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Explore Tattoo Life Magazines's board "Tattoo Life Magazines" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Tattoo life, Life magazine and Journals. Thanks to his experience in the field and expertise he soon became chief editor of the magazine and in founded Tattoo Life, an international publishing. () Tattoo Life Magazine. "Lars Krutak: The Perfect Circle." Pp. by Margherita Baleni. Lars Krutak. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently.

He is another tattoo enthusiast, and has some great ones on his chest and arms and he often goes to Japan to get new ones. A legend! Can you find a musician on earth that has more tattoos than Travis Barker?

No, that came after the black flag that the great Phil Kyle designed on my hip. I followed him and ever since, I never stopped!

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I have lots of tattoos here and there, a sleeve on my left arm and a lettering inside my lips: "Dino". His name is Travis Barker, the famous drummer of Blink I remember that years ago I saw one of his photos and I was shocked by all the tattoos he had got during his life! I had to thank him in some way. So one day I got the Blink logo tattooed on my ankle Yeah, it is a tribute to our bass player Alex "Ali Dino" Dean! Which tattoo are you more attached to?

Mmh, I like the orange octopus crushing the ship on my left arm. It reminds me of the beauty of the sea and travelling.

From your tattoos I see you are a fan of traditional Yes, I love traditional tattoos more than anything: sort of that vintage Sailor Jerry look?

Probably, if I had been born in other times I would have done anything to get tattooed by a genius like him! Besides the already mentioned Phil Kyle, who are your favorite "Brighton artists"? Other two guys that work with him at Magnum Opus www.

You know I just need three free days to get what I have in mind I would like to get something on my right arm. As concerns my back and legs I think I will wait a bit. I want to get animals or wild life on my right sleeve. And then I would like to get a sentence or a saying that reminds me of my dear old Brighton Thank you.

The fact is that we like to play a certain kind of music that combines technical parts to others, clearly more www. After this, we can consider ourselves safe! Our idea of "winning songwriting", basically, is to make a record according to our tastes. Last question: who do you have to thank today if you are the famous singer of Architects?

A big thanks first of all to my consistency, and to the fortune of being in a band with other guys that share my ideas. And how can I forget Kurt Cobain?

If I am a musician today I have to thank the lesson of poor "Kurt" This is Belphegor gathered around the key figures of Helmuth and Serpent , that is to say the band from Austria that made the mixture satanic between death, thrash and black its signature mark. Get out those black candles And if you match the special contents of this second album documentary of ISS Dome, show in China, various videos, etc.

And believe me in such a situation it could have been worse It took some time — six long years — but finally the famous and irreplaceable Crowbar are back with their first album of new pieces since the time of the interesting Lifesblood For The Downtrodden of The reasons behind this long wait were the several commitments of the leader Kirk Windstein a living legend of real metal! And this with twelve amazing tracks, from the pounding sounds of Isolation Desperation to the ice-cold atmosphere of Symbiosis, is certainly one of the most intense albums of The band from Des Moines moved compact and united for a decade until in May , it had to stop unexpectedly and rethink their plans for the future.

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That day in fact the bass player Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel room. And a bad light started to shine down on the band from Iowa ever since The famous masked band from Iowa, in fact, was still enjoying their well-deserved period of rest following their long world tour of during which Corey Taylor and friends promoted 'All Hope Is Gone', a very mature and heterogeneous album, around the world.

Everything was quiet. But at am a dramatic call reached The news came as a shock to the other members of 'Knot: Paul Gray had been the bass player of the band since the beginning when he, "clown" Shawn Crahan, Joey Jordison and the then singer Anders Colsefini put together the project.

Last week I was asked to provide a Top Ten list of most popular tattoos for a certain respectable newspapers end of year supplement.

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There was a part of me that wanted to say no - thats not really the sort of thing any of us can log. Its not like I could realistically say: This year, there were a lot of tattoos of skulls because there always are, or There was a massive influx of grizzly bears wearing baseball caps because of the er..

The part of me that would have said no, also knows that if I had, they would have gone somewhere else to ask until eventually somebody would have said yes and I would end up sitting in my Christmas pants on Boxing Day wondering how they had managed to decide on these popular items. When those are your options, you buckle up and do what you think is right for the sake of the bigger picture. I must admit, it did cross my mind to make it up off the top of my head and be responsible for the whole of next years very popular list - that would be funny.

Joe Murphy reports I didnt though. What I did was make a proper list based on what Ive seen coming through for Skin Shots.


Then the email came through asking specifically for a top ten for men and top ten for women. Like some fashion been popular this year. Its not uber-interesting because of that, but at least its honest.Peter Tgtgren musician in Hypocrisy in Pain for help.

Here every member who becomes part of the team develops, changes, and absorbs new inspirations and ideas thanks to the collaboration and exchange with others…. Subscribe to our newsletter and join our tattoo community. And since we are always "on the road" with Architects we know all about that moving feeling he laughs, authors note! The reproduction even partial of the texts or images is forbidden without written authorization of the editor.

The Amsterdam Museum has solved this problem for me.

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