The most common response I have received to The Road Less Traveled in nothing to do with it, but I think she was accurate my authorship of The Road. The Coaching Habit The The Road Less Traveled, 25th Anniversary Edition A NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF . Editorial Reviews. Review. By melding love, science, and religion into a primer on personal growth, M. Scott Peck launched his highly successful.

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The Road Less Traveled. M. Scott Peck, M.D.. Discipline. With discipline - we can solve life's problems. By delaying gratification – confronting problems. The Road Less Traveled Summary is an ultra-popular psychological book by M. Scott Peck, aiming to redefine concepts as ubiquitous as. scott peck - the road less - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

And it consists of four components, each of which deserves a separate attention. Delaying gratification is possibly the most important aspect of discipline. It means sacrificing your present comfort to find some happiness in the future.

Well, delaying gratification is the exact opposite of this. So, from now one, if you made a mistake — you were the one who made it.

Which leads us to the third aspect of discipline: dedication of truth. People, says Peck, will rather lie to themselves if that helps them adapt. Finally, discipline is about balancing as well.

But, you should invest some time learning it. Believing it to be much more universal and profound than your Hollywood-based version of it probably is, Peck argues that love is what you do when you extend your nemesis, the ego , towards someone else. Almost obviously, from discussing love, Peck moves on to discussing religion in the third part of his book. Once again, he tackles one misconception after another to prove that religion is something more than merely an organized system of thought.

Which brings him to the last part of his book and his discussion about something as ineffable as grace.

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In order to bring this indescribable concept closer to his readers, Peck selects few real-life stories, which, in his opinion, show that miracles happen all around us. And, obviously, he believes that these miracles are prove that you are not alone in this universe. Love Is an Action, Not a Feeling 3. And, in his opinion, discipline means delaying gratification, accepting responsibility, being honest and truthful, and, finally, balancing.

About M. Scott Peck

But, nothing that matters in life is easy. Love Is an Action, Not a Feeling Peck believes that love is both the most important and the most misunderstood aspect of living.

The way he sees it, love has nothing to do with romance and feelings. Love is active, and crammed with responsibilities and risks. Laziness Is the Original and the Ultimate Sin You probably think that pride or the strive for knowledge is the original sin.

However, Peck thinks otherwise.

In a nutshell, that Eve and Adam were lazy to take the time and energy to debate whether eating the fruit is good or bad. A good life requires a lot of dedication.

And active participation. T h e s e l o b e s a r e i n v o l v e d i n o u r ability t o m a k e judgments, a n d it is here that the processing of information thinkingprimarily takes place.

Copyright by M. Scott Peck

Given o u r relative lack of instincts, we n e e d t h a t time to learn before we are able to b r a n c h out on o u r own. But it would be nonsense to presume that we are d o o m e d. T h e r e is a distinction between healthy a n d unhealthy de- p e n d e n c y. But he won't be able to n a m e the appliance. C o n c r e t e think- ing deals with particulars in their material form.

Abstract thinking deals with particulars in general a n d theoretical terms. Being androgynous does n o t imply that s o m e o n e is desexed.

M. Scott Peck

B u t w h e n y o u g o b e n e a t h t h e surface, you'll find they are negative precisely because they discourage o u r g r o w t h. H o w wicked! T h e negative n o r m in o u r ad- vertising directly or indirectly suggests that w o m e n a r e primarily sexual objects w h o lose t h e i r value as they age.

T h e valuable male in o u r advertising is the o n e w h o makes money.

B u t w h e n w e use simplistic formulas b a s e d on the "normal"or fashionablething to do, internal if not e x t e r n a l chaos is the usual result.Peck then married Kathleen Kline Yates.

T h e s e b o u n d a r i e s will vary from individual to individual a n d culture to culture.

S o m e d e - gree of responsibility b e y o n d simply paying taxes a c c o m p a n i e s the benefits of citizenship. Master it. Famine and flood. I ' m sorry. This type of prayer is often r e f e r r e d to as con- templative prayer.

Such youngsters indulge in drugs, get into frequent fights , and often find themselves in confrontation with authority. To what extent an attitude is learned or inborn is h a r d to d e t e r m i n e.

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