Download Infinite Days: A Vampire Queen Novel Read / PDF / Book / Audio Rebecca Maizel is the author of the Vampire Queen novel series including the. Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel - dokument [*.pdf] To Mom and Dad: Every word. Every single one belongs to you. You always light the way. Maizel INFINITE DAYS. VAMPIRE QUEEN 1. REBECCA this is the book you are looking for, from the many other titles of Infinite.

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Infinite Days. Home · Infinite Days Author: Rebecca Maizel. 8 downloads 97 Views KB Size Infinite Days · Read more · Infinite Days. Read more · Infinite . [PDF]Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel Book Free Download stolen nights a vampire queen novel infinite days PDF File Uploaded by Penny Jordan PDF. maizel st martins stolen nights a vampire queen novel infinite days [pdf] like stolen nights as much as infinite days, vampire queen by rebecca maizel - read.

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As if he understood the flame that burned inside her as nobody else ever could. I could not put the book down. People show up from the past and it may not be a good thing that they came back or maybe it is the best thing that happens in the small town of Mystic Falls. The Vampire Diaries 4 books. Jan 21, Susanna rated it liked it. In the Fury, Elena changes after some sort of dark force kills her. Return to Book Page. He was the typical gorgeous, most popular poor at school that everybody wants to be or do.

I didn't really get why Lenah loved him especially after being in love Rhode and then Vicken when she was a vampire. Both of whom are strong and interesting characters. Hopefully he either will have some character growth in the second book or Lenah will dump him. The ending is of course is a big cliffhanger. There is a sneak peek of book 2 at the back which helps out if you are waiting for sequel.

Overall, I liked it and interested to see what happens in the Stolen Nights.

Jul 05, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lenah Beaudonte is almost years old. A vampire queen that reigns terror everywhere she goes. But some how she got her one wish- to be human again. At 16 she doesn't have much to worry about except for learning the ways of the 21st century.

That is until her former coven comes looking for her. This was a beautiful story. Heroine Lenah Beaudonte is an exciting character, I liked her a lot.

While Lenah was once a vicious killer- she is now just a girl. Between trying to learn the ways of the new Lenah Beaudonte is almost years old. Between trying to learn the ways of the new world and reliving the memories from her bloody past it's no surprise that she feels like she's on emotional roller coaster.

On the outside she may just look like a pretty girl, but really she's quite complex. Infinite Days is a very unique story. If action, danger and romance is what you seek, you will find just those things in the pages of this book. Some of the chapters are flashbacks to when Lenah was a vampire, which I just loved.

It gave the story depth and insight into Lenah. Maizel has created a fresh new twist on vampires that I think readers will enjoy.

View all 30 comments. Apr 09, Dark Faerie Tales rated it it was amazing. A highly original and truly extraordinary read. Those were the last words I could remember. She has wanted to be human again for so long, desperate to escape her brutal vampire existence.

Lenah needed this, not only to save herself, but all of the innocent people who could cross her path. Rhode discovered an ancient ritual to assist him in their endeavor. Unfortunately, Lenah had no way of knowing how her transition would affect the one who performs it.

Forced to cope with her new reality, Lenah struggles to fit in. Rhode has enrolled her at the very secluded and exclusive Wickham Boarding School. He wants Lenah to have the life and experiences that he robbed her of when he decided to take her for himself. Rhode also gives her a crash course on technology and societal evolution. Once her crypt is opened and her vampire coven discovers her missing, the hunt begins. I am pleased to say that Infinite Days more than exceeded my expectations.

Maizel is a powerful and provocative new voice in the vampire genre.

Stolen Nights: A Vampire Queen Novel

Infinite Days is a much more authentic portrayal of immortals, much closer to the grittiness of True Blood than the sparkles of Twilight. Lenah is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. Despite all of the horrible and evil things she did as a vampire, I have so much sympathy and compassion for her. The harsh reality is that Lenah is a victim as well as a villain. She was concerned with her survival and feeding the pain that plagued her everyday of her life. The boredom of immorality and hopelessness also played a role in her nefarious behavior.

Lenah had nothing but time on her side, which she used to plot creative ways to kill and seduce her victims. With such a bleak future and faced with the prospect of never achieving satisfaction, release from the dull ache, Lenah is driven to dark places.

She also has the sexiest men in her life. Just when I think I have to have Rhode all to myself, some other sexy guy enters the picture and Vicken is his name. Well, in a sort of vampire gentlemanly way.

Vicken also has an amazing connection with Lenah. He has sacrificed so much for her, and has a hard time understanding why she would forsake him.

Justin is strong, loyal, devoted, and will do anything to save Lenah from the coven. I became so attached to his character. The vivid scenes and the gripping emotions behind this love story really broke my heart. The conflicts that the characters face are brutal and realistic. Maizel did an amazing job bringing these characters to life. Stellar plot development and a stunning conclusion bring this story and these characters full circle.

Overall, Infinite Days is a captivating story and I highly recommend reading this book. Maizel has crafted such a beautiful and compelling story. The characters are intense, flawed, multi-dimensional, and their journey is fraught with tragedy and danger. Infinite Days will undoubtedly become a must-read series for lovers of the vampire genre. I can hardly wait for the sequel. Rhode looked me up and down and I realized he could see through my sleeping gown.

He ran a fingertip from my throat down through the middle of my breasts and ended at my belly button. Out of nowhere, he hooked a hand around my waist and brought me against him.

It all happened so languidly as through it were choreographed. The slap of our wet bodies when Rhode brought me close, and the feel of his palm on my forehead as he wiped a string of hair out of my eyes. He groaned when he met my eyes. Jul 22, Hallie rated it did not like it Shelves: Well, I promised that I'd explain why I was reading this, and continuing to read despite being driven round the twist by the prose, when I finished.

Which I did by reading every page, rather than setting it aside! It was a birthday present from Becca - a very friendly small group doing a book club, sending out a book a month, based on your reading preferences, as described by the donor. Bec could see the dangers in that as well as I could, but it's also a bit of an adventure, and no great loss i Well, I promised that I'd explain why I was reading this, and continuing to read despite being driven round the twist by the prose, when I finished.

Bec could see the dangers in that as well as I could, but it's also a bit of an adventure, and no great loss if the book is a flop. This one was entertainingly bad, at least. I've quoted enough to give people a flavour of the writing, so will quickly run through the two stories contained in this book, as I see them. Some spoilers; you've been warned.

Yes, that is intended to be taken in two ways. First we have the ages old vampire story - Lenah is beautiful, evil, and oh-so-tortured.

The vampires suffer constant pain, of the sort that no mere human could ever understand - alleviated only very briefly by the usual - killing humans, sucking their blood, enjoying their terror. But evil, because they are. Except then the vampire who made Lenah back in the s Rhode sacrifices himself so she can become human, which doesn't totally fit with the evil vampires bit. He seems to have gratuitously murdered a professor at the boarding school she's going to go to, just so she can get his rooms, but that must be part of his deep, abiding love for her.

So then she's human, he's dead, and she knows that the coven she formed is bound to her and will come get her. We're told a lot of times that the magic that binds them will make them come for her, and then that the magic that binds them will make them kill her if she shows any signs of weakness i. It's made really, really, extremely clear what the consequences of that binding magic are.

Story 2 happens, and then - shocker! Yet my mind was a hundred per cent human. So, human mind, not evil, won't torture a little girl, even though they'll know! Except that it takes her a shockingly long time to muster a bit of unselfish feeling for Vicken, one of her coven, whom she'd made, and who had loved her forever and was willing to risk his existence because it was worthless without her There was another short passage that kind of highlighted this messiness for me.

And in that moment of death I thought that maybe I would never be absolved of my atrocities, that maybe I would die and the transformation would go wrong. Hell wouldn't be so bad, would it?

If I died, I wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else. I wouldn't murder or defile. Advances in Sonochemistry: Ultrasound in Environmental Protection: 6. A Sign in Blood.

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen, #1) by Rebecca Maizel

Second story is Lenah at the exclusive boarding school Rhode found for her, and it may help explain my annoyance at the Everybody Loves Lenah part. It's actually a nice idea, of a year old, super-educated except hasn't seen the last years, as she was napping in her coffin vampire-turned-human, going to a boarding school. Lenah is set up in her super-luxurious suite at the school, tests off the scales on everything, especially languages, and luckily is a quick learner about modern language, computers, CDs, cars, etc.

On one of her first trips out of her room, she goes to watch handsome rich-boy Justin doing his annual daredevil speedboat race with his brother, and is promptly befriended by the required arty, poor and not part of the cool gang boy, Tony.

First meeting, he tells her that Justin is the guy all the popular girls drool over, tells her the mean girl group called the Three Piece - because there are three of them and they always hang around together - please shoot me, someone , is, uh, mean, and then they're all snotty to Lenah, even Justin.

She promises Tony that she won't become one of the mean girls and desert him! And she certainly won't drool over Justin! Except that she goes on to do pretty much all of that, because of a terrible, desperately serious case of Instalove. For Justin, who's an utter nonentity. But he teaches her how to be human! No, really, she says that, though exactly what he does other than dump his bitchy girlfriend for her and take her bungee-jumping?? So, she looooves Justin, will always love Tony though he's a bit stalkerish and admits he's loved her, like forever - despite the fact they'd only met maximum of two months before , and - wait, the coven is coming.

Did y'all forget that? By that point even I, the weepiest sap of all times, couldn't have cared less about any of the characters. Anybody want to place a bet about whether I'll be reading the second in the series?

This book was mesmerizing, it was absolutely captivating and it occupied my thoughts for the last three days. This is how long it took me to listen to the full audiobook nearly 9 hours. I so didn't expect to like it that much, but I did. Let's start at the beginning.

Infinite Days

There is Lenah, who is an evil yrs old Vampire Queen. She's among the strongest, most gifted and most powerful Vampire in the world and she created the post powerful coven in creating 4 unique Vampires that are bond to her for This book was mesmerizing, it was absolutely captivating and it occupied my thoughts for the last three days.

She's among the strongest, most gifted and most powerful Vampire in the world and she created the post powerful coven in creating 4 unique Vampires that are bond to her for eternity. Yet, she craves to be human again. Dealing with all the pain she has to suffer as a Vampire makes her wish nothing more then to feel again.

Rhode is her creator and also the love of her Vampire existence - they are bond to each other by love, since love is the only thing that keeps Vampires sane when existing for such a ling time. The only possibility to become human again is by an ancient ritual where one Vampire needs to give up his own life in order to let the other Vampire life.

Rhode loves Lenah so much, that he's willing to do this for her. So Lenah hibernates for years during which Rhode searches everything to complete the ritual for her.

The story starts with Lenah waking up after years of sleep.

A Vampire Queen Novel

Rhode has completed the ritual and Lenah is human again - with all the emotions and feelings humans have and Vampires have not. Rhode scarified himself for Although we don't know him long and good enough, Rhode is a intriguing and deep character that directly went into my heart.

Rhode enrolled Lenah at an expensive boarding school so that she can life a normal live, as an 16 year old Teenager and that she can try to grow up. We follow Lenah adjusting to the new century, since she missed the last years and we see her making friends. The story is driven by Lenah's character and I loved being in her head. From time to time there are flashbacks to her former life, so that we get to know her better, how she was when she was a Vampire. And she was evil, truly evil.

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I actually felt like I was watching a movie in my head.

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen Trilogy Book 1)

Vicken is unnaturally gifted. At first, I found their relationship rushed and the way Justin was able to part with Tracy -his then girlfriend- was a bit disturbing. We were bound. Then she wants me dead.

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