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Wide Sargasso Sea. byRhys, Jean; Brontë, Charlotte, For print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, , W. W. Norton edition, Paperback in English - Movie Tie-In Edition. Wide Sargasso Sea is a postcolonial novel by Dominica-born British author Jean Rhys, who had lived in obscurity after her previous work, Good Morning.

Wide Sargasso Sea

He seeks to justify his actions and assure Jane that living with the creature in the attic was equal only to life in hell.

His statements are consistent with what the reader already knows about Bertha.

She once again tried to set the house on fire, succeeded this time, and in an irrational act that is to be expected from the likes of a lunatic, jumps to her death with a yell She is a dangerous madwoman at best, a wild beast at worst. However, her character is crucial in the advancement of the plot.

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For the function she takes on in the novel, a more balanced depiction of her is unnecessary. Bertha is the mysterious gothic element in the story.

She saves the plot from being just another love story by adding a dark side to the narrative and the character of Rochester. Her threatening presence adds suspense. The flatness of her character paired with her significance in this important contribution to Victorian literature invites speculation about what her history may be like and what sort of person she was before madness confined her to the attic.

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Jean Rhys took up the challenge to create her a past and in doing so affords critics another avenue to interpret Jane Eyre. Rhys novel is not so much a prequel to Jane Eyre, as an alternative version of the story.

It focuses on the profound differences between Rochester and his wife, who has lived a life so alien to his that communication between the two proves almost impossible. Wide Sargasso Sea suggests that he himself and various external influences contributed to the disastrous ending of their marriage which would eventually drive Bertha into madness.

Wide Sargasso Sea clearly focuses on the dividing qualities of the waters and the disparity of its opposite shores. Part Three is the shortest part of the novel; it is from the perspective of Antoinette, renamed by her husband as Bertha.

She is largely confined to 'the attic' of Thornfield Hall , the Rochester mansion she calls the "Great House". The story traces her relationship with Grace, the servant who is tasked with guarding her, as well as her disintegrating life with the Englishman, as he hides her from the world.

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He makes empty promises to come to her more, but sees less of her. He ventures away to pursue relationships with other women—and eventually with the young governess, Jane Eyre.

Major themes Since the late 20th century, critics have considered Wide Sargasso Sea as a postcolonial response to Jane Eyre. In addition, Rhys makes a postcolonial argument when she ties Antoinette's husband's eventual rejection of Antoinette to her Creole heritage a rejection shown to be critical to Antoinette's descent into madness.

Locked in a loveless marriage and settled in an inhospitable climate, Antoinette goes mad and is frequently violent. Her husband confines her to the attic of his house at Thornfield.

Only he and Grace Poole, the attendant he has hired to care for her, know of Antoinette's existence. The reader gradually learns that Antoinette's unnamed husband is Mr.

Rochester, later to become the beloved of Jane Eyre. Much of the action of the novel takes place in the West Indies. The first and third sections are narrated by Antoinette, the middle section by her husband. Bookplateleaf Boxid IA City Cutchogue, N.

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Donor bostonpubliclibrary. Edition Reprinted.

External-identifier urn: Identifier widesargassosea00jean. Identifier-ark ark: Invoice Isbn Much of the action of the novel takes place in the West Indies.

After the interrupted wedding of Jane and Rochester, the latter invites the small wedding party to look at his legitimate wife, thus trying to justify his actions. Jaime Jean Rhys Wide Sargasso Sea epub was able to set her show apart from other interview podcasts by exclusively interviewing millionaires www.

Flag as Inappropriate. Buccaneer Books. Wide Sargasso Sea is a postcolonial novel by Dominica -born British author Jean Rhys , who had lived in obscurity after her previous work, Good Morning, Midnight , was published in New York et al.

Part Two alternates between the points of view of her husband and of Antoinette during their 'honeymoon' excursion to Granbois , Dominica.

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