The Winner Stands Alone is about this trap. In this book, three of the four main characters face this ordeal: Igor, a Russian millionaire, who believes that he can . The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel. The Winner Stands Al one Paulo Coelho Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa O Mary conceived without . The Winner Stands Alone. Home · The Winner Stands Alone Author: Coelho Paulo The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel (P.S.). Read more · Stands alone.

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“[Coelho's] special talent seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once. The kind of spirituality he espouses is to all comers His readers often say that . Defeat of the Winner in Paulo Coelho's “The Winner Stands ABSTRACT: The novel „The Winner Stands Alone‟ by Paulo Coelho portrays. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Coelho's latest blends spiritual allegory with The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel (P.S.) eBook: Paulo Coelho: Kindle Store.

Upfront, at the preface, Paulo Coelho has already warned the readers that this is not a thriller, but a stark portrait of where we are now. To read Winner as a thriller is certainly not the right way. This novel more so than others has a concocted tone of sharing facts and insights mixed with his personal opinions which can at times be eye-opening , long dialogues from one character or multiple characters that sound like coming from the same person which is least of my favorite although they can be inspirational , parables and inspirational quotes which I love , and story development.

I admit that at times, the tone is not as cohesive as I wish to be.

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However, if indeed not reading Winner as a thriller, there are tons of inspirational messages and truth to chew onto. Paulo Coelho, in his new book, shares details of the fashion and filming industries and the associated celebrity businesses. Some are rather repulsive to read, especially when he illustrates how much we are into vanity these days. Such as A diamond is the supreme manifestation of human vanity accompanied with pages of write-up on the diamond industry from the violence it causes to a piece of jewelery we wear.

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Most observations are not new to us. Just that we dont often articulate them that way. Like film scripts to him are mostly man loves woman, man loses woman, and man gets woman back. If the script is anything but, make sure there is enough violence or special effect to make up for it.

And his list of 46 random items on what being normal means also got me thinking on how we accept the our environment or behavior as normal, in which if you think deeper, you may question why. Such as criticizing anyone who tries to be different, swearing in heavy traffic, or studying at an university for years only finds that youre unemployable at the end of it, and more. These are just warm up items.

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There are harder messages he delivers. In the old days, we make pilgrimages to be close to something spiritual that is unattainable and mysterious that can bring blessings.

These days, people visit pop concerts more than religious meetings and we worship celebrities in different ways. He also talks about the celebrity syndrome some may have abandoning what we believe in for fame, ego, and money.

We are suffocated by lies, encouraged to put our faith in science instead of spiritual values, and we feed our souls with what society tells us are important.

As a result, we are unable to give up all these for true happiness that is family, nature, and love. You really could feel a bit depressed by self-reflecting on what he says.

Fortunately, there are interesting observations he shares as well as what we could do better. For example, the author mentioned that there are four forces that guide us to purify our souls: love, death, power, and time.

In short, we must love because we are loved by God while conscious of death, struggle to grow but not trapped by the power gained. And our soul is bounded by the web of time with all opportunities as well as limitations. On our current environmental crisis, he highlights that we are not saving the planet, but rather, saving ourselves from not being destroyed by the planet.

Because the planet is stronger than us.

He also raises my doubt on our fittest survives mentality in our day-to-day life when we, human beings, need care and protection especially from young as compared to other species and hence, I gather, we shall continue to do so in our daily life.

The author also touches onto the topic of workaholic that I enjoy reading as I am a firm believer of the need of work life balance.

New Criticism Study. The purpose of this study is to illustrate the five character struggles in acheiving goals in life and knowing the process of achievement. This study identifies the five characters struggle process in the achievement of life which they call victory in life.

The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative method by analyzing the intrinsic element by using characters theory to know the character of five characters and plot to know the process of achievement.

This type of study is based on a literature which collect books. Journals and internet resources that are associated with this study.

According to new criticism, the appropriate method used in this study is the intensity in reading. The result of the study shows that each character has their own way to reach their goals as depicted in the plot of the story.

The study of plot is purposed to get description how those five characters. Above struggle for their goals, by analyzing the stages of plot it can be identified the struggle of the character studied.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But the reason phones have to be turned off is because they interfere with the plane's gps system.

Well Done KP Government. There are harder messages he delivers. These are just warm up items.

Or indeed the voice of the Devil that conditions us in believing that all that we do is for the better even if it comes with a price, knowing something is wrong but yet we create justifications, and failing to see through the obvious or normalcy when everyone is doing it.

Igor is obviously mad but the reader has to wade through chapters of his thought processes.

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