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Read online The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning Ebook Click button below to download or read this book. Description In the third book in the. Download The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning Download at: http:// [PDF] Download The Land of. In the third book in the #1 New York Times bestselling series by Chris Colfer, the Brothers Grimm have a warning for the Land of Bailey thinks his.

He was so excited to be near her. One by one they showed their passports to the lady behind the counter and checked in to their flight. Peters said as she passed out their plane.

A Grimm Warning

Conner thought. Peters instructed. Be cool. Conner was standing in line right behind Bree. She even yawned cooler than everyone else. But why does that seem like the best news of my life? It was a perfectly honest description.

There was no trace of judgment or mockery in her voice. Conner and the girls went through the security line and their group was boarding the plane within the hour.

Take her! The plane was massive. Conner gulped when he realized. The lady gave him a strange look. It took Conner a second to realize she was talking to him. They walked down the aisle and found their seats. Take the suitcase. Even after witnessing all the magical things he had seen in the Land of Stories.

All the seats around them were filling up fast. Bree looked confused. Conner sat down in his seat by the window and Bree sat next to him. He stared at the back of the seat in front of him for a moment. Peters promptly turned on her heel and pushed her way past the oncoming travelers to the front of the plane. They remind me of classic fairy tales. Bree kept getting cooler by the second. Peters was telling me you like to write. Let me know if you change your mind. Not only had she read them but she also remembered them.

Those were very clever. How was he going to convince her he was cool when she was obviously the coolest person that ever lived? What kind of stories do you write? Of course not! Why would you think that? Conner—I forgot I had something I was going to ask you.

Conner was positive everything in his body came to a complete stop. He could feel his cheeks filling with so much blood he was worried his head would explode. She was neither accusatory nor suspicious. Stories with vampires and werewolves. He fantasized about crawling out the window and curling. Conner had never had a crush before.

It took off with a jolt and Conner watched in amazement as the airport below them became smaller and smaller. What was he supposed to do now that he had been diagnosed with a crush? Was there an anti-crush pill he could take? Was there a gland on his heart that could be removed?

Was it terminal? Soon the plane pulled away from the gate and proceeded to the runway. But after being accused of having one.

He looked out the window. Bree squinted. A magic carpet? It took Conner a moment to realize she was being sarcastic. It was really neat but nothing like this.

Technology is almost like magic these days. Conner smiled. But this is my first time being on a plane. Luckily for Conner, she then popped an earbud into her other ear and began reading one of her books before he could panic or respond with something else embarrassing.

She just kept turning the pages of her murder-mystery novel, completely immersed in every word. An hour or so into the flight Conner got up to use the restroom. When he exited the shoebox-size stall he was accosted by Mindy, Cindy, Lindy, and Wendy.

They stood right. They all scowled at him with the same serious eyes. They looked like a pack of hungry cats. Wendy nodded. All the girls looked to one another, excited to finally interrogate him. She crossed her arms.

Her left eyebrow was raised so high it almost touched the ceiling. Why do you ask?

Masked Man

Vermont, he says! He was beginning to worry they might be on to something. How much did they already know? Cindy stepped closer to him and looked directly into his eyes. Your sister was the smartest girl in the school. Wendy squinted and nodded. Conner tried to make his face as expressionless as possible. Do you think Alex ran away? He pushed his way through them and went back to his seat. He could feel their cold glares on his back as he went. Had she been listening to the Book Huggers assault him?

He felt himself wanting to tell her the. A coy smile spread across her face. He was the mystery she was invested in now. Bree placed the earbud back into her ear and returned to her book, occasionally sideeyeing him over the course of the flight. Conner made himself as comfortable as possible in his tiny seat. His first flight would also undoubtedly be the longest flight of his life. She leaned on the railing and gazed at the beautiful sights around her. Everywhere she looked she could see fairies of all shapes and sizes preparing the palace and the gardens for the Inaugural Ball.

The whole kingdom was buzzing with excitement for the ball… except for Alex. A year ago Alex had wanted nothing more than to live with her grandmother in the Land of Stories. Just the idea of learning magic and becoming a fairy had seemed like a stretch, but here she was, days away from. It was more than she could ever have wished for, more than she would ever have thought possible, and maybe more than she could handle.

A large shadow eclipsed the balcony and Alex looked up to see Mother Goose and Lester descending from the sky above.

Land of Stories The: A Grimm Warning

Lester landed on the balcony and Mother Goose dismounted and joined Alex at the railing. She eyed a questionable sack of gold coins Mother Goose was clutching to her side.

Mother Goose cautiously looked around the balcony to make sure no one was in earshot. They had some very exciting news to share with me and wanted to pass it along to you.

The last time she saw Jack and Goldilocks had been the night Bob proposed to her mom at the Charming Palace. She had always wondered what kind of mischief they had been up to since then. Alex happily clapped her hands. Just before dusk in the Dwarf Forests! You know how cautious fugitives get about their whereabouts. They asked me to officiate the ceremony and pass along an invitation to you.

You know how judgmental these fairy folks get when any of us try to have a little fun now and then. I think a wedding is just what I need to distract myself from all this Inaugural Ball business. The last time I officiated a wedding, Puss in Boots drank all my bubbly and started playing a fiddle, a cow convinced everyone he could jump over the moon, and an enchanted dish ran off with a spoon. Mother Goose hopped aboard Lester, took his reins, and they flew back into the sky.

Alex was thankful to have something to think about besides the Inaugural Ball. She left the Fairy Palace a good hour or two before dusk to meet Cornelius so they would have enough time to travel to the dwarf mines. However, when she went to meet him in the field just outside the gardens, an even greater distraction was waiting for her.

She stopped in her tracks. I assumed if I found him I would eventually see you again. First, as a fairy, she assumed the boy whom she had recently helped was probably seeking her help again. Second, as a fourteenyear-old girl, hearing that a cute boy wanted to see her made her blush. What can I help you with? Helping people is what we do best. Rook looked at his feet and kicked a rock near his foot.

I have something I wanted to ask you. He was scared to ask the question and terrified to hear her answer. She forgot about everything on her mind—the Fairy Inaugural Ball. With every second that Alex stayed quiet. Where was he going with this?

Alex stopped completely: She stopped breathing. I understand. All she could think about was the attractive boy in front of her. I should have known better than even to have asked.

Same place. She felt a jittery tingling sensation sweep through her whole body as if a thousand butterflies were migrating inside of her. He blew a gust of air in her face and bared his teeth in a flirty smile. Alex finally understood what people meant when they said they had butterflies in their stomach.

A huge smile appeared on her face. This was a much bigger deal than she wanted to admit. After all the tribulations she and her brother had gone through in their young lives. Was it too early to say she was enjoying this newfound excitement? Would it lead to more exciting experiences? Could Rook Robins be the love of her life or would there be other boys in her future? And if there would be others. She had been working too hard to let a silly boy come in and ruin. Alex knew she of all people needed to protect herself.

Was Alex at the beginning of her own classic love story or just entering a stage of adulthood? Was she about to experience romance for the first time in her life or just a mild case of puppy love? Did Alex even want to be invested in someone this early in her life or should she put all her energy into her fairy training? He just wants a walk. The purer the heart. Since he had caused her head to spin in so many directions just by asking her to go on a walk.

Alex and Cornelius crossed into the Dwarf Forests. She guided Cornelius up one of the only paved paths in the territory and followed a sign that pointed in the direction of the dwarf mines. Two dozen logs had been positioned like bench seats facing the front where a large boulder stood like a pulpit.

These woods were home to some of her worst memories and to some of the worst creatures that lived in the Land of Stories. The clearing had been staged like an outdoor chapel. Just before they reached the mines. A man with a thick. She glared at the people and creatures around her.

She was sitting alone. A tiny red hat with a matching feather was perched on top of her very stylish blonde hairdo. She was one of the first guests to arrive.

A witch who was missing her left arm and most of her teeth sat in the very back with a small troll that had gray skin and large horns. Sitting in the center of the makeshift chapel was a woman Alex could have picked out in any crowd. Look at the characters around us! Clearly this was a sore subject. I thought it was an act punishable by death.

She thought it was just a joke. You two. I sort of met a boy. She hesitated to bring up the other major subject on her mind. Her big blue eyes grew even bigger and a crooked smile stretched across her face. I imagine. Where did you meet him?

How old is he? How tall? What class? What race? What species?

Alex sighed again as she felt the butterflies reappear in her core. I keep worrying that it may turn into something really special or really awful—and to be honest. But he sounds very promising! I love a good working-class man. And as far as I know. I might be scarred for life! But looking back.

Red was probably the closest thing to a big sister Alex would ever have. Red had come a very long way. Red had spent years of her life chasing after a boy she could never have.

We can talk about boys and I can help you pick an outfit. Surely she must have heard her incorrectly. Alex figured she could. I wanted my house of representatives to sound promising and uplifting. They could hear several people approaching the clearing from different parts of the forest. I have a representative from each neighborhood in the Red Riding Hood Kingdom help me make all the decisions. But Congress sounded so dreary and bleak. A loud swoosh.

He was followed by a woman with bright red eyes who knew the witch in the back and sat beside her. Each guest was shadier than the next. I think the wedding is about to start. The only part of her body that was exposed was her beautiful green eyes. A goblin couple with green-scaled skin sat in front of them. She seemed friendly enough.

Red looked to the sky and took deep breaths. A woman covered in maroon robes sat close to Alex and Red. Like clockwork. A rugged dwarf led a blind dwarf with two eye patches to a seat near Alex and Red. There was an ogre covered in yellow warts who took a seat in the front. She took a large swig from a flask she had hidden in her hat and cleared her throat before starting the ceremony. They landed at the front of the clearing and Mother Goose took her place behind the stone pulpit.

Jack and Charlie. Jack looked as. Let the wedding begin! They both wore sharp dress shirts and looked as handsome and charming as ever. A soft series of thumps came from the back of the clearing and Alex turned to see a white-and-brown-spotted foal walking down the aisle.

Once she joined her son and the others by the pulpit she quickly chewed up the flowers in her mouth and swallowed them. He held a basket of rose petals in his mouth and was breathing very heavily. Who is he? A flock of sparrows perched high in the trees began to sing a beautiful ballad as Goldilocks appeared. Red stayed seated until Alex pulled her up to her feet. The guests stood and turned to the back of the clearing.

She was stunning. Wildflowers had been wrapped around the handle of her sword and she carried it down the aisle like a bouquet. Despite all the gruesome guests. Goldilocks arrived at the pulpit and she and Jack faced Mother Goose with tears of joy in their eyes. It was beautiful but lethal.

She was barefoot and her golden locks of hair flowed all the way down to her waist. She wore a simple but elegant white lacy dress with a long train. Once they were done kissing. I now pronounce you husband and wife! Jack and Goldilocks locked lips and their crowd of guests cheered wildly. It read: Froggy joined Alex and Red in the center of the clearing and gave Alex an enormous hug. She stole it from me! Her arms were crossed and she was frowning in the direction Jack and Goldilocks had ridden off in.

Conner had only slept three hours of their fifteen-hour journey. By the time their second flight touched German ground. Seeing so many people of different cultures and nationalities traveling around them made Conner feel very worldly.

Peters through the crowded Berlin airport as they made. Betsy slid down into the luggage carousel. The group followed Mrs. Just as he had happily come to terms with the idea. Betsy had arrived in Germany and she wanted everyone to know about it. Peters instructed her group as she led the way to the baggage claim area. On the contrary. The driver was a stern older man with a plump face and a thin mustache. Peters said to the driver.

Peters had arranged for a small van to pick them up. Every street the van drove down gave them something new to gawk at that they would never see at home. The Book Huggers took out their cameras and started taking pictures of everything they saw.

A massive cathedral with gargoyles stood next to an office building made entirely out of glass. Seeing his first glimpses of Germany reminded Conner of seeing the Land of Stories for the first time.

He looked out the window and wondered just how many people had traveled down these. It was a combination of new and old. Berlin is very much among those that shaped the world into what it is today. Berlin was unlike any city Conner and the girls had ever been to. Tiny shops that looked like gingerbread houses were across the street from strip malls similar to ones in the United States. The other girls instantly started taking as many pictures of it as they could. At a couple stops.

Peters pulled a thick itinerary out of her purse and went over it with her fellow travelers. It was fairly small. Soon the group arrived at Hotel Gewaltiger Palast.

On our last day I thought we could visit some of the local shops before our flight home. According to what the group could make out from the photos framed on. There was nothing very big or grand about the hotel at all. There was obvious annoyance in her eyes as she helped them get settled.

Peters warned them. She was tall with curly gray hair.

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The older woman behind the front desk also looked like she had been there since before the war. Peters helped her pass out the hotel room keys. Conner had his own room on the fourth floor.

The bed was small and looked stiff. Bree was sharing a room with Mindy and Cindy on the third floor. Peters stayed in the elevator after he got off. Sleep well. Wendy and Lindy were sharing a room on the second floor. As uncomfortable as it was. Conner was wide awake. He stared at his reflection. Conner still expected to fall asleep instantly upon becoming horizontal.

He tapped the glass with his index finger and it started shimmering as it tried connecting him to his sister in the fairy-tale world. He was either jet-lagged or just too tired to sleep. A little part of him felt at home knowing he was in the part of the world where the Brothers Grimm had lived.

He went to the window and looked out at the small piece of Berlin he could see. Peters was right: There was so much history in this city—more than Conner could have imagined. Perhaps the Brothers Grimm had met his grandmother and the other fairies on the very street his hotel was on.

Perhaps before it was a hotel the building had been an old tavern where Mother Goose had met them for a drink one afternoon. Both earbuds were plugged into her ears and she was looking out at the city. When he woke up from the nap. He quickly shut the window and the drapes before he could seem any creepier and lay down for the recommended nap. Conner was so jet-lagged he felt like he was underwater.

Conner waved back. Peters and the girls. He wondered if she was thinking the same things he was. Conner tried to avoid looking at Bree altogether—he was positive his cheeks. He imagined how excited Bree would be if he told her about the history of Germany that only he knew.

Bree looked up and caught Conner staring at her. Bree just laughed and waved up at him. Conner froze and his face went white. Surely she would then think he was as cool as she was.

He went on a walk with Mrs. Conner tried contacting his sister again. Peters and the girls by the hotel entrance at five past eleven. They were. He quickly grabbed a piece of toast at the complimentary-breakfast table. He glanced at the clock on the nightstand and panicked when he realized he had overslept and only had five minutes before they were supposed to leave.

He jumped out of bed like he was in the middle of a fire drill and quickly threw on his clothes and brushed his teeth.

He figured she was deep in preparations for the ball. When he returned to his hotel room. She and the Book Huggers were going to take any opportunity to scold him that they could. They climbed aboard the van and all sat on the edge of their seats. They left the hotel and found the driver from the day before waiting for them outside.

The van hurried through the Berlin streets and the girls once. It was at the end of a long cul-de-sac and almost looked like a courtyard to the tall apartment and office buildings that surrounded it. They drove through Tiergarten Park. A few minutes later. It was covered with.

A massive stone gate guarded the entrance to the cemetery. Brown welcoming posters advertising the Grimm-Fest were placed all over the gate. They were hesitant to go very far inside. Although it was the oldest structure in this part of the city.

She led her group out of the van and through the stone gate. There were even a couple news crews covering the event. Their van was one of many vans and buses dropping people off for the readings. There was something about the gate that demanded respect. Conner knew he was looking at the Brothers Grimm time capsule. Teachers and students of all ages. A red velvet rope blocked the front steps.

Alex and his grandmother would have been as happy as he was to see so many people so enthusiastic about the work of the Brothers Grimm. He smiled from ear to ear. Inside the case was a very old wooden chest.

Without a doubt. In the center of the porch was a white pillar with a glass display case on top of it. Most of the attendees were gathered around the miniature chapel in the center of the cemetery. She wore almost the exact same pair of glasses and dress that Mrs. There is face painting and a short story contest on the south lawn. Peters had on. Peters called out to the crowd ahead of her. Peters turned to face them.

A woman who could only be described as the German version of Mrs. Weiss said. Peters said to Conner and the girls. Conner wandered deeper into the cemetery to discover it by himself. The dates of birth and death spanned to more than two hundred years ago. The perimeter of the cemetery was lined with enormous mausoleums while smaller graves and tombstones were scattered across the center of the lawns.

Weiss and I catch up. He did. Peters instructed them. Mindy and Cindy went to check out the face painting while Lindy and Wendy hurried to see if it was too late to enter the short story contest. A cluster of people were gathered around a row of smaller graves in the center of the cemetery.

Conner had to read the names on the last two in the row twice before he believed his eyes. But after walking the perimeter of the graveyard twice. He figured these must be the grave sites of the very important and wealthy—he was sure he would find the graves of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm among them.

Each tombstone was tall. Everyone was huddled around four identical graves lined up in a row. He was staring at the very humble graves of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. I expected a big crypt with statues of fairy-tale characters and stained-glass windows of castles and gingerbread houses. But this is pretty dull. She had also just pushed her way to the front of the observers. Conner looked to his right and saw Bree standing beside him.

I think. Peters and the Book Huggers. He was disheartened by the whole thing. The crowds of people scattered across the cemetery grounds migrated toward the front steps of the chapel. Bree seemed to find his disappointment charming. Conner and Bree walked over together and regrouped with Mrs. Everyone turned to the chapel and saw a man dressed in ceremonial lederhosen blowing a trumpet on the porch.

He felt the Brothers Grimm deserved much more. Noon had arrived and the readings were about to begin. Conner figured she must be a local celebrity. She was tall and plump with a round. A woman emerged from the chapel and the crowd greeted her with warm applause. She wore a bright orange dress with large buttons that matched her short. They have never been heard before today. Sofia removed the wooden chest from the glass case and held it delicately in her hands. It was the will of the Brothers Grimm themselves that the stories inside be opened and read to the public two hundred years.

She stood at a microphone that had been placed next to the time capsule. She greeted the onlookers first in German. Sofia read it first in German and second in French. The man in the lederhosen carefully took the chest from Sofia and held it while she read the first story into the microphone.

She gently opened the wooden chest and removed an aged scroll of parchment wrapped in a white ribbon. Conner and the girls heard the German. As she had promised. Sofia cleared her throat before beginning to read in English. Once upon a time. While the other trees grew. She looked back at Sofia as she began reading from the scroll. He gasped so quickly and so hard that he started coughing. What a coincidence. Her suspicion was short-lived. It was known as the Curvy Tree by all who saw it.

When the humans and animals were away. They cut down every tree in the woods to build. One day they will chop you into firewood and you will forever burn! Years later. When they finally left the forest. Conner kept his hands at his sides. And so the Curvy Tree was left alone to grow in peace now that all the other trees were gone. I must be a better writer than I thought. The end. The English speakers met the conclusion of the tale with thunderous applause. The loggers had seen how its trunk and branches twisted and turned and they knew they could never use its wood to build with.

Sofia retrieved the second scroll from the chest. Once upon a time there was a fish who lived in a deep lake all by himself. Bree shook her head.

She eventually finished reading it in French. The fish wanted so badly to play with the boy. I will grant you one wish.

With one simple flick of her wand. One day a fairy flying high above the lake dropped her wand in the water. The boy would run with the horses. The fish. The fish wished he had never wished for legs. The fish ran to the edge of the lake and tried to save him. The next day when the boy appeared. The two became very good friends and every day they ran with the horses.

Both their mouths had dropped open while the story was read. I presume. Peters was inquisitively furrowing her brow. She was a girl who loved a good mystery. Peters smiled and patted Conner on the back. But from the way Bree was looking at him. How could Conner have known these stories before the rest of the world did?

Bree must have known this was more than a coincidence. What were the chances that two of the three stories the Brothers Grimm had locked away in their time capsule were stories Conner had tried passing off as his own?

At least the odds were in his favor: The situation was so unlikely that the worst thing he could be accused of was psychic plagiarism.

Bree was as quiet as ever but her expression was so intense Conner could practically hear her trying to logically assess the situation.

He definitely had never heard or written a story about a secret castle. He looked at his feet. I will read this one in English first. Sofia removed the last scroll from the chest. With any luck. Unlike the others. She opened the scroll. Every day the brothers traveled into the forest where they would meet a beautiful fairy. Everyone in their village loved to hear their stories and thought the brothers were very creative. There was something very familiar about this story—something too familiar.

Each time they met. The fairy lived in a Secret Castle far away from anywhere man had ever been. He was listening so intently he forgot about everyone in the crowd around him. Had the Brothers Grimm staged this whole event to come clean about the origin of their stories? Were they about to admit to the world that the Fairy Godmother was real and had supplied them with their greatest work? Conner could feel his heart beating in the back of his throat. The brothers were very grateful to the fairy and never told a soul that she and her castle were real.

Many troubling thoughts filled his head as the story became more familiar. The king was very smart and had a hunch that there was truth to their tales.

He had his soldiers follow the brothers into the forest the next time they met the fairy. The brothers pleaded with the king. Not wanting to trouble the fairy who had been so kind to them.

The king ordered the brothers to come to see him at his palace and demanded that they take him and his army to the Secret Castle where the fairy lived so they could conquer it. As time went by. With the king and his army gone. The brothers gave the map to the king and he and his army immediately began their quest to find the Secret Castle. The magical bird gave the brothers a map to give the king. The magical bird assured the brothers that by the time the king and his army arrived at the Secret Castle.

The brothers wrote a story similar to their own lives. They spread the story across the land. So the brothers decided to write their last known story themselves and they knew it would be the most important one they would ever tell.

There was a long pause before the crowd realized the story was over. Their applause was as confused as their expressions—it seemed like such an odd.

Now I will read the story in French. They were the brothers in their own story. He replayed the story again and again in his head—everything the Brothers Grimm had written in the third story was so obvious and so carefully planned. Perhaps the Brothers Grimm purposely left their last story unfinished. And just like in the story. And since they had so carefully planned for the story to be heard two hundred years later.

Conner looked around the crowd hoping to see someone else who had interpreted the story for what it was. It was all so blatant. The fairy-tale world was in great danger and he was the only one in the Otherworld who realized it. Sofia had finished reading the story in the other languages and the Grimm-Fest had come to an end. Before he knew it. Conner was looking right at her. The crowd began heading out of the.

Peters asked. Can we get something to eat? Peters was disappointed but not surprised to hear this given the look on his face. Conner even thought about. Peters rallied her group to do the same. Unfortunately the only reflection he saw in the mirror was his own. As soon as they pulled up to the hotel Conner jumped out and ran inside before anyone could say good-bye. Conner prayed Alex would be available.

He spent the rest of the day trying—and still. Trust me. He immediately searched through Betsy until he found his piece of mirror. He zoomed through the lobby. He impatiently tapped the glass and anxiously waited for it to connect him to his sister. He burst into his room and locked the door behind him. Any better? They were the most frustrating hours of his life.

After trying to reach his sister for a couple more hours. She and the girls had returned from their bike tour of Tiergarten Park. Peters had come to check on him. In the evening Conner heard a knock on his door. He took the stairs again. Conner decided to go back to the cemetery. He retraced his steps to the modest graves of the Brothers Grimm. When he reached St. He grabbed his coat and quietly left his room. It was so much more peaceful now that it was empty.

It took him an hour to walk there in the dark. The ground around the graves was littered with flowers and gifts from the attendees of the readings earlier that day. He snagged a map from the pamphlet rack in the hotel lobby and followed it all the way back to the cemetery. Were there any clues you forgot to include? She met Mira, and she fell in love with him.

But the enchantress captured her and stopped her from meeting Mira. Evly tried to send secret messages to Mira, but the Enchantress found out and imprisoned Mira in a mirror. Evly later killed the Enchantress, but she couldn't do anything to bring Mira back until she found out the Wishing spell.

By then, Alex and Connor are crying. The Evil Queen gets a few Alex's tears, puts it with the items of the Wishing Spell, and somehow the Wishing spell works. Mira is freed from the magic mirror, but just then the rescue team, led by Froggy, arrived.

Mira died in Evly's arms, and they are both swallowed up by the mirror. In the fighting that follows, the Huntsman and his daughter are killed, and Alex and Connor are rescued.

Froggy is found to be cursed and was actually Prince Charlie from the Charming kingdom, and Alex and Connor learn that their grandmother is the Fairy Godmother, who is capable of making portals between the Otherworld and the fairy-tale world, and the journal is written by the man who had successfully completed the Wishing Spell years before was written by their father: therefore, Alex and Conner are part fairy. Alex and Conner get back to their mother through a portal made by their grandmother into the Otherworld in the end.

The Enchantress Returns[ edit ] The Enchantress Returns is the second installment in the series and was published on August 6, He also found a romantic note to their mother from a surgeon she worked with named Dr.

Bob, who brought them a puppy. When Charlotte comes home, Alex and Conner ask if Charlotte really has a boyfriend. Their mother tells them that it's true. Later on, Bob goes to see the twins and tells them about his plan to propose to their mother. He shows them the ring, which has two large diamonds on it, twins. When Bob asks the twins for permission about the proposal, Conner and Alex decide that this would make both Bob and their mom happy, so they agree.

All three then decided to surprise Charlotte with a special dinner at the Bailey house. Alex returns home as quickly as she can from a course she was taking at a community college, and Bob tells the people he works with at the hospital to keep Charlotte busy so she won't come home early. The twins' mother, Charlotte Bailey, doesn't show up on time, but another nurse at the hospital says that she had left two hours ago. They then hear a mysterious knock at the door and a bunch of fairy tale soldiers from the Charming Kingdom barge in.

Bob was originally doubtful but he later accepts that the Fairy Tale world exists. The twins' grandmother, the Fairy Godmother, enters and explains that their mother was kidnapped. While their grandmother attends to her own business, Mother Goose babysits the twins. Later, Alex gives Mother Goose champagne until she becomes drunk, and Alex asks her for information, which she unknowingly gives.

Alex discovers that her mother was captured by Ezmia, "the Enchantress", who cursed Sleeping Beauty as a young baby, and that the Sleeping Kingdom was in ruin. Since she couldn't get to the Land of Stories through the book, she sneaks out of the house and goes to her Grandmother's house, hoping to find a way to the Land of Stories.

The next day, she almost falls off of a bridge. Unexpectedly, Conner saves her and admits that he had followed her. They eventually go to their grandmother's house, which had a glowing painting in it. Alex knows that this is a portal to the other world. They eventually find Froggy, who is once again in frog form as a disguise, after being turned back into a human at the end of the first book.

All three travel to the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, where the Enchantress seemed to be destroying symbolic historic sights. Alex and Conner then attend a meeting only for the kings and queens by persuading Red to wear a dress that they could hide under. At the meeting, the Enchantress captures Alex and Conner's grandmother, revealing that she had captured 'Alex', but instead got Charlotte, their mother, who pretended to be Alex.

At Red's castle, Conner learns of something called the Wand of Wonderment, which makes the holder invincible. To create it, one must find the six most valuable things of the six most hated people in the world. To help find all the items, Red asks the villagers to all pitch in to make a flying ship out of all her baskets. They obtain the ice scepter of The Snow Queen, the wedding ring of Cinderella's stepmother, the giant's harp, the glass from the Evil Queen's mirror, and the jewels of the Sea Witch.

However, they are unclear on what the Enchantress's most prized possession is. After landing in the Troll and Goblin territory, they discover that Trollbella is now queen and that Bob traveled to the Land of Stories as well. They meet the reflection of the Evil Queen in the Eastern Kingdom, who says that the Enchantress' most prized possession is her pride. Alex tries to defeat the Enchantress by subtly stealing her pride, but she is blasted off of the coliseum.

Because she was holding the Wand of Wonderment, she is saved from death. However, when she reaches the ground, she faints. Alex wakes up and goes back up the coliseum using a flying horse which is actually Bob. When she arrives, she drops the Wand in front of The Enchantress.

The Enchantress tries to kill Alex with the Wand after Alex stripped her of her powers until Ezmia got hold of the Wand of Wonderment but Rumpelstiltskin jumps in front of the blast to save Alex out of guilt for what he has tried to do for Ezmia.

Conner destroys the Wand, so all the magic is taken from Ezmia's body and she dies. After that, Bob finally proposes to Charlotte and they get married in Queen Cinderella's castle.

When it is time to leave, Alex claims that she is meant to stay in the Land of Stories and that Conner should share their stories in the real world. The twins then believe that they were to be separated forever after the fairies decided to seal all portals leading to and from The Land of Stories. Later, Conner fetches Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters to go back to his world, Conner also shares their stories in the Otherworld or Earth. At the beginning of the third book, Alex is in her coronation as Fairy Godmother.

Meanwhile, Conner is at school in the real world and is questioned about where his sister is. Conner goes on a school trip to Germany to hear never before heard stories by the Brothers Grimm that was recently found in a time capsule. The good news for Conner is that the girl he has a crush on, Bree Campbell, is attending. The bad news is that four girls called the Book Huggers are also going.

As for Alex, she keeps messing up casting her spells. She eventually meets a farm boy named Rook Robins, whom she starts falling for. She becomes very torn later in the story because her grandmother is dying and she feels like she is killing her. The fairy godmother is dying because she finally finds a replacement; now the Fairy Godmother can rest knowing the fairy tale world rests in good hands.

Conner finds out that one of the stories is actually a secret message and a warning for the Land of Stories. He sets out across Germany to crack a year code. With the help of Bree and the directions of Mother Goose, Conner eventually meets Emmerich Himmelsbach, a little boy from a small village. Alex and Conner realize an army from their world, the world of regular people, is coming to the Fairy Tale world. The army is led by the Masked Man, whom they presume is their father.

Alex's grandmother, the Fairy Godmother, eventually defeats the twins' presumed father's dragon with her fairy magic and dies. Alex is disgusted with Rook, figuring out he was the person who leaked out information and dumps him. Rook saves the world. Alex feels sad about dumping him but knows she has done the right thing.

At the end of the book, Alex encounters the Masked Man without his mask and becomes convinced he is the twins' deceased father, John Bailey. Beyond the Kingdoms[ edit ] Beyond the Kingdoms is the fourth installment in the series and was published on July 7, Alex is going through mood swings, in which her hair would float above her head and her eyes would glow.

She has a hard time controlling her emotions which cause her to attack many people, including her family and friends. Alex then was 'un-godmothered' and kicked out of the fairy council for insisting that the Masked Man should be one of their highest priorities. Alex loses her temper and her control of her magic and shoots at the fairy council with lightning before vanishing.

She arrives at the Giant's castle which Mother Goose is staying in. Later on, at Red and Froggy's wedding, Morina the beauty witch arrives and claims to be Froggy's first lover and the one who cursed him to live as a frog. She also threatens to harm Red if he doesn't leave with her. Froggy chose to leave with her, as Morina is a very powerful entity. Meanwhile, Conner gets beaten up by the Masked Man in the library as he attempts to steal books.

Conner ripped off his mask, so everyone else can be convinced that he is their father. That night, Alex wishes to speak with her late grandmother, who sends an angelic moth of memories from the stars to tell Alex the true story of the Masked Man: he's their uncle Lloyd.

Conner's old friend Trix the fairy has stolen a book from his grandmother's possession. Apparently, what Lloyd attempted to steal was a Portal Potion, which could transport anyone into any book created. The ingredients to the potion contain a branch from the oldest tree in the woods, a feather from the finest pheasant in the sky, a liquefied lock and key that belonged to a true love, two weeks of moonlight and a spark of magic.

Alex then confronted that the Masked Man was their uncle and not their father. Conner said she was crazy, but Mother Goose said that it was true and it was their grandmother's final wish for her to not tell. The group then have to travel into the literature stories and attempt to stop their uncle before he recruits an army of literary villains.

After they escape and meet up in the land of Oz, they realize Lloyd has sent armies to destroy the kingdoms and that they need to go home for supplies. They leave for the Otherworld on a cliffhanger — they will not go into any published stories, but into Conner's own short stories to make a literary army of their own.

An Author's Odyssey[ edit ] An Author's Odyssey is the fifth installment in the series and was published on July 12, Conner and Alex spend moments in Conner's short stories ranging from battling pirates to racing in an ancient pyramid filled with a thousand zombie mummies with the story's main protagonist. Conner went with his mother, Charlotte Bailey, in one of those adventures.

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The Snow Queen and the Sea Witch planned to give a handful of dust made from a magic mirror created by demons to Alex whereas only one piece of the dust turned the Enchantress into what she became.

It was a curse which was believed by the witches-unbreakable. Worlds Collide[ edit ] The sixth and final book in the series, titled Worlds Collide, was released on July 11, All of the Land of Stories fairy tale characters—heroes and villains—are no longer confined within their world.

With mayhem brewing in the Big Apple, Conner and Alex will have to win their biggest battle yet. After a prologue in which Conner, now 80, is celebrating his birthday at a bookstore, and realises he doesn't know what happened to Alex, and begins reading his last book.

The story starts with Alex, still under the witches' control, wreaking havoc at the New York Public Library. There are a few mishaps at the airport, such as Red downloading a mirror at a gift shop, but they get on the plane safely.

When they arrive, the Book Huggers, sitting in a restaurant, see Conner and tell their parents. However, Conner ducks and the parents don't see him. Then as Conner's group attempts to make it into the library, a homeless man who had helped them earlier for money leads them to a subway tunnel that was abandoned in the '20s and heads directly under the library.

While there, they hear from other homeless people and realize a portal between the worlds is going to open up in the library. They break into the library and see Alex, currently under Morina's control, and the witch keeps them quiet. While sleeping, Conner gets a message from Alex saying that she wants him to kill her so she can "return to magic" and break free from the curse.We want your feedback!

He is very wise and gives the twins advice and help throughout. Are you sure you want to Yes No. He first appears in A Grimm Warning. He is embarrassed of being a frog, and lives in a sort of house-hole in the dwarf forests. He held a basket of rose petals in his mouth and was breathing very heavily. The Enchantress tries to kill Alex with the Wand after Alex stripped her of her powers until Ezmia got hold of the Wand of Wonderment but Rumpelstiltskin jumps in front of the blast to save Alex out of guilt for what he has tried to do for Ezmia.

Telling his mom and stepdad after school went as well as Conner could have imagined. A small and simple village came into view in the distance and Cornelius slowed.

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