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Simpsons Comics () . November 22, → · Simpsons Comics () Simpsons Comics () . English | PDF | pages | Mb. Simpsons Comics is a monthly United States comic book series based on the animated TV show The. Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Simpsons Comics Extravaganza PDF. SIMPSONS COMICS EXTRAVAGANZA. Download: Simpsons Comics.

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Matt Groening Series: The Simpsons Annuals Publisher: Titan Books Published: September 8, Simpsons Comics Annual is the ninth yearly Simpsons annual. Main article: Mutiny on the Barty. Maggie's Crib Good Cop, Bart Cop!

Prankenstein's Monster! Retrieved from " https: Books real world Simpsons Annuals Merchandise Hidden category: Real world articles.

Simpsons Comics November

Modified on September 24, , at Privacy policy About Wikisimpsons Disclaimers Mobile view. Book Information Author: Matt Groening. Titan Books. Eighteen titles were been published from to Simpsons Comics and Stories was a one-shot comic book edition of the magazine Simpsons Illustrated. Due to the success of this comic book, the Bongo Comics group was created. The first issue was published on November 29, Since March , the comic has also had a monthly United Kingdom edition.

This mainly reprints the stories from the U. But returned some time later.

Simpsons Comics Issue July

On March 20, , Bongo Comics released the "th issue" of the "Simpsons Comic," with the issue having an extra special supersized story. Since the release of the first Simpsons Comics issue in the United States in , the comic book series has been published at some point in the following countries around the world: The series was discontinued in October at the two-hundred forty-fifth issue.

Bart Simpson comics were first published in the United States in late , and have remained on a bi-monthly schedule until mid The comic book series is centered on the Simpsons star Bart Simpson , but it also features the children of Springfield and each issue commonly has several short stories.

The Australian edition of Bart Simpson comics was first printed in by Otter Press , in a digest-sized edition with a bonus Radioactive Man comic book, and has been released since then on a quarterly schedule every three months. The series was discontinued in February at the one-hundredth issue, which was a page special.


The Official History of Bongo Comics was a one-shot limited edition comic book of only copies, which were given out to a few patrons at the San Diego Comic Con in as part of the launch of Bongo Comics. The single issue was only ten pages long.

Bartman was a short-lived series that told the tale of Bart Simpson's superhero alter-ego, Bartman, who first appeared in the season 2 episode Three Men and a Comic Book.

It was one of the four 'premiere' series released by Bongo Comics in late The main writers and artists for the first three issues were Steve Vance and Bill Morrison , who were behind the creation of Bongo Comics itself.

The Bartman comic was put on hold and there was a gap of 9 months between Bartman 3 and 4. The comics tried to expand on two characters that really did not need any expanding, and the readers thought Itchy and Scratchy was best in short, violent bursts and that full-length stories only took away from the visceral shock of the cartoon, so the comic book series was canceled in One version came with a poster that could be combined with posters contained in Radioactive Man 1, Simpsons Comics 1 and Bartma n 1 to make a giant poster.

The third and the rarest variant was a reprint of the comic and it had the top right portion of Bart Simpson's head covered over the original bar code.

Each COA was individually numbered and had a raised seal stamped onto it.

Radioactive Man was one of the four "premiere" series released by Bongo Comics in late Smaller Radioactive Man stories have also been published in Simpsons Comics. In addition which became a recurring storyline element , Claude's personality was permanently stuck in a conservative s outlook on everything, no matter what the time era in question was.

A running gag is that in order to preserve his secret identity, Claude is constantly wearing various types of hats, in order to conceal the lightning bolt-shaped shrapnel sticking out of his head. While featuring a similar scenario and accident Claude getting his trousers caught on barbed wire just before a mega-bomb explodes, parodying Bruce Banner getting caught by the Gamma Bomb in the Incredible Hulk 1 , the Bongo series' Claude was not wearing tattered clothes.

In the comic book, Claude's survival is due in part to a large thunderbolt-shaped shard of metal embedded in his head by the explosion. Claude would attempt to remove the bolt throughout the book series, but each attempt has nasty consequences which results in it being put back in his scalp again.

Additionally, the bolt's presence would save his life numerous times in increasingly bizarre ways. Maintaining the satirical standards of the television show, these comics often parodied genre comic books, and the reader can follow the evolution of Radioactive Man from a s irradiated hero through the politically reactionary or radical years of the s and s, and the dark, troubled years of the s and s comic book hero. Indeed, one comic displays a startling similarity to Alan Moore's Watchmen , with Radioactive Man taking the part of state-supported hero Doctor Manhattan.

The comics are published as if they were the actual Simpsons universe's Radioactive Man comics; a "s"-published comic features a letter written by a ten-year-old Marge Bouvier , for instance. The comic also takes the idea that the title has been running since the s and each issue of the real series is a random issue from that run.

So one issue might be issue , the next and the next etc. Radioactive Man was merged with Simpsons Super Spectacular in Bartman and Radioactive Man was a page one-shot released in The comic was featured in the Hero Illustrated magazine, and it contained a mini poster of Bartman and Radioactive Man. The story was written by Steve Vance. Krusty Comics was another short-lived series, with three issues published from January to March Lisa Comics was a one-shot, with the sole story being Lisa in Wordland , a parody of Alice in Wonderland.

The postman turns out to be Ned Flanders and while he gives her a tour through the wondrous world they get caught by Mr. Burns forces Lisa to battle him in a game of Scrabble; she accepts and after a while she gets upset and smashes the board. Suddenly she wakes up and discovers it's all a dream. Simpsons Summer Special was a one-issue comic book.

It was printed in December , and was only available in Australia and New Zealand. Released as its own series independent of Simpsons Comics and Futurama Comics , part one was released on August 21, , followed by part two on January 28, Comic Book Guy: The five issues were released between July and November It consists of five stories from Simpsons Comics Super Spectacular.

It combines two titles from the Simpsons One-Shot Wonders line:Titan Magazines. Portal Category Book. Talk Contributions Create account Log in.

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Privacy policy About Wikisimpsons Disclaimers Mobile view. A running gag is that in order to preserve his secret identity, Claude is constantly wearing various types of hats, in order to conceal the lightning bolt-shaped shrapnel sticking out of his head.

The story was written by Steve Vance. Archived from the original on Titan Books Published: Join to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out news, or just to talk to other users.

Claude would attempt to remove the bolt throughout the book series, but each attempt has nasty consequences which results in it being put back in his scalp again.

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