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The Vampire Diaries has 10 entries in the series. The Vampire Diaries (Series). L. J. Smith Author (). cover image of The Return & The Hunters Collection. The Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening - L. J. I'm desperate to finish the hacker series by Meredith Wild I need the book 5 it's called '' hard love. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

However, on the downside, Elena can also be selfish, self-centered, entitled, proud, obstinate, stubborn, promiscuous, indecisive, aggressive, vain, headstrong, childish, spoiled, needy, clingy, demanding, conceited, attention seeking and boastful. Elena's best friends since childhood are Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez, but she was once also best friends with Caroline Forbes, who eventually turned into an enemy after Elena fell deeply in love with Stefan, when Stefan reciprocated her feelings and began a relationship with him.

Before the series began, Elena had many issues and troubles in regards to then opposite sex, love and romance.

She admits to using boys as trophies, prizes and using them to help boost her confidence and self-esteem. Elena's first love is her childhood friend, Matt Honeycutt.

Unlike all the other boyfriends and boys Elena has dated, Elena genuinely loves and cares about Matt and doesn't see him the same she does other boys. Although Elena loves and cares for Matt, she feels like she loves him in more of a platonic, brotherly or friendship way.

Elena's life changes forever when she unexpectedly and fatefully meets a mysterious, foreign boy from Italy, Stefan Salvatore, who is secretly centuries old immortal. Elena is immediately, intensely and indescribably drawn to Stefan when she first sees him and she is deeply, passionately and strongly in love with him.

It was revealed in the book Shadow Souls, that Stefan is Elena's true soul mate due to The Soulmate Principle , which is a silver cord or thread described to be the colour of moonlight binding, linking or connecting the souls of destined, true soul mates from heart-to-heart or soul-to-soul. Elena has a younger four-year-old sister named Margaret, and she and her sister lives with her legal guardian Aunt Judith Gilbert her father's sister and Uncle Robert Maxwell.

Although Elena is deeply in love with Stefan, she later also develops feelings for Damon, Stefan's older brother. Throughout the series she has to face hard challenges, such as becoming a vampire unwillingly, truly dying to save both Stefan and Damon, then coming back to life as a guardian angel, traveling to the Dark Dimension in order to save her beloved Stefan , facing kitsune , and fighting a phantom.

Elena greatly resembles a vampire, Katherine, and worries that she will become like her and that Stefan and Damon are drawn to her because she strongly resembles Katherine. But the differences are that Elena is a brave, strong, courageous girl and will fight for her friends and not herself.

As the series progresses, she is willing to put her life at risk and do anything to help and protect the people she loves and cares about. Elena has endured much loss, grief, pain and tragedy in her very young teenage life; mostly due to the loss of her parents in a tragic, fatal car accident.

Elena dies twice throughout the course of the series, first dying and changing into a vampire, and then dying as a vampire after killing Katherine to protect Stefan and Damon from Katherine torturing and killing them all. Elena then comes back in Dark Reunion as a spirit of the afterlife and returns in Nightfall a supernatural human with angelic powers and abilities.

In Midnight, she is turned back into a regular human girl and begins attending college with her love Stefan and her friends Bonnie, Matt and Meredith.

Stefan Salvatore Stefan is the hero, the supporting protagonist alongside Elena , and the male lead character of the book series.

Vampires have gone through a process of constant change and their varying images have evolved Murphy 57 throughout history and culture, something which is at least in part the result of the changing attitudes towards them.

Smith, deals with incidents of the supernatural in her books, concentrating principally on stories involving vampires and witches. One of her most famous works is the novel series The Vampire Diaries, which was published in Melton , long before the onset of the current vampire phenomenon. However, it was not until after the release of the television series that the novels reached the height of their popularity.

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The premiere was watched by more than 4. The show was developed by Kevin Williamson, who is both head writer and executive producer, and Julie Plec, who is co-executive producer Jesionowski Although many story lines and characters have been altered in the television series it is nevertheless based on the novel series by L.

Currently the most successful television series on The CW Network, The Vampire Diaries is now in its third season and is to be renewed for a fourth, starting in September The Vampire Diaries infuses the genre of teenage and young adult romantic drama with elements of horror and the supernatural, an established and very effective technique of doubling and blending different genres in modern popular culture Robson This thesis undertakes an analysis of the image of vampires in contemporary fiction with particular reference to the first three seasons of the television series The Vampire Diaries.

Through an investigation of how the image of vampires has evolved and changed over the course of the 20th century, I will show that the contemporary vampire is not merely the embodiment of demonic evil, but rather a supernatural and complex creature that is closely related to the human species and which combines both good and evil characteristics.

In the second chapter I will address the development of fictional vampires, focussing mainly on the image of vampires in contemporary popular culture and their differing types and personalities.

I will then present background information concerning the plot and main characters of The Vampire Diaries in the third chapter to facilitate the understanding of my subsequent analysis. The fourth chapter constitutes the greater part of my thesis and considers the representation of vampires in the television series The Vampire Diaries. Various good and evil aspects of vampires will be investigated in order to build an integral whole of their image in the television series. I will initially deal with the origins of vampires, followed by their physical and psychological traits, their weaknesses as well as their powers, their interaction with human beings, their integration into society and their relationship with humans and other vampires.

Chapter Two The Image ofVampires in Contemporary Fiction The image of vampires in fiction has gradually changed during the last two centuries. Furthermore, it is difficult to define a universal representation of vampires within a specific time period.

Nowadays there is no single portrayal, but rather a huge range of different types and personalities depending on the particular genre to which they belong Klewer In the beginning, vampires could be found in the horror and fantasy genres of literature and film. Contemporary vampires appear mostly in the drama and the romantic genres, which are mainly addressed to female teenagers and are combined with mystery and supernatural elements.

Nevertheless, the horror aspect of the vampire genre has gradually been losing its emphasis. In this chapter, I will first analyse how the vampire was presented in the early stages of the genre and the roots of its subsequent evolution.

In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century the image of vampires as the embodiment of evil was relatively stable and homogeneous.

L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening

From the s onwards there have been significant developments regarding vampirism. I will focus on the three main types of vampire shown in fiction over the last four decades and investigate the sympathetic vampire, the humanised vampire and the vampire as a romantic hero.

There may be various characteristics that are not clearly definable and which cannot be attributed to a specific type of vampire. It is therefore inevitable that some of the characteristics described correspond to more than one type of vampire or that certain vampires are comprised of more than just one type.

Lastly I will deal with the role of women in the vampire genre and show how women have gained in importance, evolving from victims into strong personalities and even vampiric protagonists. They were associated with horror and fear, a perception reinforced by their non-human physical appearance as well as their non-human behaviour and characteristics.

The Vampire Diaries (Complete) Series

Vampires were one of the most well known embodiments of evil Clements 4. However, vampires have also always been related to elements of seduction, sexuality and romance. They have a strange posture and wear peculiar clothes that make them look like non-human and unfamiliar creatures. Vampires are presented as antagonists and aristocratic antiheroes who threaten and kill human beings, using their supernatural powers to satisfy their needs without any sense of remorse.

They do not establish a bond with their victims before murdering them. Presented as soulless demons arising from evil, these vampires invariably appear as natural enemies of human beings that consequently need to be engaged in combat.

Due to their physical appearance and their strange behaviour, vampires are not part of society but rather from a different world. They suffer from a lack of sociability, rarely cultivate relationships and therefore live solitary lives.

Vampire stories belonging to the horror genre do not focus on the relationships between vampires and humans. As vampires behave in a way that is different from and often hostile to humans, it is difficult to envisage them establishing a relationship founded on equality and mutual understanding with any human being. Vampire characters are generally static with little evolution or change.

Traditional vampires do not usually offer any psychological insight and therefore prevent identification with or sympathy from the audience. Yoshitaka Inoue distinguishes three stages of the image of vampires in fiction As stated above, vampires were represented as dangerous and evil monsters, demons that frightened people and which were excluded from human contact.

They became fascinating and noble characters over time, exhibiting a closer relationship with human beings. Vampires have since been portrayed as emotional and introspective individuals tending toward both human appearance and features.

Vampires are always inhabitants of the given time and culture. Over the course of the last two centuries vampires have lost their religious status Zanger Vampires have become secular Abbott , yet are still in possession of superhuman powers.

From the s onwards, internal narrative structures have increasingly occurred in vampire stories Abbott As a result, the vampire becomes a viewpoint character Klewer Internal narrative structures provide insight into the psyche and thoughts of the vampire and foster the possibility of both identification and compassion.

Since then these once evil monsters have evolved into sympathetic vampires that have increasingly appeared in popular culture Dorn Because he is portrayed in a different light, this type of narrative resulted in both the demythologisation of the vampire Zanger 19 and a convergence with human appearance and manners. These new vampire tales were no longer just horror stories; instead they began to incorporate features of other genres such as romance.

Sympathetic vampires are largely a phenomenon of the s. They are not static characters with little depth and change, but rather dynamic and complex creatures that are hard to define and which unite good and bad elements of the vampire existence. Sympathetic vampires are no longer just evil, threatening and single- minded bloodsuckers; recognisable human aspects of their existence are also incorporated.

Sympathetic vampires have not ceased in killing humans to satisfy their needs.

They have merely begun to query their existence and way of life. After Hours by L. This is a story about the first time that Bonnie… More.

Shelve After Hours. Book 2.

The Vampire Diaries Series

The Struggle by L. This is the terrifying story of two vampire broth… More. Shelve The Struggle. Book 3. The Fury by L. Stefan T… More. Shelve The Fury. Book 4. Dark Reunion by L. Elena rises from the dead to recreate the powerfu… More. Shelve Dark Reunion. Blood Will Tell by L.At the end of season three, Esther transforms Alaric Saltzman into an original vampire so that he becomes strong enough to kill all original vampires.

Shelve Matt and Elena: After taking a long hiatus from writing, Smith published the first installment of "The Return" trilogy, Nightfall , on February 10, This has spawned a large amount of slash fanfiction , more so than in any of LJ Smith's other books, even Nightworld.

Stefan was Giuseppe's favorite son and held Stefan at high regard and respect because he was obedient, dutiful, studious, noble and responsible. Shelve Unspoken.

The title of the third and last book in The Hunters trilogy is Destiny Rising. She enters this world accidentally via her vampiric boyfriend Stefan Salvatore and his older brother Damon , whom she reminds of their creator and old love Katherine von Swartzschild , together with her friends Bonnie McCullough and Caroline Forbes , accompanied by her brother Jeremy Gilbert. The Return The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Stefan fall in love with each other and start a relationship.

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