The complete Gurucharitra app श्री गुरुचरित्र हा श्रीदत्तात्रेयाचे अवतार मानल्या जाणाऱ्या श्रीनृसिंहसरस्वती. Gurucharitra is the biography of Shri Narasimha Sarasvati written bu shri Sarasvati Gangadhar swami. This book is considered as extremely revered and needs. provides services of Guru Charitra in Marathi in pdf, Read Guru Charitra in Marathi, Free Downlaod Guru Charitra in Marathi, Guru Charitra in.

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Uploaded by: JULIAN - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Chapter 1 Namdharak sees Shri Guru in dream. Chapter 2 Sidha Muni Guides Namdharak Chapter 3 Durwas curses King Ambarish Chapter 4 Birth of Shri. Gurucharitra in Marathi - Gurucharitra is the biography of Shri Narasimha Sarasvati written bu shri Sarasvati Gangadhar swami. This book is considered as .

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Details of the Guru Charitra Details of. Adhyay Importance of Guru Bhakti explained.. Get your favorite music on song. Here is a few music search results of Shri Guru Charitra Adhyay 14 mp Shree guru charitra in marathi pdf.

Guruchatria Adhyay 14 is in Marathi.. Guru charitra marathi 14 adhyay pdf Baldwin, Street legal racing redline 2. Here is a few music search results of Shri Guru Charitra Adhyay..

Guru charitra marathi Play and Download shri guru charitra in telugu chapter 13 chapter 14 and chapter 15 a translation by acharya ekkirala bharadwaja..

Guru charitra marathi 14 adhyay pdf Guru charitra marathi 14 adhyay pdf It is beyond our intellect to describe your greatness. This Adhyay describes how Guru Nrusinha..

Guru charitra marathi 14 adhyay pdf download tips and secrets! Jan 07, Gurucharitra.. Ravana, one of my devotees, is playing a game'. For give me. I seek your shelter. Kindly do not kill me, your devotee. Ravana then cut his head, turned his hands into violin, he attached his intestines to serve as musical wires.

Guru Charitra

He then began to chant Sam Veda and sing other Ragas on the tune of this musical instrument. Ask for whatever you desire'. I possess all the 8 treasures. Brahma is my priest, and all 33 crore Gods are serving me day and night.

The Sun, the Moon, the Varuna and the Wind also obey me. Agni Fire God washes my clothes; Yama does not take away anybody without my permission. Indrajit is my son and Kumbakarna is my brother.

Kamadhenu is at my doors. Kindly fulfill my mother's desire. I shall give you Atma-Linga, which will fulfill all her desires instantly. It is just like my soul. One, who worships this Linga continuously for 3 years, will gain my prowess.

One, who possesses this Linga, will live for eternity; one is relieved of any great sin, simply with the sight of this Linga.

Do not place this on the ground till you reach Lanka. Ravana has become immortal. You will lose all your prominence.

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Shri Shiva 27 Shri Guru Charitra has given him Atma-Linga and has assured him that if he would worship it for 3 years with devotion, he will be Ishwar himself. How will you then rescue 33 crores of gods who are in his custody. Better you all be his slaves. Also send divine damsels like Urvashi, Rambha, Menaka etc.

Being shocked, Indra requested Narad to advise what he would do. Narad asked him to go to Brahma. Indra and Narad went to Brahma and narrated what had taken place. Then accompanied by Indra and Narad, Brahma went to Shri Vishnu and requested him to devise some means to overcome this calamity.

Shri Vishnu was enraged to hear this tale. He, with all others immediately went to Shri Shiva. How do you bless such cruel persons? Now he will conquer even heaven. He cut his head and hands and made a violin using his intestines as strings and sang Sam Veda and other songs in different ragas. This time if he had asked for Parvati, I would have given her even to him.

Well tell me when did you give the Ling to Ravana? Then he called Ganesh and said to him, 'Ravana always disregards you. All bow to you first and you fulfill their desires. While those who speak ill of you, you bring obstacles in their undertakings. Ravana deceived Shri Shiva and has taken away from him the most valuable Atma- Linga.

So you should go to him in the form of a Brahmachari boy and winning his confidence, take the Atma- Linga from him at Sunset, when he would engage himself in the evening Sandhya and place the Linga on the earth. If 28 Shri Guru Charitra you do so, the Linga will remain there. Saying this Shri Vishnu gave Ganesh various sweets, tilballs, gur, coconut kernel, milk, gee sugar etc.

Narad had already proceeded. Ganesh followed him hurriedly. Narad approached Ravana and said, 'I had just been to Kailas and knew that you pleased Shri Shiva by your hard penance and have brought his Atma-Linga from him. You have obtained extraordinary power and strength due to this. This Linga has great significance. Please let me see the Linga, I shall explain to you all its qualities.

Narad asked, 'Do you know when and how this Linga came into existence? This is a very interesting account. A black skinned bright deer having all fragrant things was lying in Brahmand-Khand.

Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh once went there for hunting. They killed this deer and satisfied their hunger with its flesh. The deer had 3 horns on its head and 3 Lingas below. Each one of them took one Linga and preserved it as his Atma-Linga. One, who worships this for 3 years, becomes Ishwar himself.

The place where this Linga is place is like Kailas. Therefore Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have great prominence over all other gods. Let me proceed further on my way.

You know the Vedas, you should act as prescribed by the Vedas. This is the time for evening Sandhya. Let us perform the same. Ravana thought that that boy would not deceive him.

Better observe Sandhya entrusting the Linga to that boy. So thinking he approached Ganesh, who was afraid to see Ravana with ten heads coming to him. But he began to run away. Ravana asked him, 'who are you? Who are your parents? What does my father owe you? Ravana smiled and said 'Don't be afraid of me. I am asking this only out of curiosity.

He has ash marks all over the body, has a necklace of Rudra-beads around his neck and bears hair-locks on his head. My mother is Parvati. My father rides a bull Nandi with my mother and begs for alms daily.

Ravana said, 'your father is a pauper. He begs for alms from door to door. So it seems that you are unhappy at home. Inside in a beautiful city Lanka, rich with magnificent buildings, gardens and other wealth. You live with me. I shall give you whatever you desire.

They will devour me, a boy living in forest.

Hence I would not come to Lanka. I am hungry and so I am eating these sweets. Thereafter Ganesh said with hesitation, 'I am an ignorant boy. I won't hold this Linga in my hand, as it may be heavy. Let me go to my place. Ganesh warned him, 'Mind, as soon as I feel the Linga heavy, I shall place it on the earth. All the gods had gathered in the sky and were witnessing this event. When Ravana was offering arghyas water ablutions to fire god , Ganesh called Ravana and said that he is fatigued and he should take his Linga from him soon.

After a while Ganesh again called Ravana and asked him to come immediately as it was becoming unbearable for him to hold the Linga.

Ravana was meditating this time. Seeing that Ravana was not coming, Ganesh recollected Shri Vishnu's words and placed the Linga on the ground in the presence of the gods in the sky. All the gods were greatly pleased to see this and showered flowers in the head of Ganesh in admiration. He began to thrash Ganesh in wrath. Ravana tried his best with all his might to lift up the Linga.

The earth trembled but the Linga could not be shaken a bit. In despair Ravana then went to the forest for hard penance. There are many other incidents signifying the greatness of this holy place. This is narrated in the Skandha Purana. Formerly there lived a brave king in the family of Ikshwaku. He knew all the Shastras.

He was considerate, strong and kind. Once he went on hunting and seeing a demon like a flame of fire, he aimed an arrow and the demon fell on the ground senseless.

The brother of the demon wept bitterly in grief. Before dying, the demon asked his brother to take revenge of his death. The brother approached the king in human form and sought his service and was engaged as a cook. On the anniversary day the king had invited Rishis like Vasishta and others.

When Vasishta and others were seated on their seats, the new cook served human flesh in the plate of Shri Vasishta. Being enraged, Vasishta cursed the king that he would become a Brahmaraksha.

The king was also annoyed to see that he was being cursed for no fault of his. He therefore, took water in his hand and intended to curse Shri Vasishta in return, Maharani Madayanti hastened to the king and entreated and prevented him from cursing his Guru. Madayanti bowed to Vasishta and prayed for Usshap for the king.

Vasishta was also cooled by this time. He assured her that the king would attain human form and return from the forest on completion of 12 years. Kalmashpad lived in a dense forest. Once he saw a young Brahmin couple passing by. He clasped the Brahmin youth with the intention of devouring him. By doing this you will add to your 32 Shri Guru Charitra virtues.

Treat me as your daughter. If I beget a son I shall give him your name. The wife of the youth collected the bones of her husband, arranged a pyre and set fire to it. He told his wife Rani Madayanti all about the curse of the Brahmin's wife. Madayanti was much grieved to hear it. There is no son in our family. What should we do now? How can I be relieved of its evil effects? He performed sacrifices, gave money in charity, served meals to the Brahmins and the poor and did other virtuous acts.

Still the sin of Brahma-hatya followed him like a shadow. Accidentally he met Goutam Muni. He bowed to the Muni respectfully. I performed sacrifices and several Vratas. I visited holy places and did virtuous acts. Yet I am not relieved of this sin.

I am fortunate to see your holy self to day,' replied the king. Shri Shiva will protect you. You should go to Gokarna to get rid of this sin. Mrityunjaya the conqueror of Death Shri Shiva always stays there.

Though the fire and the moon can do away with the darkness of the night, yet there is the necessity of the Sun. Similarly though your sins are not wiped off even after going to several holy places, still if you go to Gokarna, all your sins will be destroyed. Even if you have committed 33 Shri Guru Charitra Brahmahatyas, all will be destroyed and you shall become sinless.

Even Vishnu and Brahmadeo lived there for penance and their desires were fulfilled. Gokarna is like Kailas and Shri Shiva stays there. All the gods, demons, Rishis, Munis, Siddhas live and worship Shri Shiva and thereby they attain all the four valous purusharthas with the blessing of Shri Shiva. Brahma, Vishnu, Kartavirya, Vinayak, Durga and others have also installed Lingas here known after their names.

All waters here holy. This is thus the most important holy place. The root of this Linga is in the Sapta Patal below. Even with the sight of this Linga one is relieved of the sins of Brahmahatya, gets one's desires fulfilled and after death one attains salvation. The devotees staying here go to Kailas in the end. One should bathe and offer charities on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

Bholenath Shiva passes judgment over all our actions. I myself have witnessed a most wonderful incident, when I had been to that place. When I was sitting under a tree, I saw a leper sutra woman. She was without food the whole day. All her body was affected and pus and germs were seen all over.

She had lost her teeth and had no clothes on her body. Being a widow, her head was shaved and she was much troubled due to midday hot Sun. She sat under a tree being tired, and soon died. Shiva Dootas came there with a divine place to take her to the Kailas. While living with the sutra, she ate flesh Shudras; she ate flesh and took wine daily.

One day she killed a calf thinking it to be a lamb and reserved its head for the next day. When it was time for milking the cow she looked for the calf and she came to know that my mistake, she had killed it. When she died Yam Dootas took her to the Yampuri and placed her in hell. She suffered tortures and was again born as a Shudra woman.

Pigeons they suffer losses in the hands of violent hunters, warn against obsessive attachments to anyone or to material things in this world do not be obsessive, don't focus on transient things such as damage or personal loss, human life is a rare privilege to learn, discover one's soul and reach moksha 9. Bumblebee active, works hard to build and create its reserve by directly visiting the flowers, but is selective and uses discretion, harmonious with flowers and never kills or over consumes be active, go directly to the sources of knowledge, seek wisdom from all sources but choose the nectar, be gentle, live harmoniously and leave others or other ideologies alone when you must Beekeeper profits from honeybees don't crave for material pleasures or in piling up treasures, neither the body nor material wealth ever lasts Hawk picks up a large chunk of food, but other birds harass him, when it drops its food other birds leave him alone take what you need, not more Ocean lucid at the surface, but deep and undisturbed within; receives numerous rivers yet remains the same let rivers of sensory input not bother who you are deep inside, know your depths, seek self-knowledge, be unperturbed by life, equipoise Moth is deceived by its senses, it runs to the fire in misunderstanding which kills it question your senses, question what others are telling you, question what you see, know senses can deceive, seek reason Elephant is deceived by his lust, runs after the smell of a possible mate, and falls into a pit made by mahout's then fettered and used don't lust after something or someone, don't fall into traps of others or of sensory gratification Deer is deceived by his fear, by hunters who beat drums and scare him into a waiting net fear not the noise, and do not succumb to pressure others design for you Courtesan exchanges transient pleasure with body, but feels dejected with meaningless life, ultimately moves on many prostitute their time, self-respect and principles for various reasons but feel dejected with their career and circumstances, seek meaning and spirituality in life, move on to doing things you love to do Maiden she is poor yet tries her best to feed her family and guest, as she cooks she avoids attracting attention to her kitchen and poverty, by breaking all her bangles except one on each wrist don't seek attention, a yogi accomplishes and shares more through solitude Snake lives in whatever hole that comes his way, willingly leaves bad skin and molts a yogi can live in any place, must be ready to molt old ideas and body for rebirth of his spirit Arrowsmith the best one was so lost in his work that he failed to notice the king's procession that passed his way concentrate on what you love to do, intense concentration is the way to self-realization When I was sitting under a tree, I saw a leper sutra woman.

He will give you everything. They lived there at Kambaleshwar to the North of Mankarnika. The earth trembled but the Linga could not be shaken a bit. I got the rare Pt Raju's book with a very speedy and positive service from Exotic India. Sumatha told this to her husband. As water is stored in the deep portions of earth and on the rocky place, so an individual attains Shri Guru's favor.

You will surely be relieved of your miseries, engrossed in illusion and temptation, those who doubt the great 17 Shri Guru Charitra power of Shri Guru, they have always to suffer from poverty and hardship.

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