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Time of Your Life - Tony Robbins - Workbook (Share Me) (ebook) to eBook Anthony Robbins Time Of Your Life PDF at Our Huge Library. MY NOTE TAKING NERD. “Giving You The Edge”. What My Note Taking Nerd Learned From. Anthony Robbins“Time of Your Life”. Anthony robbins time of your life workbook pdf. Top speed I ve seen copying files from the network is about 23MB sec. IE5 S7NLTH2O ac 1. backup

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Feb 03, Muneeb Iqbal rated it it was amazing.

An amazing book which will help you stream line your life. It will show you way you can be successful and happy all the time. It will guide you outcome focused life instead of just living life. It will teach you how you can be happy in your life all the time.

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Apr 07, Waseem rated it it was amazing. All of Tonys work is life changing and this one is no exception, man this guys great and amazing how many lives hes affected, i admire this dude for changing my life too Waseem Mirza http: Jun 23, Vaishali rated it it was amazing Shelves: Absolutely life-changing.

If you value your life, no words by Anthony Robbins can be avoided. Sep 17, Mark Manderson rated it it was amazing. The different steps that he teaches on how to achieve your goals and step-by-step actions are fantastic.

It's good at the beggining, then he repeat himself over and over again Aug 09, Ricardo rated it it was amazing.

Jun 29, William Winkle rated it liked it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the printed materials that ship with this audiobook, and that was fine for the first few discs, but it proved to be a handicap by discs 5 and 6.

This is a fair book, and, as always Robbins makes several excellent points and suggestions. However, I found the material more unfocused than his norm, and the book is prone to long stretches of rambling and creative visualization.

Finally, I gave up on disc 6, feeling that I could find more immediate uses for my audiobook listening minutes. Sorry, Tony -- I still think you're the best. This just wasn't your best work. Feb 16, Riitta Toivonen rated it really liked it Shelves: The core: Some passages were actually enlightening, like the anecdote about a general who made a decision that no engineers and military personnel had been able to make for 10 years.

How could he know which option was right? It didn't matter! If no-one had been able to figure it out for such a long time, the right thing was to just make a decision and get on with it.

Jun 23, Prosper Filipe rated it it was amazing. Key take aways: May 01, Robert Laffoday rated it it was amazing. Time of You Life is another one that is really that good! Jun 09, Umar Ghumman rated it really liked it. Jan 26, Gregory Cox rated it it was amazing. Belive it or not, probably one of the most influential books on time management that I have EVER read, used, and benefitted from.

Vince R. Bitenieks rated it really liked it Jun 13, Is it peace of mind, impact, love.. Step2 — decide Make a conscious decision about the values you want to live by.

Ask what values you need to eliminate. Tony Robbins for example found out that by constantly focusing on being free he was missing out on the freedom he already had. So he dropped freedom from the list and consciously decided not to make it an issue anymore. And suddenly it was amazing the freedom he by dropping it out from the list.

Ask which benefit you get from which values and which cons you get for example for Tony having passion at the top meant he was burning out My Note: I did the exact same with freedom.

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Freedom was such a big thing for me I felt suffering any time I was doing something that negated my freedom. Helping a friend? Keeping an appointment?

I dropped the freedom-trap by reminding myself that I AM free. I CAN do whatever I want. Being a free man in a free world, freedom is NOT your issue. Tony asked if being happy higher than achievement would suck the wind out of his sails, but it was quite the contrary: he started achieving more by being happy.

Also what you place higher up means you give it more important, so ask yourself how the placement will affect your life. One more note: Brian Tracey adds that our happiness and self esteem is heavily dependent on how closely we live to our values.

Our self esteem is tied to our ideal self, such as the person we want to be, and the way you see yourself at the present time. Unsuccessful people have no values or sacrifice values for short term gains. You gotta stay true to your values if they are to shape you in any significant way.

Brene Brown says that when we see our leaders not live up to the professed values, we disengage. Rules Tony Robbins says that rules are the belief sense of certainty about what needs to be fulfilled in order to achieve your various values.

Success is the value. Those are your rules. The value is the target.

Hm Are You a Human?

Tony says a great way to make yourself feel better is to have laxer rules. We certainly want to use the power of goals and the allure of a compelling future, but we must make sure at the bottom of it we have rules to allow us to be happy any time we want. We want rules that move us to take action, that cause us to feel joy, that cause us to follow through.

Rules and values conflict You can also have conflicting values and rules. Kind of rules The author says there are two kind of rules: threshold rules musts and standard ones should. Example: Tony was in a resotr having high expectations for the eclipses which was going to happen. But clouds gathered and it was a huge let down for everyone. But Tony decided he would enjoy his time anyway in spite of clouds.

Beliefs Tony Robbins says that beliefs are feelings of certainty about what something means. My Note: But beliefs can often trump the body. An experiment allowed a mouse to win fights against bigger opponents by drugging the opponent. Then he was pitched against bigger NON drugged opponents.

Tony Robbins - The Time of Your Life - Workbook.optimized

The smaller mouse trashed the bigger opponents. Beliefs are supported by what we call references, which are life experiences. Imagine beliefs as tabletops, and references are the legs of the table. An idea can become a belief the moment you start linking reinforcing experiences confirming that idea.

Often ideas we have turn into beliefs because we cherry-pick the experiences we will use as legs. Can be easily changed.

Documents Similar To Tony Robbins - The Time of Your Life - Workbook.optimized

Belief- much stronger because it has more references and emotional attachment. Conviction- eclipses a belief due to emotional attachment.

Identity is based on convictions. To give up a conviction would be to lose your identity. Tony Robbins says that often the best thing you can do to create mastery in any area of your life is to raise a belief to a conviction. The conviction will then become your identity and drive you to action and push you through obstacles.

Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins: Summary & PDF

Creating a Super Belief How to create a conviction: Start with a basic belief Reinforce your belief by adding new and more powerful references think about when it happened or make them happen Find or create a triggering event. How to change your beliefs Think what the negative belief is costing you a staple to change, what it will cost you..

Doubt the old belief question it, find contrary examples, ask how was this belief ridiculous or absurd, was the person I learned it from an expert in this area, where they producing results? If you do this right you will soon start doubting the old belief and your mind is then ripe to instill a new one by associating pleasure to it and conditioning it. Find as many references that run counter to it, like how you can at least talk to store clerks or make small talk with people, how some people with backgrounds of being shy have evolved to socialites, and imagine finally shaking off this negative label for yourself.Finn Zijlstra rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Ask how much more you could have today if you had changed earlier.

The R-P-M method is really about first defining and asking yourself , what do you really want, what's the outcome or the result that you're after, and getting crystal clear on that, being as specific as possible.

The ones I wrote today for how I plan my day are to help people build their online business and become financially free, to create a product that I'm proud and passionate about, and number three, to create a new income stream which will allow me to achieve my biggest goals for the year. Other people's demands If you want to change your life, ask better questions. RPM is a system of thinking, not a time management system.

Take care. Again, usually, I'll add more things as they come up as well and add them on to the list, and that is how I plan my day. Rating details. Humans are messy, dynamic, imperfect creatures with glaring rough edges.

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