We are thrilled to announce that you can now download MAKE in PDF format from the Maker Shed! Every volume of MAKE is loaded with. As always, this Humble supports the Maker Education Initiative, a nonprofit devoted to growing access to makerspaces, bringing maker values. Make: Magazine, Volume 66 (PDF). $ Make: magazine, Volume 42 - the Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing (PDF) MAKE Year 9: eBook Set (PDF).

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Get inspired to make - anytime, anywhere, with our eBook collection. Brush up your technical know-how or delve into another endeavor altogether - never waste . MAKE: Complete eBook Collection (PDFs) and more available online at, brought to you by Make Magazine. Get inspiration for. Making an eBook is easy, regardless of your coding experience. This is good, because % of your time should be spent on writing and.

Determine which pages are read most often, how long readers are staying on them, and much more. Although sometimes defined as "an electronic version of a printed book", some e-books exist without a printed equivalent.

How to make a digital magazine FlippingBook software is intuitive and easy-to-use, so you can publish your magazines online in a few simple steps. Search this site. When your Yudu online magazine is created you can embed it into a blog, wiki, or website. The only drawback to Yudu is that the download option can be hard to find when viewing a document full screen and the download file is a zip file which is a turn-off for some people. My Ebook users can create ebooks It also features a bunch of helpful templates for you to use.

Ebook Design Tools. Ebook design templates from Lucidpress get you off to a great start in that area. With different free ebook sample templates to choose from, you can pick one that best fits what your ebook is about. Home Of Foundr Magazine. If I want to make a pdf, the spread option does not work for the last page from one document and the first page from the next document.

I get single pages for these two. This is not for final print, but only to show clients what their Here's a quick design history lesson courtesy of Smashing Magazine. In , [typographer] Jan Tschichold dismissed centered text and Many marketeers just give away ebooks willy-nilly from their sites.

By adding a bit of scientific thought, and a more targeted approach, these instructions can dramatically improve your cash flow Stay in control of your content. The Play Books Partner Center makes it easy to upload content, set prices, and choose the countries where you want to sell your books.

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Passionate believers rejecting the norm and pursuing the extraordinary. Find Issuu publications embedded on websites, blogs and social channels. Upload a PDF of your publication to Issuu and share it with the world. Get Your Work Out There. See where your readers are coming from and which pages they read and share the most.

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Amazing look and feel across all platforms, devices and Issuu apps. NKD Magazine Monthly online music and entertainment magazine. Feast Magazine Delving deep into the Midwest culinary scene.

The Music All about the music. The Flowerseekers A flower magazine produced by flower lovers, for flower lovers. Sweet Paul.

White Magazine Bringing together stories of love and life — personal narratives of laughter, romance, oftentimes tragedy, but always hope. Face the Current. ES Magazine Celebrating the thriving culture, art, fashion, beauty, food, film and theatre scenes in London. Nude Real, raw, and true. Panta Magazine An independent magazine that celebrates creative culture and artivism around the world. NKD Mag Monthly music and entertainment magazine. Emerging Photographer An unparalleled source of information and education for photography professionals.

Feast Delving into the Midwest's culinary scene with the latest on restaurants, recipes and top chefs. Honest Food A beautiful mag out of Minsk about home, food, and the magic that happens in the kitchen. LFI An independent magazine for the field of Leica photography. Flash Thrive A zine about place, and the places we leave behind in order to get to where we need to go.

Loser Zine A zine made by young people for people. Candy Zine A zine about anyone and anything. Bossier A zine at Georgetown University focused on women's empowerment. A Spell Zine Grief, heartache, spells. Fan Club A club night and 'zine, bringing girls to the front since The Siren Magazine University of Oregon's feminist magazine takes a look at selfies. Ginger the Zine Networked feminism.


Debate All about the F word. Flawless Women of color. The Perpetual You Believing women can have joy, ease, fun, and wealth just by being who they already are.

F Word Seeking to explore feminism in its present-day cultural context as a unifying, anti-oppressive, intersectional force. Misadventures The adventure magazine for women.

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DIY Magazine A monthly curation of music news, interviews and features. Loud and Quiet A monthly mucic tabloid based in London, England. Gold Crwn Run by a generation of innovators who speak on music, empowerment, and lifestyle. Bello Entertainment, fashion, lifestyle. Local Wolves Delving into the most creative minds from the world of entertainment, arts and culture.

So Young A magazine for music fans created by music fans.

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One Magazine A fashion editorial magazine, focused on exposing talented and world-renowned photographers. SYN An independent quarterly online magazine that represents the fresh and creative of the youth generation. Atlas Magazine Quarterly digital fashion publication for the new generation of creatives.


Fashion Shift Fashion and healthy lifestyle publication. Daily Front Row Modern fashion design and Hollywood lifestyles.

Dress To Kill Where bold fashion choices, culture at the cutting edge and stylish luxury collide. Est Magazine Australian digital design magazine curating the best in global design, fashion, interiors and lifestyle.

At Home Magazine. Allen Smith's Naturally. Toronto Home Luxury interior design, landscape, architecture and lifestyle magazine. Fabulous Floors Unique home interiors begin with fabulous floors. Your Home Magazine Expert editorial and advice, the latest trends, and design ideas in Southwest Florida.

Profile Identifying and promotes innovation in prominent American industries. Sync Representing executives, across a diverse array of industries, in the technology leadership space.

American Healthcare Leader Keeping tabs on the companies that are implementing new and newsworthy initiatives.

Elite Agent The magazine for real estate professionals. Elite Franchise The definitive publication for the franchising sector. FM World News, advice and analysis for the facilities management sector. Escapism The magazine for busy Brits with one eye on the job and the other on the next holiday.

You often pay per project or for a subscription for online programs, while you download more traditional programs outright. How We Tested We researched to find downloadable programs and online services for eBook publication, looking for options that have a variety of publishing templates. We counted the number of file types each software processes and how many template types each service has, taking note of those that include professional tools or support educators.

We also looked for services that connect with the most popular eBook stores, including site and Barnes and Noble. We used the support options, like email, FAQ, tutorials and manuals to see if they were easy to understand and offered enough information so that you could manage your projects effectively.

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We loaded content into each software and timed how long it took to process the data. We also noted if the program malfunctioned or performed slower than other eBook creators. When you publish online, you also want to protect your content. As such, we looked for services that offer support and clearly state what types of release agreements are available — whether for profit or the public — and articulate the differences between them so you can make an informed decision about how and where to share your work.

Multi-Language Capabilities If you want to write a story partially or wholly in a language other than English, double-check that the eBook creator you choose supports it. The best software makes it easy to choose your language or switch between languages without disrupting your workflow or inadvertently creating weird characters, typos and unexpected formatting issues. Cloud vs. Does it save it to its server via the cloud, or do you download the software onto your computer?The HTML is also very straightforward.

The first step on the how to make an eBook journey is to take a careful look at who you are pitching it to. Your download of this newest Electronics bundle will help even more! The fields of facial recognition and machine learning promise innovation opportunities beyond what we might thought possible even 10 years ago.

A magazine for music fans created by music fans. The magazine for busy Brits with one eye on the job and the other on the next holiday. Where bold fashion choices, culture at the cutting edge and stylish luxury collide.

Debate All about the F word.

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