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The official site Android App is a free shopping application for Android that If you have concerns about your Android visit the Tom's Guide forums for tips and. Product description. download and sell on the go with site. Explore discount offers on best-selling download site - download, Sell & Save Money: Read Apps & Games Reviews - wfhm.info Whether you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone or shop discount beauty deals, the world of site is yours to explore - all on your cell . To begin connecting Brightpearl and site you will need to install the app. Once installed you will be able to start adding site accounts.

You may be asked to sign in. On the Find answers page, choose the topic that best fits your question, and look for your question. If you can't find your question, in the Did we answer your questions? Enter your question. Depending on the topic you selected in Step 2, you may be asked for additional information. Enter the verification code for security purposes, and then click the Send button. Not all sellers accept questions before you download an item, but all sellers accept questions after you've bought an item.

Click the download History link in the left column. Make sure we always have your current contact information, so sellers can contact you after you win. If your correct information isn't on file, the seller might be trying to contact you using inaccurate contact information. Find out about changing your contact information. Have a question? We can help. Where site listings are not connected products Brightpearl will not be able to manage availability, prices, SKUs, listing details or use the relisting feature.

However, any orders for the item will download into Brightpearl.

When an order is received for an item where the listing is not connected to a product a free text non-stock tracked line item is added using the name and price received from site. This means that no inventory is allocated and there are no items to ship - it is not possible to create a goods-out note for non-stock tracked items.

If this occurs by mistake, it is possible to edit the order to remove the free text line item and then add the product - ensure the downloaded price is entered for the product at this point. This will allow the order to be processed through shipping in Brightpearl and will update the order on site when it is. If the product has already been created in Brightpearl it can simply be connected to an site listing.

This can be done in two ways:. As long as both your site listing and Brightpearl product have the same SKU, and that is unique across your product range, you can automatically connect them. If auto-connect on download is not activated, or SKUs have been corrected since the initial download, the auto-connect by SKU can be rerun manually:.

Each one will have to be connected manually as a price list of the relevant currency must be selected for each. For international variation listings, they can be connected quickly by following these steps: You will now find that all of the variants in that listing will auto-connect by SKU. This will need to be repeated for all international variation listings.

About site

Connect one-by-one by manually searching and linking the relevant product record in Brightpearl. This can be used where:. The product must have a price on a price list which is set with the same currency as the site listing. If no relevant price has been set the product will not be displayed and cannot be connected.

Where more than one price is set on multiple price lists of the matching currency the product will be listed multiple times. Link the product displayed with the appropriate price list, alternatively use the filters to search only a single price list. If no product exists in Brightpearl it can be created using the listing.

This can be done one-by-one or in batches for variants and international listings, but not bundles:.

Products created from internationally listed items actively listed will be created as normal but must be assigned a price list in the same currency as the listing. Install the site app To begin connecting Brightpearl and site you will need to install the app.

Connect an site account Each site account must be separately added in Brightpearl. Which site sites can be connected to Brightpearl?

Which countries are supported? This is a list of all the site sites you can connect to Brightpearl in order to synchronize inventory, prices and orders: Click the Connect site account button.

Enter an account name - this is the channel name and how you will see it throughout Brightpearl. Select your site site country. Select whether you want site listings to be automatically connected where a product with a matching SKU is found. This will work the first time a listing is downloaded.

Using the site App

Go on to choose your inventory, price and order settings: Inventory Enable inventory sync Check the box to use inventory syncing for this site. When activated inventory updates are sent to site when a listing is first created or connected to a product and then only when the on hand inventory level changes.

Activating this later will not trigger any updates. Warehouse to calculate on hand inventory levels Select one or more warehouses. The combined on hand inventory from these warehouses will be uploaded to site. Warehouse to allocate orders from Each order in Brightpearl can only reference a single warehouse, although you may be synchronizing multiple. Select the main warehouse from which inventory should be automatically allocated to orders.

Shipments from other warehouses can be created at fulfillment. If you have a listing with a large number of variations, or a large number of stock movements per day, some updates could be blocked if you don't limit your stock updates. Brightpearl will also perform nightly bulk inventory update. Prices Price list Select the price list to synchronize with this site site.

The selected price list needs to be set up with the same currency as the default site site selected earlier. It should also be set as a gross price list; synchronizing a net price list will add tax before updating site, using the product tax code. Charge tax on shipping Check this box to calculate tax on shipping charges where the products are taxable. Enable Price sync Uncheck this box if you do not wish Brightpearl to update site listing prices.

This this can be activated later. Activating pricing sync later will not perform a full price sync. Prices will only update when they are updated in Brightpearl.

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Orders Start orders downloading from Select the date at which orders should begin downloading. This can only be today or in the future. Available for both Android and iOS, it can also let you know when listings are ending or if you've been outbid. You shouldn't have any problems using the site app, but here are some solutions to issues people occasionally run into:.

Tip We regularly update and improve our app, so keep an eye on the Android Play Store or iOS App Store to make sure you're always using the most up-to-date version.

Whether you want to make some extra cash, clear out some unwanted items from around the house, or even start a business, it's easy to start selling on site. Skip to main content. Go to the App Store on your Apple device.

Search for "site". Select Get and then Install. To download the site mobile app on Android devices: Go to the Android Market or Play Store on your device.Never forget: Start selling on site. With the site mobile app it's easy to download, sell, and browse while on the move.

Activity, Shop, and Sell are featured at the top of the screen on mobile, just below the search box. To learn more about selling on this site, check out this guide. site Mobile LLC.

New Releases. Open the site app, and select the dropdown in the top left corner. Please contact us by tweeting asksite or visiting www. These are the most common ways people try to win at a certain price.

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