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win prizeS. An IndEpEndEnt supplEmEnt by mEdIAplAnEt to usA todAy no.2/ March Photo: PLUS ModeL Magazine. (PLUS-ModeL-Mag. Get your digital edition of PLUS MODEL MAGAZINE January Issue subscriptions and issues online from Joomag. download, download and. Plus Model Magazine - PLUS Model Magazine, the premiere virtual magazine celebrating the plus size fashion, beauty, arts and plus size modeling industries, .

How to Become a Model: A Beginner’s Guide

Dare to wear a bright color or if you usually do, try a nude. The cosmetic counters are filled with makeup artists who want to help your find a new look. That same stuff sits on your tle particles are an example of washing your face before bed, u have worn makeup, actually your skin.

So please choose a t you love and remove the day nd let your skin breathe again. I will groom my eyebrows to the best possible shape for my face. Visit a professional for a proper shaping, and then sparingly touch them up yourself.

Fill them in for added definition! One word: bacteria. Other than germs, your makeup cannot possibly go on right if you brushes are dirty. Also if your cosmetic bag is full of dust from broken powders, or stains from uncapped pencils and has old mascara, or foundations, it is time for a new bag!

I will protect my skin. Make sure to protect your investment from new damage by shielding it from the UV rays that break down collagen producing cells, cause dark patches on the skin, and of course skin cancer. Your makeup brushes every week or so, depending on how much mileage they get from you. Compression foundation garments go one-step beyon standard lingerie brands.

COM plusmodelmag. The New Year is a perfect time to get organized and give yourself a beauty plus-model-mag. Here are some suggestions for downloading the basics and condensing your personal mini kit. These are my basics. From here you can expand, experiment and incorporate other products. Unless you use a product that dries to a powder finish, this step is necessary. Without it, even a touch, your makeup will look unfinished.

Oranges for darker skin tones and peaches for fairer tones is my rule for adding natural warmth to your face. You can even dust a little over your eyelids. Well worth the price. How can I avoid that? Teri from Philadelphia, PA Teri, that even happens to those of us who are professionals.

The back rests of the seats got some extra details and for the floor and pedals I used an Eduard PE set. Unfortunately, the fit of the PE floor was not perfect and I had to trim it here and there. To add the sense of a lived-in environment, plenty of small details were added such as helmets, weapons, milk bottles etc.

Toccara Jones

As the Quad would be placed in a slanted position all small objects were placed on the, lower, left side and the helmets were hung diagonally. After everything was primed in white the interior was pre-shaded with Flat Brown and subsequently airbrushed in green. I hand painted all details with acrylics from Games Workshop and Vallejo. Lack of light tends to obscure interior details, so I decided to use heavy contrasts and light colours when I painted them.


To obtain a metal look and feel to the tread plate floor I used a graphite pencil. The weathering of the whole interior was then completely done with Liquitex acrylic inks and some pigments. Small leaves, magazines and newspapers were added and fixated with PVA glue.

These small details are always the finishing touch and make an interior just a bit more dynamic. With the interior finished, I masked windows and doors with tape and attached the cabin body. On to the exterior…. The chassis and wheels were assembled in no time and I just had some minor work on the suspension and steering of the front wheels, as these were to be positioned at an angle.

As the original plastic windows are rather thick, I replaced them with new ones cut from Evergreen sheet. Getting these to fit properly was a bit of challenge, but I am happy with the final result.

They were attached with thinned PVA glue. The roof canvas was replaced with lead foil and the brackets were made of copper wire. Again to add some contrast to the clumsy geometric body of the Quad I made a refined stowage rack.

This turned out to be a serious scratch build project, but as conceived it adds refinement to a bulky body. But what is a stowage rack without stowage? What could I sensibly add to it?

The grille in the nose of the vehicle was replaced with a PE part. As the Quad would be placed in a slanted plate floor I used a graphite pencil. As the original plastic windowsthe original plastic windows are rather thick, I replaced them with new ones cut from Evergreen sheet.

They were attached with stowage rack.

Just like the tread plate floor of the interior this part did not fit very well either, and again careful trimming PVA glue. They were attached with A stowage rack was fabricated for the roof, using plastic rod and strip. V p QuadTractor MN. Then, the green layers are built up using Games Workshop paints.

The translucent headlight was made by pulling a section of pre-heated blister packaging over the back of a pen. Sometimes it pays to have kids The left headlight was scratchbuild again, using plastic sheet.

After adding more PE details, stretched sprue door hinges and wing nuts the build was done. I restrained from attaching the body and chassis permanently at this stage to ease the painting process, as I already fixed the wheels to the chassis. However, if you leave off the wheels until after painting it is very well possible to fix body and chassis at this point. After the construction process is completed, I always like to make a nice set of images. I sometimes even start doubting about the rest of the paint job, as the layers of paint will obscure nicely scratchbuilt and constructed parts….

Oh well! As mentioned I wanted an MM camo, and for a moment I considered hand painting this, but eventually I decided to use an airbrush. I fixed the body of the Quad to a box, used as a handle during airbrushing. I used the Games Workshop Skull White as primer. This dries quickly and very smooth and matt, making it a perfect base for the rest of the job. Next, I pre-shaded with Tamiya XF10 flat brown.

Pre-shading makes a perfect airbrushing exercise, as this method is rather forgiving; errors can be easily corrected afterwards. I have pre-shaded many models and benefitted tremendously from it. If you want to take one piece of advice from me if you are a novice airbrusher: Start pre-shading today!

After the pre-shading came the green. This was an experiment, as I never used that brand for airbrushing before, but when well diluted with Tamiya XA it works like a gem. When using pre-shading it is very important to pay attention not to spray your subsequent layers opaque, otherwise you will lose all effects and benefits of the previous work. This may sound obvious, but it is a mistake made all too often as modellers tend to fear that the pre-shading will show on the finished model.

With further washes, filters and weathering however, that fear is unnecessary. In fact, your model comes even more to life by the tonal contract caused by the pre-shading method.Unless you use a product that dries to a powder finish, this step is necessary. These are my basics. Contrary to popular belief, plus size women can wear horizontal stripes, crop tops, boyfriend jeans, and oversized pieces. They were attached with thinned PVA glue.

I was bullied all of high school and I still get bullied in the subway when I go there, but I laugh at it, I dress for myself not for men or fashionistas! COM model qanda with larissa laurel now. Bullying Is. This may sound obvious, but it is asound obvious, but it is a mistake made all too oftenmistake made all too often as modellers tend to fear that the pre-shading will show on the finished model.

The roof canvas was replaced with lead foil and the brackets were made of copper wire. Being confident is about being comfortable in your skin.

WENDELL from Baltimore
See my other articles. I have always been a very creative person and find it relaxing to indulge in computer activities. I relish studying docunments bleakly.