Downloadable Sniper Log Book Shooting Guns, Shooting Targets, Survival .. Image result for sniper log book pdf Long Range Hunting, Reloading Bench. Description. This sniper data logbook contains over pages that contain blank data sheets for cold-bore, moving targets, zero, and unknown distance. Sniper Logbook Collected - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Logbook for long range rifle shooter build yourself. Print and collect the.

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Welcome to Storm Tactical. Formed in , Storm Tactical was the first Data Book producer to offer custom made pages, and fully customized books. We were . Precision/Sniper Log Book Notes. These sheets are designed to be printed double sided, using the flip up orientation (i.e. flipped along the. Sniper Data Book: Sports & Outdoors. site's Choice for " sniper data book" . Various mission sheets and a barrel log included. For

A cover is nice, and there are some left to rights out there.

But due to the very rugged nature of the tiger paper we use on the weather proof ones, you could just throw in in your bag without issues. We have contemplated switching to a top opening… or maybe doing both.

Cost would be the same. Your email address will not be published. Please solve the "You are not a bot" exercise: Sniper Central Logbook Rated 3. Sniper Central sniping data book. Estimated Shipping Date: Share this: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest. Description Additional information Reviews 2 Description This sniper data logbook contains over pages that contain blank data sheets for cold-bore, moving targets, zero, and unknown distance shooting. Additional information Weight 0.

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Special Orders Are you looking for something you don't see here? Or do you want a better price than we can advertise? If you say yes to any of them, then yes you probably need a data book of some sort.

Are you new to shooting? Do you write down or take any type of notes on your shooting session or sight settings and place them in a notebook, piece of paper or a journal? Do you shoot multiple weapons?

Do you have the need to recall sight settings for given distances, locations, temperatures and different bullets? Do you shoot in multiple locations? Do you have all the information memorized to be able to shoot moving targets, make wind calls for your ammunition and gun in multiple wind speeds?

Do you know what your slope dope is for angle fire? Can you recall your barrel round count?

Do you find yourself writing notes on your hand and arm during a match? Do you need to have a backup to a hand held electronic device if the batteries should fail? Do you want to become a better shooter and place higher in match standings?

Do you want to save money on ammunition? These are just a handful of questions to why you should want to get and us a data book. Do you shoot in inclement weather? If so then you may want to consider Rite N Rain paper for your book. Do you shoot paper or steel targets?

Do you track cold bore shots? Shoot moving targets? Shoot course specific matches? Shoot human like targets or heads? Do you hunt? Do you shoot at commercially available targets from your local shooting supply store? Do you reload and do load development.

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The list goes on and why not setup your data book to be able to cover multiple areas and give you exactly what you need. I was in a transition period of jobs moving into the law enforcement side of the federal government which slowed the process down a few years but I continued to work on this issue in my free time.

I luckily ran into my current business partner Tom Challey who is a very skilled designer, avid shooter and hunter as well. Together we took the information from my eight years of laying out the foundation and needs for shooters of every shooting discipline imaginable and turned it into a rapidly growing data book that is leading the way in which data books are made.

This book is designed with over 20 years worth of military, law enforcement and competitive shooting experience.

Snipers Data Book Kit - Camo

Our books from the beginning have given shooters exactly what they needed. The Impact Data Book offers options, choices, versatility, flexibility, and the ability to allow the book to grow to your shooting needs.

A data books index pages are the heart and soul on which a data book is built around.

These reference pages, charts, tables and formulas are crucial for anyone in need of a serious data book. Our book gives you multiple options and covers everything you may need for anyone working as a military or law enforcement sniper as well as any tactical shooter, hunter or competitor.

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The modular data book concept was pioneered by Impact Data Books there is no one out there that offers what we offer when it comes to creating a data book, we offer over different data collection pages available for you to build your book around.Check either the "Yard" or the "Meter" box to indicate system being used.

While the German army did have snipers in , the use of army snipers in the scenario was impossible due to the German constitution 's explicit prohibition of the use of the military in domestic matters. Welcome Sign In Register Copyright U. More From th. site Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Due to lack of training in more complex group tactics, and thanks to rifle training provided by the Hitlerjugend , those soldiers were often used as autonomous left-behind snipers.

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