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Ingenieria de cimentaciones (Peck-Hanson-Thornburn).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Download Ingenieria de cimentaciones (Peck-Hanson-Thornburn).pdf. Ingeniería Civil Virtual · January 4 ·. Ingeniería de #Cimentaciones. Ingeniería de Cimentaciones Peck PDF | InforCivil | Ingeniería Civil. Ingenieria.

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The high variability of the testing results from both "Brazilian" techniques at the time, given differences in procedure and especially due to distinct "standard" N quantifications, posed serious problems of comparison and foundation design via empirical rules, as still used nowadays.

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Among the numerous construction sites and foundation works carried out in the country during the 20th century, some are worth mentioning and deserve to be described, especially given their innovative solutions adopted and the engineering difficulties they faced with the available technology at the time. The foundations were laid down using wooden piles and spread footings up to 16 m depth.

It required lowering the water level, which resulted in structural damage to a neighboring building, leading to a temporary suspension of the work.

The 25 storey, reinforced concrete MartineIli skyscraper was considered the highest in the world at the time. Another case was the construction of the foundations of the State Bank Building.

Nevertheless, in the present case, the construction process of the piles of this building encompassed the dynamic penetration of closed end tubes through a stiff clay stratum. This execution feature caused the lifting of the surrounding ground level by values around 70cm, leading to breakage of surrounding piles that had been previously molded in place.

The problem was then solved by the installation of additional piles, summing up to a total of piles in this particular work, all of them partially excavated around the shaft after the casting period to prevent damage during the driven stage of the new piles. This is a 26 storey building that began construction in , and in which the investigation of the subsoil was partially conducted inside the construction area given the existence of an old building that was about to be demolished during further construction stages.

Thus, the piles were designed based solely on one of the sides of the site, which allowed those foundations to behave as end bearing due to an existing shallow stiff clay stratum.


However, it happened that on the other non surveyed side existed a layer of soft silt. This misconception in design was further aggravated by the satisfactory load tests solely carried out on piles that were installed on the investigated side. After three years, in , the building was opened and soon afterwards, the IPT Institute detected in the monitoring records an accelerating tendency of column settlements from the building side located in the non investigated part of the site.

Daily differences, or settlement increases of up to 1mm from morning to afternoon readings, were noticed, together with a steadily tilting of the building.

This edification is presented in Figure 3. It was followed by the drilling of injections wells, where galvanized metallic pipes were installed up to 14m in length.

With the hardened ground and transitory suspension of settlements, injection of concrete was carried out through these pipes, transforming them into cast-in-situ reinforcement piles. The building was finally realigned in the vertical direction by the temporary insertion and pumping of hydraulic jacks onto existing columns. Still around the '40s two other studies conducted by the IPT stand out.

The other one refers to the design of the foundations of the Steel plant in Volta Redonda, where for the first time foundation problems associated with soils derived from rock alteration, or saprolites was noticed [9]. The results of the investigation in Santos were henceforth published by references [10], [11] and [12], by reference [13] and by reference [14], the latter ones related to the settlement of foundations over soft sand deposits.

Given such experience, reference [15] presented arguments and conclusions about the Brazilian expertise in forecasting and monitoring the settlements in buildings, during the state-of-art of an international conference on Soil Mechanics in Costa Nunes well known internationally , also calls for attention.

This building was constructed by subsoil excavation with the simultaneous water level drawdown down to as much as 9 meters deep, in a region surrounded by older constructions founded on shallow foundations. It was also in the '50s that the construction of today's capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil, the city of Brasilia, had started. Figure 4 presents a photo of the construction phase of the ministry buildings in , in the heart of the new city.

Companies from the Brazilian capital at the time , Rio de Janeiro, were responsible for conducting the site investigation of the subsoil, which is composed of sandstones and siltstones covered by a layer of residual soil, originated from the same typical metamorphic type rocks of the region. Faced with such distinctive geological conditions from the coastal zone , the contractors opted for deep foundations with Franki type piles and uncased manually excavated caissons.

Later on in Rio de Janeiro, between and , the Duque de Caxias oil refinery was built by employing several types of deep foundations, among them pressurized drilled caissons, which led to a total length that exceeded km of piles. Other relevant information of this work is the consumption of concrete and steel that reached cubic meters and 10 tons kN respectively.

Since then, one could affirm that the foundation engineering was finally consolidated in the country. The region is characterized by the presence of wetlands with soft clay deposits at surface extending to up to 25 m in depth. Faced with such geological conditions the solution by shallow foundations proved to be unattainable, allowing the exclusive use of deep foundations which totaled thousand piles varying from centrifuged precast concrete types, metallic H shaped piles and mixed composite piles.

The main problems encountered in implementing the foundations of the plant were the execution of the jointing sections of the long piles, the enhanced corrosion by the marine environment, the excess pore pressures generated during the dynamic insertion of the piles and negative friction between the shaft and the surrounding soft clay by consolidation phenomena.

To understand and manage the behavior of the foundations, the IPT conducted over pile load tests at this site. About 12km of the road lies in a region of very soft organic soils of up to 40 meters in thickness. Six bridges were required to be built in this highway, with particular emphasis on the one crossing the Bertioga channel, that required 8 pressurized drilled caissons in the central span and dozens of metallic piles, with varying lengths from 10 to 60m on the edges.

The road was opened in as a result of the implementation of pioneering techniques of geotechnical engineering.

The '70s was marked by several works of great technical challenge and financial impact for the country, taking advantage of the good winds in which Brazil was sailing on at the time nowadays recalled as the "economic miracle" era.

This bridge is As for the bridge foundations themselves, in the dry land sections metallic and Franki piles were used, whereas in the wet sea section pressurized 1. This was considered a pioneer solution for the time.

Altogether caissons were built, of these were pressurized by air, were of mixed type and used the "Bade-Wirth" technology. The pressurized caissons with enlarged base similar example in Figure 5 were adopted whenever it was possible to support them in the sedimentary compacted sandy stratum located underneath the soft clay, up to a total length of 30 meters.

The mixed caisson types were built with the dynamic insertion of a steel pile into a young residual soil and the subsequent submerged concrete molding of the caisson's shaft. Finally, the Bade-Wirth types were founded on rock and were mechanically drilled with the support of a metallic shaft, following the subsequent structural reinforcement with a steel cage that was lowered down just before the final molding stage. The '80s began with works of great impact that in the vast majority have been started in the preceding decade.

As key examples one can recall the first nuclear power plant in Brazil, whose construction started in Angra dos Reis 1 - Figure 6 and the conclusion of the hydroelectric power plants.


The region of the implementation of the port has a subsoil typically composed by an organic silty clay of high compressibility and low bearing resistance, with thicknesses of up to 12 meters. Large diameter long piles were designed and implemented for the storage yard of the port, and the final solution also encompassed the dredging of the soft clay layer and its replacement by a hydraulically compacted sandy fill.

In the '90s the magnificence of the Brazilian economy slowed down, given international external problems, as the "petrol crises", and national internal financial calamities, such as hyperinflation and recession nowadays known as the "lost era". Located in an area of large commercial appeal and high acquisitive economic power, this work was marked by its great difficulty see some of the few remaining pictures on Figure 7.

The original conception was the deployment of three additional basements to the original Sears Mall, built in It is reported that the original building consisted of three floors and a basement with a level difference of 4.

The first building block had shallow foundations founded at 2 meters below the basement level, and the second block was supported by drilled caissons of 14 meters long, which were constructed in during the initial expansion project of this mall.

The foundation solution adopted for the first building block was the substitution of the shallow foundations to deep ones, allowing the excavation of an extra 9 meters of soil, for the 3 additional required basements. For the second block, the strategy was the simultaneous reinforcement of the existing caissons along with the excavation. At the end, the caisson's bases were enlarged and concreted with additional steel reinforcement cages. Besides of the foundations, retaining structures made of secant and non secant pile curtain walls with caissons of enlarged and non enlarged bases were constructed to safely sustain the excavation process.

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It is worthy to mention that the commercial activities of the Sears Mall were not interrupted during the execution of such services. XXIst century - new millennium Similar to the readjusting tides, so are the economies of the world. After an era of depression and internal readjustments, which painfully demanded many personal sacrifices, political compromises and a new economic order, Brazil was able to turn over the table and reestablish itself in the path of sustained development and growth.

Being part of what is called nowadays the BRICS group, the engineering possibilities, challenges and achievements for the new millennium are undoubtedly broad and large, as well as the encouraging mood and optimistic feeling of the people inside and outside the country. The coming Football World Cup event in and the Olympic Games in have called the attention for a general readjustment of key urban elements, such as transportation, airports, housing, hotel and entertainment venues, energy, security and, of course, stadiums and sport arenas of several types for instance, see Figure 8.

Also, it is worthy to mention the constructions of refineries and pipelines in the northeastern and northern regions of Brazil, the expansion of the petrol industry by the discovery of unknown "pre-salt" oil basin in the southeast region, the renovation and construction of new sport arenas throughout the 12 base cities of the coming World Cup, and the fast growing residential urban expansion of interior cities all over the country, among other things.

The fast development of the country involves not only the use of more sophisticated techniques for foundations to support the increasing magnitude of the loads from superstructures that become more slender and tall everyday, but it also involves the formation of a skilled work force to safely deal with, the design and construction of such demanding structures.

This point is valid for all fields of engineering, from foundation, to civil, mechanical, electrical, naval, energy and so on. Besides, the increasing demand for sustainable construction, space optimization and green areas have obliged urban constructions to use "less noble" subsoil areas for parking, transportation, storage and related items, leaving open environments for the more noble activities of living, entertaining and working. Besides, and regarding safety, the Brazilian standard obliges the execution of pile load tests in deep foundation projects with more than piles.It is reported that the original building consisted of three floors and a basement with a level difference of 4.

Ministry of Education and Culture. Line 4 If pride and envy have surfaced in your life, let them go. From then on, it started a large demand for geological surveys in such related works, and a close relationship between geology and geotechnical civil engineering was established in the country.

Remaining true to yourself is important in achieving your aim.

Ingenieria de Cimentaciones (Peck-Hanson-Thornburn).Pdf2

The heaxgrama line of the lower trigram hexagra,a the proper place for a feudal lord. According to this reference, there are only a few reports on the foundation characteristics of these buildings, being possible to confirm a common knowledge that, since such remote period, foundations were made of excavated trenches filled in with "compacted" stones. Costa Nunes well known internationally , also calls for attention.

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