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Jim Toeic Listening Comprehension Practice Test Items For The New Toeic Test (Ebook+. When it comes to the topic New TOEIC preparation book, one. Jim's TOEIC Listening Comprehension Practice Test - Test 1 (Part 1) Official TOEFL iBT® Tests Volume 1 2nd Edition (ebook) (eBook) Language. Open. Jim's TOEIC Listening Comprehension Practice Test - Test 2 (Part 4) # TOEIC Longman Preparation Series for New TOEIC Introductory Pdf + Audio.

Why Is the man asking for a favor? A He 1S tied up at his office. B He has to attend to something else C He doesnl toke working alone. D He has a family emergency to take care ot. AI Belore she goes on her appointment B' After she meets woth the new client. C At three o'clock In the afternoon. Who most likely Is Mr. A The proofreader. B The author.

C A publisher. D The photographer. When will the final draft be ready? A In May B This weekend. C Next week. Howwilltheymeet the deadline? A By reeerving the pictures thrs month. B By hrnng more writers. C By asking the staff to work overtima. D By getting an extensoon on the deadline.

What are they talking about? A An article the woman read In ltle local newspaper.

C A place where the man can take his wife on a special day, D How lhe woman was proposed by her fiance How does the man know of the place the woman had gone over the weekend? A He read It In the local paper. B His fnend had mentioned rt C He went there before. Which of the following doss!

A The pnce is very affordable. B The food is rather good. C It has a relaxing atmosphere 0 It is her favorije restaurant. You w11f hear some short talks g1ven by a smgte w eaker. You wilt be asked to arswer three questions about Willi! C , or 0 on your answer sheet The talks w be spokeq only one time w I not be pnnted In your test book. Who is Mike Lee? A A travel agent. C A passenger. Why is the caller leaving the message?

A To not1ly ol a found luggage. B To confirm a! C To report a miss1ng 1tem. D To apologiJ: What does the speaker request from tne listener?

A To call him back. B To pick up the bag. C To pay for the tickets. D To proVIde more What Is the main purpose of the announcement? A To tell the shoppers that the store will close soon. B To announce tomorrows apeclals to tne customers. C To thank the customers for shopping at the store D To not1ly a change 'n the store hours to thB customers. Where should those Interested in the special go? How much is one kilogram of the European sausages?

D Ten dollars. Who Is Richand? A A chef B A wa1tperson. C A customer D A baker Which of the following is NOT part of the set meals? B loo cream C Coffee D Cake. How much does t1sh dinner cost?

A Five dollatS. Who is speaking? Aocordlng to the speaker, what did the sales manager say? A The sales have surpassed everyone's expectabon B The sales reps are working hare! C The customers are not very salised WJth: What does the speaker say might happen at the end of the year?

A The company will mtrOduce a new producl B The sales manl! Who is Ms. A A folk singer. Which of the following is mentioned about the Young Asia Ensemble? A The muSlcal group was put togethef only recently. B Alllhe members do not share the same nabonality C The group is currently on a lour around Asia. When will the mentioned groups perfonn at the festival? C Next week: D Next month.

How often is the event held? A Onoe a year B Once ewry two years. C Once every five years 1D Once evetyten years. Who is Nathan Davidson? A Ash1pbu1lder. According to the speaker, what is expected to happen toward the end of the year? Who is Michael Sanderson? A An actor. D The director. What is oanget'ous Mission"? B Af1lm C A book. D A play. What will be alnad first?

D The Cline's opinion. What is being advertise-d? A Electromcs store. B Supermarket. C Record sh p Dl store.

When will the event take place? A Today.

D Next month 02 Which of the following will NOT be part of the day's event? CA Price d1scounts B Face paintings. D Free gweaways 31 What is an appropnata topic of the report? IC wa: JttM What caused the problem mentioned?

A The''"' s frol"' n tn..

Why is the woman calling? When WtM Michaels staff be busy? A B frtday C sarunday: D Monday What will Michael most likely do on Friday?

Tha entire raadng teat wll lUI 75 mlnutas. Dke al A word or phi-. Ia mleaing in e.: Select the bast. Then, mark the 8. Due to popular demand by lhe staff members, the scheduled talk by Mr. Smith w1lltake place Room 15 instead of Room 20 as was first planned. I extend my Sincere to the lamily and friends of John Miller, whO hu suddenly left us at the age of Hotel employees are remlrldiJd to be Tha government Issued a warning to lace' compan1es tho1 all waste must be d1sposed of - or they will lace heavy titles.

Golf Weekly Is a newly published magazJne that caters.. We are seeking an to represent us In talks with our Japanese clients. Tl'e vast number ot new businesses the coty s attractrng Is gooc! We believe that recent changes in state laws. Pennlogton retires, he will receive an annual pensron of more than fifty thousand dollars from Paclo. I' Often tB Once! C Whoever tDI Somebmes Bingham's promotion became official, many of his colleagues have approached tom to congratulate him.

John Clarke, who Is in the prime of his career, has been ranked the top 1 0 players In tenniS history by Sports Daily. A at 13 Into C amor19 0 from Due to th-e heavy damage the storm has caused in some rural areas. It Is predicted that the cost ot fruots and vegetables Will be thS summer. A rncrease B C 10 increase D oncrea: All of our stores will be extending their busoness lloora during the holrday season, but we will go back to our -- hours Bftet the new year.

AI "'! JUiar fB regUals fC "'! JUianty 10 regulantles 39 - 02 YS Bad Boys E: After a long and gruesome season, Jeff Willis has been performing better since the playoffs started a week ago.

The new store, - Is currently undergoing 40 construction, will have hs grand opening sometllne spring. IAJWho Bi wnere! Ci wnen 0 which In a desperate move to Increase lher revenues to meet lher sales goal, the company Is plannong to offer a specoal diSCOUnt its customer.

Jvaoces C Advancing! D AQvur-ce The company's profits are -- to hot ther peak n me next quMer maonly doe 10 the..

The - of cl ombing to the top of the COqXlrllle 'adder is best oet ned n the new book publiShed by Soot! Thompsot' one of tho most successful businessmen In htstor. L-on 01 compi! Therefore Eve-n if So that t11 Oor team enjoyed a I Ogame winning streak at the start of this season, - our position 89 the top team In baseball. Bonn reassured 8VefyOOe that a - copy ot the report woll be available by this afternoon's A My plant workers.. A """" 8 -.

The detective -- the aolvlng of this case to an oanonymous phone calltt1e police received a lew hours before the arrest took place. Many fans wwe shocked when the team captaln. John Turner, Signed a two-yaar 42 contract with a - team for an undsclosed amount.

Ai flval BJ partoal C renewed 01 contrastong The behind the yellow tape is prohibited to anyone without a precs pass. A a 'oiiCXl Bld! A word or p. B , C , or 1 on your answer sheet. In it you will find the nec;essary Information you requested.

AI most feasi: Langley will be lr1rveflng extensively in - - Mart: However, if our suggested dates do not suit Ms. Russell, lhen please let us know your preferred date for the meeting. Best regards, 43 OlMCtiona refer to the advensement. An undersanding of matiUlne layoot. Cl seasonable ID permissible The.

The resuiiS of 1he survey communicated proxirruty S4 percent to be at the top of lhc li't of things most liked about cuy hk The respondents felt the protectoon or enhancemenl of hentagc I percent and open space On the Other hand. IUblislw1g - to pubtiStl 10 to be published In the next few pages. A win 8 gan ,Cieam tDl catch So u thr curtains go up on the night of nights - Slrttl Lift's celebration of fabulous edtions- please raose your glass to Ton: In th1s oart you w read a select1ori ot texts, such as magaz1ne and newspaper articles.

Due to seasonal demands, the availability of rooms may be subject to each hotel's situation. An advanced reservation, to be made by calling our toiHree number at least 10 working days before your stay, is required to qualify for the discount. Which of the follow1ng is NOT a condition plaoed on receiving the discount? AI A guest must use a spec1flc type of cred.

B The booking must be done well in advance of checking Into the hofel. C The reservations must be carried out by calling the to! Hree number. What will the discount apply to? What can be implied from t he advertisement? B There Is a business relationship between the credit card company and the hoteL C fhe hotel gets very busy dunng the summer season. D It usually takes a m1mmum of 10 days for a credit card to clear. Unmarried Women Becoming Homeowners An increasing number of single women are downloading ow,;, own homes, according to Industry experts.

Tactics for TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests

By the figures for unmarred men downloading houses or apartments show no increase. What Is behind this trend7 I put the question to analysts at the Real Estate Institute, who came up with the no longtr sttk and a role as their first priority, but wanl st.

Womon are increasingly. ThiS enables rh to obt. Wnmen seem to be more capable of seeking good advice and completing the form. CJ t tht trend to continue,. Whal-s the matn purpose of the artiCle? Cl To l'l port the oponlo"'' ul the experts 1n the real estate market D To people lo work harder to achieve thetr career goals Wluctl of the lolowlng Is NOT a trend mentioned by the analysts?

O ro1es a What do the experts at the nstitute A ,. Phone number: With this Futora Slender and Juicer. Try some fresh frutt and vqctable juice firot thong in the morning. The Futoro Blender and Juicer Is easy to use. It automatically peels apples. You only need to rinse them. It's a breeu to clean, and the waste makes excellent compost for your garden.

The Futon Blender and Juic: How can one become efigible to won: IB It IS not very difficult to clean. A recent analysis by Diet and Health magazine failed to find any benefits in health food bars. In fact many of the most popular bars proved to be positively unh! Rather than substituting a health bar for your breakfast or lunch, consumers would be well-advsed to skip them completely.

A balanced diet of freshly-prepared food Is still the best, apparently! What is the main reason for writing this news? What does the article advise the consumers to do? What can be inferred from th-e article? CI M31'y people are substtuting at least one meal v11th health bars.

Alan Parsons.

As a countermeasure to Cl,mputer game-s. Stanng at. In fact. No maltcr h-ow a game il is never complex as re-'. What is the general view of the experts on computer usage? Ao It is causing serious health hazards to the pullllc. Cilt has made the Iivas of millions of people much easier. DJ II is takong up most of our tome on the wor11p10ce. What is NOT menboned about computer game addicts? A They often suffer from medical side effects.

Bt They spend too much time online. C They negect their everyday chores. Where did Or. Parsons first make his suggestive solution be known?

Which of the following is NOT stated by Dr. Parsons in comparing computer games and fishing? Foshong brings less strain to the eyes. C Fishing is unpredictable. Gardening fanatics like nothing better than to have theor hands stuck in the sol or to be trimming, pruning. But for once. To recognize that fact, the Tampa Coty Council has decoded to award generous prizes to the most beautiful displays this spring. Sorry, but only residents of the City of Tampa are eligible. Judges will be selected by the Tampa City Council on Apnl The appointed judges have total discretiOn.

Contestants are 1nvited to enter ono or more categories. First, second. See the application form lor categories. Judges may. Contestants should perrnH a council photographer to enter and take photographs lor display at the final awards ceremony and exhibition on August 3.

These photographs woU remain council property. Judges will assess each garden according to the following criteria i Overall desogn ii Plant health HI Color IV Contribution to the streetscape v Eco-lrlendliness See the application lorrn lor details.

No entries wiD be accepted after 5: May All gardens entered shOuld be ready tor judg1ng by June 1. Contestants will be given hours' nobce of the tudges' ontention to visit. This competition iS not open to coundl employees or their relatives, or eft1 1oyees ot any agency contracted by the council or judges or 1heor relatives.

Please send your entries to: Who is the Intended audience of this contest? What is the main purpose of this competHion? What condition is placed on those who wish to enter the contest? C They must submr a photo of their gardens. Which of the following will NOT be evaluated by the judges? AI The condrhon of the flower. B The arrangement of the garden C The ppearance of the garden 01 The scent of the flowers When will the judging begin?

Planning for a creative retirement Plan now for a re'Jrement which wtll a lOw yoo fo live proae'Jve. The llrsl Is ftnanclallndeoendence. The second IS health and balance. And the last. Take this opportunty to hear the founder of Seacloud Investments, Brenton Mcleod, at a special free seminar.

Your hfe may never be the same again! Tuesday, M. How is Ms. Retd asked to respond to the 1nvitanon? Who Is Brenton McLeod? Which ofthe following lnfoonation is NOT Included in the invitation? J Novemoor27 Dear Tammy, How are t hings wtlh you? I work extensively w1th consumer product companies and also now w1th trd1. This makes a company mot! I'm Interested in your thoughts as to who 1n your circle could benoflt from learning about what I do.

You don't need to flnd out If they are hiring or have a definite need. I'm just interested n having a conversa! If th1s sounds tnterestJng, I'd appreciate your hnkong me to people you know.

I will ca I you in a lew days lor a quick catch-up conversation. Please fral! Regards, What has Ms. According to Karen.

Companies thai ate lUst B F1rms that retaol rtemsto the general C Corperellons that have receotly ned together D Industries that have gone through an organlznttonal changa What kind of work does Karen do? D She bnnqs together oosoness contacts to help one another.

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Questions refer to the following e-mail. What does Mr. Chiu ask MaJgaretto do for him'? Where does Margaret work'? At The United States: March Marctl I Will enau,.. J"as11 tM. I am wr i ting to update you on your account status Al w1tll Corporation. As e result of our conso11dated efforts to your p1en 1n March of th1s year.

With dill gence and cooperation. Best wi shes. The word "outstanding In the first letter, line 2 is closest in meaning to fA supenor B noticeable C unpaio 10 essential How will Mr. I B II will be takan out of his bank account. C It will automatically be deleted from his paycheck. Brown write the letter? A To request an overdue payment B To ask for an extens10n on payment due C To notHy the client that the account has been settled 0 To of! According to the second letter, when should Jason contact Mr.

Brown again? A If he runs nto further problems w1th payments B As soon as he s ready to make the payment C If he IS '" need ot us1ng the service agam 0 Once he finshes paying off all the money How long did it take for the account to be cleared? There will be beautiful works of crt and poetry, crafted by the Downtown Artisan's Club, ovoiloble for showing as well os for sole. The remarkably talented young orlisls hove worked oil summer to prepare for this event, which promises to Impress end astound.

Visitors will hove on opportunity to meet these talented artists. All proceeds from this event will be contributed to the continued operations of the Downtown Artisan's Club, which provides amazing classes and support for young artists. Children under the age of 12 will be admitted lor free. The Downtown Artisan's Club loob forward to seeing you there! Please contoctJim at lor more information. Paintings, drawings, and writing wll be needed for both tha and for aalel Don't forget to hava lham completed and handed In by ll8ld Frtday to 88CUI8 your spot In our show.

Remember, thara will also be caeh ewads, judged by cu panel of art crlllcs, and 1he winning plecee will be fMtured In cu Art Book. The a11sta of the winning placea wiD also be lnvltad to att. Have fun- and plaae subnit ycu a1work on t1ma1 For whom i s the announcement Intended? What Is NOT mentoned about the awards? B Money will be given away to t he winners. C Winners will get a chance to go away next summer.

In the notice, what are the participants asked to do by next Friday? On which day was the notice posted? I 64 We're Hiring Oalec-: Uf'"' iri: IO, I am writing n respo11se lo 'OUr job oper ng ao tor t-. Please find artaclled my detailed resuTe, outlining my re1e1ant employrnent h stor'J and Skill sets IOf your coos: JOn na..

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My work history sllengths and Interests are perfectly SJitr. D MoVIng to a different house What Is the man ask1ng the woman about? How tong has the man been here? A 15 minutes. C 60 m1nutes. What will the man do?

A Drop by the bank. B Take care of a misunderstanding C Call another electrician. D Go on an errand. Whet does the woman suggest may be the reason for the man's problem? A He IS S1tl1ng in the wrong pi. B He ts uSing the wrong baot. C He has been waibng too tong D He Is not thinking properly. What Is the man doing? C He ts prepenng to start a bus. Where will the man most likely go next? A To another store. B To the back part of the store. C To a fashion show D To tee a customer When was the boll taken care ol?

A WodneSday. D This mornong. When will the exhibition be held? The practise tests are almost similar in difficulty level of a real Toeic tests, especially in contexts, vocabularies, question types, question lengths, and answers.

If your current score is and your target score is above , you can start to practise this book from now.

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After 2 months, you can take the real test confidently. Good luck! Author Description here.. Nulla sagittis convallis. Curabitur consequat. Quisque metus enim, venenatis fermentum, mollis in, porta et, nibh.What is the purpose of the speech? This will help you reduce Woman: A Grocery store clerks B Health club Instructors. After you have found the correct answer, cross out the distracter locations in the script. C Walk up to the next floor. Score range Questions B Great cuiSine C A swmm1ng pool.

JUianty 10 regulantles 39 - 02 You only need to rinse them.

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