The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories, and it's up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him except Alex has been thrown off the Fairy Council, and. The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms is the fourth children's fiction 4 ( chapter 1) on the official website: Start by marking “Beyond the Kingdoms (The Land of Stories, #4)” as Want to Read: The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories, and it's up to Alex and Conner Bailey to stop him except Alex has been thrown off the Fairy Council, and no one will believe they're in danger.

The Land Of Stories Book 4

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Twins and friends fight magic villains in exciting sequel. Read Common Sense Media's Beyond the Kingdoms: The Land of Stories, Book 4 review, age rating. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 3–7—Twins Alex and Connor, along with Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Mother Goose, and other characters. tales are just the beginning. The Masked Man is on the loose in the Land of Stories. 5 stars customer reviews. Book 4 of 6 in the Land of Stories Series .

This strengthens her theory that she is related to the Brothers Grimm , and she makes up her mind to visit Cornelia in Connecticut to find out. Red and Froggy's wedding day has arrived and Red is freaking out.

As she is about to lose it over her dress, Alex turns up and improves it with magic. She isn't sure about attending the wedding, but Red has planned ahead and arranged for a secret hiding place from which she can see the ceremony.

Conner suddenly realizes he has forgotten the rings and runs back to get them, but when he isn't back in time, Alex makes two rings appear.

Her magic is noticed by Emerelda and Alex quickly flees.

The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms : Book 4

Just before Red and Froggy are wed, Morina arrives and threatens to harm Red unless Froggy comes with her. He sees no other way but to do so, leaving Red at the altar. Meanwhile, Conner was knocked out by the Masked Man -no longer masked- while the latter was stealing books from Froggy's library, and now Conner also believes he is their father.

A magical moth sent by the Fairy Godmother visits Alex and takes her to see a memory of when the Fairy Godmother killed the magic inside her son Lloyd. Alex realises the Masked Man is not her father.

Alex meets Cornelius and Rook in the forest. They have been following the Masked Man together and know of his secret hiding place in a cave. Alex finds out the Masked Man has already been traveling into books, and is in Oz as they speak.

She hurries back to the Center Kingdom and tells Conner and her friends what she's learned.

Mother Goose arrives and confirms her story, revealing that she knew about Lloyd all along but had sworn not to tell. They make a plan to follow and capture Lloyd to prove Alex was right and reinstate her in the Council. Hagetta stays behind in the cave while the others travel into the land of Oz.

They arrive in L. Frank Baum's version of Kansas and meet Dorothy , auntie Em and uncle Henry just before the cyclone hits.

As the storm starts, they see Lloyd rushing towards the house as well, wanting to "hitch a ride" to Oz. The friends land on top of the Tin Woodman , and ask for his help. He agrees, thinking there will be a heart in it for him at the end of their adventure. The group runs into a pack of Kalidahs and have to fight for their lives. Alex gets ready to use her magic, but the Kalidahs suddenly run off and they realize they have entered the Field of Deadly Poppies.

One by one they fall into a deep sleep all except the Tin Woodman, who is immune to the fumes. When they wake, it turns out the Tin Woodman has saved all of them with the help of the field mice.

They have been unconscious for two days and lost their head start over Lloyd. Lloyd has already recruited her, the flying monkeys and her other creatures. One tiny monkey is left behind and tells them how they all disappeared into the next book: Peter Pan.

Jack and Goldilocks stay behind in Oz to guard the book and the others go into Neverland.

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They quickly gather that Lloyd kidnapped her as bait for Peter, in order to get Captain Hook to cooperate with him. Peter joins them in their quest and helps them fly to Neverland. They arrive in Neverland and meet the Lost Boys. They go to Pirates Bay to find Lloyd and get there just in time to see Captain Hook's entire ship full of pirates disappear into the next book.

Lloyd jumps after them and drops the book into the ocean, weighted down by a chain so it sinks.

Peter leads them to the Mermaids , with whom Alex and Conner negotiate a trade. They will get the book for them if the Lost Boys stop fishing in their waters. The book is Alice in Wonderland.

Red is chosen to stay on in Neverland to guard the book and function as a temporary mother to the Lost Boys, who are delighted - Red is less enthusiastic. Peter saves them from drinking the "shrinking potion" from Alice 's story, which turns out to be poison left by Lloyd.

They meet the caterpillar , and Mother Goose connects with him on a spiritual level to find out where they have to go.

The Castle of Hearts looks deserted, and they think Lloyd must have already gone back to the Land of Stories. They prepare to pick up the others and go back, splitting up into two groups. Alex, Mother Goose and Lester go ahead while Conner, the Tin Woodman and Peter plan to return to the other books to gather their friends.

The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms : Book 4

But the empty castle is a ruse, and Alex and her friends have been tricked into going into the wrong book. Lloyd has Conner and the others thrown into another book as well, then destroys both books. With no books to return to, it seems they are trapped as Lloyd prepares to make one more stop to complete his army. Bree ponders ways to find out her hertitage as she has a drink in the Storybook Grill run by Lady Iris , Petunia and Rosemary.

Bree ends up telling Lady Iris about her problems and gets some good advice as well as a tip- she could sneak onto a delivery truck from the diner, which leaves for Connecticut that Friday.

Alex and Mother Goose soon find out they are not in the Land of Stories. Mother Goose takes Lester into the sky to investigate, and Alex meanwhile meets a charming young man fighting a bear. Mother Goose returns and traps the bear, only to find out that it is actually Merlin and the young man is Arthur.

Beyond the Kingdoms

Alex finds a loose page from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in her pocket, which means they can travel back if she can make the Portal Potion. The medieval hero turns out to have quite the ego as well as a very loud voice and he immediately assumes Conner and his friends are sent by the Sheriff of Nottingham and captures them. He changes his mind when the Sheriff and his men attack and Conner and his friends are the ones to chase them away by pretending they are ghosts.

Robin is now convinced Conner is a sorcerer and wants to help him in his quest - Conner also has a few loose pages from the Wizard of Oz book in his pockets and has come to the same conclusion as his sister; they have to recreate the Portal Potion. Red is having a better time than expected with her temporary sons, and when she tells them a bedtime story that is obviously her own tragic tale, the Lost Boys give her some startling outsider opinions and Red realises she must go and search for Froggy herself.

She takes the boys with her through the Oz book and back to the Land of Stories, and makes her way to Morina.

When Alex and Arthur gather an ingredient for the potion by the water of the Lady of the Lake , they let slip that they know Merlin, and the Lady of the Lake traps them on her island in order to get back with Merlin, with whom she has a past.

Mother Goose saves all of them. The potion takes two weeks to make, and Alex and Arthur use this time to get very well acquainted. The Merry Men aren't very helpful in finding the potion's ingredients, and Conner has to give Robin Hood a few romancing tips before he is able to woo Maid Marian and provide a 'lock and key of a loved one'.

Conner breaks into Nottingham Castle to seek out the resident witch for the 'spark of magic' that the potion needs, but she turns out to be a apothecary without actual magic. Conner's friends suggest that Conner does the magic himself, but he'd rather try and find someone else to do it instead. Red and the Lost Boys find Morina's house and see Morina dump two coffins into the river before leaving by boat. Red and the boys sneak into the house. In the basement, they find 22 of the missing children, slowly being drained of their youth and life force.

The other 2 missing children have already died. They also find Froggy, imprisoned inside a magic mirror.

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He says the mirror is irriversible and there is nothing they can do. Bree sneaks into the truck to Connecticut like Lady Iris advised, and finds the house of Cornelia Grimm. They turn out to be related, just as she suspected. They call themselves the Sisters Grimm and monitor magic occurrences in their world. Characters, including children, are kidnapped and imprisoned; some have their life force drained away by a witch and die; one bit of scene-setting involves coffins with dead bodies; assorted characters and factions are at war with others and perfectly willing, sometimes delighted, at the thought of killing their adversaries.

Sometimes they succeed. Villainous characters hit one another. The Tin Woodman revisits how a witch cut off his limbs one at a time, then cut off his head and split open his body. A mother forcibly extracts the magic from her son and kills it, drowning it in a stream.

Sex Two teens in love: "They lay under the stars and kissed each other until there was no moonlight left for the potion to absorb. The villain relates how he seduced and and married a character from Book 3 as part of his takeover plot. Language Some juvenile humor, such as: "'Wait, what's a Winkie?

Occasional references to commercial products, such as Mother Goose exclaiming "Yahtzee! She also notes, "The last time I had pixie dust was , and the next day I woke up on top of the Brooklyn Bridge with a tattoo of John Lennon on my ankle. Expect grotesque descriptions of witches' rotting body parts, hanging eyeballs, and so on. Characters, including children, are kidnapped and imprisoned; some of them have their life force drained away by a witch and die.

Two teens kiss. Hard-drinking Mother Goose gets sloshed with Merlin.Alex is mad at her brother and more determined than ever to find the Masked Man and prove to them that she is right.

It wasn't nesscessarily drama, but there was a lot of 'dramatic' romance between Arthur and Alex. Conner suddenly realizes he has forgotten the rings and runs back to get them, but when he isn't back in time, Alex makes two rings appear. Overall I am very excited to read the last book. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes adventure, action, or fantasy. Should we swallow a very popular book and all its bad art with its vaguely intriguing story and color-matching faeries in order to have some entertainment?

Mother Goose returns and traps the bear, only to find out that it is actually Merlin and the young man is Arthur. The series is: There are rather too many individual stories going on at the same time and it feels as though Colfer has given himself too many plates to spin.

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