download Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the Billion-Year History of the Human Discover delightful children's books with Prime Book Box, a subscription that. Editorial Reviews. Review. Oliver Sacks on Your Inner Fish Since the Your Inner Fish is my favorite sort of book--an intelligent, exhilarating, and compelling scientific adventure story, one which will change forever how you . Neil Shubin, the paleontologist and professor of anatomy who co-discovered Tiktaalik, the “fish with hands,” tells the story of our bodies.

Your Inner Fish Book

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Your Inner Fish book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Why do we look the way we do? What does the human hand have in c. Neil Shubin's You Inner Fish reveals that the human body is a throwback to our prehistoric ancestors, says Robin McKie. Your Inner Fish makes us look at ourselves and our world in an illuminating new light. This is science writing at its finest—enlightening.

This engaging book combines the excitement of discovery with the rigors of great scholarship to provide a convincing case of evolution from fish to man.

With clarity and wit, Shubin shows us how exciting it is to be in the new age of discovery in evolutionary biology. You will never look at your body in the same way again—examine, embrace, and exalt Your Inner Fish! Shubin takes us back million years, to a time when a strange fish-like creature swam or crawled in shallow streams. Come along on this thrilling paleontological journey and learn how living things—including you—got to be what they are.

In this easy-reading volume, Shubin shows us how to discover that long and fascinating history in the structure of our own bodies while weaving in a charming account of his own scientific journey. This is the ideal book for anyone who wants to explore beyond the usual anthropocentric account of human origins.

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About Your Inner Fish Why do we look the way we do? Also by Neil Shubin.

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Your Inner Fish

Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. The human body becomes infinitely fascinating with such knowledge, which Shubin provides here with grace and clarity.

Your Inner Fish shows us how, like the fish with elbows, we carry the whole history of evolution within our own bodies, and how the human genome links us with the rest of life on earth. Shubin is not only a distinguished scientist, but a wonderfully lucid and elegant writer; he is an irrepressibly enthusiastic teacher whose humor and intelligence and spellbinding narrative make this book an absolute delight.

Your Inner Fish is not only a great read; it marks the debut of a science writer of the first rank. Fish paleontologist Shubin illuminates the subject of evolution with humor and clarity in this compelling look at how the human body evolved into its present state. Shubin moves smoothly through the anatomical spectrum. A skillful writer, paleontologist Shubin conveys infectious enthusiasm.

Meet the Host, Neil Shubin

Even readers with only a layperson's knowledge of evolution will learn marvelous things about the unity of all organisms since the beginning of life. This is the ideal book for anyone who wants to explore beyond the usual anthropocentric account of human origins. Photo Gallery Video Gallery. Jump to: Discussion Questions Errata.The evolution of scent is interesting because fish evolving to leave the water and thus become an amphibian, it requires major changes because there are 2 kinds of smelling genes: What does the human hand have in common with the wing of a fly?

Your Inner Fish

Also discussed are headless animals - primitive ones - and the origins of our notochord. This book was more informative and enlightening than all the anthropology classes I ever took in college.

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