Free Download BITSAT books about detailed syllabus, preparation tips, toppers mantras, guidelines and admission details, tips to crack BITSAT and much more. Not in PDF format, but you can have access to BITSAT study material online. asked from different categories and help you to prepare for BITSAT entrance test. Mathematics for BITSAT: Comprehensive, point-wise and updated study material and exam notes. Basic Units and Prefix (Download PDF).

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Comprehensive up-to-date notes & study material on English for English for BITSAT: Comprehensive, point-wise and updated study material and exam notes. Antonyms (Download PDF) · English EBooks (Download PDF). BITSAT Syllabus: BITSAT exam will be conducted on the basis of NCERT . Here is a list of the most recommended BITSAT preparation books. Recommended BITSAT Books for the preparation and sample papers. best books for bitsat , Arihant bitsat book, bitsat books free download, .

Physics has 40 questions worth marks in the examination.

Heat and thermodynamics have the highest weightage, followed by magnetic effect of current. The other topics in Physics such as current electricity, gravitation, fluids and rotational motion have more or less the same weightage.

All of these topics need to be studied thoroughly and extensively before attempting the exam. Chemistry also has 40 questions worth marks.

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Here chemical bonding has the highest weightage, followed by atomic structure. Special attention should be given to these while also thoroughly going through the remaining topics such as biomolecules, p-block elements or electrochemistry.

Mathematics has 45 questions worth marks. This is the largest segment in the paper and one with the highest scoring.

Calculus, circles and trigonometry are vital topics, but this doesn't mean that the other topics have any lesser value than these. English has 15 questions worth 45 marks. This segment is important because it may be a section with easily gained marks. Be familiar with synonyms, antonyms and grammar.

The best way to do this is to improve your vocabulary either by reading or solving sample questions. Logical Reasoning has 10 questions worth 30 marks. Figure formation and analysis and figure matrices are the most important topics here.

Other topics such as analogy tests must also be given adequate attention. I preferred doing these sections first - it helps boost your confidence for the rest of the paper," says Ramnani about his BITSAT experience.

Bonus Questions in BITSAT If you will finish the entire test in less than minutes time without skipping any question; your machine will give you 12 more questions maximum to answer.

You will be given the choices to attempt these questions or skip. The extra questions will be asked from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Those extra questions are not exactly easy and not hard either, but you never know. Cracking it can require dedication and tenacity.

Reading and re-reading the topics until everything is clear is absolutely necessary. Manage time and answers efficiently.

Don't dwell on a question for too long.

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Planning Make a plan for how you're going to study. If you have time on your hands, divide the segments equally and start going through them thoroughly. Try to improve your grasp on weaker topics before moving on to easier ones. If you are short on time, just focus on the ones that you know the best. Trying to cram in too much information will only have a negative effect. You can also make flash cards for formulae and theorems.

Keep track of your syllabus completion and go through according to the plan you've devised. Chirag, who successfully cleared BITSAT in advises, "Revise your concepts thoroughly once and practice applying the learnt concepts. Once you've done a certain amount of practice, you'll realize which topics you need to work on. Plan and practice accordingly.

If you really want to make guess for some questions, try it on not more than 5 questions.

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Only try to "guess intelligently" i. Practice There is no substitute for hard work, so solve as many questions as possible. Only by practising regularly can you master the exam-taking technique. Don't let this bother you too much; you need not be computer savvy. Practice enough sample tests online so that you're comfortable taking a test in this manner.

BITSAT Syllabus: Section Wise Syllabus of BITSAT

The candidate may refer his own choice of books. So, candidates are expected to solve as many as they can to increase their speed and accuracy. The quality of the questions asked at the end of every chapter in H. Verma is very good.

Candidates are expected to solve all the questions. This might help in understanding the concept better. Candidates can memorize all this by solving many test papers.

They can also solve the above-mentioned books to get command on the topics in which they are weak. There are many other books available in the market. Candidates should focus on the content they are reading and should not diverge their mind. Candidates have to practice so as to solve a maximum number of questions in a given time. Candidates should not ignore English and Language Proficiency. There is some very easy question in this section which can be used to boost the score.

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Get help. Create an account. Engineering Exams.This paper looks at the specific application of Phasor. RUET April 21, A phasor measurement unit PMU is a device that is de- signed to be installed in electric power substations and to provide precise measurements of voltages. Charles A. Metallic Bond: Qualitative description. If you have time on your hands, divide the segments equally and start going through them thoroughly. The architecture uses high end servers, Microsoft software platform, firewalls, and Virtual private networks.

Here chemical bonding has the highest weightage, followed by atomic structure.

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