A fun motivational activity will set the tone for this lesson and focus the students' attention on keyboarding. Think about an opening activity that will generate. Lesson 1: English Typing Basics. Instructions: The home row of the keyboard is the most important to the touch- typist. When at rest the typist's fingers are. Keyboarding. Essentials. Lesson 1 Learn the Home Keys. Lesson 2 Review the Home Keys. Lesson 3 Learn E and H. Lesson 4 Learn R and I. Lesson 5 Review .

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Contents. 1 Learning touch typing with Typewriting Trainer. 7. Introduction. . preview of the selected lesson will be shown on the right of lessons list. TIP. Learn Typing is an online free typing tutor. Our typing lessons, games, speed tests and videos make it easy for everyone to learn typing. We offer free online typing tests, 10 typing games, typing practice and keyboarding lessons. Typing Practice Exercises For Free Typing Lessons.

Pay attention to ring fingers and little fingers, since they are considerably underdeveloped. Typing speed Do not rush when you just started learning. Speed up only when your fingers hit the right keys out of habit. Take your time when typing to avoid mistakes. The speed will pick up as you progress. Always scan the text a word or two in advance.

Pass all typing lessons at Ratatype. It will help you to get above the average typing speed. Take care of yourself Take a break if you feel that you get distracted easily and are making a lot of mistakes. It is more productive to come back when you feel refreshed. It's time to get some practice Psst! Smooth, effortless touch-typing will make a strong impression in any business. Most employers will expect their employees to have the ability to touch-type and already be familiar with the standard QWERTY keyboard named for the first six letters on the top row.

However, alternate keyboard layouts, such the Colemak and Dvorak keyboards, have been developed to favor certain computational tasks. Other keyboard designs, such as the Kinesis layout, favor ergonomics. Proper ergonomics and posture are a good starting point for any student of keyboarding.

Without aligning the body and hands in the correct positions, long-term typists can suffer health problems, including back pain, neck strain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. A beginner typist should start by focusing on the home row keys, which form the middle row of letters on the keyboard.

Once the home row keys have been mastered, a keyboarding student should move on to mastering the top and bottom rows of letters, first with one hand and then alternating with both hands. You should practice at least 30 thirty minutes or more. Ideal time is — at least one hour or more. Divide your practice in many short periods. Practicing long periods are less useful than practicing many short periods. Do you need a free typing test? Our site has free typing test online and free typing practice.

Click here for typing speed test free and here for free typing practice. You should start with not only the letters but also other individual keys such as numbers and symbols. Next, you should try to type words accurately.

Finally, you should type sentences and paragraphs. This step by step process is easy and comfortable to follow. Take this typing test online to see how it works. Before you go to check the free typing test WPM page, you want to try this fast typing words game.

Typing speed is usually measured in WPM unit in a typing speed test. Before you start any practice, take a typing test and save the score i. Now you can start practicing. Time to time take a typing test and save your results.

These results will help you to understand and analyze your progress over time. Go to this free typing speed test online page to save your practice typing test results because this page offers free typing test WPM.

Typing Test — Last 25 Practice Results

Besides free typing practice apps, there are many free typing apps and free typing games available on the Internet. Some of the free typing games are very much interesting and addicting.

You can start with a free typing game and then try more such free typing games. The good thing with free typing games is — you will not easily get bored when you play a free typing game. Nitro Type Race is a street fight game. You own a military vehicle and destroy enemy vehicles by typing the correct words.

If you are a fan of typing zombie game, you may like our Zombie Typocalypse game. For kids, we have Dance Mat Typing game that has all levels and stages. If you are a fan of Ninja games, try our Cat Ninja game.

Our site saves your typing test online. Just go to the certificate page for typing speed test free and log in before you start your typing test online.

Did you ever notice raised bumps on each of the F key and J key? If not, notice now. Why are raised bumps added to these keys?

When your index fingers rest on the F and J keys, your other fingers will naturally fall into other keys. In other words, you do not need to look away from your screen if your index fingers are on these keys because you can easily locate any key you need to press.

Whenever you sit to type something, start by placing your index fingers on these raised bumps. Now you are ready to start typing.

Learn how to touch type

The fact is - looking at the keyboard actually slows a typist down. So, you should memorize the position of each key. When you start practicing, you may make mistakes. But it is OK. No one became an expert typist without making mistakes.

Just remember that the more you practice, the better your fingers will automatically be able to find the right key and press it without your conscious effort. This way your muscle memory will grow. But if you look at the keys and type, this will delay your learning. In fact, this is the incorrect way of learning typing.

So, try to avoid this from day one. Another important suggestion here is - to improve your typing speed and reduce stress on your hands, position your fingers close to the base position of your keyboard.

Do you want to take a challenge and force yourself to learn the key positions? download a Das Keyboard Ultimate because it is a blank keyboard. It will be useless even if you look at the keyboard.

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Does this sound challenging and interesting? When you make a lot of mistakes, it slows down your speed. Did you notice? On the other hand, there is no use of fast typing speed if you are making a lot of mistakes. As a beginner, take your time and use the correct fingers to press the keys and thus, try to be accurate in your typing practice and typing speed test. The more accurate you become, the higher speed you will see.

Another point is — you waste your time, energy, productivity when you make a lot of mistakes and use the backspace key many times to delete first and then correct the errors. So, it is perfectly OK to slow down and try to be more accurate. Do not worry. Eventually, speed will follow you. When you slow down and try to be accurate, you will feel relaxed and more in control.

You should never worry about speed in practice typing test. Instead, try to be accurate in your typing test speed test online! So, feel free to slow down when you find that your typing is getting less accurate.

When you are a beginner, try to repeatedly type sample passages over and over again. It has two benefits — you gain accuracy and speed at the same time.

Give a try and you will understand how it works. Then go for speed. Remember what Vince Lombardi said, "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

To check your accuracy in a speed typing test, use this typing tests WPM page. Your keyboard is good enough to register a keystroke with a light touch. So, there is no need to type with force.

Touch typing basics

This just drains your energy out and strains your wrists and hands. When you type, your finger muscles are not only involved but also your hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck and head muscles are involved. Forceful typing strains all these muscles. So, always use the minimum force necessary to type. It is common among typists when their wrists get stiff if they type for a longer period of time. Stiff wrists will surely slow down you speed. But how should you stretch your wrists? Go to Youtube.

Click here to watch a quick and easy wrist stretching exercise. This kind of exercise can bring back energy and mobility of your wrists and fingers.

When you use shortcuts, your hands are still on the keyboard. But when you use your mouse, your hands go away from the keyboard. Finally, your hand comes back on the keyboard. The less you save the mouse, the more time you save. We have given a list of basic shortcuts so that you can learn right from here and start using them.

Platform Shortcuts Descriptions 1. Word File Home Go to start of line Word File End Go to end of line Word File Page up Scroll up Word File Page Down Scroll down Browser Backspace Go back one page Oftentimes, we need to type one or more spaces. If you keep at least one or both the thumbs on the space bar, you will never need to shift your hands around to type one or more spaces between two words. So, do not take both your thumbs off the space bar at the same time.

This will surely save your time. Do use your 10 ten fingers during your practice in offline or online typing test i. Use ten fingers touch typing when you chat with someone. Use ten fingers touch typing when you type an email, assignment, or anything. Just totally avoid your hunt and peck typing habit. Are you still using your old typing habit? Check this with this free typing test online after you finish your free typing test lessons online.

How many words are you typing per minute in online type test? Are you happy with your online type test results? Will an employer be happy with your online type test score if you apply for a job?

Take a free words per minute test to find the answers. There are different shapes and sizes of keyboards. But you should use the one that you are comfortable with. Another important thing is — the larger the key sizes are, the easier it will be to type.

Besides, the keys should have enough resistance to inform you that the stroke has registered. This also helps to avoid accidentally hitting keys. Yes, seriously. When you achieve 60 or more WPM and want to keep improve, download a mechanical keyboard.

These keyboards are ideal for typing even faster. But there are two things to remember. First, you do not need this keyboard if you are a beginner.

Try this only after you achieve 60 ore more WPM as we said earler. Second, it will take some time to get used to this type of keyboard. If you download such a keyboard, use this free typing lessons test page to see how you are performing with your new keyboard in free words per minute test. Most people have the bad habit of typing with only two fingers or a few fingers.

They are very comfortable with this habit and feel strong resistance from their inner side as soon as they need to change the habit and get used to using all the fingers of both hands. Surely, it can take weeks before your fingers get conditioned to take control of the keys they are responsible for. At the beginning, this can be uncomfortable free typing tests WPM.

But do not give up even if your initial progress is slow and go back to your previous typing habit. Have patience and keep trying. Leave it behind forever. Try a free typing test right now on our free typing lessons test if you wish to.

If you have tried to learn by yourself but failed to see improvements in an online typing test or do not find free typing test lessons online helpful, a good alternative is to take a typing class.

Your instructor can personally help you. Many schools, community colleges, and education programs offer typing or keyboard classes. So, you should check to see if your institution offers a typing class. You can also read the articles from our free typing lessons test page.

These are theoretical discussion of free typing test lessons online. Zombie Typing Game. Toggle navigation Home. This site does not work unless you turn on JavaScript. J and F Typing Practice 2: K and D Typing Practice 3: S and L Typing Practice 5: A and ; Typing Practice 6: G and H Typing Practice 7: Home Row - Back and forth Typing Practice 8: Home Row - Left hand keys 1 Typing Practice 9: Home Row - Left hand keys 2 Typing Practice Home Row - Right hand keys 1 Typing Practice Home Row - Right hand keys 2 Typing Practice Next, you should try to type words accurately.

Most studies focused on children in elementary school and were conducted early on. It also related to information concerning usage of the computer e. C and ,. Expert typists are touch typists.

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