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“Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”. IS (): Precast Concrete Manhole Cover and Frame -. [CED Cement Matrix Products]. download BIS IS Precast Concrete Manhole Cover And Frame - Specification from SAI Global. Manhole - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. IS (): Precast Concrete Manhole Cover and Frame [CED

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and revised STI Doc:STI /5 January was kept in Amendment No.1 to IS was circulated vide CMD-III note of. “Licence is granted to use Standard Mark as per IS with the following IS covers different varieties of Precast Concrete Manhole. Designator of Legally Binding Document: IS Title of Legally Binding Document: Precast Concrete Manhole Cover and Frame - Number.

The igure — prob- the base. Remnants of the atachment of one of ably Nike — is painted three-quarters to the right the handles are also visible. Most of the glaze on with her back turned to Apollo, face in proile the exterior is damaged, especially on the upper- and wings spread aside. A row of white dots most part of the body2.

Considering the lack of on his back is visible in the preserved part of connection to the composition of Apollo and the the igural space. The bird is depicted in light, swan, it can be regarded as the endmost image three-quarters to the right. It seems that it is from the other scene on the vase.


Apollo is backside of the head adorned with a Corinthian siting in relaxed position, three-quarters to the helmet with a high crest, raised above the fore- left, holding a laurel branch with an elegantly head. His body is leaning slightly hair is gathered at the nape lying freely back.

The tip of the wing of another covers its lower part, which is almost completely igure is visible to the right of Athena. An omphalos covered The rounded lower part of the body of the with a white net patern is depicted to the right, calyx-krater is decorated with a tendril with ivy leaves and rosetes in red-igure technique and added white.

I dedicate this article to Prof. The text is translated into English igural decoration. The black glaze of the back- by Tatiana Stefanova. I owe special gratitude to Dimitar ground seems tenuous in places at the contours Nedev, Director of Sozopol Archaeological Museum, for the of the igures. The outlines are often unclear or opportunity to study the ind and present my observations. I would also like to thank Assoc. Maria Reho, Sasha not very precise.

They are painted with a brush. Dobreva and Dr. Margarit Damyanov for their help and ad- The same goes for some of the details on all vice. The sherd, together with other Late Classical artefacts, was found in in a negative context at the archaeologi- diluted glaze dark to light brown. Fragment of a red-igure calyx-krater from Fig.

Calyx-krater, Apollonia. Proile drawing. Morski Skali site, Apollonia. Figs 1—5: Photos and drawings: the author.

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Scene drawing. Detail: Apollo. Detail: Nike.

It is hard to make assumptions on the subject. However, the preserved elements are also present in a scene of Judgment of Paris on a contemporary pelike by the Marsyas Painter Schefold K. There, the seated Athena is depicted on the right-hand side. Eros and another winged igure, probably Nike, are placed close to the goddess.

The eponymous pelike of the Heracles Painter presents an example of a diferent subject and a less dense composition from the same peri- od. The hero is siting next to Athena together Fig. Detail: Athena. In general, the style of the painted decora- The preserved part of the second scene on tion cannot be described as particularly detailed. The icono- minor elements, such as the omphalos and the bu- graphic scheme representing Apollo riding on crania. The images are large, with rounded but at the back of a swan is related to the epiphany the same time elegant outlines.

They seem to be of the deity, especially in the context of his the result of fast brush strokes, highlighting the annual visit to the Hyperboreans Mezger H. That leads return to his sanctuary at Delphi. Calyx-krater, EAM Athens, inv. No Side B. To prevent the top outer edge from possible damages. The lifting arrangement shall be as agreed between the manufacturer and the downloadr.

J The lot shall be considered as conforming to the requirements of the specification conditions mentioned in If the number t'f covers in the lot is 20 or less. In any consignment. The details ofconditions under which a licence for the use ofStandard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards. The batch from where the samples are to be drawn shall be divided into a number of convenient portions such that when one sample is drawn from each of these portions.

NOTE '. The cover shall be supported in a frame which may be standard frame or a specially made testing appliance simulating normal conditions of use. Specification for mild steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard-drawn steel wire for concrete reinforcement: The block shall be sufficiently rigid to ensure that the load on the cover is uniformly distributed over the full area of the block. The bearing block shall be of the size specified in Table 2 and shall bear centrally on the cover.

The specified load as given in Table 2 shall be applied 6. Jdrophobic Portland cement second revision Part 2: The load on the test specimen is then released.

The load shall be applied at the rate ofapproximately 0. The permanent set shall not exceed times the diameter of the largest circle that can be inscribed in the clear area of the frame as shown in Fig. Cover shall not show cracks in the course of the test. Then take reading at the geometric centre. The permanent set shall then be determined on the difference of the measured readings before the first and the fifth loading.

Before the load is applied take an initial reading at the geometric centre ofthe cover. This procedure shall be carried out five times. Naraina Vihar. Chennai SHR' N. New Delhi hternrt Everest Ltd. Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

New Deihl Hmdustan Prefab Ltd. Secunderabad B. Delhi Mumcipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Lucknow Rural Electnficauon Corporation Ltd. Shrrke Construction Technology Ltd. Mumbai In personal capacity F RAo DR S. New Delhi Hyderabad Industnes Ltd. BIS Continued on page 9 8. Hyderabad Mumcipal Corporation of Deihl. Ballabgarh Nauonal Test House. Pune Central Building Research Institute.

Army Headquarters.

Ferro Cement Drain Covers

Department of Science and Technology. New Delhi [ngllleer-m-Chlefs Branch. Lucknow Fly Ash Mission. Roorkec Central Public Works Department. Telegraph Department.

Ballabgarh DR C. SHRI Y.

New Delhi Engineer-in-Chief's Branch. Roorkee B. New Delhi Fly Ash Mission. ECC Group.


Central Electricity Authority. Designs and Standards Organization Ministry of Railways. CED NAIR A: Toubro Ltd. Sector A. Scheme VII M. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any fonn without the prior permission in writing of BIS. Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. CED 53 Telephones Central: Manak Bhavan. Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of 'BiS Catalogue' and 'Standards: Monthly Additions'.

Standards are also reviewed periodically.

E9 MJDC. Review or Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments. Director Publications. IV Cross Road. SCO This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc: This does not preclude the free use. Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the.

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Impact Journals. Jayandi Fitra. More From Shailendra Pratap Singh. Raden Armanadi. Praveen Prakash. Shobhit Acharya. Shailendra Pratap Singh. Kannan Kandappan.At present there is no direct experimental determination of the ground state of spin-ice systems, since below 0. Other similar elements are the posture , no. Ankur Kumar. The tip of the wing of another covers its lower part, which is almost completely igure is visible to the right of Athena.

Victor Martinez. Jump to Page. ECC Group. These results from the d-DSM are valid regardless the ultimate origin of the different interaction terms.


As shown by Melko et al. Ghulam Ahmad.

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