books. The following answers are drawn from The Godfather Papers by Mario Puzo published in. The Godfather by Mario Puzo, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

These novels continue the story from Puzo's novel. It covers the years to , as well as providing significant backstory for Michael Corleone's character prior to the events of the first novel. The events of the film The Godfather Part II all take place within the timeframe of this novel, but are only mentioned in the background. The novel contains an appendix that attempts to correlate the events of the novels with the events of the films.

The Godfather's Revenge covers the years to Continuing Puzo's habit, as seen in The Godfather, of featuring characters who are close analogues of real life events and public figures as Johnny Fontane is an analogue of Frank Sinatra , Winegardner features in his two Godfather novels analogues of Joseph , John , and Robert F.

Kennedy , as well as alleged organized crime figure Carlos Marcello Carlo Tramonti.

In The Godfather Returns , Winegardner also dramatizes the sweep of organized crime arrests that took place in Apalachin, New York , in Winegardner uses all of the characters from the Puzo novels and created a few of his own, most notably Nick Geraci, a Corleone soldier who plays a pivotal role in the sequel novels.

Winegardner further develops characters from the original novel, such as Fredo Corleone , Tom Hagen , and Johnny Fontane. Literary reference[ edit ] The Corleone family closely resembles the Karamazov family in The Brothers Karamazov : a powerful father, an impulsive oldest son, a philosophical son, a sweet-tempered son, and an adopted stepson who is maintained as an employee. Similarly, Puzo opened his novel with an epigraph popularly attributed to Balzac: "Behind every great fortune there is a crime.

It is the second ranking cinematic quote included in AFI's Years Its origin very well may be from the same work to which Balzac is credited with the opening epigraph.

Balzac wrote of Vautrin telling Eugene: "In that case I will make you an offer that no one would decline. The novel also includes many allusions to real-life mobsters and their associates. As a result even his wife, daughter-in-law, and especially son-in-law were kept out of the business that was to remain for all times in the family. The one protagonist who questioned the function of the mafia yet never wavered in his support of his family was the Don's youngest son Michael.

A war hero and Dartmouth educated, Michael Corleone desired that his future children and grand children would be lawyers, bankers, maybe even the president, rather than have to go into the family business.

The two experience unconditional love yet even Kay, an Ivy League educated woman of the baby boom generation, is not told everything that occurs within the business. Like his father before him, Michael Corleone differentiates his marriage from his place in the family business.

As a Chicagoan, I always associated the mafia with Al Capone, the top Italian crime lord of the city. Viewed in a negative light, Capone alone was responsible for outsiders negative perception of Chicago for many years.

Even Puzo and Don Corleone view Capone as an outlier, a crazy who is not invited to be part of the national network of Dons. In Don Corleone, Mario Puzo has created a persona who shifts people's views of the role of the mafia. While there might be killings in revenge on occasion, the Don assists his people in a time of need in the role of an inner city Italian Robin Hood.

Some of the activities may be illegal, yet they are overlooked as even rival crime families view Don Vito Corleone with nothing but the utmost respect and reverence.

Following The Godfather's debut on screen, Mario Puzo never again rose to a high level of prominence. He was known as an extension of the character he created and often asked to impart words of wisdom on the Don's behalf. After three sequels, including the second part which also garnered awards, Puzo's ground breaking work lead to generations of mafia and crime family movies, most recently the Sopranos.

Yet, there would be no Tony Soprano if Mario Puzo had not created Vito Corleone and his world, changing people's views of the mafia. I rate this captivating, game changing novel 4. After viewing the movie for the first time, I am impressed how closely it stuck to the book down to the minutest detail. For a three hour movie, the scenes moved quickly leaving me captivated and on edge. I found the acting to be stellar, especially Don Corleone himself Marlon Brando.

Puzo and director Francis Ford Coppola indeed made a perfect team and left Americans with a true classic. View all 41 comments.

View all 7 comments. Mar 26, Diane rated it it was amazing. The Best! View all 19 comments. May 02, Nayra. View all 18 comments. Mar 16, Kerstin rated it really liked it. I'm one of the people who watched the whole movie trilogy and then after that found out that The Godfather exists as a novel. Naturally, I had to download it. It is a matter of taste, I suppose, but next to the movies - so elegant and grandiose - it feels a bit like reading pulp fiction.

It's h I'm one of the people who watched the whole movie trilogy and then after that found out that The Godfather exists as a novel. It's hard to tell. I did feel like the story tended to lose focus once in a while in the middle of the excessive subplots concerning the graphicly described sex lives of Johnny Fontane and Lucy Mancini. But I understand that, at the time, the subjects of pornography and death especially together were very controversial and obviously helped a lot with the sales, as the author Mario Puzo himself admitted.

And they get you hooked on everything they do. Classic storytelling at its best. The Godfather is basically an age-old tale about power passing between generations, more precisely from father to reluctant son.

We have the "kingdom" of Don Vito Corleone and his "three princes". There's the rash and impulsive Santino Sonny , the dim-witted but soft-hearted Fredo and the handsome and idealistic Michael.

Vito also has a neurotic daughter called Connie and an adopted son named Tom Hagen. Who's German-Irish, btw, and works as a lawyer in the "family business". Don Vito is a very powerful and respected "wise old man".

He is known for his hospitality and seemigly benign, "reasonable" nature. He grants people "favors" and he is such a master of his game that even brutal monsters like Luca Brasi have sworn loyalty to him. In short - he "makes you an offer you can't refuse". Because, in case you do, be prepared to find a dead horse's head in your bed. The magic of The Godfather story lies in the fact that it is told entirely from "the inside".

Which enables us to care about and relate to characters who, in real life, would be considered despicable as people. It's like an exclusive peek into the closed world of a genuine Italian Mafia family. And we look into this world from a viewpoint similar to the one of Kay Adams - the only outsider in there.

Vito Corleone makes his living mostly through gambling and prostitution and, staying true to his old-school methods, says "no" to drugs.

Which is why the other Dons in the New York area decide that he is slipping and it is time to eliminate him. The night Vito is shot, it is his youngest son Michael who shows up in the hospital. Michael is an interesting isolated character.

He announces proudly that he doesn't want to have anything to do with the family business and backs this up with his actions.

The Godfather Reader’s Guide

Everything he does is different from his family - he goes to college, joins an army to fight for America and plans to marry a girl who doesn't carry a drop of Italian blood in her, Kay. He starts out as a hero that night, saving his father's life by moving his bed to another room and standing guard on the hospital stairs, displaying qualities bravery, calculative and cool head under pressure, etc.

When the Corleones work out their revenge strategies, Michael suggests that he should be the one to kill their enemies Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo and the corrupt police captain McCluskey who has assaulted him with a heavy punch in the face. Against all odds, he ends up executing the two men in an Italian restaurant, during one of the most thrilling and suspenseful scenes ever created. Having done away with the immediate threat to his family, he is then in danger and needs to go into exile.

With Michael's trip to Sicily, the narrative perspective shifts and the story becomes his. He travels through the land of his forefathers and discovers the terrifying and bloody history of this beautiful place - the birthplace of the Mafia.

He seeks to "connect with his roots" by marrying a beautiful local girl called Apollonia. But blow after blow is delivered to him in there; first with the news of his brother Sonny's murder at home and then with the tragic death of his innocent wife and unborn child through the explosives planted in his car.

Everywhere Michael goes, death follows him. Once he returns to America, he is no longer the man he used to be. Michael's transformation from a young war-hero to a ruthless Mafia boss is both fascinating and devastating. And in the end we feel a deep sense of loss, because we've witnessed a man with so much potential for good and a bright, promising future simply sell his soul and go to hell.

What Puzo Godfathered 40 Years Ago

Was it the result of his decisions or just unfortunate circumstances doesn't even seem to bear real relevance in here - the story plays it out as an inevitability, as if it was always his fate. Michael is not the only one left to pay for his father's mistakes in a rather biblical manner, either The late Mario Puzo has said that The Godfather is first and foremost about family than anything else.

But how much a person would do for their family or how much it would cost them to betray their family are not the only issues it brings up. Layers upon layers upon layers of meaning emerges as the story unfolds. Questions that never find answers unless you're the actor Tom Hanks who's convinced that all of life's questions can be answered by The Godfather. It somehow manages to authentically reflect the everyday operations of a criminal empire, be a character-driven psychological drama, a tale of immigrant experience the backstory of Vito's arrival to America and a study of Italian-American lifestyle all at the same time.

While being structured as a modern myth. No wonder it's so popular. View all 14 comments. Originally published in by G. The novel covers the years to , and also provides the back story of Vito Corleone from early childhood to adulthood. View all 3 comments. Apr 07, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Everyone has. Maybe someone throws water on the other. It is great fun, and an eminently worthwhile way to spend the moments God gives us. The Godfather is a great example of this type of debate.

Which is better?

See a Problem?

The answer is both. Or neither. They are the same. Not just the same extremely high quality, but almost literally the same. I assume, if I were an alien visiting Earth, the topic of movie novelizations would eventually arise. That is not the case, of course. At this point, The Godfather legacy is so pervasive that I feel like my job is done.

The Godfather tells the story of the Corleone family. They are typical American strivers who immigrated from Italy, started a business selling olive oil, and are part of the Mafia. The patriarch of the family — the Godfather — is Vito Andolini Corleone, a distant and reticent man of near-omnipotent powers. He is surrounded by three sons: I could spend all day comparing the book to the film. This is one of the big differences between book and movie.

In the film, we see her for a second — she is the bridesmaid with whom Sonny has sexual congress. In the novel, she is treated like a major character, even though her plot arc has nothing to do with the central narrative. And do you want to know what her plot arc is? Sonny, you see, was the only man with enough manhood — so to speak — to satisfy Lucy.

The characters are unforgettable, from the central figure of Don Corleone himself, who is given a lengthy flashback section familiar to fans of The Godfather, Part II , to secondary characters such as Luca Brasi a sort of Sicilian Keyser Soze, whose very name terrifies people and Johnny Fontane a Frank Sinatra stand-in, given his shot at stardom by the Don.

The plotting is excellent. The story is propulsive. This is the kind of book that needs to be taken on a long plane trip, because it really passes the time. I had to stop reading it at bedtime, because it burned away my Z-Quill haze. The writing, especially the dialogue — which has become part of American pop culture — is excellent.

And worth sharing. For instance, the Godfather has some Godfatherly advice on the value of friends: Friendship is more than talent. It is more than government. It is almost the equal of family. Never forget that. Every piece of shit every man has to eat every day of his life is personal. They call it business. You know where I learned that from? The Don. My old man. The Godfather. Like God. He knows every feather that falls from the tail of a sparrow or however the hell it goes.

And you know something? The Corleone family is the archetypical immigrant clan that comes to the United States and makes good. The sly subversion, of course, is that they make good by controlling the unions and bookmaking. Puzo opens The Godfather with a quote from Balzac: He certainly baits you into siding with his protagonists early in the novel.

View all 5 comments. Dec 20, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: Which town? Oct 13, Ana O rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse. Indeed, dear reader, I did not hate The Godfather. I h-aa-ted it. How much did I hate it? Well I could start with a long dissemination of Mario Puzo's simplistic and repetitive prose.

Puzo seems to think the reader needs a reminder of plot points that occured ten pages ago, and that unnecessarily drawing out an obvious reveal by splitting it up into three points of view counts as suspense. Or I could give you a thorough cataloguing of how very poser-y The Godfather , with its bombastic ideas of mas Indeed, dear reader, I did not hate The Godfather.

Or I could give you a thorough cataloguing of how very poser-y The Godfather , with its bombastic ideas of masculinity and supposed gritty crime plotlines. And yet for moral convenience, the only people we see the Corleone Family harm are fellow mobsters they are at "war" with and somehow the Corleones are never the instigators or else, terrible human beings who are child molesters I'm not kidding.

I have an essay on my hard drive about how the worship of this book and the character of Vito Corleone is misguided, as he better represents the utter failure of the American Dream and its corruption of true values There's a whole character in this book-- a secondary character who gets several chapters devoted to PoV-- who is defined by her gaping vagina. Yes, literally. Her whole character is about her large vagina. We get a whole decades-spanning arc about her large vagina, because really, what else could possibly be more riveting about any woman?

What other possible characteristics could any woman have that would be more important than that? Do I really need to say more?

View all 50 comments. Oct 07, Mizuki rated it it was amazing Shelves: GR ate my review!!! I can't fucking believe it!!! I'm not amused by how female characters got shoved into tiny boxes of being obedient wives, mothers and daughters, whilst men make all the decisions but for the awesomeness of the story, I can forgive this flaw.

More to come. View all 8 comments. Feb 27, Fabian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Less than a fourth into the narrative, POW! And, hold on a sec, who is the protagonist here? I thought Michael. Or the Consigliari Hagen. Or Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Fontaine? The full display of individual destinies is what makes this better than its cinematic equivalent.

Here we see flesh-and-blood people living at a Hadean level-- system of business ethics and family morality included. The need for reinvention, as well as the necessity to keep things in line with tradition are explored fully. Interesting to note are: This is pure entertainment-- decadence for the reader at full throttle!!!! View all 6 comments. You gotta stop them at the beginning.

Like they shoulda stopped Hitler at Munich, they should never let him get away with that, they were just asking for big trouble when they let him get away with that.

I expected many things from this book because let's face it this book is a phenomenon! But, I didn't know what I will get because I never saw the movies and never read anything about the book. Also, this book has impressive power; it took me so long to read it because every time I opened in public someone started to talk to me about it.

A policeman at the Prague castle that was searching my bag and watched as I went through the metal detector, at least three workers at the Prague airport, an English gentleman that sat next to on the flight to Istanbul, numerous people in metro So, I started.

I was flooded with so many characters that I had no idea where my head was. I loved some; I hated some, I wanted to know about many.

I thought that some of them deserved their fate or even worse than they were getting. I could not stand Johnny Fontana, he got everything, and he appreciated nothing. I was surprised to actually like Jules Segal; he was surprisingly refreshing. I looked at some reviews and was actually surprised at how many people complain about the women and their role in the story. And I want to ask, what did they expect? A strong heroine that would put battle with the men?

Italians, mafia, taking place after World War Two, being published at the time That is not a set up for a strong heroine. No, it is a recipe for a housewife, mother, wife or daughter.

Anything else and you can bet that the character won't be portrait positively or as a strong character. I don't think this should be judged by today's standards. Even I have to say that. This is a masterpiece! But I need to say that I don't like Kay. I don't think she and Michael could function together.

She is too progressive for a role of a wife that asks nothing, sees nothing and does as she is told. I actually liked Apollonia. Yes, she liked the little powers that Michael gave her, as teaching her how to drive. I actually think that they were more suited for each other.

This brings me to the question, did Kay ever learn about Apollonia? And, in the beginning, I believe Michael liked Kay's progressiveness, but I wonder how he saw it after the time with Apollonia.

And, there is only one man named Clemenza for me. And that is Clemenza Caserta from Hell's Kitchen! I saw him playing Clemenza, and I could not unsee that. View all 20 comments. Mar 10, Paul Bryant rated it did not like it Shelves: I did not even make page 30! But instead of just binning it, I need to warn people about this book, so that means I will have written Three Reviews in One Day! A record for me.

Well, I love the first two movies like everyone does. So what could go so wrong so fast? Example the first: Nazorine glanced at her shrewdly. And then the Benny Hill prurience of the hot loaf. And anyway, swelling buttocks? He was built as powerfully as a bull and it was common knowledge that he was so generously endowed by nature that his martyred wife feared the marriage bed as unbelievers once feared the rack.

It was whispered that when as a youth he had visited houses of ill fame, even the most hardened and fearless putain, after an awed inspection of his massive organ, demanded double price.

If so, I think my sense of humour is sleeping with the fishes. No more of that, no more organs the size of an umbrella, no more hot loaves. Well, I know what Mario Puzo would say to this if he was still around.

View all 17 comments. Actual Rating: Long beach, La novela inicia en la boda de la hija del mismo padrino. Los protagonistas son: Sonny es un hombre impulsivo y un tanto violento que decide atacar con la misma fuerza. Por el otro lado tenemos a Michael, el hijo bueno, sereno, estudioso e incluso veterano de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

A pesar de sus diferencias, los dos hermanos deciden trabajar en equipo e intentar vengar el ataque a su padre. Es una novela muy completa que atrapa al lector y que impide la indiferencia. It was a very good book. The only part I actually enjoy watched 'The Godfather part 3' was 15 minutes before at the end of the film. Mar 25, myra rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book had me shook. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it! View all 4 comments. Sep 04, Madeline rated it really liked it Shelves: New Brilliant Future Career Idea: Think about it - all you have to do is cook, have some babies, and go to Mass once a day.

Sure, I might have a hard time learning to never ask questions about anything, but I could always get a hobby to occupy my time with. At the very least, being a mafia wife would give me tons of free time to finish The List. It's win-win, really. Jul 15, Israel rated it it was amazing. The epic masterpiece of mafia fiction. Puzo is good and entertaining elsewhere, here is great and masterful.Following The Godfather's debut on screen, Mario Puzo never again rose to a high level of prominence.

The film ends with Kay's realization of Michael's ruthlessness, a theme that would develop in the second and third films, which are largely not based on the original novel. Now On Now on Page Six. The seduction of power, the pitfalls of greed, and The Godfather—the epic tale of crime and betrayal that became a global phenomenon.

They are the same. During lunch I told him some funny stories about the Mafia and my ten-page outline. Puzo's first two novels had not sold well, and he was almost penniless. Priya's Mom. Continuing Puzo's habit, as seen in The Godfather , of featuring characters who are close analogues of real life events and public figures, Winegardner features in his two Godfather novels analogues of Joseph , John , and Robert Kennedy the Shea family, in the novels as well as an analogue for alleged organized crime figure Carlos Marcello Carlo Tramonti.

It is the second ranking cinematic quote included in AFI's Years

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