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Koka Shastra, The. Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. to orgasm, The Koka Shastra is a book written for married men who feel "the. Free download Cock Shater Kashmiri Sex information book was written by Mufeed Alam Kashmiri Lazat unisa Kufia koka pandit previous. Cover of: The Koka shastra | Kokkoka. The Koka shastra Cover of: Desired Books There's no description for this book yet. Can you add one.

When the rice begins boiling, boiled or unboiled meat that are cut into small pieces to the size of rice, should be added along with little rock salt. It should be mixed well and little quantity of ghee should be added. When water is dried up, it should be taken out of the fire. Later the vessel should be closed with the upper lid and it should be kept on fire and mixed well. When the dish becomes soft, it should be served for eating.

Koka Shastra Kashmiri Book In Urdu Free Download

It gives strength to the body and nourishes all the tissues and heals wounds. Anything which is healthy and safe can become toxic on wrong combinations. For example, a combination of sesame oil and camphor is poisonous, but as individual drugs both are safe themselves. The same combination along with meat and cooked rice become nontoxic. Even poisons become nectar or therapeutic agents when used in a proper quantity.

On the other hand, even nectarine drugs if used in improper quantity could become a poison. Horse gram Dolichos biflorus , black gram Vigna mungo , cow peas Vigna unguiculata , and chickpea Cicer arietinum etc. When legume is well prepared, suitable quantity of rock salt has to be added. Turmeric is used for colouring and asafoetida is used for its aroma. This has to be churned thoroughly using a spoon adding water.

Later, this mixture is seasoned with camphor, and various aromatic flowers. This dal preparation appetizing, subsides pitta and lighter for digestion.

Different kinds of butter milk preparations have been dealt with. The book also deals with preparation of butter.

The milk that is boiled and reduced to half should be taken, and curd should be prepared out it.

The curd so got is to be churned well to get butter. This butter should be washed 10 times with water.

Butter thus obtained should be filtered in cloth having fine holes. And again washed and treated with flowers having good fragrance and stored in a vessel containing water.

This butter is aphrodisiac, cosmetic, energizer and it increases power of sense organs. The book deals with preparation of ghee. Whitish butter should be washed in water till it attains yellowish color.

It should be melted in mild fire and be filtered. Again the heated butter so obtained is melted till the frothing stops and the melted butter turns into reddish color. Attractive flowers and a little wheat flour should be added. Various vegetable foods prepared using different parts of the plants have been explained in the book.

The author claims that there are changes of seasons even within a day and night.

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Later, tastes of food to be taken in each season have been mentioned. It is to be noted that specific vegetarian food is not mentioned according to season while nonvegetarian food prescription is specific.

Fruits like mango etc. Later it should be filtered through clean cloth having minute holes. All lehyas such as the one prepared out of mango have been prescribed to be seasoned with flowers having good fragrance. For cooling of water, various methods are mentioned like exposing the water to open air and passing through sand, fragrant flowers, adding certain drugs of cold potency such as like kataka Strychnos potatorum etc.

Aslam o aliekum Me apki books both shouq sh perhta Hanj jizak Allah. Allah apko or taraki de Me ne apny dost k pas books dekhi thi pasand ayn lekn mili ni agar ap apni collection me le ayn to shukria Mujarbat shaker by Hakeem ashraf shaker Or Ilaj ul amraz by Hakeem ashraf shaker. Bhai ye mere paas hai ki main photo copy Dunga aapko agar aap ne leni hai toh is number par Rabta kare.

Search Books. M Kashmir. This sex education Urdu book for men. The Illustrated Koka Shastra investigates all matters sexual, from setting the disposition to unequivocal guideline on method. In this version, Comfort's interpretation is supplemented with illustrative notes and analysis.

Express pictures drawn from an accumulation of antiquated Indian sketches and forms - numerous at no other time distributed supplement and enlarge the exemplary content. This accumulation of guideline for cozy relations incorporates the complete content of the Koka Shastra. Download Link 1.

Read Online. Download Link 2. Download Link 3. Muhammad Iqbal. Post Yours!This dal preparation appetizing, subsides pitta and lighter for digestion. The text gives a classical reference to the majority of Indian traditional dishes, prepared even now.

Koka Shastra Kashmiri Book In Urdu Free Download

One of the greatest sources of information is a compilation by KT Achaya. In the same chapter, the author explains the method of preparation of nonvegetarian biriyani. Anonymous December 29, at 4: High in protein and with practically no sugar, it is an essential for diabetics.

Balikai has, on my request, drawn the attractive illustrations which have embellished this book. Several of these recipes use old forgotten grains in new innovative ways to suit the palette of today.

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