Avengers ( - Present) A Year of Marvels: April Infinite Comic ( - Present) · A Year of Marvels: August Infinite Comic ( - Present) · A YEAR OF . Download and read free comics and comic books on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Captain America #1. The Avengers is a team of superheroes, appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The team made its debut in The Avengers #1.

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Avengers () #1 iron Man. Avengers () # Mockingbird. West Coast Avengers () #1. The Thing (captain marvel, warbird). Avengers () # Mar 27, [DOWNLOAD PDF] MARVEL's Avengers: Infinity War: Thanos: Titan 5 Comic Books to Read Before the Marvel's Inhumans Airs on ABC. Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app on Android, featuring the world's most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite .

How to read it: Available digitally on Comixology and Marvel , or in the Infinity Gauntlet print collection. What If? For the other, perhaps the best place to look for answers is this mostly forgotten issue of the alternate history comic series What If?

Classic Vol. The Incredible Hulk For those who needed more of the Professor Hulk persona, look no further than the earlys era of the Incredible Hulk comic book series, in which Bruce Banner appeared to come to terms with his situation, and took charge of the possibilities offered by a gamma-powered body, leading to something not unlike the Professor Hulk—albeit one with a far drier sense of humor and more direct methods of trying to make the world a better place in his eyes. Of course, things don't necessarily work out too well, but that's pretty much the fun of it all… How to read it: Available digitally at Comixology and Marvel , or the Incredible Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vols.

Avengers Forever If we're talking about time travel stories involving Earth's mightiest heroes, then this part series in which Avengers from different eras and time periods are brought together to deal with a threat from across all history can't be ignored. The Avengers vol.

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To coincide with what would have been the th issue of the original series, Marvel changed the numbering, and The Avengers — Sept. Avengers vol. Starting with issue , all four Avengers titles being published at the time Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, U. Avengers and Occupy Avengers were merged into a single weekly series dubbed Avengers: No Surrender, designed to close out this era of the team's history.

After the group vanquished Loki, Ant-Man stated that the five worked well together and suggested they form a team; the Wasp named the group Avengers.

Spider-Man was offered membership but did not join the group. The mansion was serviced by Edwin Jarvis , the Avengers' faithful butler, [43] and furnished with state of the art technology and defense systems, and included the Avengers' primary mode of transport: the five-engine Quinjet.

The Avengers briefly disband when Skrulls impersonating Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man used their authority as founders of the team and disbanded it. With his origins clear to him, the Vision proposed to the Scarlet Witch.

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The "Celestial Madonna" saga ended with their wedding, presided over by Immortus. Among Gyrich's demands was that the active roster be trimmed down to only seven members, and that the Falcon , an African American , be admitted to the team to comply with affirmative action laws. This last act was resented by Hawkeye, who because of the seven-member limit lost his membership slot to the Falcon.

Marvel officially joined the team as her replacement.

After he abused his wife, failed to win back the confidence of the Avengers with a ruse and was duped by the villain Egghead , Pym was jailed.

The loss of the Scarlet Witch's children and the Vision, who was disassembled by government agents in retaliation for the Ultimate Vision storyline, drove her insane, although she eventually recovered and rejoined the team.


This story revealed that the Scarlet Witch's powers included wide-range reality manipulation and she was what the time-traveling Immortus refers to as a "nexus being" setting the stage for 's eventual Chaos and Avengers Disassembled storylines. The Avengers titles in late were involved in the major crossover event " Acts of Vengeance " where Loki assembled many of Marvel's arch-villains, his inner circle consisted of Doctor Doom, Magneto , Kingpin , Mandarin , Wizard , and Red Skull , in a plot to destroy the team.

In the comics, Nebula is still very much a victim of Thanos, being tortured for his own amusement.


However, when she fights back, she fights for herself rather than making the heroic turn as in the movies. In fact, Nebula manages to take the Gauntlet for herself and proves to potentially be more dangerous than her father.

The remaining heroes gather themselves and form a plan back on Earth, with Rocket and Nebula joining in, and even the epic final battle is on Earth as well. Not only is the Infinity Gauntlet story almost entirely a cosmic story, but some very substantial cosmic beings get involved. While it would be cool to see such epic characters in the MCU, this movie is pretty backed as it is.

This theory comes from the Soul World's inclusion in the comics as Thanos traps several heroes in this place to prevent them from meddling in his affairs. While it is possible Natasha is trapped there in some form, the movie does not confirm address it at all.

The general consensus was that time travel would be used in some way, with theories that the Time Stone or Captain Marvel would be the key. In the end, the heroes used the Quantum Realm to go back and retrieve the stones from the past.

As key as time travel is in the film, it does not enter into the comic book story at all.Deadpool - Black Panther: They all lose and die of embarrassment. Nova Annihilation: Spider-Man the What If?

The New Avengers disbanded, with a rebel underground starring in a series retaining The New Avengers in its trademarked cover logo and New Avengers in its copyright indicia.

The Infinity Revelation Thanos: In the comics, Nebula is still very much a victim of Thanos, being tortured for his own amusement.

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