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15 Nintendo Power Issue Ninja Gaiden 2 Strategy · 16 Nintendo Topics Nintendo Power, Nintendo, video game, magazine. Collection. Numbers of the magazine Nintendo Power. Identifier NintendoPower_ Identifier-arkark://t9jk5j. ScannerInternet Archive. NGC Magazine (originally known as N64 Magazine until Issue 60, ) was a British magazine specialising in Nintendo created consoles;.

Turning your 3DS upside-down on a bus may provoke bemused glances from fellow passengers. Samus spends too much time crying. Questionably accented elephants Strong single-player modes. Fantasy Life gives you hundreds of mini-tasks that add up to create a web of things to do: A shaman sends you in pursuit with just a yo-yo to bash enemies.

And in Flock Step — a world of stilt-legged birds doing squawking squats to the brashest. Without it. Not so with Zelda II. Part dungeon-crawler. Never intended for release in Japan. Enemies could now attack high and low. KB It takes the best parts of games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon and fuses them with an RPG framework to create something utterly gorgeous. Fantasy Life came almost out of nowhere to be one of our favourite 3DS games of all time. Rather than providing one solid feature that lasts.

You play Mike Jones. Making the game a side-scrolling platformer. We know it has a pretty bad rep compared to other Zelda games.

MG Twitter: Kojima and Miyamoto were doing it earlier than you. Not even once. Thirteen years down the line and we still wake up in hot.

NINTENDO - Official Nintendo Magazine December

DO www. Its match-three gameplay is now familiar the world over. First-person shooting and improved guard AI served to bring the already stellar original up to speed — not to mention brought it to a console where its maverick thinking and. So on a 10 x 10 grid. The story mode sees you battle coloured blocks with the likes of Lakitu and Prince Froggy as you unravel another nefarious Bowser plot.

Four Swords channels that mean streak towards three fellow Links. Did we mention it never stops spinning? Good luck with that. You control a constantly rotating stick. Endless mode is high-score heaven. What are you. Even today. I reasoned that any game made by my own hand had to be perfect.

Cheers Wario! An RPG. It was kinda a joke. Good to see a kick-ass female protagonist. Even the shortcuts were hardcore.

What could have been a last-gasp gimmick not only kicked off a new brand of Mario adventure. Throw in tight time trial challenges without corrupting speed mushroom throw-ins and arguably the best battle mode of all time.

If there were a moment in Nintendo history that made you feel more like a baller than landing the Ghost House 1 Incredi-Jump. AD The focus on amassing maximum loot makes every stage supremely replayable. It clicks and whirrs in an astoundingly satisfying way. C D apcom hardly reinvented Zelda. Its position in this chart tells you which way ONM leans.

Set in a world of gogglyeyed. But Pullblox is a new kind of block puzzler. More importantly. We recommend playing both to get the full story.

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Developed simultaneously alongside the more actionpacked Oracle of Seasons. Wario Land 4 is pick of the bunch. This puts a stronger focus on puzzle-solving. Mercury in the cartridge meant that the game fell foul of EU restrictions.

Tromping around his guts gave us a lesson in Koopa King anatomy, while his outer world exploits revealed how hard it is to run an evil empire.

Tremendous fun. But the standout moment was gracefully gliding above it all as Birdman, to the accompaniment of some seductive synth-sax that simultaneously made us feel very uncomfortable and a little bit sexy. It achieves a seemingly impossible feat, combining old and new, fashioning something completely unique, and being one of the most authentic Mario games ever made.

And also fresh and brand-new. Watching your board carve into the piste, or the powdery, loose snow arch as you edge through it. Great times. Rare developed it. Consciously ludicrous and quietly hilarious with its treatment of violence, KI blindsided all with its spiralling imagination.

There are trophies to collect, each describing a single character or item from a past Nintendo game. It is, for our money, one of the most human stories ever told in a videogame, perfectly capturing those odd moments of connection that can occur between relative strangers. What other game would put its whole mystery on pause to allow its cast to enjoy a boozy Christmas Eve together? Cing, you will be missed. Reducing boxing to simple dodge and punch controls, PunchOut!!

That water. The game was much more than just a fancy tech demo, mind. Packed with more secrets than Super Mario World, DKC was as compelling as platformers came back in — and it invented minecart levels, which practically earns it a place on this list by itself. Sin and Punishment sits comfortably within that descriptor, a game of awe-inspiring life, energy and imagination.

That its style transcends its aging pixels speaks volumes. It certainly did it feistiest: The secret is two teams working in perfect harmony. Double Dash!! Publisher Nintendo Year of release n the face of it.

Nintendo promised new ways to play games. Say what you want about that. Enter Chibi to save the day. Ouendan literally Yeah! Cheer Squad was — and still is — one of the best of that early batch. MG www. Ouendan will make you laugh. But behind the candy-coloured exterior lies a tale of domestic turmoil — the Sanderson family are as dysfunctional as the toys which come to life when no humans are present. Rhythm Tengoku is still one of the only rhythm games where what you see is equally as rewarding as what you do and hear.

AD OSU! These tie intelligently into a Metroid-esque structure that lets you explore further for longer with each charge. Sudden Punch-Out!! It took the DKC formula we knew and loved — ingenious level design and buckets of secrets — and cranked it up to 11 in this nostalgic romp across Kong Island. While the Wiimote-waggle controls were rather unwelcome. As for the puzzles. Its combo system is also a joy. EAD Tokyo crafted a 2D platformer that you control by bashing the skins of the plastic peripheral.

As well as a trip through time. Following The Lost Future. It is. Mario Golf 64 respected the game of golf but also made you smile when Donkey Kong smashed a drive with one hand. It sounds bananas. TE Twitter: Never too silly. An unexpected classic. JS The boss battles are among the most physically satisfying — and exhausting — scraps ever.

With this. Blue and Red have aged in many ways. JS www. Super Mario Sunshine is largely celebrated for its Void platforming stages — inspiration for the Mario Galaxy series.

That formula involved ripping all the tedious elements RPGs typically feature and replacing them with babbling pseudo-Italian. Game Boy Developer: Game Freak Publisher: Nintendo Year of release: The rum fellows. In the pulsating god-hands of Miyamoto and secret ghost-developer Ikegami. This is Nintendo at its most irreverent. But if you accept the rest of the game for what it is. Lady Palutena even makes a vague reference to something distinctly non-Nintendo.

You dare question me. Kid Icarus Uprising is a relentless action game. Uprising only at number 38 in this countdown. Turning the dry world of stat-based. Sunshine is largely looked down upon as the black sheep of the Mario family. The third outing gets the formula just right.

The sequel removed the limit, but in doing so blunted its strategic edge. Challenge stages expertly up the ante with strict time limits: Despite the cutesy look, MK64 can be an unforgiving game that really rewards player investment and skill.

But, listen: Because its dungeons are absolutely best in class. Ocarina… LTTP… Skyward Sword… none of th hese have dungeons that can hold a candle to th he glorious Temple of Time, which loops back on itsself in genius fashion, or the ceiling-stomping m majesty of the Goron Mines.

The Thousand-Year Door will always keep you guessing. Cameos are peppered throughout the game, with Bowser appearing between chapters to stomp his way through a 2D side-scrolling platformer and Peach attempting to save herself from imprisonment with the help of an amorous computer. Designer Shigesato Itoi ignored the prevailing fashions of the day to create a game grounded in reality, founded on profundity and wrapped in humour.

This is an adventure anyone can imagine having. With its colourful palette, simplistic approachable sprite art and endlessly rich soundtrack, EarthBound represents a singular and enduring vision. Nothing seems quite right from the moment you wash up on its shores, with familiar faces and environments done away with in favour of an island even weirder than the one on Lost.

Memorable characters and dungeons await in this experimental take on the Zelda formula. Here, generals make wisecracks after chibi-like battalions have been mown down by choppers, toy cities have been captured and recaptured and Duplo battleships have scorched the earth.

This is heaven to play. You can give fossils to an owl. You can get swindled by a raccoon. Why is this game so brilliant? Because every minute you put into it enhances the next one. Its three-day cycle revels in minute details rather than a grand, linear storyline, taking place in a world which slowly blossoms around you. And yet. A once in a lifetime work. Sales declined. A cultural force that can never be bettered by even its own creator.

The Japanese RPG became the butt of an apocalyptic joke. AD www. And what a world! This must be the only game whose expanse rests on the arms. Its battle system is slick and interesting. Monolith Soft created Xenoblade Chronicles. The millions of players who had saved world after world in the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series had grown weary of the mostly stagnant systems.

But Mario Bros. It also deserves a mention for the fact that you have to throw eggs at one of the bosses until his trousers fall down. Review scores dipped. Flight — via the never-explained medium of raccoon tail — added a new dimension to the platform action. The question that Tetris. A Minecraft. We learn to live with our mistakes. We try to manage our mess. If you said your favourite game is Metroid or Zelda II. The result was is one of the strongest and most interesting releases of the past decade.

But these are minor gripes. These brilliant DS remakes are a testament to that. Many a childhood summer was spent poking at its shrubberies and exploding its walls in an effort to unravel every last thread. A game of joyful abandon and blistering ingenuity. Gold and Silver won the Michelin star. SP Wind Waker has a larger sprinkling of fairy dust than most: CS Twitter: The best games in the series made better? It has that feeling of isolation on a varied. Metroid Prime is every bit a no fantastic Metroid game.

What about the platforming? W What about the exploring? Turns out. This is. Despite this. This riot of excitement and ingenuity. TE www. Super Mario 64 was ahead of its time. You could change the weapon sets. Before the Call of Dutys and the Halos had even been thought of. You feel the heat. It is that important. As you explore. It also does that brilliant Nintendo thing. When it was released. Tall Mountain. Every inch of it a work of Nintendo that stands with their very best.

Sure the boss battles were a tad repetitive. It has huge levels with multiple objectives. Even then. GoldenEye is a great FPS. GoldenEye quickly ousted Mario Kart as the go-to multiplayer game of choice. It got even better when you leapt through a wobbly painting and attempted to collect stars on the way to rescuing the Princess and grabbing a slice of cake.

Super Mario 64 was hugely enjoyable and moved the series on so far that it took Nintendo more than a decade to beat it with Super Mario Galaxy. GoldenEye was released and changed everything. Super Metroid is a masterpiece. Zebes feels like a real place. It also has a four-player multiplayer mode that brought the competitive FPS to the masses.

And later on. So good. No Oddjob allowed. It was truly groundbreaking not the rescuing Princess Peach bit and so much fun. Super Mario World was so far ahead of its time it was unreal. But in action. Then it got all its characters to punch each other in the mouth. Add the fact that.

No other developer on Earth could make this game. It all comes out of a simple philosophy: CS Escher-like constructions. GameCube Developer: HAL Laboratory Publisher: It plays like a dream. Time will tell how history judges the Wii U. Wii U Developer: Nintendo EAD Publisher: JS Twitter: With oodles of surprises to discover. Super Mario World also introduced Yoshi. Tubular and the like. The last place for Ocarina Of Time is on a pedestal. Or the soundtrack? It deserves reverence.

Watching the sun rise over Lake Hylia. Your answer is the bedrock upon which your Nintendo fandom is built. Everything about Ocarina is really something. It just wants to bother chickens. Think of the jump from 2D mazes to these dungeons — the command of 3D space needed to conceive the Water Temple. Yank it down.

No other game has invented as much as Ocarina Of Time and got it so right. The secret is. Leave the ground here and you could end up anywhere: Super Mario Galaxy cuts away every inch of needless turf until only pure fun remains. MC Love letters to Galaxy have a tendency to turn into lists of cool stuff you jumped off from. Not so in Galaxy. No character is as satisfying to move as Galaxy Mario — from the simple tactility of his pit-pattering feet to Twitter: And his long jump! Some bemoaned the lack of larger landmasses.

It can stay there. Take a swing at this. Stealth Inc 2 Dinky yet resourceful robot puzzler sets a benchmark for both sneakiness and toe-curling puns. Good times guaranteed Great. Do bring four guns. Sakurai focuses on pumping up the latter — seeing Prof.

Melee added the wealth of characters and Brawl added. If each game is a full stop on the series. The fourth instalment simply adds a new dimension to that allencompassing philosophy — it sets itself up on an entirely different kind of console.

After relatively humble beginnings on N In the case of Wii Fit Trainer. Handheld Smash Bros. But that excess. If anything.

The other mascot gets to walk down some stairs or something — this part is never fully explained. PC-like modding tools in legible console UI clothing.

Every entry on that character select screen now incorporates up to 10 different versions of that character — in the www. Rosalina and Pac-Man are slight exceptions to the rule. As ever. The crown. So Villager gets to stuff his pockets with every projectile going he can even cram Rush. Screw that thing. Little Mac earns what amounts to a second Final Smash.

StreetPassing other game owners has you swapping character-themed spinning tops. Sumo-rules encounters. Kid Icarus: Newcomers aside. Mega Man fares better. Mario Kart as something far more exciting. Winning nets you gold to spend on the Vault or Trophy Rush. This is far less violent than the real disputes Joe and Matthew have.

Get the hell out of there. Non-Nintendo characters come with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Smash Run is often an all-too literal title. Golden Plains Super Mario Bros. Stop ogling colours lest you end up as bumper fodder. Its stage sees you starting at the base of the town gym. Worth it though.

The Feroxi audience might complain of cowardice — just boot them in the face. Sakurai is prone to giving the pink puffer the preferential treatment — this scrolling stage.

Classic mode takes centre-stage. Miiverse moaners. It could be. Give it rest. Awakening is a shifting stage of rising and falling platforms here. Fair cop. Very nice. Tomodachi Life Something of a weak link. He appears shortly after you begin. Mario invade your game to offer a prescription of unexpected tension as you cross some kind of invisible statistical threshold.

Sakurai basically crushes the character progression of an RPG into It took me a while to click with Smash Run. After that time is up. Drawn explicitly from forgotten multiplayer wonder. All Star and Smash Run — adds a Diablo-esque looting element that far extends the replayability of modes fundamentally designed for ten minute blasts of fun.

Apart from the satisfaction of a structure well demolished. Partly because I was trying to get my head around the concept of Captain Olimar kicking tthe face off a Kremling. I also like how rarer equipment have bonus abilities — I heal when I KO a rival. And the actual act of collecting equipment — you earn it in Classic. Boss hazards give Sakurai more scope to indulge his nerdy fantasies.

Each character can be equipped differently for instance. Customisation adds a sense of individuality.

I love it. In our time with the game. Starfox — perennial stars of Smash Bros. Smash matches can be played For Fun with all the stages. Not just a technological achievement. Me too. Worth something right? Panel Show The Challenges menu offers you 35 picture panels. Ecco the Dolphin Call us prudes. All-Star Mode. Ken Griffey Jr. But in a way. Verdict Beautifully. Excise Franchise The Namco. Smash Mode. Sakurai and his team have put so much in here.

But where is this MLB star. Best punch pursuers to the back. At least you can annoy your enemies before they thwack you into the stratosphere. Just squeezing this all in.

The 3DS version is perfect for solo play. Another round. That is gross. When will Ken get his day? Nemesis The cover star of Resident Evil 3 was a toothy. Next, steer towards the thermal on the right and thisall push you to an altitude of m.

Bank left and head for the next set of thermals, steering towards the one on the right. Once through this you should be at m. Straight ahead is the next thermal then, to reach the next one, bank left and aim for the high thermal. As you reach the thermal youall be just outside the current, so pull back on the 30 Stick to catch it. You'll start to stall but the thermal should pick you up in time. Your altitude should roughly be 6i 5m, so head for the thermal next to the landing zone. Once in the thermal your altitude should increase to m and the four minutes will expire.

Landing should be no problem for Pilot Class experts. At the start, drop down past the edge of the waterfall and fly through the first ring. Fall a little further and bank left to pass through a second, then quickly break right and head for the third. Fly straight towards the thermal and it should take you to a height of m. Bank right and follow the road to ring four, then drop down to 70m and pass through ring five.

Bank right and head for the second thermal, then break right again and head for ring six above the river. Ahead you should see a ring facing you side-on, so fly right to get some distance, then bank left to fly through it. Break left and drop down to follow the water towards ring eight. Now itas time to land, so follow the river towards the thermal and gain a little height.

Now head for the landing zone and make sure you hit the bullseye. V Page Now you must navigate through a twisting cavern. If you find yourself " 7a g ' Hy. Itas best to use the strong jet , y. About half-way through is a waterfall. Use the normal view atil youare over it then change viewpoint to see where youare going. Use the weakerjet and air breaks to ease yourself down, then turn right at the bottom, change viewpoints and carry on. Youall reach another waterfall after this, so use the same technique.

However, there are strong cross-winds from the west to contend with. Instead, push the ball west towards the sea and the cross-wind will carry it. Once itas just on the water, line yourself up with the goal and bump it in that direction. Be careful not to hit the ball on the bottom as itall shoot up into the air, making it harder to direct. Now the cross-wind will carry 58 km.

L the ball towards the goal, so you should have plenty of time to spare. There are 30 balloons, 20 of which must be popped. After taking off, break left and head for the balloons. Look for the two rows of three balloons, one on top of the other, as you can line yourself up with the top row and fly through them, while firing rockets at the row below. Apart from this thereas nothing really to tip about this section, so just keep circling and firing rockets. Once 20 balloons have been burst, head for the runway and make a safe landing.

There isnat a crossawind so it should be fairly easy to score a perfect landing. I "I l 'yii!

Once you reach 70m, head for the bullseye and flare out just before you touch down. Happy landings! Drop down and face Ibis for the first formation, then drop again to face Kiwias side for the second. Turn left 90 degrees to face Robin, then rotate degrees and get behind her. The last set of manoeuvres are easy and, after that, drop down and open the achute at m acos the landing pad is perched on a mountain.

Head away from the landing zone for about 10 seconds while flaring out, then turn and head for the bullseye. Release the flare button so you don't overshoot then, just before you touch-down, flare out once more to make a soft landing.

Easy, eh? This dive is much harder than the last, so make sure you get plenty of'practice in or else youall end up having a nasty crash! Start with another star formation, but this time drop opposite Kiwi and face away from her. Next, turn left 90 degrees and drop down between Ibis and Kiwi, hold for three seconds then release. Spin around degrees and drop down beside lbis and face Robin. Turn right 90 degrees, drop back to face Kiwi for the last formation, then drop straight down to face the lovely Robin.

Dive to m and open the achute, then face away from the landing zone and drop to l00m. Quickly spin towards the target and flare out when you reach the bullseye. Therefore, if it reads aW 50 degrees Na, it means aim the cannon horizontally between West and North, 50 degrees.

Use Goose for every event. Itall do you good to take a break from all that flying and have some fun for a a2 degrees W 50 degrees N Full change. This guide will help all you rookies earn. Weare particularly 5 87 degrees w proud of our Cannonball table a if you follow the information ll degrees S 66 degrees w Full closely you might even get 6 degrees S 12 degrees W Just under half Full perfect scores!

Shuffle left for the next Ibis. Hold this for three seconds. Head for the water between the landing zone and the island, then open your achute at m. Using the roll jump is advisable as this covers more ground. Pass the turbine and head for the Grand Canyon on the right. Follow the Canyon towards the fields and youall arrive at a large city. Donat cross the river via the bridge a instead, hop to the left and leap across the water.

Keep an eye on the goal using the radar and the rest is simple. Just keep on jumpina Youall pass several buildings and obstacles, but none should give you any bother.

Stick to the coastline and, when the grassy section ends, jump onto the sand and follow it round. When you reach a small camp fire, start heading right. Jump over the trees to land on a small cliff, then hop over more trees to land on the other side of the hill. Now turn left and head for the goal. The timing will be tight but you should make it. After youave landed a second time, jump quickly to the left and release the Stick slightly a while keeping the button pressed a and you should somersault over the water.

Perform another somersaultjump over to the hangar, then push the Stick fully forwards again to land in the goal. You should finish the event with about one minute 30 seconds to spare. Thatas all, folks a your flying lessons are over. Iam pleased to award you a gold medal and your pilotas license.

Fly carefully, now! All tips verified by the Nintendo Hotline Page Make your way to level BZF and enter a door in the top right-hand corner. Before going in, eat the Ra Dewdrop. Run right, hop onto the ledge and empty the two grey pods. One of them contains the Ra Spear. Go into your box and equip this new weapon. Fellow advenlurers, paclc your band aids and lel's Iiil The road While inside, look out for grey pods.

If you stand near one and press A, youall find a host of useful items, including potions and weapons. On level Bl F youall arrive at a pile of boulders. Ahead is a river but, acos you canat swim, itas impossible to paddle across. Pick up the boulders and throw them at the fish. When both are dead a bridge will rise. Talk to Lilly and collect the green leaves floating by the side of the water.

When you equip them youall be able to swim. These leaves are essential as your hero canat continue his journey without them.

Destroy it using the dash attack and release a lost Soul. Follow the Soul down a long vine and, at the bottom, youall find Lilly the friendly flower. Once youave equipped the leaves, make your way to level BSF. Swim across the water then follow the doorways atil you reach the flower. Talk to it to get the Ra Dewdrop whichall protect you from the boss plant.

Move to the side of the screen when it shoots, then jump back with dash attacks. Talk to the Ra Tree and plants to discover your next quest.

The Ra Tree will award you the Grass Pin which will restore your heroas health. Make your way to Guiana in Colorado a your path will be marked by flowers.

When you reach a boulder, collect the small rocks behind it to release a Golem. Once outside, climb the short green vine to enter the caves. Once you have it, retrace your steps to 4F where the Quaker appeared and enter the door at the top of the steps. Suddenly the vine will end, making our hero fall. Hold left on the pad at the fork, then hold right to exit the drop. Once outside, follow the route left to the nest.

Press A beside the shiny object to find the Sharp Claws. At the next vine youall start to fall down a large drop and arrive somewhere else on the mountain. Make your way right and climb the mountain using the claws to reach the Great Bird boss. Once youare past the huge Guiana Valley, keep heading north to the area known as Grecliff. This is where the long journey to the Great Bird boss begins. Head right and enter the door into the spooky caverns.

Enter the next room to meet the Quaker. Afterwards, climb the steps but donat go through the door. Instead, follow the path to the bottom. At the end, walk through the opening to appear beside two green vines. With the Roc Spear youall be able to move the rocks. Afterwards, walk through the caves atil you reach these vines.

Climb the one that leads down the hole but, firstly, climb down the other to find a Magirock. Equip the Sharp Claws then drop down four levels. Head right atil you reach the large cliff face with claw holes in it. Head to the top of the mountain by using the Claws and enter the doorway at the summit. Run at the boss to stop being blown off. To damage the bird, wait for it to swoop then attack itas head. You can hit it three times before it flies out of reach.

LNanJm a You must find the fly trap and learn about the altars. Next, walk northawest to reach the crossroads with a tree in the middle of the screen.

Jump into the water after the altar and go east. You have two more altars to resurrect and six hidden spirits to find. Break the rock using the Roc Spear and kill the first monster to find spirit number one.

After scrambling through the flimsy wall, head north-west and locate the vines. Find the fourth spirit which is to the west, held by the evil lizard. After that, climb the vines again to find the second altar. After this, keep moving down and kill more toads for yet another spirit. Head back to the wooden blocks and jump into the water. Climb the cliff then make your way up the vine and talk to the King. Speak to him again and heall tell you how to get a lift to Windvale.

Talk to the white bird on the far left and hitch a lift to Safarium. At the top of the screen are Shop Keeper spirits, so download what you need then go to the world map.

Travel left, down, right then up to find Zue county. Hymnal Every route leads to a monster that holds a spirit, and each must be found to unlock the altars. The last spirit is to the north, imprisoned by a purple toad.

Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) scans

From there, crawl under the bridge to find the first altar. Next, head north-east atil you reach the flimsy wall a kill the monster to release the third spirit and break the wall too. Paddle to these two blocks and climb out. Push the left-hand block into the water then push the second out of the way. Head right to find a spirit. Climb down the vine and talk to the white bird for a lift. Once you land, walk through the right doorway and follow the cave. Throw boulders into the pit to wake the bird.

Get a lift to Sanctuar then talk to the King. It ,z -. Swim to the bottom of the screen and climb onto the ledge. Kill the lizard to find another spirit, then follow the path left and jump into the out, cross to the right then walk south. Pop back into the water and water. Keep swimming, following the flow, to reach the third altar. This boss attacks from above.

Stay at the bottom of the screen then run Talk to all the animals then head for the cave at the top of the screen. Next you must defeat itas head. Talk to the lions and learn about the kingas son whoas trapped in the Avoid the fireballs then attack when the head descends. Now itas up to you to save the cub and return him to his parents. Follow him, but make sure you donat go further to the right and create a stepping stone.

When asked which route to ahead or youall lose him, forcing you to reset your machine. V ia back in Safarium, talk to King Neo and heall award you the Lionas Fang for stay on the same stone. If you go ahead or lag behind youall have to saving his child. Swim down the stream back to the main area, talk to start again.

At the Mud Doll stage, throw the cubas boulders to defeat it. Tera the monkey, then leave Safarium and head west to the river bank. Now youall find yourself in Tibet. Save your game then go to the world map screen and head north-east to find the mountains of Eklemata. All Iliese lilles are currenllv on budzel re-release alone wills Ilse Slar Wars: Special Eclilion movie, so il's an ideal lime lo lealure lliese excellenl games.

How do I access the game debug menu? If youave entered it correctly youall hear aJawa cry aUtinni! If the cheat doesn't work first time, turn your machine off then start again. When the game begins you can instantly clear any stage at any point by pressing Start on controller two. During the game, press the L and R buttons simultaneously on controller two to bring up the Game Debug screen, then use controller one to change the options. I keep getting killed before I see anything interesting!

Is there a cunning cheat to make me indestructible? First enter the Game Debug code above. Release all five buttons and youall be invincible atil the end of the stage.

Kneel down on the far right side of the screen and defend press Down and Y with the Lightsabre. All shots from the gun turrets will bounce back, destroying them after a few hits. Simple, eh? How do defeat the Dagobah swamp creature? To destroy this evil monster you need to use the spinning attack. There are five different spots on the creatureas face which flash when hit go for the eyes first , so attack all these atil theyare destroyed. After that, attack the monster anywhere to kill it.

How do I defeat Darth Vader on the final level? Darth Vader attacks by swinging his Lightsabre several times then jumping into the air.

When he stops and holds his Lightsabre in front of him, use the spinning attack to destroy the debris flying at you. How do I kill Boba Fett and destroy his ship? First, select your hairy hero Chewbacca. While Fettas on the ground or using his jetpack, shoot him as quickly as possible with your blaster.

If he lands close to you, use Chewbaccaas Kashyyykian Spin to inflict loads of damage. Donat worry about your life gauge a when you beat his first attack heall drop plenty of large hearts. While Fettas inside his ship, blast the two laser turrets to destroy them. Once theyare destroyed, shoot the ship anywhere to damage it and use the Kashyyykian Spin whenever it gets close.


If you keep using this routine, Fett will soon be history. I Hum agiijm 6a: Of course you can! Are there any cheats for Super Empire Strike Back? Hereas the best ones: First of all youall have to access the Game Debug screen. If entered correctly youall hear Darth Vader say almpressivea, so select Start Game and press Start quickly before the demo begins. But take care! If you donat enter the code correctly youall have to switchaoff the console and start again as pressing Reset has no effect!

WS nomis' foraumnoNus- sdoui!: Even better, if you hold Select, A, B, X and Y in that order on controller two after accessing the Debug screen, then release them, youall become invincible!

Donat forget that, if the cheat doesnat work first time, switch off your Super NES and start all over again. A c 'h ' apossibly: How many Speeder Bikes do you need to destroy Endor?

It depends on what skill level youare playing at. For Easy you need 10 bikes, 15 for Brave and 20 forJedi. Simple as that. How do I defeat the evil Emperor? Heas damned tough!

To kill this wicked boss, always use your spin attack when heas flying around the screen, and press A to block the Emperoras electricity bolts at all other times. If you manage to get close behind the Emperor, you can hurt him without being hurt yourself, but itas hard as he generally flys away Just cast your eyes to the right! Are there any cheats for Super Return of the Jedi? Begin the game as normal then, when you want skip to the end of the stage, hold the A and B buttons then press Start.

If you wish to access the Debug Screen, press the L and R buttons on controller two. To start the game with 99 lives, enter X, X, B, A, Y on the title screen then begin the game as normal. Donat see your specific problem covered here? Donat panic a for instant reliefjust call the official Nintendo Hotline on: Mia a. Pilotwings 64, Super Mario 64 and Lib l a a La.

To be sure of getting your name and score in the next issue, your letter must reach us by April 30th, Londonm complele lhe fie breaker, in fen words or less, in an apl, original and amusing way. V J; a pannf or guardianas signalure if under 18 years , a. Offer Code: The lafesl in 64 bif fechnology and if you wanl fo slay ahead of fhe resi lhen you'll need the llll's only official lliniendo Magazine.

Paclced wiih ihe hoifesi lips, reviews and previews you'd be mad fo miss if.

Since lhen, "W has branched oul even fur- iher nalionally and now has over 60 games deparfmenfs, devoled lo ihe besl gaming enferfainmenl available. Proceeiional delails form pari of ihe losses and condilions.

All eniries snwsl be senl lo Ia Draw, linfendo Magazine Subscriplions, laihlcill Sireel, ldaricei Iarborough, leicesfer, [[87 4! IO cash allernafive will be offered. The firsl prise will be awarded to lbe enfrano who, in ibe opinion of ihe iohes, has answered lhe Simply fill in lhe coupon below and send wilh paymenf lo: Responsibility cannel be accede for eniries losl, damaged, or delayed in iransil lo lhe cempeiiiion address.

Proof of posling will noi be accede as proof of delivery. The iudge' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered inlo. The winner will be noiifiod by posl, by 3lsl larch WW, and snay be involved in postcify if required. Then pma; mum The allaclc z. A ,g t - a Iol llie Mario 64 clones, llial is. So here's llie lirsl, Epocli's Doraemon. Similarity lo Mario? Heas an earless a blue atomic cat from the future, sent back in time by the descendants of one Nobita [a Nobi to look after him.

The reason for this? Well, 1 Nobita is such a klutz that his future family live ,1 in abject poverty, and they want to try and a ' rectify the situation, but old Doraemon was all they could afford. Anyhow, Nobita and his pals have been having all kinds of adventures since , and this N64 game is the latest in the saga. The dragon riding re-introduces The underwater levels contain some old slcool platforming deadly clams.

Doraemonas action. Jump you tools, iump. Just iump on his head a few times to see him oft. I 3' iii: Nintendd infers,gathers; Page This is so blatant it hurts.

The tree designs in Doraemon and Mario would be indistinguishable in a police identity parade. Maybe theyare part ol an NBA graphics library or something. Not only are the llower beds practically the same. By picking up items on the first level, you can open the next, and so on. Thereas a variety of level types, including stages where other creatures and vehicles come into use. Ride around in a red dragon and giant bird, or use a sports car in an underwater race with a torpedo.

Youall also meet allies who give advice and trigger features in the levels. And what's this. Why yes, but the ones in noraemon are slower and don't have those comedy eyes on. Well thatas okay then. Find the right item to access this And theyare all! Will if you donat tall 0" the track. Most of them have an obvious function, but the purpose of some is about as clear as muddy thing. Nohita iust stands there, looking Whatas this? Open the crates in tor all the world like someone the right order?

Well, not quite, wearing glasses. At least we think thatas what it is. Use these to ride the bird on the ais singing ammies are very poor, he's s ow and he canat jump very Opens the car racing level underwater. What kind of a useless tool is he then? Each character has a unique ability, so let's take a closer look. Created by Manga artist Fujiko Fujio over twenty years ago, it is estimated that the total number of Doraemon comics and other books sold has reached l 10,,!

Add to this 2,, videos and a combined cinema audience of over sixty million, and you can see why the merchandise royalties so far have topped 15 Billion yen, or approximately million quid!

Kind of puts old Felix to shame donat you think? Sbizuka is tast and jumps well, Standing on this platform causes and sheas armed with cherry it to rise. And then nothing else bombs. A handy character indeed. Hereas Gian doing his kareoke thing. Did I mention that he canat sing to save his lite? Some tree based action as Doraemon tangles with a giant wasp. That weapon heas brandishing is huge a it covers most of his arm. Shame it only tires poxy little bubbles then.

Vet tne Mario influence is so strong textures used are okax. The music is inoffensive. Doraemon is not a'oxsmal. I won'i make lhal mirlalie again. When allas said and done, Bomberman hasnat evolved much over the years. In fact, all thatas changed is the occasional power-icon and the introduction of a small creature for the mad bomber to ride on. That said, it could also be argued that, when youare onto a winning formula, why change it?

Hudson tried with Bomberman B-Daman and we werenat over impressed with the result. This leads us nicely onto Bomberman 5 which, on paper, looks exactly the same as the others. So how does it differ? Letas have a look Thereas another power-up which appears from time to time. If you collect the egg icon, itall hatch and reveal a small creature known as a Rooey. Not only does this give you extra strength you can now survive one hit , but each of the six Rooey's also has its own special powers in the bomb removal department.

For those who are new, his objective is to destroy all the on-screen nasties by dropping bombs. However, he can also be killed by his own explosions so he has to keep his distance. Once the level has been cleared, players must select from three warp-holes, all of which will carry them to a random level screen. Each player starts the game boxed-in and has to bomb their way into the open. This mode Once you clear a level, three is always fast and youall exits appear.

Where you and have to keep your a9' "0 ""3 a"0"a! Press X to push ' '- a This allows the explosion ' " '" blocks, making it tougher for opponents to survive.

For newcomers and B-man fanatics only. If you decline, a certificate appears This allows you to revealing your success. If youave control the explosion. As well as extra bombs, extended explosions and speed icons, 1a there are also a few slightly more juicy power-ups to collect. Touch an opponent or collect icons to completely recover. Now press X to stop it in its tracks.

APSh 6: The NationalaSeries is made up of two events, the Circuit and Slalom, Spread across three racing classes cc, cc anda cc. However, your opponents have dedicated their lives to riding the waves, so be prepared for tough competition. G aa the ai-'5a 'rg.

LOM C a. Being the most glamourous sport on Earth, wave racers get to compete in fantastic locations. The more exotic locations feature fiendish course layouts designed to fell even the greatest racer, while even the simplest courses are packed with cunning traps to send you spinning into the soup.

I win several races before you get to ride the tastier models. APS8 HR, v ,.. However, itas an ideal craft for beginners and handles almost like itas racing on tarmac. What can you do to help? We are making this for you, and the best thing you can do is to read it! Each issue will be released on digital viewing platforms for FREE each month, showcasing all the latest news, reviews, interviews and Switch content we can create.

Read each issue, share each issue, tell your friends and even interact with us about it! We especially want YOUR feedback on how we can make this even better! Of course, if you really believe in what we are doing then we would really appreciate some financial support, if you have the means to do so. We even have a higher level of support for those that love the magazine!

When will issues be released? As of January , issues will be released every month. Issue 29 released on June 9th and was posted to everyone that pledged before May 31st.

The print version arrives to us shortly after your pledge successfully clears, we then post them out immediately. However, depending on where you live you could be waiting over a week to get yours, especially internationally; Switch Player originates from the United Kingdom. You will be charged from the 1st of each month.

The long-term plan is to release specials too, which means you could be charged more than once per month - you can set the amount of times you are happy to be charged in your settings. We will always tell you when we are creating issues and will never create more than two in any month - but that's a long way off yet! Where can I find the complete collection?

The online version is hosted on Issuu, and you can access it via this link. What else do I need to know? The print version will come at A5 size. For postage reasons and to keep costs down the magazine has to be under grams for international orders. Magazines will always be a minimum of 40 pages, yet where possible we will exceed this - Issue 1 is 48 pages. Issues 2 and 3 are both 60 pages. Issue 4 was 56 pages and you get the idea.There the pair run into world-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes.

Perhaps Final Fantasy is a little threatened. You can sponsor each issue and get your name, social profiles and friend code in the magazine! Metroid Prime is every bit a no fantastic Metroid game. All Iliese lilles are currenllv on budzel re-release alone wills Ilse Slar Wars: Lone Survivor. OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire are a remarkable. Keep swimming, following the flow, to reach the third altar.

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