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Yu Bo In is a Japanese expression. Using this Technique facilities transformation through the application of numerous states of being that you have learned during your study with Shakti Ma. It is a very efficient tool for successful Technical transformation.

The Yu Bo In is a ritual to help you discover who you are. Mantras and Prayers Mantras and prayers from various traditions are used. These elevate energy, enhancing your natural abilities.

You build a high level of energy through practicing various states of being. Sustained practice builds your personal energy body, or vital body. The more you practice, the more competent you become. Transformational approach: We contemplate the powerful force of creation. We contemplate the light that comes from the heavens down into the earth to give it life and movement. This Light is both feminine and masculine. At this point, we celebrate the coming of the Spirit into the human body.

In our tradition, Om vajramaanatayaa Swaha! Means: O, God of the Divine Thunderbolt, Glory Remember that it is also an interpreted translation, since the Sanskrit words are linked to many meanings and possible significations.

Here, we have translated vajraman as Light made tangible. Life entering the body can be symbolized as a lighting bolt that strikes stone, like a heavenly spark kick-starting the mechanism of life in a physical host.

On a softer tone, we could imagine a ray of light that heats up the earth and progressively make it to become alive.

This birthing of the Spirit into the human body is of a feminine energy, like any kind of birthing. Yet, it is powerful enough to create movement where there was none. It doesn't have to be as violent as striking lightning, but the symbol is still as powerful as it was meant to be.

If we lookup a Sanskrit dictionary, vajraman will mean diamond, but we still have to analyze the particles one by one. The Sanskrit word vajraman is a symbol of the purest light of the vajra, made physical by the syllable man, thus it was the name applied to a diamond. The vajra is this wonderful heavenly light that takes many shapes depending on the other terms that surrounds it. Followed by the syllable man to make it physical, and the word taya to indicate a possessor, it is the Heavenly Mother's light of creation.

With this prayer, we invoke the light that made us to be alive, which is still and will remain the source of our human life. Do not imagine that a feminine light would mean it is weak. A mother giving birth is very powerful. When we first entered life, as a Spirit into a human body, we became alive without any kind of judgment of ourselves, thus - 37 - without fear, hesitation or doubt.

Our progressive human conditioning, mostly through unpleasant childhood experiences, brought us to be more than simply careful not to get hurt, but to fear and doubt ourselves.

Now grownup, we believe we have conquered most of these fears, but it is not true. There are fears we would not even admit to ourselves so deep are their roots in our subconscious memories.

We are not only addressing those cases of difficult childhoods. Even in a happy childhood may a child bump his head and not like it, and react with anger against the pain or with guilt towards the lack of agility, blocking some part of the subconscious mind with self-hatred for not being already perfectly stable. There can be hundreds of reasons why we defined ourselves with poor selftrust even in our first life experiences.

Now, you can imagine the results of a difficult childhood added to that. The goal of the RIN technique is to redefine the concept of trust, and apply it to ourselves as self-trust, and from that, grow it to become faith in life. When the concept of faith is removed from the dogmatic teachings of religion, it is a higher form of self trust, knowing that from the point of view of the Spirit, everything will always be fine.

Although your human body can be injured, and your human experience can sometimes be painful, your Spirit is totally unaffected. Experiencing human existence as an observer as much as a participant, it remains beyond the reach of possible harm. RIN is the awakening of such spiritual memory, and it takes full reach as you progress towards the RETSU technique, where you may even - 38 - remember the immortality and eternal existence of your Spirit.

At this point, everything you will experience will be seen in yet a much broader perspective. Control holds a sense of pressure over the events to prevent them from happening in ways other than how you had planned them. While true self-mastery involves letting go of control, and remaining in a state of faith towards lifes events, while also consciously using all the tools that are available in order to influence the ways the events manifest to serve ones goal.

Control is a state of mind where you mentally pressure yourself and others into a set of predefined expectations. Expectation will naturally lead to deception the moment control is lost.

Control also involves fighting against all that would work in ways that differ from your expectations. This pressure and hassle consumes a lot of energy.

Control is the opposite of letting go. Control is a temporary and hopeless way for the human ego to simulate a state of success. But control is costly in resources of all type, including life force and emotional stress. Thus, self-control, for example when you would find yourself in a state of anger, is a way to restrain yourself from giving in to the pressure that builds inside when you are emotionally unstable.

It involves fighting against yourself and spending a lot of energy in a process that consist in holding back the animal human beast that only wants out. Selfcontrol is not the same as self-mastery. Self-mastery would not even involve any inner pressure to fight with in the first place. It is an awareness of the forces in operation, and an influence on their direction.

Mastery is not fighting against a force, but an awareness of that force, triggering its unraveling, or calming it from within. Mastery relaxes a pressure rather than fight against it. Again, with our example of anger, mastery would start with a conscious contact with the emotional reaction, and work its way into relaxing it using tools such as compassion, tolerance and responsibility.

A person in a state of self-mastery does not fight with an emotional pressure, but seamlessly releases it with awareness, using forgiveness and emotional transmutation.

The emotional energy thus becomes available again, regenerating the master instead of depleting his strength and life force. Whenever a master faces a force that he does not understand, he must pay attention to it, contemplate it, taste it, discover all that he can about it, in a state of conscious contemplation, observing from both a human and a spiritual point of view.

Mastery involves becoming aware of the forces in action, especially the forces from within the human nature. Only when the secrets of human nature will have been revealed to the pondering master, will the spiritual forces become clear and accessible enough to be grasped with the human mind.

Until then, it is our responsibility to use the tools that are accessible to us in order to become aware of ourselves.

03 Kuji-In Mastery - The Power of Manifestation by MahaVajra.pdf

Responsibility starts when we understand the difference between control and mastery. To be responsible is to accept that we have the means to make our lives better, by making ourselves better in the first place. Being responsible is not only assuming the consequences of an event. Assuming a responsibility involves the - 42 - understanding of the forces in action that lead to the events that manifested in our lives, so that we can become aware of how each specific event manifested as a result of natural and spiritual forces involved in a series of actions and reactions.

At the moment, such a concept seems very complicated, but it is so only because we are interpreting the concept of mastery with our human mind. The mind can only perceive parts of the equation at once, but consciousness always steps back to look at the full artwork, only to discover that the human mind was contemplating a limited square inch of a very beautiful wall painting.

Consciousness does not require that all be interpreted intellectually. While we pay attention to ourselves and the forces within us, we become aware of the entire process at a glance, and all seems so simple. For example, it is not necessary for us to intellectually understand and control all the physiological processes going on in our body when we dance blood pressure, nervous stimulation of the muscles, the mathematics of coordination, balance information coming from the inner ears,.

We only have to dance and the beauty of it is revealed. Mastery is first attained by letting go of the limits we pose on our perception tools. It consists in accepting all the information that is revealed when we pay attention. Our awareness of ourselves grows and expands as we accept what we perceive of ourselves. From that point on, consciousness is naturally infused in the forces we became aware of, giving us the means to influence them.

Without extending ourselves on the subject, we can resume Karma as being a lesson that is manifested in your live so that - 43 - you may learn about yourself through experience.

Experiencing emotions and sensations of all sorts help you understand different lessons in life. Karma is not a consequence as much as a voluntary lesson from the point of view of the Spirit. A consequence is the result of a previous action. It is often associated with guilt in the thinking process of it happened because of me, thus I am guilty. Being responsible means that you will assume the consequences of an action, but it does not mean you are guilty.

Guilt is the result of not accepting our moral responsibility, or subtly fighting against responsibility. Guilt happens out of self-judgment when we prefer not admitting the truth to ourselves about a certain situation.

Throw pebbles in the pond and look at the ripples behave. The pebbles do not experience guilt. They are responsible for the ripples, so is the water. If you study the natural phenomena of action and reaction, you will understand more the subtle concepts of responsibility.

Our human ego likes to pressure itself under the weight of guilt, by playing a game of victim, especially if this role serves the human ego to attract more attention to it. You will free yourself from the emotion of guilt by admitting the truth to yourself out of a context of a victimizing game. Always take the time to breathe into your emotion; it will help you become aware of them. To become the master of your life, you must let go of control by responsibly accepting whatever happens to you, while also taking command by acting in ways to produce the results you wish to - 44 - manifest.

Accept illness when it strikes, and do all you can to prevent it. Accept pain when there is pain, and do all you can to responsibly resolve the pain. By subtly accepting that you are a part of all that you experience, and that everything manifests in your life in some way because you have desired it either from the human or spiritual point of view, you will also develop the power to manifest what you wish for by being in charge of your desires.

While you endure a painful human situation, even when you consciously do not desire this situation at all, there are unconscious mental processes that allow the painful experience to perpetuate itself.

The more you become aware of your egos self-defense mechanisms and hidden follies, the more you become the master of what you manifest.

From a overhead point of view, your human ego does not mind you endure pain, if it serves it to attract attention and nourish the fantasy of its false life. From even a higher point of view, your Spirit will respect your choice of lessons.

Your Spirit does not see pain where you perceive pain; it only sees experience. It is You, in the middle of it all, that have to take command again, without taking control and become a master of what you manifest. In time, you will remember where you situate yourself in your own experience. You will remember that you are your human ego, that you are your Spirit, and that you may chose your point of view in every situation.

The experience fingers also wrap around the indexes of affirmation, to enlighten and direct the affirmations with wisdom. Therefore, this mudra help you become aware of what you manifest when you affirm something, and it helps you become a master of your life by assisting your affirmations with the wisdom of integrated experiences.

In some traditions, especially because it is difficult to do so, the middle fingers dont bend enough to touch the tips of the thumbs. This is not dramatic, since it does assist the process of affirmation with the experience one has of life. Yet, when the mudra is done this way, it will not assist the seeker in gaining experience faster.

We keep the ring and little fingers inside the hand, meaning that we focus on becoming aware of the concepts of responsibility. In other traditions, keeping the last 2 fingers outside will work on expressing that you are in charge. Such a tool could be useful to impress people or defend yourself, but does not make you more responsible unless you learn from the inner contemplation of the concept.

From an elemental point of view, the experience of life previously extended in RIN, is now wrapped around the moving air, blowing towards our spiritual consciousness. KYO mantra Kyo or Pyo means strategy or troops.

Observed outwardly, the concept of troops holds little sense in relation with the kuji-in practice. If we bring the concept inwardly, the strategy is what we must operate in order to manifest what we desire, and the troops are the means that are available to us. It refers to the organizing of our actions in order to attain the desired result.

On isha naya in tara ya Om isha naya yantraya O vigorous behavior instrument Pronounced: sowaka swaha glory Om ishaanayaa yantrayaa Swaha! The Shinto religion refers to Hachiman, a God of war, giving his grace of abundance to fishermen and farmers. Hachiman was a God of war at the time of the samurai, where it was necessary to fight and protect if one was to obtain and keep riches. But what would be then, his relationship with fishermen and farmers?

While we do not need to physically fight anymore, Hachiman still is a model of determination and discipline. Buddhists pray Juichimen, with a thousand arms and eleven heads. The eleven heads symbolizes the many ways his power would manifest, and the thousand arms represent the many ways of actions taken to attain a goal.

The statue of Juichimen at the Sanjusangen-do temple has 40 arms, and each are said to save 25 worlds, totaling worlds. In our tradition, Om ishaanayaa yantrayaa Swaha! Means: O, Mastery as an Instrument, Glory to the Divine Practice this mantra while keeping in mind that you are responsible for everything that ever happened to you, if only from the point of view of Spirit, manifesting the lessons and the trials, but also the blessings and good fortune.

By acknowledging this creative phenomenon, and by freeing yourself from the emotion of guilt, you will start developing your power of manifestation. By perceiving the concept of manifestation from the point of view of the Spirit, you will allow your conscious mind to accept this power as a truth, thus, realizing it in your conscious human experience.

Give time to your human mind to change, to let it transmute into a tool of a higher level of consciousness. In time, with patience, faith in your spiritual self, and determination, you will allow greater levels of creative energies to enter your human life. When this energy enters your conscious mind, it will take the flavor and - 48 - the taints of your thoughts. The creative energy of the Spirit will follow its course thru your body, emanating outwards into your life, so to manifest the events that correspond to your thoughts.

Henceforth, if you ever have bad luck, question yourself as to if you had a clear mind lately.

You might discover that you hold even more responsibility in what you manifest than before. Even in unfortunate events, this creative process is a blessing, as it helps to condition your mind into accepting that you manifest from what you think. Train your mind into being happy.

Train your mind into being simple. Believe in good deeds and events. Have faith that everything will always be fine. Mostly, give yourself the time to attain this point of clarity and happiness. Do not discourage yourself, and trust yourself that everything will always be better. We all have these resistances to change, these opinions we hold dearly, these protective reactions that we keep with all our willpower while we are convinced they are legitimate protections.

Our human ego starts off any subject with the point of view that it holds the truth, and that it is the most important aspect of the equation of life. Thus, we fight to keep our fears, our guilt, our sadness inside of us, like treasures we cherish. These are the fights we have with ourselves, and these fights are what consume the most of our life energy.

We cannot resolve a conflict while we remain unaware of it. By becoming aware of the battles that rages within, we are allowing the release of all these tensions and energy blockages, making the entire process of living much easier. Once an inner battle is allowed to exist, it expresses itself and we can then take action in ways to transform the situation in something positive.

Sometimes, the rage simply wished to be heard, and it will find peace with the satisfaction that it got the inner attention it desired. These inner battles originate within our human ego, and paying attention to them is often a great part of the solution.

Yet, we will find it hard to pay attention to what we do not acknowledge within ourselves. While a role of the ego is to attract attention to itself, another one is to entertain its fantasy of itself. Thus, as a human ego, we lie to ourselves, not allowing the truth of what we feel to rise up to - 51 - consciousness.

This is the work that has to be done in the process of the TOH technique. It is a process of acknowledgement of the truth, followed by the letting go of the battles that rage inside us. When we are done releasing the pressure of our most intimate inner battles, our entire energy system is freed and can function with much more efficiency. Do not fool yourself; kings, beggars and saints all have these inner battles going on, even at the most subtle level.

We are free from inner fighting only when we have totally conquered our human ego. With the perceptive thumb of consciousness, the sensible ring finger and the stabilizing pinky finger, this mudra help us to perceive what is going on, while our affirming index and experimental middle finger are focusing inside. If there is affirmation, it is done inside. If a feeling is experienced, it is experienced inside.

We keep our air and fire fingers inside, to become aware of the motion of energies triggered by the conscious, sensible and grounding fingers seeking harmony. Keeping index and middle fingers outside the hand would try to impose peace rather than become aware of it, yet it would still be a mudra of peace and harmony.

In some traditions, this mudra is called the outer lion, and many attempts have been made to explain why it would be named outer while it is aimed at inner peace.

The reason for this is simple. This mudra is called the outer lion in its shape of the Shinto tradition, where the index and middle fingers are intertwined to - 53 - express harmony by force, a typical trait of the martial arts mudras. When the TOH mudra is done in this manner, it looks like a lion going towards the outside, or perceived from other peoples point of view. It is done by inserting the index fingers in the dent between the ring and middle finger, than bending the middle fingers over the indexes.

TOH mantra Toh means fighting. Outward fighting is what we usually do when we are confronted with difficult situations. But if we take the concept of fighting inwardly, we discover the fighting we lead against ourselves, preventing us from attaining peace and harmony. This concept refers to the contacts we have with others, as well as with ourselves.

In order to find peace, we must understand our own personal fights. On je te Om jit O conquering Pronounced: ra shi itara rashi yatra zodiac place ji ba ra ta no-o sowaka jiva ratna swaha life treasure glory Om jitraashi yatra jivaratna Swaha! The Shinto god Kasuga, a deer deity, is a messenger between our human mind and our interior spiritual world.

The zodiac being the influences over our character and personality, it is compared here to the lower influences over our life. Many different things influence our decisions and actions. These influences come from others and from ourselves.

Having conquered these subtle influences, we rejoice of our new life. He is pictured sitting at ease, meditating, and the innermost of his six arms is holding a jewel of happiness and wisdom that grants the wishes of the devoted prayer. From both a Buddhist and Hindu point of view, the zodiac also represents what is keeping us in the cycle of reincarnation.

The zodiac is the path that we travel with our human ego, to discover who we truly are, in every possible aspect. Once freed from our human egos control, our perception change and everything becomes marvelous and beautiful. In our tradition, Om Jitraashi yatra jivaratna Swaha! Means : O, conquering the zodiac, journey to life's treasures, Glory Pay attention to your inner fighting. Become aware of it to dissolve it with conscious acknowledgement of it. Breathe into it and relax it from the depths of your angers origins.

Yet, do not drop hope, faith and willpower in such a process. Keep your energy up. This animal rage, this anger, is a legitimate aspect of our human experience and it should not be judged.

It should simply be released of our egos control. Discover the power within the human animal rage, in an attitude of attaining success, without the attitude of overpowering others. Bring this animal anger to yourself and profit from it. Do not project your animal anger to others, but use it to fuel yourself when you need - 55 - willpower. From the point of view of the Spirit, anger and joy are the same energy with different polarities.

Anger is a pressure that wants out, so is joy. Repressing one or the other will only hinder your ability to develop great willpower, while accepting to express both joy and anger will release the pressure of inner fighting. Remember that each time you express anger in a state of battle, fighting, or conflict, you are actually losing in favor of your human ego.

Yet, you should not pressure yourself in restraining this anger inside. Thus, you will know on which aspect of yourself you have to work on. Expressing your anger in anothers face is a lack of self-mastery. You can keep the pressure in until you are alone to process it. But dont forget about it and leave the pressure in, or youll have other issues out of that. So much to do! Yes, be patient, determined, and you will grow on the path progressively.

Eventually, you will be at peace in every situation. When we start to tamper with our inner constructions, it happens that our ego will prefer the stability and comfort of what he already knows of himself, thus limiting the possibilities for expansion. At this point, you probably understood the importance of the Emotional Transmutation technique explained in the Advanced book.

It is critical to allow yourself to become aware of the emotional sources of every conflict that you hold inside. The challenge is also to become aware of your inner truth without letting yourself disturbed by your human ego, who will sometimes collaborate, sometimes fight against the process.

Combine your emotional transmutation with the recognition of the human ego in his manipulative behaviors. Pay attention to your natural defensive reactions when you try to prevent yourself from becoming aware of what you are, in truth.

These behaviors will be hard to discern at first. As you gain more experience, you will become more agile and efficient in recognizing yourself, and accepting yourself as what you are. SHA is a place of power, more specifically, willpower.

It is the expression of power at the level where your human self can experience it clearly.

From the solar plexus, your energy circulates, not only within your body, but also outwards. This is the place where the inner wheels turn, making the outer wheels turns as well. With SHA, the solar plexus operates the movements that you set forth. It can call forth a rectification or it can set place for destruction. Whatever your bidding, it will be powerful.

Hence, this is the place where you must be careful not to hurt yourself or others. Nevertheless, you are not left without tools.

With the knowledge and wisdom to apply emotional transmutation, and the will you have to recognize your human ego at work, you are encouraged to trust yourself and follow the path to the development of your own inner power. This being said, let us define the first illusion of power. When we first approach the concept of power, our human ego jumps in the scene shouting This is my area!

I know how it works! This is the first mistake we do. Each time we mention power, we believe it is a form of force or tightening of the muscles, accompanied by the stimulation of hormonal emissions, to provide a feeling of being powerful. This - 59 - is a mask that the human ego encourages, hoping to prove to you that you are powerful from the point of view of your human animal.

In fact, this muscular and hormonal power is a show that animals put on to prove themselves amongst other lowly creatures of a pack. This natural behavior often leads to the subconscious tightening of the buttock, waist and abdominal muscles, restraining the free circulation of true power within you.

To attain a state of power, we must first release this biological tension we associate with the concept of power. The key to freedom is simple, you might have guessed already: pay attention. Pay attention to the biological, emotional and mental reactions that you have when you contemplate the concept of power.

Before you are to develop true power, you must become aware of these hindering reactive behaviors that are mostly automatic defense systems. These defensive systems were useful for a great while, but now represent an obstacle to our full development.

By processing these reactions, we will get to know ourselves even better, and we will start to dispose of a greater source of power for all our future experiences. Right now, take a moment to contemplate this wisdom and apply the technique to yourself, so that you may become aware of how you react to power.

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Once aware of the way your human self deals with power, mostly from the point of view of its own fantasy of personal power, you can go on to letting yourself go to the true power that resides within you, and everywhere around you.

The first step will be to let go of power. Let yourself become aware of universal, spiritual and personal power as one single force, unified and free flowing. Effort at this point will only be the egos attempt to gain back the attention.

Breathe and feel. Let yourself become imbued with a feeling of strength while all your muscles are relaxed.

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Let the power of the universe grab you, penetrate you, imbue your every pore. The Power of the universe is a power that we let flow thru us, as we become a part of it. You do not control power. You simply become one with it, in consciousness, and then influence it with your will, not with your arrogance.

It is a natural reflex of the human ego to constantly jump out of its box with silent affirmations like Im stronger than or I am more powerful than. Every time you notice a form of pretentious behavior, it is the arrogance of your human ego. Become aware of this personality trait and relax it. We do not control the power of the universe, the Spirit and the human. We simply ride it. Let yourself flow with the power of the universe, let yourself become aware of its existence in your body.

Gain consciousness of the all encompassing energy that surrounds and penetrates all things; this life, this great force that move planets and sand grains. This is the energy that fuels stars and your bodys cells, the power that travels like light or stops in perfect immobility, while remaining alive in a still movement of life.

We do not have power, we do not hold it, or possess it. We become it. Combined with the thumbs, this mudra helps us become aware of power, both human and spiritual, in our perceptible world.

Malas and Rosary

Extending the thumbs, indexes and little fingers, we wish to bring to earth the affirmation of our sprit. We will remain contemplative of this concept so it can penetrate us, while we keep the ring and middle finger inside our hands.

This mudra is also known as the inner lion, for the same reasons that the TOH mudra can be known as the outer lion. When you place the tip of your ring fingers in the dent between the middle and index fingers, then bending the middle fingers over the ring fingers, you end up having a lion facing inwards.

If you orient the mudra upwards, and then look down over it, you will notice the thumbs and indexes making a mouth, the ring fingers making the eyes, and the little fingers making - 62 - the ears.

This mudra can be useful to force your sensible emotional side into affirming power. Again, while this application remains useful in conditioning yourself, it will not develop the actual awareness of your inner power as much.Thus, we fight to keep our fears, our guilt, our sadness inside of us, like treasures we cherish. The key to its signification is to let the mind dwell upon it until a comprehension is obtained; one that will satisfy the seeker and represent possibilities that the mind can grasp.

The mantras were thought orally for quite a while, until they were written down using the Sanskrit alphabet, called Devangari script. Sustained practice builds your personal energy body, or vital body. Now, as for the way to cross and bind fingers, some traditions place the bent fingers inside the hand, and others keep the fingers outside the hands.

The eleven heads symbolizes the many ways his power would manifest, and the thousand arms represent the many ways of actions taken to attain a goal.

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