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The components High Flyer Intermediate consists of: A Students' Book with 24 units organised “The core of High Flyer is a grammar syllabus which starts with a revision of the main tenses. High Flyer Upper Intermediate - Tests With Keys. High Flyer Upper Intermediate Student's Book [Ana Acevedo, Marisol Gower] on wfhm.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. *Thorough teaching and. *Thorough testing of the grammar and vocabulary and the reading and writing skills taught in the Upper Intermediate Students' Book *a clear scoring system.

They can then add to that knowledge. Second language acquisition research has shown that the grammar of the second language does not develop unless an effort is made to consciously analyse, learn and practise it. The core of High Flyer is a grammar syllabus which starts, at the Upper Intermediate level, with a revision of the past tenses.

Each unit revises or presents two different grammar points in the context of a topic, through a reading or listening text.

The rules of form and use of each point are then explicitly highlighted in a grammar box, like this: George is very charming. As a result, everybody wants to be hisfriend. The grammar boxes are followed by controlled and then freer practice of the structure. This allows the rules to be internalised so that learners can achieve linguistic competence.

Introduction Vocabulary In order to be competent speakers of English, learners at intermediate level have to considerably expand their knowledge and store of vocabulary.

This includes knowing the meaning, connotation and collocation of words. To this greater end High Flyer includes two types of vocabulary work: Vocabulary - Exercises that recycle the new vocabulary from the texts, e. This awareness enables learners to deal with new words independently, e. We can add a prefix to a word to form the opposite, or near opposite. Some o f these prefixes are: This work is continued in High Flyer U pper Interm ediate: Reading Successful understanding of a written text involves an awareness of the conventions of formal English, as well as the use of a variety of reading strategies.

The course includes a large range of authentic texts such as magazine articles, newspaper stories, pamphlets, poems, play and novel extracts, letters, publicity materials etc.

They move their eyes along the lines o f a text, taking in meaningful groups o f about three to six words at a time. Since a student normally has no control over the speed of a listening text, listening tasks can be nerve-racking and demotivating, especially for the younger student. High Flyer makes learners aware of all that successful listening entails.

When you have missed the beginning o f a conversation, you can still guess what the speakers are talking about. To do this: Introduction The course includes a variety of listening text types conversations, prepared talks, interviews, extracts from plays, advertisements, etc. The cassettes have been recorded using a variety of accents to reflect the English-speaking world. When you take part in a discussion: This skill develops gradually both as a side effect of reading and as a result of practice in the different stages which constitute the process of writing.

High Flyer teaches and trains learners in the various steps involved in writing clear coherent continuous prose of various types. H igh Flyer U pper Interm ediate concentrates on the characteristics of different text types, from formal letters to descriptions and from narratives to reports and compositions which present arguments, e. Individual sounds, rhythm, word stress and aspects of intonation are all dealt with through activities that move from recognition to production, thereby improving both listening and speaking skills, e.

It was a remarkably good idea. Yes, it was a remarkably good idea. No, it was a remarkably good idea. Since projects involve research and putting together information, they bridge the gap between language study and language use and ensure genuinely communicative integration of the language skills, e. Gather your information. Interview the people you want to write about, for example. Try to include some pictures if you can. Project work also gives young people valuable practice at working in teams.

H igh Flyer includes a project in every revision unit. As the length of lessons can vary, adjustments can be made for shorter or longer class periods by setting some of the exercises for homework or by incorporating Workbook exercises into class time. Elicitation At the upper intermediate level, students have a considerable store of language which they will have acquired from different textbooks and from informal learning from songs, magazines, travel, etc.

Elicitation is important because: At times, however, it may be necessary to prevent very good students from monopolising the class. Dealing with the grammar boxes The boxes that highlight the presentation or revision of grammar points feature examples of the structures which are generally taken from the reading or listening presentation texts. The grammatical structures appear in bold letters, while the meaning is explained in italics immediately after the example.

For each grammar box you can use any combination of the following techniques: Sometimes it is appropriate to refer students to them immediately after going through the box on the unit page for instance in the case of the grammar box on page At other times, as in the case of wish Units 16 and 17 , it will be better to refer students to the grammar notes later, after the structure has been presented in its entirety.

Students will also be able to make use of this section for self-study purposes e. Dealing with the starred skills boxes There are various ways of dealing with the strategies in the starred boxes. You can elicit the strategy from the class before they read the information in a box e. What doyou do when you want tofind a number in the phone book?

Do you read all the names on the page? Alternatively, you can simply go through the box with the class, or ask students to read and discuss it before you go through it. Different people have different learning styles, so 6 9. Introduction some students will find some suggestions in the starred boxes more helpful than others.

Ask them to reflect and tell you if they do the same thing in their own language or if they have ever employed any of the strategies when learning English.

Encourage students to think about and develop the strategies that work best for them.

Pair- and groupwork In order to increase the amount of oral practice in class, High Flyer includes activities where the whole class works together as well as activities done in pairs or groups.

Pairwork maximises the amount of practice that can be done and encourages students to co-operate and to learn from each other. Working in pairs can also be a welcome change from the lockstep class where the teacher stands at the front and dictates the rhythm of the class - a rhythm which may be too fast for some students, and yet too slow for others.

Having students work in pairs frees the teacher to walk around the class and monitor individual students, act as prompter, help the weaker students and even participate in discussions. However, successful pairwork needs careful setting up and monitoring. To help achieve this you can: With difficult classes where there may be discipline problems, you can remain at the front of the class to oversee what is happening although the advantages of this must be weighed against the benefits derived from walking around listening to how students are doing.

Problems can be minimised by using the same strategies as for pairwork. The easiest and most time-effective way of grouping students is according to the way they are sitting. But you may want to organise the groups in a different way. In groups that include weaker and stronger students the weaker students can learn from the stronger ones, while the stronger students may benefit from being called on to demonstrate or to help.

If the weaker students are being dominated by the strong students, it may be better to form separate groups of weaker and stronger students.

High flyer upper intermediate audio

This way you can give more attention to those students who need it most. One reservation many teachers have about pair- and groupwork is that it can cause too much use of the mother tongue. The freer the activity, the more students in a monolingual class will slip into their own language. However, at this level, students should be encouraged to use only - or mostly - English. High Flyer gives practice in some of the language necessary for actually carrying out pair and group activities e.

What doyou think? It 'syour turn. During the activities, go round the classroom monitoring students and reminding and prompting them to use English where they seem to be slipping into the mother tongue. Monitoring students while they are doing a task Walking around while students are doing a written exercise or oral work in pairs gives the teacher the opportunity to see how well the different language points have been understood and to give more personalised attention to individual students.

It is a good opportunity to improve the rapport with students, to praise or to re-explain a point.

It also frees the teacher from the role of controller and allows him or her to act as facilitator, as a resource or as a prompter. With classes of adolescents, however, it is often necessary to keep an eye on the whole group while walking around helping individual students. Spending time bending over to help a student sitting to one side of the room may be the ideal opportunity for another student, who may have finished, to start disturbing other students.

If an individual student 7 Feedback After students have completed an activity, they, and the teacher, will want to know how they have done. There are essentially two types of feedback which you can give: Formfeedback This is when the teacher lets the students know how correct the language was.

This can be done by: The above suggestions range from the most teacher-controlled and most economical in terms of time, to the most student-controlled, which take longer but which can be the most beneficial. Student to student correction can be the most profitable in terms of the learning experience.

A considerable amount of reflection and peer teaching can take place in this situation. However, students need to be used to learning more independently and they need to be able to say whether things are right or wrong and why. In practice, a variety of feedback techniques should be used, with a progressively greater emphasis on peer correction as the students get used to making linguistic judgements.

Whichever method of feedback is used, the teacher should take a mental or written note of the most frequent mistakes for any revision work that needs to be done. Contentfeedback This concerns the results of the activity or how well it was completed rather than the language in which ideas and answers are expressed.

The topics in High Flyer have been carefully selected to reflect the interests of teenagers, so students will feel inclined to express their opinions. It is therefore important that feedback sessions focus on what students say or how the task was done, as well as on how correct the language was.

This way, students will feel that their opinions are respected and will come to regard the English language as a medium of communication, not just as an academic exercise. For other mistakes you can: Whichever suggestion you follow they are given in order of the degree of difficulty for students , make a note of recurrent mistakes so that you can plan revision work.

Walk round helping where necessary. If appropriate, go through the answers with the whole class, revising points where necessary. You may want to ask students to rewrite and hand in some pieces of work. You may even offer to mark the work again so that students see how much they have improved.

Talking to colleagues Teaching can be one of the loneliest jobs. A teacher can end up simply walking into the classroom, closing the door and teaching without any support 8 Introduction or guidance.

Talk to your colleagues about your teaching. Share ideas for classroom management or good activities. Do not be afraid to ask how they go about teaching a particular point.

Teaching is a constant process of learning. We hope you enjoy working with H igh Flyer. Ana Acevedo Marisol Gower The first lesson The students for whom H igh Flyer is intended are at a very important stage in their personal and emotional development. They will be discovering individuality and independence and will not appreciate being treated like children. Let them know how the course will be assessed and what the assessment will consist of.

Tell them about the learning activities they are going to do during the course and the reason for these activities. High Flyer includes games and competitions in order to motivate, concentrate or relax students. Students should recognise that there is a time to work and a time to play. If the class is new to H igh Flyer you can help students become familiar with the structure and features of the book by organising the following competition. Explain to students that the object is for them to gain familiarity with how the book is organised.

The High Flyer quiz Instructions - Divide the class into two teams. The quickest way is to stand at the front with half the group to your right and half the group to your left. With your arm, draw an imaginary dividing line between Team A and Team B.

You may want to let the teams choose a name. Points are awarded if a member of a team answers a question about the book correctly. If an incorrect answer is given, the other team gets the chance to answer the question and win an extra ' point.

Ts this symbol only for advice on writing? Answers 1 24 2 4 3 Every sixth unit 4 Sequence of adjectives and phrasal verbs 2 5 Unit 11 6 Television programmes 7 Unit 19 8 Unit 24 9 Starred boxes 10 No, it also indicates advice on reading, listening, speaking and word building Word watch.

Read out the instructions for the exercise. Start by eliciting names of countries where English is an official language. Write the information next to the name of the country in note form. Tell the class to do the same for the other countries and to add names of countries to the list in the same way.

Answers English speaking countries: Great Britain: England, Scotland, Wales. After a few minutes, ask them to think of their own answers to the questions. Remember to give them enough time to do this.

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Students then do the same in pairs. Show interest in the responses by asking follow up questions: Why doyou think you wouldfind those particular things difficult?

What doyou think you could do about this? Encourage other students to ask this kind of question too. Get them to tell the class what kind of articles they prefer to read in their own language and what makes them read them. Ask these questions to check understanding: What do articles in English often include?

Students should answer in their own words. They must decide in each case whether the article will be 1 serious and formal or 2 light and entertaining. Tell them to pay particular attention to the words used: Then they discuss their answers in pairs. At this point, do not say whether students are right or wrong. Tell them not to worry about details in the text at this stage but to concentrate on whether the article is serious or light.

Do not at this point answer questions about vocabulary. It is considered one of the best in the country and entry is very competitive. Public schools are in fact private fee-paying schools. The academic standards are generally considered to be very high and it is often difficult to get a place at such a school. Spain is one of the favourite holiday destinations for English people, which is why Piotr jokes that going there for their holidays means they really behave like the British. Szkola Podstawowa is the school which pupils in Poland attend from the age of seven to fifteen.

Take feedback from individual students as soon as the first few have completed the task. Ask the class to say whether they agree and ask students to justify their answers by quoting parts of the text. Ask them to read them in the context and to try to guess what dtey mean. They should then check their guesses in their dictionaries. Be prepared to intervene to help students.

Are any of the things they mentioned also mentioned in the text? Do this orally and fairly quickly.

High Flyer Teacher's Book.

Gram m ar Revision of past tenses Students have already learnt all the tenses in this box. The objective is to remind them of all the different ways they should know of talking about the past. Remind students that the Present Perfect is a past tense too despite its name. Two months ago? Before Did they stop playing when they saw her? No, they continued to play.

Each group then looks at a different paragraph. Do the first one with the whole class to demonstrate the task. Then ask students to do the same with the rest of the tenses they underlined. At this point you may want to ask students to give you further examples of the structures by making sentences about themselves and their friends and family for each tense in the box. Pedro, what exciting things have you done this week? When did you watch the games? Who won? I watched one game on Sunday. Present Perfect: Check understanding and demonstrate the exercise by doing the first sentence with the class.

Special attention - in the form of concept checking - can be devoted to these problems at the feedback stage. When the whole exercise has been corrected on the board - do students agree with what is on the board? Circulate to make sure that this is done correctly. Where does it come from? Ask them to answer the questions about it, clarifying them if necgssary.

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Seventeen-year- old Richard went to live in Argentina three years ago. It can be used in class or set for homework. A Grammar Praetice book which provides further practice of the grammar points in the Students?

A book of Tests to help monitor the progress being made. Grammar Learners of English who have reached an intermediate level in their early teens may have already acquired the basic rules of English grammar in a subconscious way.

However, given the relatively short amount of exposure, there may not have been sufficient opportunity for practice to allow learners to achieve accurate production. At the intermediate plateau stage, it is necessary for them to take stock and to revise what they know. Sccond language acquisition research has shown, that the grammar of the second language does not develop unless an effort is made to consciously analyse, learn and practise it.

Each unit revises or presents two different grammar points in the context of a topic, through a reading or listening text. The rules of form and use of each point are then explicitly highlighted in a grammar box, like this: Present Continuous 1 Supersonico are taking part in an international music festival a temporary situation. Now, at the moment of speaking.

Present Simple 3. Silvia often plays in clubs with her band. Ita permanent situation. Tamtiking pop music.

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