8 – 8. 6. Gateway of Tally. 9 – 9. 7. Change in Accounting Period. 10 – 8. Alter /Create New Company. 11 – 9. Recording of Opening Balances. 12 – INSTALLING TALLY 9. When you install Tally, a folder named Tally is created by default, where the program files will reside. You can specify a different folder. Tally Notes in Hindi Pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. What is Tally, Types of Tally.9 Voucher Entry Questions. Uploaded by.

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ERP 9 Series A Release Notes - Tally Solutions. Pages·· Tally. ERP 9 Release wfhm.info - Tally Solution Provider Load more similar PDF files. The following are the most common source documents. □. Cash Memo. □ . ERP 9 pioneered the 'no accounting codes' concept. wfhm.info 9. wfhm.info 9, designed exclusively to meet the needs of small and medium . The user can also specify the name and directory location of the program files.

I have created an entire list of ledgers in Tally with examples. You can go through that list and you will know what will come under direct expenses and what will come under capital account and so on. It is because I have classified each and every ledger in Tally with suitable and tonnes of examples for your understanding. Moving ahead with basic Tally notes, you will now learn to create basic accounting vouchers in Tally.

So, what is an accounting voucher in Tally? Accounting voucher simply as an accounting entry in Tally. A Sales entry is a Sales Voucher in Tally. Similarly, a download entry is a download Voucher in Tally. Voucher is just a technical name which is used in accountancy, otherwise all the vouchers are different accounting entries and nothing else. There are four basic accounting vouchers in Tally.

There are 2 more vouchers which are used by small to big businesses every day, millions of times. But before that you need to know how to create simple download and sales voucher i. The reason for this is simple. I want you to understand Tally in the best way possible. And for that you need to learn simple concepts first and a little advanced after that. So, go through this post and a video about creating simple download and Sales Voucher in Tally.

It is a bit more complex and advanced but I have tried to keep it as much simple and easy as possible.

Learning Management System

These were basic accounting vouchers with GST. Now in these basic Tally ERP 9 notes or we can call computer Tally notes, we are going to look at something very useful for you and interesting as well. After you have learnt that, go through the following video in which I have explained how you can create a single GST invoice with multiple tax rates. I have also written a post for this video if you like to read for future reference. At the end of the entry, Tally will automatically export the e-way bill in JSON format which you can directly upload to the e-way bill portal and generate an e-way bill number.

I have explained the entire method in this post on creating E-Way bill in Tally with a simple example. In this case, you will create a debit note in Tally.

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Debit and Credit Notes in Tally I have written a detailed post with a video on debit and credit notes in Tally for your better understanding. Read the whole post and also learn the examples as well. Now, let me tell you another situation. So, here you can use memorandum voucher in Tally for passing these kinds of entries. The main feature of memorandum vouchers is that it does not affect your accounts unless you convert it to a general voucher.

It is a kind of memo in Tally but in the form of an accounting entry. There are many situations like the one above in which we are not sure what will be the amount of the entry.

In all those cases, we can use the memorandum voucher. Go through this post on Memorandum Vouchers in Tally and you will learn it all.

Tally ERP 9 Assignment

It is packed with different examples. What if you get a cheque today but the date on the cheque is 10 days from now. It is a post dated cheque and giving post dated cheques is a very common practice. In this case, you can create a post dated voucher in Tally.

Not just for post dated cheques, you can use it for any entry which is post dated in Tally. Above vouchers are somewhat advanced and therefore I call them advanced vouchers in Tally. For example, if you are selling mobiles, iPhone X is a stock item. Similarly, iPhone 8 is another stock item. You can also group all the iPhones together in a group called Apple because Apple sells iPhones.

This is called a Stock Group in Tally. Total stock items you sold are 13 iPhones. So what we did here? We measured the iPhones sold by numbers which is It is called Units of Measure in Tally.

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Now, if you are selling milk instead of iPhones, you will measure the milk in liters. Here the unit of measure is liters. Similarly, depending upon the products you sell, units of measure can be numbers, liters, kgs, meters, inches and so on.

You can maintain your entire stock or inventory in Tally.

That is why I am asking you to learn how to create and use stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally. I have created two different posts regarding creating and using stock items in Tally. First one is on how you can create stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally and second one is on how to use stock items, stock groups and units of measure in Tally.

Tally ERP 9 Notes with GST + Practical Assignment – PDF Download

Go through it and I am sure you will learn a lot about Tally which most of the people do not know. Mostly, people are confused about stock management in Tally and I have made it extremely easy for you to understand it.

Stock Items and Stock Groups in Tally Go through it and I am sure you will learn a lot about Tally which most of the people do not know. ERP 9 is easy to download, quick to install, simple to learn and is designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large busi- nesses. It provides an integrated business solution involving Sales, Finance, download, Inventory, Man- ufacturing, Excise and Payroll besides tremendous reporting, data synchronisation, remote capabilities and so on.

Salient Features of Tally.

ERP 9 is simple to learn and flexible to use. It allows both keyboard and mouse conventions for smooth and easy data entry Codeless Accounting Tally. ERP 9 provides an integrated business solution for account- ing, inventory, sales, finance, downloading, manufacturing, excise and payroll extensive with features to record, extract, display and print information effectively Integrated Accounting and Tally.

ERP 9 is a robust software which provides tremendous capability to maintain multiple companies with unlimited levels of classification, generate reports with high speed and accuracy and drill down to the transaction level at any point of time Concurrent Multilingual Tally.

ERP 9 allows you to record, view, print information in any Capability Indian language besides few international languages such as Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malayu etc Real time processing Tally.

ERP 9 helps to generate numerous reports and statements instantly upon entering the transactions Versatility Tally. ERP 9 is in built with online help mechanism which provides context sensitive help on numerous product features and functionality Remote Access Tally. ERP 9 allows you to centrally manage and configure ment Tally. ERP 9 exclusively for Auditors with extensive auditing and compliance tools to effectively conduct Audit and expedite the audit process Technological Advantages of Tally.

The software occupies tiny space and can be installed on any drive Unlimited Multi-user Tally. ERP 9 safeguards your data from any loss due to power failure or improper shutdown of the system. It uses flexi-field, flexi-length, self-indexed and weighted file structure to ensure reliable data User Defined Security Levels Tally.

ERP 9 offers multiple levels of security with dedicated password for every authorised user s. Each user is mapped to a Security Level and based on the access rights, the specific features are available to the authorised user Data Security Tally. ERP 9 uses a binary encoding format to prevent devious grouping of information besides ensuring that there are no external changes to the data 2 Tally.

ERP 9 audit feature allows you to verify, validate and accept accounting information based on the masters, users and transactions vouchers TallyVault TallyVault provides you the capability to encrypt your company data concealing even the company name Split Company Data Tally. ERP 9 allows splitting of company data into multiple companies for the required financial period.

Once the data is split, the closing balances of the previous period are automati- cally carried forward as the opening balance for the subsequent period Multi-Directory Facility Tally. ERP 9 allows you to access Tally website directly from the product interface for various purposes viz. ERP 9 supports mailing of required information to intended recipients and also mass mailing facility for certain reports like Payslip etc Data Migration Capability Tally.

ERP 9 provides an in-built migration tool to migrate the data from the earlier version to the latest version of the product 3 Tally.

ERP 9 on the desktop Figure 1. ERP 9 Startup screen Tally. ERP 9 and work on other applications. To restore Tally. ERP 9, click the Tally. ERP 9 icon on the task bar 4 Tally.

ERP 9. ERP 9, you may use the following conventions. Panel, press Close X button on the right side of the Info. Yes or No? Press Enter or Y, or click Yes to quit Tally.

ERP 9 The first step towards understanding Tally. ERP 9 is to create a company in Tally. ERP 9, by default creates the company in the data path given while installation. However, this path can be changed by using the backspace key, so that Tally.Yes The completed company creation screen is displayed as shown below: INI file, which is displayed by default.

Attitude Academy helped me to become a Accountant expert within a few weeks. ERP 9 is in built with online help mechanism which provides context sensitive help on numerous product features and functionality Remote Access Tally.

If you have several companies to create with similar names, you will have to distinguish between them to provide a unique name for Tally. It is actually a good institute for learning for all the courses they are offering, I have done Website Designing Training course under the guidance of Mr.

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