Visit my website for news and new releases here. Mr. Beautiful R.K. Lilley PROLOGUE MY REMAKING PRESENT JAMES I've been remade four times in my life. 10 items MR. BEAUTIFUL UP IN THE AIR #4. JAMES. I've been remade four times in my life. It is a distinct feeling. Impossible to mistake. The very marked. R K Lilley - Mr Beautiful Up in the Air 4 - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. crossfire series.

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Mr. Beautiful will be a male point-of-view novel for the Up in the Air series that tells the story of James, and Stephan, and their unwavering love. by R.K. Lilley. 0·. ·· Ratings. This will be released after Mr. Beautiful, and will be a standalone novel, connected to the Up in the Air series. It will be a. Lilley, R.K. - Mile High (Up in the Air 2).epub. KB. Lilley, R.K. - Grounded (Up in the Air 3).epub. KB. Lilley, R.K. - Mr. Beautiful (Up in the Air 4).epub.

I checked my phone. This flying commercial business. Love u xoxo I nearly rolled my eyes. I turned left. Walker is running a few minutes behind. A tall blonde flight attendant nearly ran into me.

And she knew very well that I wouldn't be contacting her anytime soon. Can't wait to see you again. I just nodded. Hers were clear as water. I'm otherwise engaged for the foreseeable future. It made no sense at all. All we'd ever shared was a predilection for rough and kinky fucking. I tucked my phone away as I approached the entrance into the aircraft.

Usually she tried to separate those two requests. I doubted she was a sub. A very attractive pink blush colored her cheeks. She managed to beg to see me again. I studied her. Last night had been tolerable.

I was enthralled. There was something so irresistible in her eyes. I looked up. I far preferred to give her money as opposed to my time. What were a few more minutes. There was no one to greet me at the door. It made me feel less like a cad for occasionally fucking women that I couldn't stand when they proved to want money out of the exchange. I knew that there was supposed to be a few passengers in coach.

She was lovely. More and more. They were so pale they struck me as a hint translucent. How could you get sick of a person that you saw twice a year.

I'd always humor the obnoxious old bastard. She was just handing the bag of ice off to another flight attendant when Bram moved in to block my view of her. Other than that small tell. What can I get you to drink? Not with this one. This one seemed too perfect. Because of their bond and those memories of my father laughing at his loud jokes.

I had been disinterested in way too many personal aspects of my life for far too long. She'd sealed her fate with that alone. I hadn't realized that I'd been suffering from it at all until just that moment. He was an old-time CEO at heart. On the contrary. I would tolerate him. It was going to be a very long flight.

I couldn't think straight—couldn't focus at all. I couldn't bring myself to be upset about that. She was wringing her hands when she approached our seats. Nowadays it was just the opposite. He and my father had been close. It made me realize suddenly just how clinical sex had become to me—nothing more than the methodical scratching of a biological itch.

How long had this ennui had such a hold on me? I had no idea. I felt suddenly awake. The loud voice of her boss galvanized the lovely woman into action. He grinned at me. I nodded at whatever the hell he was saying. Being in charge meant that you had to be professional around your employees at all times. I wanted to ruffle that composure again. I watched as two more drops gathered on the bottom of the bag and then fell to hit the ground.

I could remember when he would come over to our house for dinner when I was a kid.

My whole body felt alive. I sat near the aisle. I felt as though I was holding her in place with just my force of will. I wasn't feeling it now. I felt like I'd just had a lobotomy as I made my way into the nearest seat. At least I wasn't the only one who'd forgotten that the rest of the world existed.

Neither of us moved until I heard Bram's damned voice booming at me all the way from the jet bridge.

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I knew he'd be drunk before we took off. There was a tiny puddle of water between us. I didn't like that. I could tell just from glancing at him that he was already well into his cups. I couldn't remember the last time I'd felt desire like this. How long had I just been going through the motions? I couldn't have said.

I grinned. I shifted to the side. I thought of her soft voice and how she'd called me Mr. Like waking up from a nightmare. I was fascinated at a glance. I made a note to sit in 2D the next time I took one of her flights. Half of them hoard the carts whether they need them or not.

I thought. Her jump seat was just out of my view as she sat down for take-off. And I adored that little smile. Another flight attendant passed by our seat.

It was a start. We both shook our heads no. They held such a mixture of kindness. I need a bit more than a million. They had a brief. She was bent down.

Is Las Vegas to New York the normal routine? It was a small smile. Do you really need that cart for just the two of us? It was a brunette. I tried to put my finger on why I was so affected by that little smile. I'll help you take it back. She gave me a small but gratifying smile. You show me one more girl in her league.

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I tried to listen. They got to me. It was soft but steady. You didn't get eyes like that without anguish. I had a name.

I smiled. It was meant to reassure because the other woman was obviously stressed out. My mouth twisted. You didn't get eyes like that without hardship. I watched her walk away. I'm glad you brought it up. I was making plans to pursue her before the plane had even taken off. He suddenly reminded me of a shark scenting blood in the water. She visibly started. It was a solid hour into the flight before I was able to approach her in the galley. They were soul stealing. She was a stunningly beautiful woman.

Layovers in New York. I would have had an unobstructed view of her seat from there. I cursed myself for the bad seating choice and studied the cabin to find a better one. I'm more than stocked. She served us. I was getting to that. I was so certain there was depth there and that intrigued me.

Mr. Beautiful

I have a whole fleet of girls like Bianca. I gave him an arch. I only caught small snippets of what they were saying. It's her eyes. I have to get back to work. I parted ways with Bram as soon as I could. I listened. I could tell he was surprised by that answer. I couldn't invest in it. I rarely quit working this early in the day. Not yet. She opened her mouth.

I wasn't impressed. Fucking Bram lingered. A turn is when we fly somewhere. The man ran his company like it was a game. Bram kept me occupied for the rest of the flight. He smiled at me.

He'd just see it as something he could use as leverage. If he wouldn't give up control. Under me. What I did know was that if he kept running things 'his way. It was a con man's smile. I was sick of talking in circles.

I gave her a neutral smile. I didn't get another opportunity to approach her. I didn't know that. Clark began to drive. Did you need something? She bit her lip. I guess I'll leave you to it. I nodded at him as I slid into the backseat. My mind was stuck on that woman. I knew it was useless to even try to work just then. They all turn around and go back to Las Vegas. I'd find another way.

It was a graphic visual. Spread out. I would just be prolonging the inevitable. For fucking days. She turned away before she could see my nostrils flare. I didn't even get a moment alone with her as we deplaned. I couldn't concentrate on a damn thing. I thought in shock. It wasn't as though I asked him to find women for me often. I stroked my cock harder. You look like you could use one. That was the worst of it. I knew it. I thought about her body that time.

Bianca was trouble for me. I remembered the delicate wrist I'd studied as she'd served me. I'd only met her once. And worse. I had no desire to. I soaped my hand. I felt like a teenager again. It'll be a pain in my ass.

I knew I would find more satisfaction just thinking about her. Why did it feel like I'd wanted her forever? I brought myself to another orgasm. I closed my eyes and leaned against the tiled wall. I didn't even consider finding a woman to ease myself with. It was early. She's a flight attendant. It was disconcerting how well he could read me. I could also use a number. I didn't give a fuck. I was jerking myself off again within a few short moments. I felt dazed as I walked directly to the master bathroom.

I was going to have her. They'd been steady. I didn't use cold water. I dreamed that night about silky blonde hair and pale blue eyes that I could lose myself in. I'd taken the afternoon off. I pictured tying those wrists to my bed as I jerked hard on my aching cock and came again with a rough groan. Her name is Bianca.

I need her schedule ASAP. That's all I know. It was a nosy question. She looks like a model. I'd have called one of the five women I knew that were in the city who could cater to my specific needs. But to do what? If I weren't acting like a besotted fool over a stranger. He was just an unflappable kind of guy.

The man was so good at his job. I knew she was getting the best care possible. He existed every day in a purgatory of his own. But also. About the how.

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The fact that she's still breathing. Tristan's eyes were sympathetic in a way that let me know he'd been through hell and back. I knew. The poor bastard. What's the point of it all? He was in worse shape. What would I do if he didn't make it? How would I tell her a thing like that?

She was in surgery. How is it possible that I could find something. A love like that makes you better. Trust me on this. I knew just how to control the situation. You're not allowed to come unless I say so. I was too preoccupied to work. I began to pace. It didn't start with dinner. I wasn't sure how the evening was supposed to play out or the best way to handle things. I sought out a phone and called her. Where was she? Would she really cut it this close? With a curse.

This sort of meeting usually only went one way for me. Taking off my watch was no help.

My jaw clenched. If she was in this state now.

I pinched the tip of my erect cock hard. And you're going to be late. This is one of many reasons why I wanted to send a driver. It had me on instant alert. Don't make yourself come. She was supposed to be here in fifteen minutes. You sound strange.

Things she didn't seem remotely interested in. I was antsy. I didn't know what she wanted from me. I went into the one of the property's control rooms. For the first time that I could remember. It was safe to say I'd never run into this problem before.

Reaching down. I'd dismissed my staff halfway through the day. Your cunt is mine. I'm coming there. I knew it and she knew it. Just how out of line would it be to take her virginity on the floor of my entryway?

How uncouth and unforgivable? I wondered. I squeezed. I shuddered in pleasure. A deep. I moved behind her. I held onto my control by the thinnest thread. It was mine to take. The lust in the air just then was so thick I felt like I could reach out and touch it with my hand. I'd had time to dwell on just why it consumed my thoughts and came to the conclusion that it was the ownership it gave me. I didn't know what to do with it. If she was going to refrain from all artifice. It was her first time.

I wanted no misunderstanding. I opened the gate as soon as I finally saw a car approach. Her silence made my jaw clench. I led her like that to my bedroom. She obeyed without a word. She leaned into the contact. Because it was about a second away from happening. I sucked in a breath. I'd arranged things just how I liked them. I swung the front door wide as she reached the bottom of the small set of stairs that led up to the entrance.

It was heady. I couldn't take it. I grabbed her hair. Was she a true masochist? Would she find some enjoyment even in that sort of pain? I was beyond impatient.

I would make her touchable. She wore a sheer black dress with flowers painted across it. She ignored me as though I hadn't spoken. I was taking up most of the open doorway. Even delivered to my doorstep. I'd own a part of her that no one else had ever touched. I could restrain myself for at least the time I took to get near my bed. She paused there. I'd had my fingers inside of her. Could stick out my tongue and taste it.

It was flimsy. Something you want to know about me? Something you want in general? I watched her heavy breasts move as she took a deep breath. My vision had gone into tunnel vision just then. But I can't wait any more for this. Didn't you say you would punish me for lying to you? But we weren't in here when I lied to you.

I need to mark you. It was spelled out in barbaric letters all over the room. She paused before finally answering. Nothing has ever made me feel this wild before. I gripped her hair harder. I need to open you up and strip every detail out of you. I need to own you.

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Mr. Beautiful (Up in the Air #4) by R.K. Lilley

I will never lie to you. I need to punish you. I will read your reactions. This was where I would take her body. I enjoyed her spirit. Tell me what your safe word means. That only made my heart pound harder. Restraints hung from the latticed top of the bed. Nothing else. That got to me. Infuriating woman. We need to figure out this arrangement.

And I will get you to tell me what that word means to you. I'd have asked her then if she liked riding. I pulled on her hair hard. It had become the single biggest obsession of my life these past days. She did, and I peeled her dress off her swiftly, sucking in a breath at the sight that greeted me. I was feverish with want. I needed everything at once. And both of there speeches… sigh. We are fundamentally connected.

We met when we were broken seeds, when we were still being formed into something. We had to grow together to survive. Some part of us will always be like that, connected, growing together. We're different flowers, but we were nurtured from the same damaged root. Overall, this was a good read for me. I liked that it was all from the male pov.

The book was written in a way that it jumped around quite a bit. I love the male pov.

There is nothing like being in one of your favorite book boyfriends heads. I loved watching James growth, seeing him before Bianca, during and then the after. Being in his head while he lost his heart to her was something special. I was lost. I was found. I, James Cavendish, unrepentant dominant, sexual deviant, and prolific slut for more years than I cared to count, was in love.

He is one of my favorite characters from this series. There were a few hard to read scenes that made me cry.He managed to clip me on the shoulder before I laid into him again, but it was nothing, certainly not compared to the damage I did to him that round. Undefeated, in fact. I just need to touch you. Cavendish was suddenly the only passenger awake in my cabin.

She made a delicious little noise, and I straightened, continuing to circle her.

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